Informal- How Revolutionary Was the American Revolution?

How Revolutionary Was the American Revolution?

One could argue that the American Revolution was solely political in nature. On the contrary, I would argue that it paved the way to the first social justice movements to ever be created, in the history of mankind. It is worth noting that if America was never created, the world would still function on the primitive idea of conquest, or land being acquired by force. Without the existence of the U.S., slavery would still be the world’s major source of manual labor, trade, and income. The creation of paid jobs would have never been thought of, with capitalism out of the question.

In other words, the primary characteristics of the great American narrative—individual liberty, personal responsibility, respect for private property, and the desire to “avoid entangling alliances”—have long served as the glue that binds the nation together.
But, What Truly Made the American Revolution SO Extraordinarily Unique, in Comparison to Those Throughout History, and Around the World?
Simply Put:
It was the Remarkable Outcome of it All = Zero Oppression

Unlike every other nation throughout history, the results of the American Revolution ended in literal freedom and justice for all, for the first time known to man, a nation was born out of a genuine and pure revolution; setting the record as the first civilization ever to succeed in revolutionizing a species and creating the fairest form of government known to man. In hindsight, the birth of America was truly different merely due to the fact that no dictator arose from the ashes to suppress its people. Looking back on world history, the only revolutions to date were simultaneous in birthing dictatorships and dictators such as the Nazi Regime, Ho Chi Minh, Lenin, Kim-Jong II, Joseph Stalin, Mao Ze Dong, Fidel Castro — tyrants dominating countries to this day including Africa, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Russia –and the many others which still oppress their society to this day. The American Revolution was not different because America won the struggle for independence. On the contrary, all other revolutionary countries did the exact same thing. Moreover, America was unique in her arrival to this world for failing to succumb to oppression. This impact was and still remains just as significant on the global spectrum. Not to mention, the precedents set for the entire universe to witness were simply record breaking, mind blowing, and really unbelievable when you put it into perspective. To this day, America is the shining city on the hill for all to gaze in amazement and to share, adopt, and learn from the foundational principles America provided for every human being since her establishment. The United States will forever hold a special place for all the world to observe, and to prosper and grow from example. Indeed, the Revolution of 1776 was no ordinary revolution, and the founders knew this– of course– which is why American principles are based on human nature to begin with; for they encompass the finest qualities and all the richness that human life has to offer. To truly live is to have the equal opportunities and fair chance to fulfill your own destiny or DREAM in life.
..If you really think about it, the meaning of life is having the genuine knowledge and self-awareness of your own mortality. Wisdom is the only concept that sets the abstract apart from actual human existence. If you’ve got one but not the other, you will remain in the darkness.
Freedom is like a flower. It opens up for the opportunity to grow. It has the potential to live a full life.
This hope only coincides with the beauty that is the American Dream — to ride in the driver’s seat of your own destiny.
This is what it means to be human – this is what it means to be an American.
As we all know, anything and everything will always fall short of perfection. Knowing this, how much sense does it make to compare America to Utopia?
No matter what, America will always fall short of the standard of the garden of Eden. With this in mind, you should now be able to answer this next question with ease.
No one ever thought possible that a handful of European refugees could migrate to a foreign land and establish a nation of sovereignty and freedom for all under the law, based on philosophical principles of liberty and self-government. In 1787, the brand new citizens of a new born country gathered outside Independence Hall. Anxiously awaiting their fate, time stands still for these European refugees. As the secret deliberations of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia begin to cease, tensions start to spark. This consequentially led to the onset of rumors among the new settlers of this strange and foreign land. A Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia, was among those waiting in anticipation. According to American historical documents, this woman was first among the crowd to come forward with an inquiry. Legend has it, she asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” Without any hesitation, Franklin immediately replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.” Some patriots saw the Constitutional Convention of 1787 as compromising, or even abandoning, the Spirit of ’76. Others saw it as a natural and necessary evolution.


