The meaning of life & death – NOTES

Love, joy, loved ones, food, shelter, national holidays, religious holidays, land, sea, air, fire, wind, nature. What “better” place is there than life itself? I have yet to hear this question answered. Because in fact there is no better “place” than life itself, and there’s no going back either.

The act of gift giving is a selfless one for both the giver and the receiver. In life, gifts are given for the sole purpose of giving. If both parties participating in this exchange are truly selfless in their intentions, both would act according to the laws of universal truths. This would mean that the giver cannot ask for the gift back once it has been given, and the receiver should use the gift for an unselfish purpose– the receiver would in turn share their gift with others. This here is another basic argument for why death could not exist, not in any universe, nor any dimension, throughout all space-time. Why would one assume that the gift of life given to us by our Creator would ever have to be returned? Life is G-d’s gift to humanity, it would be silly to assume he would need or ask for it back— ever. Once a gift is given, it’s yours. However, the human receivers must decide how they choose to enjoy the gift. In other words. Life is a gift, and it’s the greatest gift ever given. Which means it is our duty, as the receivers of this precious gift, to share our lives with others. The Torah scripture commonly encompasses the concept that G-d wants us to live our lives in the company of both our neighbors and strangers because our lives are literally meant to be shared with other humans. To me, this symbolizes humanity’s relationship with G-d and more significantly, life itself. In other words, the bond that has connected humanity to G-d’s light since the beginning of time was given to a vessel that was meant to receive G-d’s light for the sacred purpose of sharing G-d’s wisdom with others. This beam of light that created the universe, also known scientifically as the Big Bang, was not only able to inhale this wisdom of G-d, it could exhale or reproduce it, for the sole intent of giving birth to man. Let there be light is the link between the Big Bang explosion and Genesis, an explosion of energy took place at the beginning of our universe, nonetheless, both science and G-d are one in the same. Science is used to explain as many miracles as it can, through the study of G-d’s work. This original wisdom that was the light could also interpreted as G-d breathing into a vessel that inhaled the Word, and let it go for others to share in its glory.

Another significant argument that I can make is Motzart and his inexplicable ability to write a symmphony the first time his fingers touched the keys. No one has ever been able to explain this phenonema, except by simply saying it was chance or that these things are rare, but happen. The answer is much deeper and more complex than this half-way thought out and unfinished response. Looking at the bigger picture? What could be the only explanation to such an occurance? You can compare it to other renowned occurances similar Motzart. But, you can also compare it to the exact reason doctors are unable to explain why people come out of comas knowing a completely different or even unheard of language. There are many documented instances where humans have had a near-death experience and woken up with a new skill they never possessed, and have even woken up with different accents that could not be explained. B When you think about it logically, there is only one answer to how Mozart was able to write an orchestrated symphony his first time playing the piano. The only possible explanation requires you to use your knowledge of reason and have a strong belief in the foundations of faith. The only things that cannot be explained in this world are commonly ignored and devoted to chance when they should be left up to faith. The argument for the existence of G-d is another one in itself, but to sum it up, something cannot come from nothing. Period. This leaves the existence of G-das the strongest argument to why us humans are here today. Furthermore, when something cannot be explained, faith and G-d are what you should look deeply into.  Faith is meant to be deep, look at the complexities of our human bodies and of the minerals and foundations of life itself. It’s not easy to stack your cards in something you cannot see or that isn’t tangible, but, is chance tangible? And what is a coincidence if you really think about it? Where did the term coincidence begin? It began when the minds of humans were not able to explain an ironic event in their lives, and decided to come up with an alternate resolution to ease their confusion, but it never really answered their initial questions. Does it? I argue that Motzart had to have already aquired this skill previously, in order for him to be a musical genius. If a baby is given a toy, it learns how to grab the toy, and slowly works to become an expert at grabbing things using the motions of their body. This takes practice yet it’s one of the most basic steps we learn in our infant years. If you meditate on this response, you have to ask yourself how many other options are there to phenomena such as Motzart? In realirt, you develop skills through practice. I will argue that since this is true, one must already contain the knowledge of said skill, to be able to play an instrument as if they had played it all their lives. Quite literally, their souls have been playing it throughout their lifetimes. This is why they possess the ability to speak anonther language they never heard of, or become the next Picasso having never picked up a paintbrush, not in this life anyway.

Deja Vu

The answers to the most complex mysteries of the universe are quite literally buried into our innermost core, the soul of our beings. When a sign is sent to us, we automatically assume this sign is coincidence, we don’t leave room for fate or destiny or the Hand of G-d as a very valid explanation to what is. When you perceive things as they are, you begin to let go of the misguided perceptions  of what society has led you to believe. Do not look at things how others perceive them, look at them from your perception. Test out the signs you recieve, you start to realize these signs are part of your life’s guide to fulfilling your purpose here on Earth. WHen people ignore these signs, or when people ignore G-d’s outstretched arm, we are ignoring our destinies, we are ignoring out duties to mankind. Thus, if we do not fulfill out purpose in this lifetime, we do get to continue in our next one. However, if you do not try to understand G-d or you take the words of humans over the Word of G-d as your reasoning, you will keep straying further and further away from your destiny, and this also means you are preventing yourself from ever truly experiencing self-worth and the greatest happiness for you and the ones you love. For if one fulfills their dreams which stem from a passion that is your life’s goal, you are also achieving ultimate satisfaction and euphoric joy for your soul.

No return policies, no take backs. The same rules apply goes to our Supreme Giver.  The gift of life is here to stay for all those who breathe with beating hearts and flesh. How foolish is it to say that the Almighty would ever want this gift back?? And why would he ever want to take it away?… it’s ours for the choosing. It had already been decided upon out births that this the gift of life belonged to us, forever and ever. Only once we realize we must share our permanent gifts with mankind and vice versa, we will reach our highest potential. In other words, if we embrace the most selfless act–  of giving and receiving– the ultimate purpose of our infinite existence– will reveal itself. 

Death is a man made concept. No one can come back to tell you what death truly is so why on earth would humans just assume death means no more existence for the seemingly non functioning soul..? In fact, what nerve of those who took it upon themselves to name death in the first place. We can claim the definition to birth and other parts of life bc we know what comes next. In death, we do not. Which is why it is ludicrous for us to think death is the end of the road for those who’ve run their course. In reality, we are only running one of many courses we’ve already run or will run again. I’m simpler terms, you and I and every single human being on this planet have literally, “Been there, done that.” Except in a different galaxy in a different time-space on a whole other solar system located within another dimension. Perhaps we are striving to fulfill a certain destiny within each of our existences. Perhaps we fell short of this destiny in our previous lives. Perhaps this life is a chance to redeem our purpose. This, at its core, is the meaning of life. To fulfill your purpose; that of which is led to you through your inner most passions. It’s up to you to follow them. If you succeed, you must have the closest relationship with our G-d and G-d of our ancestors, the one and only supreme G-d. Build your bridge close to his glory, follow the signs and your primal instincts. Be forever grateful and well aware of all of this at all times. That is, keep in touch with the Creator who gave you the path worth living today. You’ll soon discover possibilities and uncover answers that you once believed to be nearly impossible to reach. They’re there. Finish the puzzle if you can. If not, that’s OK, you’ll get another turn before ya know it. 

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