Dropping a bomb in Syria was Actually putting America first.

Foreign policy first

Dropping a bomb in Syria was Actually putting America first.

His critics from the left and the right were all quick to second guess his decision to consider the use of force in Syria. Most of these critics were quick to miss a huge concept that belongs at the heart of their arguments– which is that of American sovereignty. In a nutshell, this strategic move was unprecedented with regards to military policy at home and abroad. What most fail to understand is the truth, which is above all else– most significant. Trump finally did something that would bring America back to #1 after Obama degraded us to the level of our enemies. It goes without saying that the choices in the Middle East made by the Obama administration during the past 8 years gave strength to our sworn allies. It also goes without saying that these backward attempts at strategizing militarily in the middle east were happening, Barack Obama and his foreign policy team managed to simultaneously break trust with America’s most important and strongest allies. All of America’s friends were confused by these anti-Western actions, but the countries in the middle east that may not have been allianced before the Obama era, were quick to begin negotiations and trade deals under the table with one another. What these countries grew to have in common was the mutual threat of Iran, who is not only run by terrorist organizations and vicious dictators, its government is now influenced by two countries strong enough to conquer/wipe out the entire middle east. 1. The United States 2. Russia, (who still holds influence in Iran & funds Iranian terrorist groups to this day, which is significant and you’ll see why). Not sure if you’re aware of the drastic drop in arms and missile defense post-Obama, but we were the lowest of the low after he was through, while Russia and the rest of our enemies grew at a tremendously rapid rate and surpassed our military and intelligence. You can find the stats on the national foreign policy and defense statistics website. Basically, what Trump and his foreign policy team planned and executed in Syria showed the rest of the world that America is back and back on top. This will automatically increase border control because illegal immigrant numbers have already dropped in alarming numbers just due to the threat. Also, you will see this same drop in terrorist threats and attacks from here on out. By interfering in Syria, Trump is telling the world America is still sovereign and we will either fight to save your nation or destroy you– if you mess with us that is– in simplest terms.. But allow me to explain a bit more in depth–

After analyzing the actions President Trump took, it is clear that he made the right decision:

1. Degradation of Syria’s military capability to bomb civilians.

First, and most importantly, the attack struck the Syrian military air base that was used to launch the chemical weapons attack and many other bombing missions that targeted both innocent civilians and rebel forces.

In doing so, Trump not only sent a symbolic message but he degraded the Syrian military’s capability to conduct bombing missions, which will save many innocent lives. This will also give both the rebels and civilians a more even playing field on which to fight Bashar al-Assad and his forces.

2. Renewal of US strategic deterrence.

For many years, the United States was able to stave off conflict with near-peer competitors, such as Soviet Russia, through strategic deterrence. The theory of deterrence is that the threat of the use of force or consequences of another kind from the United States would be significant enough to outweigh whatever benefit another country might gain by taking military action that the US opposed.

The fear of US retaliation was always weighed by foreign leaders in their decision-making process before they engaged in military force. However, that changed in 2013 when President Obama stood by and did nothing after President Assad gassed his own people the first time. He did so after Obama drew a very public red line.

It was one of the most embarrassing incidents in American national security in the history of our country. Rogue actors and nation state foes alike questioned American resolve and states like North Korea, Russia, China, and Syria become more belligerent because they thought they could get away with it.

Not anymore. The message from Donald Trump was very clear last night – American resolve should no longer be questioned and there will be consequences for their actions. This should prevent further attacks against Syrian civilians and the use of chemical weapons

3. Not drawing America in too deep without a strategy.

When you engage in the use of military force there is always a risk that American service members could be killed. In this case, there are 500 US special operations forces on the ground in Syria who could have been hit in retaliation.

However, the strike option that President Trump chose was limited to achieving military objectives of reestablishing strategic deterrence and degrading Syria’s military capability to bomb civilians. In this case, there was clear purpose to the use of force and the objectives were realistic, limited, and achievable – this stands in stark contrast to previous administrations’ efforts whose purpose or end state was not entirely clear or achievable due to the lack of will power to commit the resources required to do so.

President Trump renewed America’s standing in the world as a force for good to be reckoned with while preventing future deaths of innocent civilians. This truly made America great again. Well done, Mr. President, well done.

ALSO– start paying close attention to trumps upcoming moves with the new allies he gathered in the Middle East and met with during his foreign trip.

President Trump has an opportunity to reset relations with key Middle Eastern allies and restore confidence in American leadership. He can capitalize on the fact that Israel and the Sunni Arab Gulf states, alarmed by what they regarded as the Obama Administration’s feeble and disastrous policy toward Iran, found themselves cooperating under the table to protect their own security. The President should use this Middle East trip to repair bilateral relationships undermined by his predecessor and build multinational coalitions to unite Arab leaders against ISIS, al-Qaeda, Iran, and other Islamist totalitarian threats. The President is about to begin making moves that undermine the  Russians to counter terrorism and the Iranian regime. That Arab NATO is going to hit the Russians pretty hard economically, they’ll be losing their influence in Iran. While these fools were talking about the breeze, trumps gathered counties from united emirates to Jordan to Syria to Israel & even Palestine… Trump was able to Unite this “Arab NATO” in a frontal force that will ultimately destroy Irans threat to all those surrounding Iran in the Middle East and the US. The ones Obama put at risk and left in the dust when he gave Iran nuclear weapons, trump has them on our side, ready to fight terrorism and begin real peace negotiations in the Middle East bc of his efforts. Meanwhile, libs here are still convinced he’s a Russian spy! Ha! The whole world is about to prosper, they won’t even know what him em.

