The Re-Birth of Conservative Socialists in the 21st Century

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The Re-Birth of Conservative Socialists in the 21st Century

Note from Author: {As A Prologue}

Today’s self proclaimed constitutionalists and “Libertarians” have forgotten the foundational structure in which the core reasoning for an establishment for freedom was ever established, really would love to hear what the modern day BSers who claim the founders did not believe in contributing to the entire world, although the basics of our nation’s founding principles and fundamental values clearly states these basic laws to govern humanity towards freedom, I guess you may assume if you are not too big on thinking, that the meaning of “all men endowed by their creator,” or the many mentions of “All men being created equal,” was only meant to Americans?

This has always been something I have laughed at and in recent months seemed to be more of an issue that has continued to come to light in the narrow world of millennialism and Common Sense not only gives light to this fact over and over and over again, Jefferson too states in the Declaration itself and all other works, quotes that revolve around the true meaning of what it means to be an American:

Thomas Jefferson, the country’s first secretary of state and its third president, characterized the new United States of America as such: “the solitary republic of the world, the only monument of human rights . . . the sole depository of the sacred fire of freedom and self-government, from hence it is to be lighted up in other regions of the earth, if other regions shall ever become susceptible to its benign influence.”

So I know this is not normal but all things normal have been long lost from academia all the years I have attended college anyway. So, you tell me, Is this normal or is the west headed for decline with the the future leaders of America who have this mindset or who are even further off from what American Independence meant for the world at the time of its arrival?……………….. 😦

To me.

This paints a much larger canvass for discussion — for the purpose of effectively understanding these “truths” —
One must to look to another perspective, and perhaps some Insight into the meaning of“The hope” can be restored for the whole world to benefit from.
To shed light upon a group of words Americans know well — however, to understand the depth of this notion— Reevaluation should be considered at this point in out nations time and age —
In other words, the truth held behind the words themselves considers one to seek further analysis of how such universal rights” were established into law to begin with: One must look into the origins or to the roots of their *liberty tree*

“what it truly means to be citizen of humanity = why Americans set out to establish these rights = what it truly means to be a citizen of America = rooted at the core principles of mankind’ since Genesis:I

“…Liberty and Justice for All.”

“..Hold These truths to be self evident..”

“…That all men are created equal;

“..That they are Endowed by Their Creator with certain unalienable rights…“

The Road to


Begins Over Again:

Circa AD Year of RENEWAL;


~Yr 2020 A.D.~

The Re-Birth of Conservative Socialists in the 21st Century

Copyright. KBM. 2017.


“Conservative Socialism” was a term coined by German Economist F.A. Hayek in the 1930’s to describe the nationalistic movement unprecedentedly taking place under the guise of German pride– that of which led up to the Second World War. Whilst reading his “Road to Serfdom,” the underlying messages behind F.A. Hayek’s ideas is what originally inspired me to form this logical (working) analysis. Hayek’s method so accurately predicted the rise of the Nazi regime that it was almost as if he already lived through the war and traveled back in time to write his predictions. Then again, this genre of quality is what makes the thinkers we remember, remembered. I have not really written much on my blog ever since I accomplished the initial goal I set out to do initially. This goal evolved around the 2016 Presidential Election. Such crucial information was simultaneously being severely hindered from the public during the time. By taking the personal initiatives towards spreading my thorough research & genuine life experiences, I was able to address and debunk all those who formed their opinionated theories on misguided propaganda rather than the truth, (i.e. historical facts or evidence). Hence the title of my blog, the “Concern” part obviously stemmed from the dire lack of political knowledge I commonly witnessed amongst my peers and my professors during my daily life as a college student. Simply put, it is my firm belief that if one hides from the truth, one is essentially hiding from oneself. And honestly, the longer you live this way, the more you discover you are not actually alive. You have several choices when your peer, your elder, or your neighbor comes to you with their own wisdom encompassed for the sole purpose of following their own passions. In the end, it is up to you to decide how much you want to learn, from anything in life; your knowledge is your doing. All of us depend on you if you plan to join us in the future when we are running this country. The following pages are going to revolve around my thoroughly researched opinions built from facts, over how the U.S. ought to conduct its business with foreign allies, foes, and humanity as a whole. As you read, please keep this in mind: It is very common for a carefree individual to hold such deep admiration for oneself in such a way they only care about their own wealth and sustaining it ruthlessly enough, to the point that they don’t care what happens to the middle or lower class. Rather than lacking respect and compassion for those less fortunate, the ones who think we should not follow history’s examples and suggest absurdly unrealistic ideas such as the claim in favor of the U.S. randomly detaching itself in sustaining American efforts from the rest of the world, have zero decency– not for themselves, not for anyone– at all. Not only is this morally irresponsible, it is a tasteless failure for a leader to leave their marked territory and their friends abroad to pursue a plan that has never even been tested, to prove a conspiring point. To idolize the idea that America can live amongst itself and cut off foreign trade or support of any kind has all sorts of implications that will be discussed at length in the following pages. Among other issues, keep in mind that pulling out of the world means loss of control with regards to economic prosperity, maritime forces, as well as mobility in air space. These aspects alone are crucial to the survival and development of American prosperity, not just mankind– who, by the way, we should also be thinking about in every act and policy we plan to pursue. This is simply because enormous responsibility comes with being the leader of a global enterprise.
Furthermore, please read the following PSA in which I took Hayek’s idea of a Conservative Socialist and transformed the systemic circumstances of a modern governing system. By arguing the similar reasoning in Hayak’s points, I paved a guide for one to follow in my logical footsteps towards expressing a whole new argument for a different age and country. Furthermore, I’ve decided to share with you all, my own take and personal my philosophic reasoning which connects Hayek’s theory. By utilizing modern-day arguments originally infused by a high dose of the “Buy American, Hire American” brigade, I plan to elaborate on this subject and completely debunk all other theories from here on out. Hopefully, my supporters and blog followers will find this subject as intriguing as my previous work. Either way– I am grateful for the opportunity to have a platform for you to listen.

