Letter to the President

Mr. President, you have exceeded my expectations as sitting President of the U.S.

And as anti-Americanism continues to stem from within U.S. borders;
I, for one, am eternally grateful for those borders.
I know that one day America will look back on the 2016 Presidential election outcome, and view it as it is, not as they’ve been told it ought to be.
Domestically, the 2016 outcome was a victory for itself, for freedom, and for economic gain — and has thereby allowed for more virtuous strides to be taken towards a chance at world peace;
Mr. President, you have regained the trust of formerly neglected American allies, and have simultaneously restored world order;
Opening the venues in which peace, prosperity, power, and democratic principles work hand in hand;
May these druthers continue to flow in the direction of a more perfect Union; these blessings secured to ourselves and our posterity;
Mr. President, you have minimized the threat of nuclear warfare with the most dangerous threats our nation has ever faced, even with the mess you were brought into;
You have seemingly begun to pave a revolutionary path towards more peaceful negotiations,
Through your ingenious use of diplomatic soft power,
You have backed American sovereignty with threat of hard power,
With these strategic moves, the Trump Administration has managed to silence the long-term enemies who have always wished for destruction, terror, and harm for the West.
Most significant of all, the future of our global enterprise, along with genuine hope, have all been rekindled;
Our American rights to live life separated from government intervention, to embrace our individual liberties and own property, and to ultimately achieve our own versions of a dream almost forgotten;
A dream transformed into reality by our Founders and fought with the lives of the brave heroes who still die in the name of our freedom;
Originally created as a rule of law;
By implementation of these Constitutional laws;
our basic human rights as diverse individuals and diverse citizens of this Indivisible Nation;
Under G-d,
We are blessed with the freedom to collaborate and utilize each person’s contrasting abilities to partake in the spinning of our axis;
the mutually beneficial relationships we share as a nation no longer divided;
As we still hold these truths to be self-evident, the bringing forth of a nation created under the lawful notion that all men are created equal is as second-nature to us as Americans;
As is the oxygen we breathe;
The wind that blows;
And is as mutually beneficial to our counterparts
As the rain that falls and thus feeds our nature which recycles all of the Earthly elements of all life;
In sum, ten score and 42 years ago, the Spirit of 1776 was introduced to the universe;
And has since stood as the marker which set American ideals and our rising ambitions to strive for our highest selves
Apart from the rest Building our future
With ancient glory
Is an American invention meant to be shared
From sea to shining sea
Liberty’s principles combined with our American way of life, are meant to be shared — to be influential motivators– in which democracy and capitalization are to be spread to promote peace for ourselves and for others who have and will continue to adopt;
the most fair system of government to ever exist;
I am proud to have advocated for you, Mr. President.
Thankfully, and against all odds,
You and your administration have ignited the inner red white and blue flames of symbiotic free market systems on the global spectrum;
And turned back the wheels of time, while all at once bridging the gaps to fit into our modern society;
Our souls can now beat to the rhythm of a unanimous drum;
the new order of the ages has come,
And the United States of America– along with the rest of our human species throughout the global spectrum– can achieve more betterment of mankind, and thus, remain partners in life, working to create a better life as individuals and as one — to truly pursue our very own versions of happiness, and to spread our dreams and influence democracy to those who have yet to experience it, understand it, and hopefully one day, they may live it, too.
Thank you, President Trump. 
Your Humble Servant,
Karen Ben-Moyal

Letter to the Ex-President

Dear Obummer,

– This is for weakening the greatest nation in the entire world while increasing the power of our enemies.

– You ignored your promise to keep America and her allies safe from nuclear warfare yet gave away our defenses and power for your personal gains.

– All 8 years you spent laughing at the country you promised to “CHANGE… even worse, you come up with a foreign policy strategy you’ve only deemed an “objective of peace.” How will we get there? This is bush-league, and a pathetic call for an American Commander in Chief honestly.

– An objective of peace? What kind of plan is that? Doesn’t matter because you never once met with a foreign strategy team, ever, in your two full terms in office. Sad. Sad. SAD. Because you really had the potential to truly accomplish so much, you gave up the beautiful opportunity to revolutionize the world for the betterment of all man.

– And, of course democratic nations want peace, do communists want peace? Nope The opposite actually. War, they strictly seek war. While our corrupt enemies attempt to CONQUER US ABSOLUTELY, you watch from your ivory tower, mansion, golf course, Hawaii, YOU name it…we all love that you tripled the national debt too btw, kudos…. which, for the record, is unprecedented, so much for change– the negative kind is even better right………..?

bottom line: ANYONE WHO THINKS this guys behavior IS or has ever been – “morally correct” – should be a newscaster or journalist.



Trump is taking care of your safety, the safety of your loved ones; he does not give a damn about your feelings.

Moral of these truths:

Obama failed for 8 years, but with the perception of success. Trump is succeeding, but with perception of failure. These perceptions are created by a mainstream media that stopped telling the truth years ago.

We can’t expect much else from hypocrites.

….. MELTING POTS are still in, y’all.

The secret to truly living is embracing the fact that you’re alive. In order to do this, one must succumb to the fact that human nature controls mankind. It has since the beginning of time. Once you realize the genuine virtues that humans are capable of developing within a single LIFEspan, and only through human nature, only then may you be able to come to terms with Conservatism. The only way to achieve the most infinite amount of possibilities is to preserve our Rights to living freely in a world governed by the laws of human nature. The notion to live in a free market and society begins and ends with a Republic that protects and encourages you to express these civil liberties. America continues to build its future with ancient glory because it works.. No shame disembarks upon postulates after office who advertise promises of pure deceit in return for votes– they sell their souls for political power and become most cherished by the very individuals on whom their scheming is effectuated…..

2. The Act of Forming an opinion is simple, however, forming an opinion based on fact can be quite difficult. This here is the reason that so many have their facts and opinions intertwined to the point of no reason.

3. Aspiring to achieve your inner most passions is your purpose at its core. Even the smallest tasks in life require you to follow through with your mind set on your biggest goals. It’s necessary. Which is why forgetting it, even if only for a minute, is too big of a risk. Your future endeavors are too important to have the risk of becoming accustomed to another way of thinking…Wisdom is the only conviction that sets the abstract apart from actual human existence. If you’ve got one but not the other, you will forever remain in the darkness.We, the People






No matter how terrible you are, you humanity brah.

Love and peace to all, may my fellow dreamers fulfill their souls desires.

G-d bless.

Your (Disappointed) Humble Servant,

K. Ben-Moyal, 2016

3 thoughts on “Letter to the President

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    1. I am glad to hear you have a likeness to my writings and similar, unique outlook on nature’s beauties and truths, combined into the real world issue in foreign and domestic affairs. I do my best to tie the enlightenment, reason, science, and G/d in all of my writings to find others such as yourself who share similar interests and see nature’s gifts as something so much more than one can only see with the naked eye. Yes,. I don’t usually try to advertise my work on social media, nor do I get money to do any of it. I literally just want the truth to be known. To serve our Creator, in all ways I can, throughout the ages. Your message is a heart warming one. I wish to continue serving my world and my nation as best I can, however I can. The strategies required to implement into real working innovative solutions which I have been working my entire 26 years of existence for. I know you are are a like minded soul, and am again, thankful you reached out. Take good care of yourself!

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