Gun Argument…/armed-teachers-guards-key-to…

I it worked in the mass killings of the people. I.e. 1939: When Hitler took away all guns and weapons from the people in the years leading up to World War 2, and when North Korea, Ho Chi Minh, and Stalin did the exact same thing before enslaving their own peoples who could no longer defend themselves against tyranny, much less total government overthrow and genocide. b. There is literally no evidence in favor of a blueprint theory that has never worked, and there is an ABUNDANCE of evidence in favor of the opposing argument, in which gun control should be utilized, however, licenses are required for safety and certain weapons are already banned from civilian use in the U.S., that is called efficient gun control, and rightfully so. In sum, any GENUINELY moral person with reason and logic can easily view the world around them while looking back into world history, and come to terms with the very obvious facts in front of them: Every citizen has the right to protect and defend themselves, just as every nation does when being attacked.

You are either a complete air head, anti-american, anti-democratic, anti-freedom, pro-slave ownership, and/or most likely anti-semite looking to dissolve freedom for your own personal gains. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The (majority) of government genocides taking place around the world today are happening in countries ruled by socialist regimes– that specifically ban guns for the purpose of enslaving their own citizens… And now the unmarked graves of millions worldwide are apparently of no interest to those who seek self righteousness through wikipedia, theories based on fiction or on nightmares, either way, they prove themselves bullshit in all aspects of literally every single argument/angle you come at the issue.

Think bigger, wikipedia does not have the answer. It has a bullshit stat page that literally does nothing but make way for people like you to post and write some sort of “moral” argument along with it. In the end, bullshit + bullshit = doomed bullshit. STOP spreading hate through weakness, we need to influence our world towards promoting peace through strength.

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