The Re-Birth of Conservative Socialists in the 21st Century

Conservative Socialism is a term that could be used to describe the characteristics of those who fill the societal realm of today’s anti-globalists. To begin, I would like to ask this oxymoronic group just one question: Since when do human beings achieve economic prosperity through their nation? Isn’t the reason that America is the youngest yet most successful nation– (esp. economically)– because of individual free trade? Hasn’t the purpose of creating wealth always been up to the individuals who are trading with one another? Ever since this whole new wave of nationalism came about, it has sparked a trend of ignorance– anti-socialists actually agree with everything that socialism stands for without even realizing it. This here is a pretty scary parallel to Nazi Germany or perhaps today’s Venezuela and North Korea.

Think about how scary it would be if we did not allow World trade between America’s farmers, entrepreneurs, car dealers, etc. if you stop to think about it just for a moment, wouldn’t trade within our nation and our nation only give more power to the federal government? Giving up our ability to trade with foreign investors or markets will eventually give rise to the Feds whom will undoubtedly achieve full power over our economic boundaries… Placing restrictions on a concept which has made us the greatest nation in the world– how much sense does this nationalistic approach make to you? If you have a working mind, it should strike you as utter nonsense. Not allowing individuals to trade with whoever they choose is thereby just another form of Tyranny. A guise which restricts us from our well being and prevents us from depicting the natural scope of our own human nature– our own identity. Worse still, giving up this natural human right would prevent one from achieving his or her desires because stealing the free will of a free nation whose foundations birthed the world’s first free market– is ultimately the only end game in the eyes of absolute power. That is, the power stemming from the core elitists who have governed side-by-side the past eight years. You know, those who consistently blame middle-class Americans for their failures, not at all shocking, but ironic, that their schemes have always been aimed against the bourgeoisie yet to their astonishment, fell short. And now they choose to blame this unfinished business on those who put them into power and supported them in the first place. While it would be fair to make the claim that this outcome was a stroke of karma, justice, Kismet, divine will, fate, serendipity, or even sheer dumb luck never is the case for validity in such a circumstance. A leader who ridicules those he was given the honor and privilege to lead is a fallacy no matter how beautiful your most loyal paparazzi paint your picture.

Economic prosperity has been proven to work and continues to work so long as government and politics cease to intervene. Foreign trade has always been on the side of those who wish to trade with one another, giving benefit to the consumer, supplier, as well as their market investors. Why else would someone engage in trading goods if it was not mutually beneficial for both ends? No one is forcing someone to trade globally, they do it for a reason that obviously benefits them. And if it no longer benefits them, they can hop out of the ring at any time and find a better deal with anyone else in the world offering them a better deal. That’s the beauty of a natural economic system. Free flow of goods has nothing to do with policies which can only burden free people’s in the long run. Individuals trading with whoever they can profit most from, that is, without restrictions, regulations or unfair trade deals placed upon the individual should have nothing to do with nations trading with one another. This is how corruption forms, when the state takes it upon themselves to choose what form of trade works best for the majority of its melting pot of diversifying citizens–none of whom are the same– inevitably making the goals and relationships up for individuals as the government so chooses. This is the only realistic outcome that could result when any elite minority in power chooses to restrict anyone from our primal source of freedom.

