Political Quotes Created and Documented by Yours Truly. © [Karen Ben-Moyal]. All Rights Reserved.

© [Karen Ben-Moyal]. All Rights Reserved.

“The Act of Forming an opinion is simple, however, forming an opinion based on fact can be quite difficult. This here is the reason that so many have their facts  and opinions intertwined to the point of no reason. “



“Together, our contrasting diversities serve as the venues for which the virtues of justice and freedom flow. We should embrace our disproportional characteristics as Americans, for we owe our nations’ success to this divergence of a melting pot of people and culture differences, stemming from all walks of life.”

“Our INEQUALITIES are what drive capitalistic societies into becoming the FAIREST systems of government, in the world.” -KBM

“To adapt to American principles, is to adapt to man’s truest state in nature.  Shouldn’t justice and the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness be a primary virtue in any society?” –Karen Ben-Moyal

“Respectfully, I have just one basic question for you Self-proclaimed feminists: Why can’t women celebrate the magic only we can perform and that men can’t? Instead of striving to be like men, why not embrace our gender’s unique abilities?
– Ex. The ability to create human life is the single most miraculous process performed in this universe. So much so that it is truly beyond human comprehension. Yet, this formula is only endowed upon one gender. In fact, it is impossible for men to ever experience growing another life form, developing it for 9 months, and then producing the end result by escorting it out of ones own body. The miracle of life is just one example.”
– K. Ben-Moyal

“I suppose ignorance is truly bliss for the American that can comfortably live in a world with persistent acts and threats of terror, yet still seem to accommodate the discombobulated phobia of rising temperatures that seems to be sweeping the nation. It is indeed remarkable that these political actors of bewilderment were able to come up with such a disturbing trend. Political ignorance has created the idea of terrorism as an illusion, and in turn, has created the unnerving fear that climate change will be the inevitable cause of our early deaths. From an optimistic perspective, my hopeful prediction is that the cause of this outrageous accusation is lack of knowledge, for ignorance trumps sheer stupidity.”

 Karen Ben-Moyal

“We, the people, must always remind ourselves of the sacrifices made by those certain, famous refugees from Europe, who escaped the political torture of a monarch ruled by a tyrant king. Together, these men founded the most epic and profound recipe in history. A recipe that we use today in our everyday lives. A recipe so unique, its ingredients are forever printed on the back of the American one dollar bill. Proof of this established ‘novus ordo seclorum’ will forever read in Latin ‘a new order of the ages.’ This nation’s great seal lays underneath a one-eyed pyramid and is permanently stamped on George Washington’s back. It serves as our virtuous reminder of the profound righteousness and divine sanctity of freedom, by securing the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. The results of these American-made principle include social and economic justice, which serve as an ever-lasting vision of sovereignty. As long as we continue to pass on the traditions of American values, the people stand united, both in liberty and in freedom, a more perfect union shall undoubtedly prevail and conquer.”

 Karen Ben-Moyal
”No one ever thought possible that European refugees could migrate to a foreign land and establish a nation of sovereignty, based on philosophical principles of liberty and freedom. Everyone is so quick to say that Americans “stole” land from the Indians through form of conquest. But no one ever mentions or gives credit to America for inventing the idea of wealth creation, and how truly divine it is that our ancestors were literally able to create something, from nothing. A genius concept that would forever change the course of history. If America was never created, the world would still function on the primitive idea of conquest, or land being acquired by force. Without the existence of the U.S., slavery would still be the world’s major source of manual labor, trade, and income. The creation of paid jobs would have never been thought of, with capitalism out of the question. Thus, the ongoing cycle of a socialistic society and use of slavery would deem the ideas of freedom and liberty virtually impossible, and men would forever live as corrupt political animals.”

 Karen Ben-Moyal

“After participating in hundreds of political discussions with an open mind, I have not only concluded that I am definitely a republican; I’ve carefully diagnosed Liberalism as being a seemingly contagious, mental disorder. With the right amount of ignorance, the disease can cause permanent damage. According to my observations, the risk of susceptibility is higher for humans that tend to hold specific characteristics such as being young, lazy, or unemployed.  They often contain little to no education, usually have a pompous sense of entitlement, and most ludicrous of all, attempt to justify their arguments by defending their own prejudices with hypocrisy.”

 Karen Ben-Moyal

” A market with an infinite number of transactions cannot be proven to work in practice, nor in theory. They are doomed from the very beginning, just like an addict will eventually run out of drugs that sustain them, a one way market will inevitably run out of money they did not have to begin with. Democracy has been historically proven to triumph over socialist-communist countries. The absence of a middle class allowed Communistic rises in the Russian Revolutions of 1905 and 1917; the Chinese of 1949, the Cuban of 1953-59, and the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989. All of these revolutions were the ruin of their respective nations, because the Communists themselves became the very same brand of elitist upper class they had overthrown.”

Karen Ben-Moyal

© [Karen Ben-Moyal]. All Rights Reserved.

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