Closed Borders Promote Peace

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“You build bridges to those people who will work with you. You build walls against those people who would destroy you.”


To Whomever it May Concern,
To deny another man the freedom that he himself has is to diminish the meaning of what it truly means to be an American & patriot at its core.
Instead of relying on politicians to secure our blessings of freedom,  America’s unfulfilled journey towards restoring covenants of old must live on, even if these American duties, both divine and of historic means,  are not fully understood by all.  Justice is offered by nature’s glorious law(s); in the form of choices and decisions and the will to stand firm in the face of adversity. Should all acquaintance be forgot, focus your inner eye on the grand old flag. The symbol of liberty and peace through strength may never be forgotten if it is bounded into your every day decision making. Justice for all will win so long as the balances which weigh out and redefine the global scale of things serve as a permanent reminder to those who may freely choose to think and give; receiving nature’s gift is easy, and yet so rare in our world and even more difficult is it to maintain and secure. The rekindling of Lady Liberty’s flame takes courage and above all, faith beyond belief. Indifferent to the light of democracy are tyrants and their followers who take nature and natural law for granted. This is a blatant fact, for those who believe a dictator could govern a nation better than a majority elected leader are not followers of the American way towards freedom for all, nor contributors to the universal right to become economically stable and therefore hinder the growth of a global civil society. A freer world market should be the guiding light Americans envision when embarking into strategic cooperation  in general,  in daily life and in your work endeavors. To be united and free as the wind that blows,  natural laws are to be influenced all over, to shine away the darkness in all corners of the Earth.  Universal rights can be protected and justified by certain inalienable truths, so long as these truths are proclaimed as the governing laws of the land, of the free of course. Not to mention, natural laws must be protected by those individuals who have the avenues to lead and/or participate in any form of the growing  free enterprise system. America and Her guiding lights must work to maintain Her own free society, by striving to fulfill Her duties as a nation of free men and women, to work to redeem all rights thereof for all who will it. The majority of mankind exist under enslavement of some kind. America’s duty to restore human rights unto all nations has only just begun. A victorious revolution for each actor, as well as any nation-state, including that of American foreign policy makers, requires a reconstruction of laws and amendments needed to continue the virtues our forefathers risked their lives and others to this day have died for us to carry out.
The basis of true progress is resulted from the improvement or update of amendments, not legally outlined in the Bill of  Rights, Declaration of Independence, nor Constitutional principles, but within the realms of foreign affairs. Amendments thereof are required for the successful revision of all such American policies, and therefore must first and foremost be rededicated to coincide with American traditions,  while reminders of the notions of freedom must be simultaneously determined and outlined for the purpose of transforming knowledge into growth. A genuine reevaluation of the whole concept of globalization is necessary by law makers or those who contribute to endeavors politically regarded to the public eye.  All such reevaluations must be maintained by certain methods for successful working implementation in order to later become known by lawmakers for citizens to vote on, and if done correctly, all laws to be amended within the realms discussed in the following situational efforts will be agreed on by all sides of beliefs, both political and religious. As a republic, we should be united in what was meant by our ancestors when the origins of our United States heritage were born and written/interpreted into law. All citizens of America, citizens of our ongoing melting ot of immigrants of old and of new, are wired to instinctively follow the guidelines which have been clearly set out for us descendants, because all of us were born with natural law to pursue our greatest amount of happiness. We must strive for the betterment of us and all mankind,  to accomplish in today’s modern age, a fruitful and bright future of all of us, that is, justice restored again, one day, for all mankind. Virtuous ordinances and universal laws upon which these structured elements were endowed by our Creator unto us as human beings, must be designed by a working legislature and voted into action by citizens who wish to embrace U.S. ideals in other worldly corners, as American laws were created to do. All truths which are self evident in nature are endowed by our universal Creator, meaning all such ancient laws must be created to fit into the changing of times, for all men and women to carry out in our ever changing lives, world, and endeavors.
As Americans, our duties to create peace throughout all lands is considered a priority, just as our right to vote is to be seen as a privilege and utilized by Americans accordingly. Fact is our American identity calls for similar action to be taken regarding ever changing laws of reformation in American foreign policy to be enclosed at times of need by our national doctrines.