Bottom line– Once you give a nation the power to Control your trade deals and your free markets, you are giving up your right to choose who you would like to do business with. No nation has the right to choose or decide who you yourself could benefit from. Freedom at its core would be sacrificed for the rest of your endeavors in life. Free trade is genuinely the source of all wealth. And It is no nations job to tell you and each individual from different walks of life how to trade and whom to trade with. Thar is what giving up your freedom looks like. And this is honestly the first permissible step towards a scary path of utter destruction. Not just the nation as a whole, but rather, you are committing aspirational suicide. More significantly, you’re paving the path to your own Self-destruction. Enslavement is the link between today’s Conservative socialists and self-proclaimed socialists. Their plans are one in the same. Nothing but a blueprint is all this hype is about. Propaganda goes both ways in this case– somehow fake news continues to effectively persuade both sides of the political spectrum. Persuading outrageous ideas that will end in both sides destroying themselves. Amazing how loudly and proudly they can manage to promote such irreversible damage. My hope is that they end up realizing this sooner rather than later– before they end up finding themselves living in the third world.

It’s time everyone starts thinking for themselves. After all, America’s most unique creation has always been her ability to surpass any other nation in creative thought. In other words, The underlying values which most contribute to our nation’s unprecedented success have always had its roots in our diversely competent creation of thought. This fuels competition– that of which is needed for anyone to succeed. Without competition, we are lost. Our demise is inevitable if we ever reach this ridiculous nationalistic approach to trade. Boundaries for business have no place in our free world. The second we allow it is the second we give up our natural born rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness.

To be continued.

KBM, July 2017

In the meantime……
Some thoughts from my personal philosophy, some have been published and some have yet to be discovered. These are always ‘to be continued:’

“..If you really think about it, to fulfill one’s cosmic purpose, one must grasp the meaning of life itself. When a free individual chooses to pursue their greatest amount of happiness in this life, they are compliantly making a deal with their own souls to defy an undesirable fate. The first step in any journey requires a game plan, and in this case, the game plan is seemingly endless. Stick to the game plan, remember that failure is not the end of the world, but rather, a form of art in which your canvass is your opportunity to repaint a new masterpiece, an even better one than the one before. The art of failure is your best bet to achieving your goals, for the path to achieving your wildest dreams will inevitably result so long as the individual grows from their mistakes. Each time a person fails, they become wiser. There is no question about it. Utilize your wiser being in accomplishing your wildest dreams and ultimately, your maximum potential, your purpose. Having the genuine knowledge and self-awareness of your own mortality is crucial in this life. Keep the laws of human nature close to your concious at all times. Don’t ever let any sign of discouragement lead you to believe otherwise. Believe in you. Have faith in your abilities. Don’t ever forget about your destiny. Not even for a moment. Aspiring to achieve your inner most passions is your purpose at its core. Even the smallest tasks in life require you to follow through with your mind set on your biggest goals. It’s necessary. Which is why forgetting it, even if only for a minute, is too big of a risk. Your future endeavors are too important to have the risk of becoming accustomed to another way of thinking…Wisdom is the only conviction that sets the abstract apart from actual human existence. If you’ve got one but not the other, you will forever remain in the darkness.”

K. Ben-Moyal, 2017
The secret to living is embracing the fact that you’re alive. In order to do this, one must succumb to the fact that human nature controls mankind. It has since the beginning of time. Once you realize the genuine virtues that humans are capable of developing within a LIFEspan, and only through human nature, only then may you be able to come to terms with conservatism. The only way to achieve the most infinite amount of possibilities is to preserve our Rights to living freely in a world governed by the laws of human nature. The notion to live in a free market and society begins and ends with a Republic which protects and encourages you to express these civil liberties. America continues to build its future with ancient glory because it works.
-K. Ben-Moyal, 2017
From a historical and even a moral perspective, capitalism doesn’t look so greedy after all. Freedom is like a flower. It opens up for the opportunity to grow. Much like the virtues which stem from liberty or the beauty which illuminates the radiant glow only found in a natural eco system, the sole purpose of any existence, comes with the acceptance of receiving this gift of life– and in turn, embracing it– by sharing it with the rest of your species.
K. Ben-Moyal, 2016
“Truly believing in your universe is a key concept one should grasp if one wishes to further extend their understanding or knowledge. Knowledge hasn’t any power without faith. There is more to life than just existing, and knowing that faith is always present within oneself gives you the key to unlock the miracles that only this universe and all its wonders can thus provide.”
-K. Ben-Moyal, 2016
“The Act of Forming an opinion is simple, however, forming an opinion based on fact can be quite difficult. This here is the reason that so many have their facts and opinions intertwined to the point of no reason.
-K. Ben-Moyal, 2016
“No shame disembarks upon postulates after office who advertise promises of pure deceit in return for votes– they sell their souls for political power and become most cherished by the very individuals on whom their scheming is effectuated.”
– K. Ben-Moyal, 2016

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