Alexander Hamilton once acknowledged that nations normally were founded by “accident and force,” but America was founded by “reflection and choice.” George Washington stated that America was the “cause of mankind.” As Europe declined over the decades leading up to the twentieth century, America rose in prominence and influence. Until the Founding Fathers, most of history had reviled business and trade. Confucius said, “The virtuous man knows what is noble. The low man knows what is profitable.” In both India and Japan, the bottom rung of the social system was occupied by merchants. This type of thinking still is prevalent in Europe today where it is better to have inherited money than to have earned it. The Founding Fathers turned all this upside down. They began by rejecting the idea that all rights, including those of property came from the king. “In the novus ordo seclorum, people would have a natural right – a God given right – to their own property and to the benefits of their own labor and creativity.” In Federalist Paper No. 10 Madison stated that “the first role of government” is the “protection of different and unequal faculties of acquiring property.” The role of the new government of overseeing unequal outcomes was not seen as evil, in fact, it was seen as the government’s role to guard the citizen’s right to accumulate unequal amounts of property. America’s equality of rights not only permits the inequality of success, it provides the moral justification for it. With the founding of America, the example of the people controlling the rulers, instead of the rulers controlling the people has been set. America’s focus on the entrepreneur has produced “the most inventive and entrepreneurial society in history,” to the benefit of not only the business owner, but the workers too. In fact, the country is so productive that by the mid-1950’ s America accounted for one-fourth of the world’s economy, while having only five percent of the population. In America, even those with little education have the ability to live in nice homes. I personally, do not believe this will be true in the future. While I believe the spirit of 1776 is still alive in America today, it is not the only spirit alive. It has a serious rival, the spirit of 1968, that of the progressive.

If that spirit replaces the spirit of 1776, the American will have been un-founded and re-founded.


We are on the brink of losing our country forever. After eight years of Obama, I am here to express and make known the dangers that inevitably await ALL Americans’ potential fate.. for the next four years—or possibly eight years—if Hillary Clinton is elected as the next president of the United States. I express emphasis on the immoral and selfish action-less doings of those whom continue to stubbornly oppose the only option we have to save this country.

The secret to life is the most complicated, and yet, the most parsimonious of all inquiries.

The secret to life is being fully aware of the true potential your mere existence consists of.

The secret to living is embracing the fact that you’re alive. In order to do this, one must succumb to the fact that human nature inevitably controls the actions and behaviors of mankind. And it has since the beginning of time.

The secret to living is knowing how truly alive we really are. It is truly believing in your universe. Knowledge hasn’t any power without faith. There is more to life than just existing, and knowing that faith is always present within oneself gives you the key to unlock the miracles that only this universe and all its wonders can provide.

The Secret to living is having the ability to thoroughly comprehend your own existence. Once you realize the genuine virtues that humans are capable of conquering only through human nature, you must then come to terms with conservatism. You must except the fact that the only way to achieve the most infinite amount of possibilities, one must preserve our Rights in nature. And that starts with a Republic that allows you to express these rights in order to truly pursue life, liberty, equality and most importantly, happiness. From this perspective, capitalism doesn’t look so greedy after all.

The act of forming an opinion is simple, however, forming an opinion based on fact can be quite difficult. This here is the reason that so many have their facts and opinions intertwined to the point of no reason.

….But why should we even care?

America’s only hope is to rebuild and reestablish the party of Lincoln; the party of civil rights, economic opportunity, and freedom; the party that has saved this fragile nation throughout the ages. It is time we start connecting the dots that have always been right in front of us. In order to restore faith, decency, and nationalism back into this country, the revival of a modernized Republican Party is crucial. We mustn’t continue this foolishness, and we must no longer take our inherited birth rights for granted. Instead, embrace them and encourage others to exercise their rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness/property– when voting in this next presidential election. Use these rights now, so that your posterity may enjoy the same freedoms you all experience each and every day. As we all know, anything and everything will always fall short of perfection. Knowing this, how much sense does it make to compare America to Utopia?

No matter what, America will always fall short of the standard of the “Garden of Eden.” With this in mind, you are now able to grasp the significance of this world’s greatest contribution to man kind.