Successes brought to America through
existence of the
Declaration of Independence–

The first men in history to quote the declaration were Lincoln and Martin Luther King. They used the foundational principles of this nation’s constitution, in order to grow a social movement. Without the Declaration of Independence, these speeches would not have been able to quote the basis for what freedom entails, which is, “that all men are created equal.” Americans recognize the soaring rhetoric of the final portion of the speech, where King speaks of a dream of an America without legal discrimination or racial prejudice. But the first part of that speech, wherein King speaks of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, is not as well-known but deserves to be. That portion demonstrates King’s commitment to the conception of justice held at the American founding. In the third paragraph of King’s text, he says that “when the architects of our Great Republic wrote the magnificent words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, they were signing a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir.” With this reference to the declaration, there is a clear echo of that other great American speech from 100 years before King’s March on Washington speech: Lincoln’s Gettysburg address, which speaks of America as “dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” A “promissory note” is not one of those terms we use frequently, but it’s a powerful term. It’s not a hope or a wish. In fact, there was an international agreement in 1930 which defined a promissory note as implying an unconditional promise. For King, the Declaration of Independence, which he quoted directly from, was a promissory note that the United States would ultimately guarantee for all people “the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” As King then said, “It is obvious that America has defaulted on this promissory note.” King was not calling for the destruction of the American political order, but rather for us to be true to the ideals of the founding, and that’s why it is important that he quoted the Declaration .It is more than reasonable to assume that King could have been so disheartened by the treatment of blacks in the United States that he would have rejected the proposition that the United States had the capacity to correct past wrongs and ultimately be true to the Declaration’s claim about the equality of rights for all people. Instead, he said that “we refuse to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt.” It is interesting to contrast this with someone like Howard Zinn, author of “The People’s History of the United States,” a widely assigned textbook that portrays oppression as central and unending in American history, who seemed to believe that America had no capacity for respect for rights and could never improve. King added that “we refuse to believe that there are insufficient funds in the great vaults of opportunity in this nation.” For nearly all individuals, it doesn’t take more than one or two unfulfilled promises made by another to result in giving up on the possibility of working with that person or group. Despite the unfulfilled promise of the protection of rights and the protection of freedom, King hadn’t given up on America. As the King brings his speech of a truly post-racial society to an end—there again is one more reference to the Declaration of Independence. As he begins this “dream” section, he says: “I still have a dream. It is deeply rooted in the American dream. I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up, live out the true meaning of its creed: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.” King’s hopes were rooted in that powerful second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence that claims that no man by nature is ruler or the servant of another. It’s not just a great statement during a social struggle, it’s a great statement about what it means to be an American. Thus, defending the claim, that without the establishment of this country’s founding principles thought up by the founding fathers, slavery would never have been abolished, the civil rights movement, the first-ever women’s movement, equal pay for both genders, freedom of opportunity for all men and women, under the law, would not exist.
Contrary to popular Belief:
America is actually the LEAST racist country in the World:

Slavery is an ancient institution. Aristotle, the well-known creator of modern day democracy, excused slavery as a necessity for life and wellbeing. Before America, the Greeks, Romans, Chinese, you name it, could not come up with a way to live without slaves. Therefore, singling out America for the sins of the word is a fool’s errand because slavery existed in every culture in the world from the Egyptians to the Chinese to the Africans to the American Indians (long before Columbus) and, as we are reminded, slavery exists even today. The legacy of slavery was theft of life and labor, let us not forget that 300,000 Union soldiers, FROM THE SOUTH, gave their lives to free the slaves. What’s uniquely Western is the abolition of slavery, and what’s uniquely American, is the fighting of a great war to end it. We can see this in the example of slavery. Slavery was a universal expression of the conquest ethic. There was slavery in China, in India, in ancient Greece and Rome, all over Africa, and native Americans had slaves long before Columbus got here.
Native American Argument:
Everyone is so quick to say that Americans “stole” land from the Indians through form of conquest. On the contrary, you never hear anyone mention or give credit to America for inventing the idea of wealth creation, and how truly divine it is that our ancestors were literally able to create something, from nothing. The former theory, known as conquest, was the only way humans knew how to acquire land and/or property. The self-evident truths of a nation were so unheard of.

