The Art of Failure

One can only succeed if they have experienced failure. There’s no way around it. You wont be able to perfect everything you do in life. Eh, maybe in an alternate universe. But nah, that’d actually be chaos. So you failed at something. That’s cool because you’ll get it right next time. And you’ll fail again later on in life too, but that doesn’t even matter because you’re going to experience the virtues of success plenty more times than you will seek out failure. In fact, failure is freaking inevitable. Meaning it HAS to happen… no matter what. No shit, it blows at the time and space in which it occurred, but hey, it’s inevitable right?! It’s gotta happen in order for nature to run it’s course and bring you good fortune. Yeah, I probably sound like an absent-minded liberal democrat motivational speaker to you right now. That doesn’t even wattant a response, because fellow human being, you KNOW who you are, and who you wanna be… It’s like success  is your BFF and failure is some acquaintance that secretly despises you so they try to make your life miserable whenever they get the chance. They try and drain your happiness, make  you feel unwanted by society; and make you doubt yourself and your abilities… But THAT doesn’t even matter. What matters is that you know how pick yourself back up and start again. So this is pretty basic, what it boils down to is: In order to acquire knowledge, you know, become wiser, more confident, happier, and to overall strengthen the human in you, one must recognize and thereby accept failure as one of the core principles that makes you human.  Freaking  remember this, always: Fellow entity of existence, always HAVE faith in your ABILITIES. You can’t forget that you’re put on this planet for a reason, you’ve got a unique destiny to fulfill my sistas and my brothas! So.does.everybody.else. SO, you’ve got to take chances you wouldn’t normally take, embrace the things you fail at — because only you know how to transform personal failure into the means upon which success is present, (with ya bad self). Finally, you must use the negatives in life to STRENGTHEN the positives that you and only you can create. All your choices in life are half chance. So.are.everybody.elses. Take it because you refuse to leave it. And run with it. Run with it to the moon and back.”

Karen Ben-Moyal

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