… And why We must care:

We must care because:

…Because the secret to really, truly living a full and happy life starts with the conservation of our rights as human beings, which is why they are forever written in our ingenuous constitution.

How can one even begin to fathom the notion of what it means to non-Americans to have the chance to be in the driver’s seat of your own destiny? It’s utilizing the opportunities you rightfully possess as an American citizen to achieve your maximum potential.

And thus;

The secret to life


…to actively seek out And Cherish The gift of life given to us by our maker ; as well as the treasure memories of those to treasure those who sought out to protect ours and Ultimately to conquer your wildest visions Through and By virtue of your vversion of what it truly means to conquer your very own concept

Of the American Dream.

The secret to life is truly believing in both yourself,

And in the American dream

The secret to life


…to not only actively seek out And Cherish The gift of life given to us by our maker ; it is also to treasure the memories of those who came before us; the ones who risked their lives and sought to protect our rights as human beings; it means to forever hold onto the infinite wisdom passed unto our generation, just for a a little while… .; tand Ultimately to conquer your wildest visions Through and By virtue of your vversion of what it truly means to conquer your very own concept

Of the American Dream.

We merely grasp onto the wonders of life made possible by none other than the founding brothers, those who risked their lives and sought to protect our rights as human beings so that we may enjoy our split second here on this big beautiful, GREEN Earth;.

THese American made rights promised to us by our loved ones, and handed down from generation to generation… Until it is time for us to do the same.

It is only when one succumbs to the realization that the decisions we make here on Earth are bigger than us. They are bigger than this universe, but not bigger than life itself. THIS realization, this fact of life, is the missiing element to this jigsaw puzzle we call the Great Divide.

The choices we make interfere with the promises we partake in. Those who matter the most to us are consequentially the keepers of our legacies.

In fact, you seemingly love them more than your own life;

which is why your children’s futures serve as the pillars that carry on your choices, paving their future with ancient glory;

these pillars must remain upright and tall enough to equal life itself. In other words, the lives of your children are equivalent to the significance of life itself; which means that we must strive to protect those with the gift made possible only by and through the virtues of democracy and capitalism. Only then may our souls drift in eternal peace.

The reality is this:

If the equivalent to life is a simple, tiny task; for it is not much to ask for in return for the satisfaction and eternal peace one can only receive whilst living and prospering in this wonderful abyss that is America.

If that is all it takes to live a happy, full life, my question is, why is it that so many Americans either refuse to see what’s right in front of them, or remain in utter and total bliss. Does it not seem worth it to fulfill these duties so that we may secure the freedoms and oppurtunites of our children and children’s children?

Is it really that much to ask of your “moral code?” Or has your moral compass swayed THAT far off balance?

….Or is your personal quest for Self-Righteousness More Important than your Country?

to pass it down onto our posterity; and then we shall disappear from this incredible galaxy, but our souls will forever live on; We may only be here for a quarter of a millisecond to the universe

WE are the people. We are not weak. For, by, and of the government. And in order to once again form a perfect union, we MUSTN’T take our inherited rights for granted. The ones universally written into our souls, our minds, and, most significantly, our laws.

Let us not forget these birth rights; for they have saved us by their light which continues to guide all humanity. We must stop this resistence, for we are being heavily blinded by the undoers of our time. The undoers undoing an entire culture, an entire civilization, and entire future generationis to come. Resist the temptations of television and hyponotic academia. Instead, remove the shadows that have been cast by these freedom opposers; for they only care about two things that are basically one in the same.

No matter who you are or where you live or where you’re from or where you are going. These rights are universal. And somehow only the citizens lucked out.

But was it in fact luck? Or was it hard work and entreprenuership? Or was just a tipple effect set in motion by the dreamers of the sixties?

The answer is no. No, it was no luck. We, Americans, did not just luck out. However, we ARE fortunate to have been born into such a fair system made up of equal rights and founded by the bravest, most exceptional group of English immigrants, who risked their lives to unite as one.

We know them as our founding fathers…..

Although they would have classified themselves as brothers…

These founding brothers set out to accomplish something that no other human being in the HISTORY of mankind was able to accomplish. And we all know that America is the baby of the world. Yes, we may be young;

But we are far wiser than our years.