From slavery to enslavement – classic and modern liberals have the same thing in common: they want to enslave others for their own gain. The Democrats have always been the party of racism and bigotry, and today is no different. High-level democratic officials privately use slurs (via wikileaks), to describe blacks, Hispanics, Jews and even Catholics, but publicly shift blame to Republicans. When white supremacy was a real force, the Democrats were doing it. Now that it’s a spent force, they’re trying to blame it on the right. But what else is new?
“In capitalism the wealthy become powerful. In socialism the powerful become wealthy.” – Rush Limbaugh
For some time, higher learning has been a political matter, one where the primary aim is to usher students into the club of elite (supposedly enlightened) progressive opinion. Gone is the formation of keen, analytical habits of mind and rational argument. The result is not just a poorly educated student body, but an infantilized one. Mature discourse is out, and fragility, dependence, and bad temper is in. Rather than cultivate habits of sustained and sober thought, we encourage manufactured outrage and self-indulgent victimhood. Anyone who has spent time with 2-year-olds recognizes the behavior. In our case, however, we appear to cultivate it on our campuses. Liberalism is the ideology of hate. Make sense? OF COURSE NOT.
Young Fascists Protest Fascism: The Millennial Delusion
“If all human ideas, good and bad, are allowed a battleground, so long as Truth is in the field, Truth will prevail.” – John Milton
The Dark Vision of America is not Donald Trump’s, but Barack Obama’s
The confusion of the young liberal is failing to understand the difference between living free and living freely. Morality is not something with which people are born, but is learned over the course of their lives. A few days ago, the University of California Berkeley students destroyed university property in a riot against free speech on campus. Leftist universities are not breeding thinking adults or moral people. They are breeding Nazi terrorists who fit into the KKK’s version of how to be a “morally correct” violent protester. So many oxymorons with these people, it has become insane. Refugees are not an army of young fighting men invading their neighbor. Students are not a mob of rioters against free speech.
No one is fooled by Nazis calling the righteous Nazis.
This is what comes of media and school teachers corrupting the minds of America’s young without the righteous fighting back. Allowing leftists to take control of local governments, schools, and media has led to the indoctrination of our youth rather than their education. Parents, in the name of “being fair,” have allowed the leftwing Nazis and Communists to smear America history and promote their socialist dictatorships as benevolent. Democrats want to shut down media for conservatives, keep them out of social media, and censor the Internet so that only their propaganda is heard as it was before Reagan opened the outlet to the people. When the Right is heard alongside the Left then the irrational stupidity, baseless policies, and dysfunctional character of the Left is exposed. Facebook and others are being called to censor the Right as “fake news” when all we have done is expose the false reporting of the Left.
“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” – Edmund Burke
People today are seemingly so distraught over the fact that Americans are not equal, saying socialism should replace democracy because it is what’s fair. On the contrary, not only do our differences serve as the unifiers of a nation in which the differences between individuals are the key ingredients to for prosperity. Besides this, inequalities are inherent to technological capitalism. We need to have an American economy that is not obsessed on the issue of morality or inequality, these are mere distractions blown up by the mainstream media whose working with the government in power which hinder Americans from viewing the reality of their governments actions and decisions. It is necessary that America has an economy that works for both the middle class, as well as the working class. Trump is obviously attentive to this. Non-politically speaking, this is clutch. A president that looks out for his country’s people and their success economically, is a beneficial change that we will begin to see now that Trump has taken office. The loud, obnoxious minority, however, seem to believe that feelings “trump” hate, free speech, peaceful protests, American interests, national security, etc. HERE IS THE POINT THEY ARE MISSING: Trump is not our commander in chief to protect our feelings, Donald Trump was elected to protect and guide American families towards safety, both physically and economically. The bottom line is: President Trump does not have the time to provide grown men and women with their own personalized versions of “safe spaces.” PROTECTING AMERICAN FAMILIES > PROTECTING YOUR FEELINGS… PROTECTING AMERICAN JOBS > PROTECTING THE JOBS OF THOSE WHO BROKE THE LAW TO ENTER THIS COUNTRY. This may rub some the wrong way, but this is reality.
Further, if an individual is prejudiced against, singled out, or wronged for their uniqueness, they rightfully hold the option to summon their oppressors in a court of law. Only in America is equality under the law permitted within the constitution. In addition, those prosecuted because of their wrong doings whether it be based on skin color, gender, ethnicity, or religion, MUST also have the right to a fair trial. Moreover, the American constitution is not a higher power which creates humanity. It is not responsible for how you were born, however, it IS responsible for protecting citizens’ rights as human beings, and although we cannot all be born equal, we are “all created equal.”
Together, our contrasting diversities serve as the venues for which the virtues of justice and freedom flow. We should embrace our disproportional characteristics as Americans, for we owe our nations’ success to this divergence of wondrous people and culture differences, stemming from all walks of life.
Let this common knowledge sink in:
All acts that originate in love are moral.
All acts that originate in hate are immoral.
Now ask yourself: Do you genuinely believe that the intentions of these protestors were stemmed from feelings of “love?” Whenever they were burning down mosques and lighting cars on fire, vandalizing stores, and spitting on people with opposing views– when they kidnapped a mentally handicapped white man, tortured him for days — feeding him toilet water and burning him while forcing him to say “I hate Donald Trump and I love black people…”– when they beat up homeless men and women who supported the opposition– when they criticized the character of a ten-year-old boy because of who his father was—

