A Remarkable Revolution

Common College History Professor Question/Assumption:

“Was the American Revolution a ‘Just’ War?”

Simplest Answer, by Yours Truly:

Simply put, the American Revolution was the one truly remarkable revolution in world history. Calling any war “just” is vague beyond belief. Besides the obvious reasons America was a historic win for both Mankind and nature itself, America brought about economic prosperity through free trade, America brought about the first Civil Rights Movement, the first women’s rights movement, and ended slavery within its borders for good so soon after her birth in relative respect to the rest of the world. For the first time creating laws secured to protect natural laws of living beings were a reality that was always meant for all of us, as we are all endowed by our creator to inherit these universally inalienable rights. Creation of democracy and all governance thereof began the genuine peace initiatives long enslaved people’s had been Dying and suffering for for generations. Tyrants had always set out to conquer human beings, since the beginning of time.. But then a small group of men divinely inspired by a vision , a vision that only those who were brave enough and fed up enough could turn a seemingly impossible Pursuit, one that had never been done before, and successfully rebelled against all that had ever been considered possible — a peoples revolution had rarely been won before — since the beginning of time. Some battles fought in ancient times between the Greek republic against Roman rule were always overthrown by later dictatorships even if their rebellion battle had been won. It has always been up to the leaders of the global enterprise to restore victory for all other nations thereafter — by way of our own liberties bestowed unto us… We cant risk straying away from the values that make a republic free. Moreover, without going into anymore arguments against this ridiculous argument — (haha)– if one believes that war is ever just, they are focusing on a narrow window. War is not just or unjust– it’s simply necessary. It is going to be unfortunate for all sides, but sometimes, it just has to happen– for the betterment of mankind. The most worthy cause there ever was.

In the words of Abraham Lincoln during his second inauguration march 4, 1865: “.. On the occasion corresponding to this four years ago, all thoughts were anxiously directed to an impeding Civil War. All dreaded it all sought to avert it. While the inaugural address was being delivered from this place devoted together to saving the union without War, Insurgent agents were in the city seeking to destroy it without War, seeking to dissolve the union, and divide Effects, by negotiation. Both parties deprecated War, but one of them would make war rather than let the nation survive, and the other, would accept War rather than let it perish — and the war came.” The people’s Revolution, or America’s Revolution, was the first time in history a victory for, of, and by the people had been won.

So, would it have been just if the side whom seeks the opposite of Peace won? Plain and simple– protecting justice for all, is securing mankind’s ability to love and live and hope freely, just as Our Creator intended for us. Love and passion fueled endeavors take guts and courage, so I see why the New York Times took it upon themselves to write another pointless article. They are weak minded and I guess for that reason their influence has unfortunately caused anti-americanism to stem from within America. “Give me liberty or give me death.” The Republic of Texas was able to become its own state because it followed in the footsteps of America’s Revolution. Texas has been governing their peoples with much of the spirit of 1776. Israel joined the club in 1948, as they have also adopted a system of democracy that works for their specific region, all regions deserve protection of basic human rights. It’s not about expanding Western culture throughout the world, the purpose of manifest destiny can be explained by looking at the roots of where it took off. After establishing Texas as its own Republic after being held captive by tyrants for so long, gave a position to manifest a destiny of peace and prosperity, it began with America and has Domino affected unto other regions of the World to use constitutional principles and work with collaborative efforts to participate in globalization with the free market, but keep their culture and have freedom to celebrate their lives and their own religions wherever they are in any part of the world. Manifest destiny is just another term for spreading peace to those who will it to be done and their own corner of the world. This is also why so many Texans identify themselves more with core values of the Republic. The Texas Revolution was much more recent and still at the heart of the states principles. if you visit Israel, you will feel like you are in Texas, because they gains sovereignty and their freedom after three thousand years of losing it. How unfortunate is it that someone could get paid to take the time to write something so worthless, this topic is bizzare to me. If it is just to live without hope and if it is just to live without the pursuit of happiness, then perhaps the American Revolution was unjust. That is, unjust for those who believe that standing up in the face of adversity to promote peace is an unjust Pursuit, my best bet is they are either Americans who have become so used to the idea of safety and freedom that they take it for granted. Or, they are dictators themselves I.e. power-hungry government monarchy regimes, people who wish to destroy Mass amounts of humankind via nuclear weapons they did not even design but were given. They want to turn around and shoot those weapons right back at their own region, at their own peoples… and at the land of the free…. Perhaps America is unjust in her Pursuits for widening peace through collaborative efforts abroad…? I suppose they also think that their wars fought for their own happiness and security were” just” causes; because apparently; that is what American citizens themselves have become accustomed to.

…If all acquaintance should be forgot, keep an eye on the symbol of what it means to truly be an American citizen, not just old glory but the emblem of justice and freedom for all which Stands tall off NY coast, with liberty’s flame shining for the world to see. Her torch in hand, lady Liberty stands as The very epitome of what it means to truly be an American. And with The words of Emma Lazarus, engraved at Lady liberty’s altar, “…. With silent lips. Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

The Freedom Fighters who were willing to die for the necessary freedoms that our creator has always wanted for his creations, Creations that have free will to choose what is right or to choose what is wrong– fought against all odds for a purpose so divine and good, the most sacred of all causes– went into certain death in numerous battles– at a time their vision had so little chance of becoming a reality. But the American Revolution was a revolution won by the people for the people, and freedom from goverbment were principles dictators and monarchs had always fought against happening. America comes along and creates a system which promotes peace and still the enemies of Peace continue to seek only war– on many fronts.

In sum, the only Revolution that could truly ever be just, which is again, such a ridiculous case lacking any point at all– bc the complexities and strength of what it takes to rebel against an entire way of life that had been focused on oppressing natural laws for citizens had been overruled for centuries, finally brought justice to the world. Finally a revolution that opened up the doors of liberty– and all the virtues that come along with the inheritance of these rights — had given hope and Light and opportunity to those who had long been seeking peace.

The American Revolution was not only a remarkable one, it was the first JUST revolution the people of the world had ever seen, period.


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