The Secret to gravity is no secret at all

I would let the world in on GRAVITY:

(Interpretation written by KBM, 2018)

Recently, I have been getting more and more irritated when I see atheism nonsense written & automatically assumed as valid arguments online. I have thought a lot about how I can best redefine the definition of gravity, which is commonly mistaken today, for the force of gravity’s origination and function. Commonly defined by modern “science,” gravity is the force being fueled by a “kinetic motor.” First of all, how does this kinetic motor fuel itself? Where is that forces force stemming from ? Nowhere have I witnessed the simplest of questions relating to this contradiction! Moreover, I believe that fear of the unknown is a sad reality in today’s society, it stimulates what the weakest of the weak believe, which is broadly the notion that separates science from One Universal G-d. Science and God go hand in hand, for you cannot have one without the other. This means that no matter what, G-d is science, and science was created to describe the complexities of God’s creation, and yet, the most important concepts such as gravitational pull and wind force get thrown off as “the forces of wind just blow in the same patterns and directions, they just do,” or, “these phenomena, among others, occur by accident, chance, luck, or “we just don’t know” — this thinking remains classified in modern “science,” as an unsolved mystery of the universe, Scientists claim to be puzzled by these “unsolved cases,” etc. How are people not tired of having society think for them? If you think a moment over this false definition of gravity, the fact there is one HUGE motor fueling the wind that BLOWS and holding our bodies down, is also acclaimed to be the driver of the direction of rain falling and being driven downwards or sideways, depending on your location, the view of these drops stem from clouds positioned to pour downwards, driving a force of rain droplets, which counters in direction, to the way both humans and wind are affected by gravity. In other words, not only do we not have gravity down as anything more than a “secret unsolved mystery of the universe,” we also cannot reiterate the fact that we must also explain why gravity, the pull or force which holds mass objects down, and must do so for different weathering climates stemming from more than a few different directions. This would mean there would have to be, or are several “kinetic motors” fueling gravitational forces from N,S,E,W, vacuums facing opposite ways of each other, and counteracting one another in their paths and gravitational directions. If that be the case for your own logic, I would argue your mental situation in daily livelihood is low. Because you’re shielding your soul from achieving its highest self, and truest happiness, by allowing others to argue for you. Your soul is the entity that holds all life’s biggest “secrets,” thus your conscious mind can and should remain open as can be, esp when our souls are held down by vessels encompassed by a segmented fraction of this closed system of energy. Our bodies are these vessels which hold ALL of the keys humans continue to unlock. The flame at the core of our universe and the core of Earth is the same one that lit the big bang, or the creation, i.e. “in the beginning, God said let there be light.” This flame is held in our hearts biggest desires, our gut instincts often unlock these fire starters, which give way to the creation of the light bulb that goes off when new ideas and creations of inventions begin, this signal is sent into our minds once our soul allows the flame in our guts to exceed all doubt by way of our conscious collectively working with our brains to boost all grand ideas, followed by outstanding actions, resulted in unlocking history’s most groundbreaking efforts known to date. ex. Big bang explosion tells us scientifically, how creation happened, and where all of the planets exploded off too and how they formed. Use of these scientific explanations is the link that connects human understanding intertwined by faith. For most explanations revolving any and all said “unsolved or hidden mysteries,” the answer is located, literally IN ourselves, as well as IN front of eyes. Video from almost all media sources I’ve seen tend promote the atheist lies behind stehen hawking and other fake science researchers, who have led us away from accuracy and efficiency as humankind, and downgraded our efforts collectively as mankind, by lying on all sides of belief systems and humanities, resulting in the slow killing of humanity itself, the thoughts and dreams of so many are dug into this mass destruction of logic, and all such evil efforts have added to the many causes of regression in human progress as we know it, and has since led to the prevention of effective peaceful prospects and initiatives from being fathomed, much less created or becoming inherent in reality.. This is because communists, dictators, socialists, monarchs, and all the like, do not hold high faith in the Almighty ONE. However, America, Israel, Republic of Texas, or any nation with a divinely inspired government, are the leading countries with the most scientific progress and award winning Nobel prizes to show for it. Technology, medicine, the solar system, was all explained by people of high faith, (Einstein who very much believed in G-d, hence his formula E=mc^2 is an obvious equation for the beam of light that was able to catch onto life and light in a world of nothingness/darkness). I.e. E is the Energy which is equal to M, mass, which is squared and multiplied at the equivalent speed, the rate of this vacuum of light (c), must be reproduced or squared, which is essentially replication, or how DNA’s rope first began to intertwine, and thereby gives humanity an interpretation which can be conceived by our abilities to comprehend our universal system, and God’s creation can therefore be understood in mathematical and scientific orders and equations. While said E, or the original energy was able to cling onto the first beam of light to exist, the first light was able to survive out of all the darkness, as this vessel was able to attach itself to the mass it received after being lit, the rate of travel between the mass and energy became equal, as both united by way of an accumulated force which caused the vessels to create matter or our universe as we know it today, all while simultaneously emitting evolutionary life cycles to be, all of which have grown into our world and society’s view of the figures that emerge in front of our eyes today. Such life and continuance thereof can only occur once energy is equal to a mass, to be able to resist division and instead stay at a constant stage of ever multiplying, eternally. The never ending universe, which is still expanding before us, is maintained simply because this force of light has attached itself to this mass, which has been multiplied ever since the Big bang or the genesis of creation, all of which continue to reach out and grab more and more and more light in becoming more and more matter, reproducing and extending itself into the infinite existence no human can really grasp. In addition, if there was no God, society from the beginning of time until now, would have never had the idea of an almighty ruler to begin with. in other words, if God did not exist, He would have never been in human beings minds nor thoughts, since anything that does not exist in our tangible dimension also does not exist in our dreams, hearts, desires, our minds would not have the ability to create the concept of God if God was not real. Real life and history tells us that God has never been absent in any civilization dating back to the earliest of times and creation of the cosmos..

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