Have you heard that liberals are compassionate, care about others, and want to help them? Have you heard that liberals believe in treating everyone equally and fairly in all things without prejudice or bias? And have you heard that conservatives are heartless old people who have their wealth and don’t care if anyone else does, that they think people should fend for themselves? All you have to do to be a liberal when you see something bad is say you care and want to change it, which is not moral at all. Moral wisdom is understanding that good, right, legal, and fair are not synonymous.
Heroes are human beings. They don’t always do what’s right, they are not always selfless, but they do choose to follow the right course. The term has been abused and twisted by leftists who call those who do wrong heroes. A hero who is self-sacrificing and saves others from those who would do them harm is not equivalent to those one who sacrifices others to do harm. Americans save the innocent to enable them to live in liberty. Liberals always want to be charitable with your money, not their own. They want to be charitable with your home, not their own. They will risk your lives, not their own. That’s one of the reasons you don’t find liberals in the military.
In the battle of Left vs. Right, the propaganda of the Left would have people believe they are for making America great. In examining the policies of Left and Right, the Left tears down the rich while the Right builds up the poor. Moral my BUTT.
“The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.”
“The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.”
“It only stands to reason that where there’s sacrifice, there’s someone collecting the sacrificial offerings. Where there’s service, there is someone being served. The man who speaks to you of sacrifice is speaking of slaves and masters, and intends to be the master.”
-Ayn Rand
The insanity of the Left’s ‘build bridges not walls’ philosophy
There is a reason countries have borders, and it’s the same reason you have locks on your doors. Anyone and everyone is not welcome in your home and the same goes for your country. There are people out there who wish to do you harm, steal your possessions, attack your family, and destroy you because they are hateful. It’s not xenophobic or racist, but it is fear of those who would steal, rape, and murder people in their homes or in other countries.
“You build bridges to those people who will work with you. You build walls against those people who would destroy you.”
Put liberals to the test; walk up to their home and enter:
• If the door is locked ask them why?
• If they refuse you entry, ask them why not?
• And if they turn you away then tell them you reap what you sow.
Not only is it essential to the rules of comparative politics that a state may only be considered a state once it has borders. They serve as a barrier of protection (most of the time), and in this case, the line that separates American property from that of her neighbors. To put this into perspective, a person who owns a house surrounded by a fence cannot deny the significance of having a fence around his or her property. It is something that distinguishes your property from everybody else’s. We can all relate and agree to the fact that a fence serves as a sort of unspoken treaty between neighbors and fellow American citizens, which and functions to separate groups or individuals from others. It also justifies property laws which coexist within our rights under the constitution. For example, it gives a perception of where someone’s property begins and ends. An example that would constitute law breaking and better portray the necessity for any border, is if someone decided to drive their car into someone else’s personal property or lawn. Without borders, the world would be chaos. How can you say a country should not have that? Every other country, including Mexico, have borders and thereby, effective border control. The Left’s anger over Britain leaving the EU and Trump wanting to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico is more insanity than compassion. “Build bridges, not walls” makes a nice campaign slogan, but what they mean is unlock your doors and open your homes to invaders. Only a galactic fool builds a bridge and opens his door to the people who want to destroy him. Leftists lack of a moral compass leave them incapable of distinguishing between the Berlin Wall to imprison people in socialist countries and the Great Wall of China to stop the ravaging Mongols from invading their lands.