I love this planet more than y’all know. I am also disgusted by incentivizing politicians and the rest of the corrupt elitists that have been running this clown show; which include members from BOTH parties… but I’m so sorry… I had to clear this one up for many confused individuals from all sides of the political spectrum.

Why Pulling out of the Paris Accord was an Epic Move for the U.S. & China Relations and the World

There are so many reasons why trump pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord was a good thing. Reason #1- carbon tax was never implemented to “save the environment.” It helped the rich get richer. Real scientists from NASA in fact, who are the ones who went to the moon btw, specifically oppose this bullshit. At the beginning of obamas first term, only 7% of carbon was naturally emitted into the atmosphere by man. This means that 93% was emitted by natural soils and sunlight. Now this 7% has gone down to less that 1% since the whole green revolution– which didn’t even need to happen in the first place because Just look at the stats. It only helps the United Nations and the most corrupt to become even more corrupt. I have argued and researched this issue since it became so popular with my professors and they’ve all eventually admitted to me that they cannot argue climate change because there’s literally no facts that it even exists. Most people don’t take the time to do their own research they just hear the wealthy professors and politicians and apparently now trust ACTORS to talk about it. See a money trail here? If you don’t you must be blind. People don’t actually look at the facts. Of course I take the time to look at everything no matter the argument, people close to me already know this. I’ve also got to hand it to the dems. This hoax is proven to be more successful than their lie about the “big switch” in parties. LOL. Seems no one else noticed that Obama shut down NASA soon after he was elected into the presidency. He shut them up because the researchers at NASA were calling out his bullshit carbon tax. They wrote so many articles with hard evidence exposing this plot from the start, warning ppl to “follow the money.” While these other fake scientists/researchers/Hollywood actors promoted garbage to make money. The incentives behind carrying on with the nonsense are no joke. They’re huge in fact. They’ve got trillions to gain from continuing on with bogus research. Most of them are low life self proclaimed masters of science — yet they’ve fooled everyone. Bill nye’s elitist ass was one of the big liars included, as well as the UN, DiCaprio, al gore, and the rest of the democrats. The UN has been claiming to take your carbon taxes and redistribute the wealth to foreign counties these past 8 years, these third world counties didn’t see a dime. Like I said, NASA scientists have been to the damn moon. Who do you think the public was going to believe when they first called this lie? Hence is the reason that Obama “moved” NASA out of Houston, pretty much within the first few months of his first term. They wanted to expose this lie from the start, sadly didn’t get much of a chance unless you take the time to look data up, you’d never know. Also, just in case you can’t look up these facts on your own– There’s way more where that came from. Actually, look up every single claim in this video. It’s all true. From National Scientific research websites …. NASA #1 source… It’s not that we don’t Think we shouldn’t take care of the earth, it’s that’s there’s literally zero evidence proving this theory and much evidence disproving it. There are so many things in the world we need to take care of rn — that actually exist– Genocide, starvation, terrorism, etc. this climate change hoax is just another tax scheme. I’m sorry, but.. Facts are facts. Like I said, look up every claim in the video. It’s all there,” follow the money..” You’ll connect the dots that have been there right in front of us the entire time.

Already told you guys to watch him closely in the Middle East from here on out but I noticed another bold move foreign-policy-wise on the president’s part. It concerns Asia and the Paris accord. If you’re paying attention to trumps foreign moves, this should make a lot of sense. Take note 📝 Trump just keeps proving himself to be a strategic genius–

Why Pulling Out of Climate Accord was Great Move for China-U.S. Relations Going Forward

So, my main question is- has anyone else heard a single word from Asia regarding their response to America’s pulling out of the Paris accord?? If you google Asia and Paris accord all you see is pressure from the left to force China to take America’s place in the whole “green movement.” They’re like, “come on China we know you want power.. so come and get it… ” you know.. the usual bullshit/anti-trump propaganda. Although, not a word from China at this point to my understanding. The reason I’m asking seems insignificant but from a foreign strategy perspective, this is crucial for determining how the 21st century’s global relationships pan out, (post Obama-era).

Basically- We need China to lay low on the climate change issue so that America can begin moving forward with more effective Asian-American policies. With regards to American pull out of Paris Accord, Asia’s silence, or more specifically China’s response, will play a major role in defining the future of strategic cooperation within the global arena. If China’s silence holds steady in response to Americas climate deal decision, this will signal– at the very least– China’s compliance w/ America’s interests. It will signify Asian influence as taking its first steps towards rebuilding America-Asia relations. Realistically, Asia’s response will determine whether or not they are complying with efforts to solve transitional problems instead of joining the free riding bureaucrats concerned with nothing but gaining their own narrow self-interests. And really, the way Asian countries continue to respond to issues regarding climate change, nonproliferation, arms control, disaster response, piracy, human rights, etc. need to be monitored. In other words: As long as China is on board with these decisions, (for now), America will be able to establish new Asia-America foreign policy. If china remains loyal to American interests & vice Versa– Both countries will benefit– so will the rest of the world. Gotta Keep an eye on those baby steps 👀 while ignoring all media content over this subject.

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