Actually, we are literally far wiser than any other country in the world.

Why else has China, India, England, Israel, Greece, Rome, etc… why else would they choose to convert to such a system?

A system that we deem as evil. But we are being blinded. We are being cheared out of our own rights as human beings because these nay sayers and demagogues in disguise have taken hold of our country and have simultaneoulsy been able to switch the narrative around on the good guys.

If you want a revolution, you have to vote for it. Not just every four years. Not just for cool candidates. Not just for political outsiders unsullied by the soot of experience. -KBM

We must expose ourselves and our basic beliefs once and for all, we must end this period of being hindered by what I like to refer to as this nation’s “fantastic shadow.”

So, today I ask the rising generation. I turn to you, America’s young voters, and ask what you would choose for yourselves, your offspring, and for all future inhabitants of this great nation?

Will you take action in knowing that your children and children’s children freedom is at stake? Or will you remain selfish in the silence that will one day protrude unto your posterity?

The silence that by which causes your offspring to never know the opportunities you had in life, as an American citizen? Will you allow yourself to remain in the quietude that results from the hindrances that shalt prevent your kids and grand kids from experiencing the freedoms you continue to take for granted?

Will you indeed, summon and cast the fantastic shadow upon the helpless, not so fortunate innocence, by indirectly, yet so efficiently, restricting the lives of the future generations you shall inevitably procreate? One must consider and ask yourself questions such as: What kind of ripple effect will begin from either a humanitarian decision, or perhaps an inhumane, careless choice? The unnecessary burdens that other societies experience daily may very well be the reality you have willingly passed down and doomed unto your children’s livelihood. The impossibilities to marry for love instead of arrangement by class system, the inability to succeed in the American dream. The blatant awareness you hold somewhere deep inside of you, may be the deciding factor as to whether or not freedom becomes merely a story foretold to future inhabitants. Imagine the concept of living freely being foreign to you, and only knowing of the legends and folk stories of what your ancestors could achieve through such a society, and unfortunately, what you can only dream about. Imagine freedom and all it entails, as being nothing but a sacred tale of what could have been, over and over again, and heard around the camp fire or in a history class. I regrettably inform you that this will be the reality of your generation’s legacy; forever haunting your descendants as a reminder of what they could have had the chance to take part in. If only it hadn’t been for the lack of care and sinful pride of their elders,… if only their ancestors had realized sooner, that the selfish actions they so blatantly continue to disregard and blame liberals for doing, yet have strayed so far right they now, so effortlessly take part in said leftist behavior…. Perhaps, if someone cared enough to put an end to the foolishness, speak out against the status quo, maybe then, this epic fail for the future of humanity, could have been prevented. It all comes down to one final inquiry you must take into consideration:

Ultimately, do you want to be held responsible, for what will inevitably lead, to the demise of western culture?

And then, the world?

We must shift this tide of socialism being viewed as “cool”. Again, when comparing America against, not perfection, but the histories of other countries in the world it is undeniable that no country has done more for the common people than the United States of America. The United States’ beginning was a miracle and it did change the world for the better.

The message here is simple. A great nation is born from you, the individual. You might think that you don’t have much control, but this is only an illusion. Everything you do in life has as ripple effect. In this case, the origins of this ripple effect take place at the voting polls.

So, today I ask the rising generation. I turn to you, America’s young voters, and ask what you would choose for your country, yourselves, and your posterity?

Which do you choose;

the chance that I am right

and Trump may save America,

or the guarantee that you are wrong by letting Hillary destroy it?

…Do you choose tyranny or liberty?

..And what do you intend to do about it?

My goal in writing this, was to argue and defend the reasons to vote independent in this next 2020 federal & presidential elections. The reasons that one should not simply “stay home” and/or whine about Donald Trump being the “least conservative” candidate will contribute greatly to my argument. I contest that the best chance this country has, requires every Republican voter to suck it up; and to UNITE.. To stand up against the face of evil by coming together and raising awareness… Together, we may strive for the common good, and in this case, work towards what should be EVERYONE’s end goal– in defeating Hillary. Once again, I declare that it is of the utmost importance– that the GOP not give in to the forces that continue strengthening the pressures dividing us. Those same forces have already caused the largest division America has seen since the Civil rights movements were enacted, **(those of which were invoked by REPUBLICANS and passed through REPUBLICAN legislation).***

The conquering and dividing of a nation by one political party, has caused the facts to not only become misconstrued, but have once again, successfully caused the distortion of facts that remain hidden behind the curtain of the Democratic Party. They had a very good reason to do so, and had a very easy time doing it. IT is simple: After discovering that most Americans do not tend to question their trusted government, for it is the only government written of the people, for the people, and by the people.