What was the critical significance of the Trump win? Trump, himself, is a capitalist. Society has categorized Trump as a nationalist, merely based on his patriotic standpoints and social policies that don’t in fact have much to do with foreign policy. In a sense, yes, he is a nationalist, yet in another more economic/foreign relation type of way, he is not. The slogan, “America first” strikes me as being inharmonious at first. But that’s only because, for the past 8 years, the country’s slogan coined by Obama, has been “America Last.” In a democracy, the people vote for their electors to LEAD and DEFEND their country. If you observed the man the people elected into the White House these past two terms, you will notice that Obama’s negative attitude towards America and American policies has created an oppositional to the core of American values and freedom. During these past 8 years, Americans have sadly become accustomed to the same way of thinking in that America What is really strange is how no one paid any attention to the incredible amount of allies lost during Obama’s term. The reasoning for this is because Trump has been constantly addressing our foes and friends throughout the world, before he has taken office. Meanwhile, Obama has been sitting President for two presidential terms and has rarely spoken about foreign policy/relations with other nations, and no one seemed to care anyway.
THE MOST bizarre thing of the past 8 years, no one has even been keeping track of who our enemies and allies are. Once you stop keeping track, your allies begin disappearing, one by one. While this foolishness is taking place, your enemies are inevitably becoming stronger.
Allies Lost during Obama term:
1. The President of the Philippines cursed out Obama during a speech that broadcasted all over the world, that of which he formally announced that the Philippines dropped ties with the U.S. because he could not take Obama administration any longer.
2. Hosni Mubarak – president of Egypt left the U.S. ally circle.
3. Muammar Gaddafi- Was not an official ally but was doing business with the U.S. He is gone.
4. Mullahs in Iran are stronger and more consolidated than ever.
5. Putin was about to go before Trump won.
FURTHER, everyone is born a leftist. Liberals don’t have to know anything or learn anything. All you have to do is feel that something is wrong and condemn it whether you understand it or not. You don’t have to grow up learning right from wrong, only knowing good and bad. Their confusion comes from learning only the selfishness of what is fair or unfair without learning the morality of right from wrong. Some people have the epiphany of understanding when they are young, some like me when they are old, and some never come to that realization and remain lifelong liberals. The confusion of the young liberal is failing to understand the difference between living free and living freely. Morality is not something with which people are born, but is learned over the course of their lives.
“Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on immorality.”
Translation: People are not born civilized human beings understanding right from wrong. People are greedy, selfish, envious, petty creatures who are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals that will lie, cheat, steal, and kill if they think they can get away with it. It takes no knowledge or wit to be a liberal as all people are born that way.
The five most important things you need to know to be a liberal
1. –
2. –
3. –
4. –
5. –
What you need to know to be a conservative
1. Math
2. Morality
3. History
4. Business
5. Science
The truth is you really don’t need to know anything to be a liberal.

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