May Your Eyes Shine with the Light of Torah & Your Face be Radiant as the Sky. (Short note)

I like to Believe our Faces just Mirror Our Soul’s truest Aspirations and most significant intentions… Perhaps a Smile that Radiates is simply the Product of Pure Hope and Determination to Shine Away the Darkness throughout All Corners of the Earth… perhaps such a Soul has obtained a realization of a unique gift to utilize for the betterment of mankind… and just as lightning captures beams adiabatically by countering wind currents and latent heat, the pull of gravity flowing against these light waves light up an atmosphere in drought. Pretty soon the rain falls as stars on the river in which love and faith manifest, and perhaps the tidal waves of Hope and divine justice in turn spread the rain and the sun needed for the long awaited harvest of an oppressed society. To promote peace is to be blessed with an indescribable gift. One could equate this scientifically as E=MC^2. However, Whatever Means, Shape, or Form Necessary, my solar and earthly name create an indestructible force that can only be said of human comprehension as being, “above and below.” Perhaps ultimate humility comes from serving the Highest of duties, and perhaps, with high faith, hard work, willingness to seek truths and admit to previous wrongs in search of something your gut has always told you, is the point where all corners of the earth meet to stabilize peace, economic prosperity, and most beautiful of all, the everlasting growth of one’s truest happiness, this gift of light is the aura that all living beings hold deep down inside themselves, I aim to inspire the dreams of the lost, to transpire fear into bravery, is to turn the darkness into light, to overturn humanity’s biggest doubts and misguided misconceptions, aall sparks the radiance I am so blessed to have visibly shown from the inner depths of me, to make known my soul’s truest desires to all who can see is one less that is blinded to their own purpose and truest selves………perhaps…………………

Copyright, 2018. Karen Ben-Moyal

TO shine away the darkness is to mirror the atmosphere of every soul’s truest intentions and purest aspirational desires…. good to know my core’s innermost desires mirror my outside’s passionate strides in my on-going efforts to shine away the darkness– in all corners of the world…. 1. G-d Bless. 2. All love to you ALL, forever and ever. 3. HOPE.

Copyright. Karen Ben-Moyal. 2019.

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