Many ignorant Americans have become all too comfortable being born into this era of ease, the era of the Millennial. This way of thinking is actually what has caused our demise, and has indirectly assisted with helping evil prosper, and unintentionally allowing the “Regressives” to continue covering their tracks, to this day. They’ve certainly done a number on this nation, from slavery to enslavement, how far will we Conservatives let this go?

IT is WAY past time for us to step in and finally do something about this negligence, this neglect being thwarted upon the innocent citizens of America, time and time again. Let us repeal and banish the evil doings that have been done unto the ones that continue being fooled. Let us do so by lifting the veil, and by exposing once and for all, the true colors of the Democrat regime. Whilst taking a stand and voting against the criminals that still remain at large, let us liberate the eyes and hearts of our fellow Americans, once again. It is up TO US to vote the LESSER OF TWO EVILS THIS UPCOMING ELECTION… or, I am saddened to say, that I genuinely fear the worst for this country. A Clinton presidency would so utterly transform America–as to make it unrecognizable. No more will America be a land of opportunity. Instead, it will be a land of rapacious crony capitalism, run solely for the benefit of friends of the “Obamas” and the “Clintons” and the “Democratic Party”…AKA the undercover criminals. It will, in fact, be the fulfillment of a dream for the criminals still at large, the criminals that make up the Democratic Party. I will hereby exploit the hidden agenda that a party has had from the beginning…a dream of stealing America for the politically favored few!

With extensive research, and through use of multiple channels, sourced with sufficient data and support for evidence, I shall further entail in my analysis, the answers coupled with the explanations, to address and debunk the most common myths and assumptions Americans have come to believe and unknowingly rally for. The distorted, entangled, political web, that has seemingly spun out of control, due to the non stop lies and misconceptions consistently being fed to the people. This ancient tactic, used by dictatorships throughout history, has been made possible by societal impact of today’s major outlet sources. The 21st century has molded a sort of false reality into almost every American’s brain- a liberal dogma if you will; a dogma being nailed into us on a daily basis, only because of today’s falsified scandals and bogus reports, the ones that are made possible only by the leftist worthy news reporters and writers… Read and brought to you by the most biased, opinionated, left wing, power hungry hoaxers and even your college professors and school teachers, who are all, by the way, in on the hoax for the same reasons.

These reasons are quite parsimonious when one ponders them after realization of their existence. They all have the same agenda, and will do whatever it takes to acquire their own personal gains, even if it means destroying anyone that stands in the way of their plans to effortlessly persuade the individuals that make up America’s youth, or even the average Joe that comes home from work, just in time to catch the five o clock news.

Who are these people? What are the outlets they use to feed their victims? Behold, they are none other than those whom consume and dominate our: 1. Mainstream Media, 2.Academia, 3. Our Liberal government that we’ve let run our lives for the past eight years. When one follows the money, and the truth that history provides us with, one can no longer be blinded by these wrong doers and slave enforcers. It inevitably becomes clear as day, that these groups stand to gain a fortune. The gains rewarded to them are as follows: 1. Power 2. Money $$$, and keep in mind: These people stand to gain trillions of dollars... not just millions, not billions, but trillions. They are slyly getting away with it, and with ease. Money = Power. Pretty twisted right?! Especially because they’ve done such a great job putting their faults and fraudulent claims off on the Republicans, who regrettably remain defenseless in their silence. That is why I am here, to enlighten, inform, and to change the way you all see conservatism. I will prove that conservatism, at its core, is not just a philosophy for govt, but a philosophy for life; and for truly living.

I am here to unveil a curtain, to unmask the demons in disguise who wish to control us, and ultimately, to focus on transforming the status quo.

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