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i am at a loss for words. The fact that I am seeing a very scary trend on my facebook feed after having a very confusing argument about Stephen Hawking earlier this evening, I see now very clearly through this confusion. To put this as delicately as I feel I am allowed to, to all of these human beings looking so forward to death, claiming they are as high as G-d, because the leading advocate of atheism, who brought this nonsense into our world for the first time in history, caused so many problems so much corruption, making millions off the back of the world’s most brilliant scientist, a firm believer in G-d and science, who you all on the pedestals assume is fine to overlook, because of reasons which should become obvious if you read the screenshots I will post to this message..this is ridiculous I even need to do this, but here goes:

TO those who truly believe these videos you are sharing are just enough reassurance one needs to know that all of a sudden, another human is right and/or HAS the right to be on the same level as G-d to judge a man after he dies…. mind-blowing…
Perhaps sharing a video of hawking repenting at his last moments of death, gives you this pedestal as high as the ALmighty? I am so disturbed by this– Since when is it your place to judge where a person should go post death?
1. I don’t care what religion or “party” you like to think you are, you never use human beings cases for argumentative purposes period. YOU CREATE YOUR OWN, through simple analyzation and just a little bit of your own research looki9
2. In this case, i feel that it is too disgusting to just sit back and ignore, it is high time someone defended OUR Creator..
I can deal with social and foreign policy arguments being copied and pasted and youtube BS on any other issue being spewed like garbage liberal arguments you all so claim to hate and are just so above.. and of course you will think you are above all, when I am getting to the point where this status is necessary. ENOUGH. Just because you claim to have the right to claim more bizarre arguments than I am seeing on the other side of the spectrum, UNACCEPTABLE. WE are all really just the party of One Republic, for parties were not created out of our constitution but our of human nature. And what has become of this party system is no longer about keeping the cosntituion adn democracy and border security, relations with allies adn eenemirs, etc… anything conducted for the purpose of promoting a Republic and nor your labels/parties, is what should be at the heart of us all but yes we forget as comfortable as we Amercans are with freedom you qould have hever giessed we just rc[rormvrf eight yesars of enslavement under last regime nad nearly lost dem ocrayt al l togther if it were not fpr the beatiful outcome of iur 2016 presidential electoijn. WHat i am saying, Ben Franklin describes perfectly to a lady who asks him as soon as the founders finished up the first c0nsttiuioanl conventopm, “what have we got Doctor? A monarchty or a reoybkux? fREABKI
you think such matters aren’t worth a second look or opinion Someone you share values with sends it, you spew out the garbage, and yes– all media, conservative and liberal — is garbage. Notice how all the one’s who were afraid to come and endorse or support our President and yet all of a sudden, are loud with their cases for Trump.. and this is besides the point, just trying to get the self proclaimed free thinkers to actually think for themselves…..
This is also why I rarely check Facebook feed, unless I want to see why others seem to be very confused on an issue such as this one. Also, so long as nyour ignorance is just bliss for yourself, and not bliss and lack of respect for G-d or your own “Salvation” and not the world’s salvation, apparently… The G-d of all human kind, our Universal Maker who has given us life for the purpose of living it out to achieve the purpose set for our destinies………
PLEASE, “CONSERVATIVE” KIDS (adults with same brain level function if they feel as though it is ok to not search for truths, and ESPECIALLY for something so important), instead riding off the back of another human advocating for a pedestal either for their facebook or perhaps for their own personal gains.. get yourself a Torah, a bible, a Queran, and any other ancient script you feel is worth looking into for the purpose of achieving your highest destiny. I have five books of moses literally on hand with my bible or new testament and queran, all trarnslated and next to one another, from the orgins of the original scriptue straihgt to my brain and thus I am able to truly seek G-d.. this is something you should do with anything of importance, and in the field most of my Fb friends are in , I call saving humanity, they call themselves potiicians … Want to reach your truest highest happinesses while you’re young and alive? OR is that now given up on since we are all about to die anyways?
AGAIN — what gives you the damn right to interpret such a higher power than your own? Like I said, get yourself torah scrolls, read it nexr to your bible, one is a key that unlocks th other..
I cannot say when G-d will decide to end the world, but I can tell you right now redemption means a peace, sabbath, rest. Not firey pits ogf doom, you all are so off here and now instead of going TOWARDS yo;urhighest happibess ,  ruining your own happiness and achieving your highest goals in this life because of something you nor I nor any human can predict when or if OUR ETERNAL G=d will decide He is just done with existence. …. Either way, I would never depend on my own rabbis or any human for my arguments and my own relationship with respect to how I serve My Lord, I feel as though if you truly want to serve Him, perhaps dig past facebook, and perhaps you all should look past internet interpretations of your holy scripture …
– Obvious anti-semitism coming to light more and more these days, I am now seeing this roman rule attitude in place –the same NEWS FEED where people advocate for Israel whenever it works for them………..
I won’t go further, I will just display what I mean by anti semitic roots branching out for the exact reason the FOUNDING FATHERS PUT IN CONSTITUTIONAL principles: “SEPARATE CHURCH FROM STATE.” You self-proclaimed “Constitutional conservatives” figure it is alright to advocate for all other constitutional principles to remain as traditional as they were written, except, of course, when it comes to this one principle I have seen this pattern in dealing with such disappointment, I guess the rule for you knuckleheads matters dealing with church are always your decision to make, even if it goes against WHY OUR FOUNDERS made this one interpretation of the con. very blunt. As opposed to other amendments implemented that are harder for future supreme court leaders to decide how to interpret in this day and age, America’s founders made this one very, very simple for matters left up to the supreme court. “Matters of church and state should stay separate.”
Hmm if you conservatives were true constituionalists, you’d look past your facebook youtube feed for the answer to this. Therea are plenty of reasons I know of at present just observing.
Instead of me explaining this to you, why don’t you start looking past human’s interpretations of such sacredness, G-d Almighty is certainly worth it. Or is it more about your temple leaders who lead you in prayer to decide how laws should be changed when you should know damn well the founders knew exactly what they were doing here and in matters of our current State sovereignty.. Shame on y’all.
I know most will not give this much thought from what I have seen lately, at the very least:
Hop off that self righteous high horse and do the most good you can do while you’re alive. It scares the hell out of me everytime I see so many more excited for death than their own lives…..
As my next chapter of life’s endeavors is approaching quickly, I am preparing for Foreign Service work abroad. I got past MAGA, now it is time to give back to the world. As our founders did intend when they said “All Men are Created Equal.”\ In the eyes of G-d, this is true. Influencing democracy alongside both of my lone star states to promote peace to all oppressed throughout the world, told legends of capitalism, some have woken up in a concentration camp their whole lives, they have never felt hope. As Americans, we forget sometimes that our duties as leaders of a global enterprise include spreading freedom to your fellow humans. All countries peoples we can save during our lifetime only expands our free market and makes America prosper so much more when more countries peoples are able to freely choose to achieve their own dreams in their own countries, less money here, more money made here, everything grows if everyone works at it…..
My point being —> Merica, my favorite place with my favorite people, our shared values are what has glued our melting pot together.. I beg of you, I DO NOT wish to have to come back to such foolishness, GET IT TOGETHER PEOPLE, PURSUE OUR HAPPIEST SELVES, this is PHASE: MWGA FOR ME!
never too early to take care of destiny one is only capable if they continue towards the light, why remain in darkness?

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