As American citizens, all such duties handed unto us cannot remain unfinished, nor are we allowed to stop half way down the line in humanity’s progress towards peace and prosperity in our life cycles.
On the contrary, these rights are part of what established the guidelines which make up the soul of an American, those of which are obviously threaded into Constitutional principles.
Furthermore, quitting is not in a true American’s blood, dying for what’s right is to be expected in the ongoing pursuit of peace endeavors worldwide.
To share the pillars of freedom which branch from the American tree is to guarantee your own civil rights as a citizen of humanity intertwined for working knowledge to be succumbed by the realization that all human rights should be universal and dedicated to all. Justice is meant to be lived by mankind, this includes those living outside American borders.
Thus, all constitutional rights must be reordered for worldly advances for the promotion of self governed regimes to manifest into the destinies all were born to accomplish.
To assist others in peace pursuits is to abide by our American duties..
Unlocking the doors of freedom for all regions and societies should be our collective aim as a society. To experience this justice is as American in U.S. heritage, as are the privileges to vote in American elections or the rights to fair trials are relevant in American endeavors and are as self evident as any and all American dutiful tasks belonging to all U.S. citizens living freely today.
Among other findings, the examples listed beforehand are standards to which U.S. rights must be lived and guided by for all time, as all were set into existence to be contributed eternally through the ages.
That is, to represent the opportunistic ideals America was founded upon should remain secure to ourselves, in both our hearts as well as our laws, as the leaders of a global enterprise were born to do.
It should be a well known American mission, for we cannot ignore, deny, nor cease these ideas from existence. Until completion of all such endeavors described are set as universal markers towards global standards for all mankind to live virtuously in the free.. New and old ordinances must be written to coincide with the future in mind, and restored by the hands which first brought divinely inspired regimes to life.
Thus, ancient glory must constantly be redefined and refueled by effective globalization efforts, to domino the rest of the world aside from Israel and America, towards efficient treatises of peace and autonomy to begin interacting within the borders of each nation state. For these attributes are crucial to all mankind to abide by, as the natural laws of nature are to be forevermore cherished and felt in ripple effects– these rights must be continuously protected by border control.
To unmask the guises of those who wish to harm freedom, we must redeem the identities of all of us as individuals to reconcile negotiations and strategies for collectively defeating all such enemies of the current and future allies of state democracies..
All nations and citizens of free democracies, both formerly dedicated to constitute peace, as well as those whom will choose to participate in the free market once restructure of their own laws allow in future times, are the main factors for navigating prosperity in theory into real life outcomes.
With faith and law being the seeds which unite humanity’s shared values, or those rights meant to be shared by all of us who live and breathe, the laws of nature stem from the webs entangling this knowledge.
In other words, the laws combining politics and religion can be taken from one famous sentence. “All men are created equal,” because “all are endowed by our Creator.”
The envelopment of the branches  of these truths must no longer be meticulous to the status quo. Currently modeled by American enterprises, faith in one Universal God must be secured by law, as tis a birth right for all to own and enjoy, these values have been intertwined into the DNA of humankind since the dawn of time. As an already free society, independent democracies in existence today must work to seek the same end goal, and all whose minds are free from government control may then be able to eventually take measures to cooperate with world leaders in efforts to bring these same lights of freedom to their very own dark corner of the world.

Therefore, the denial of our own rights as citizens of America is an anti American attribute, and thus the decision to shield American rights from all creatures endowed by our universal Creator– simply– ain’t ‘Merican. 

As for those who stand united in the American cause, stay in the struggle, victory is on its way thanks to citizens like you.

                   The future of all of us                 

                             is truly                           

                                               in the PSALMS of our hands. 

Last Edit 8/29/2018, C. Karen Ben-Moyal

Closed Borders Promote Peace

Claim: Closed Borders Create the Venues in which Peace can Flow Directly into the hearts, minds, bodies, and souls of our posterity. On a much more Broadened world Scale, fire only survives when energy travels at the same sPeed, all the while intertwining with the air and water to survive out of the nothingness that could be, but isn’t. Thus, Light utilizes electricity to survive. In essence, all matter must connect to the twilight of the moon or the rays of the sun at all given times in order to survive in nature. Thus, positive energy stimulates sound, light, and water waves simultaneously to combat negative charges brought into motion by Way of wind and water force, this creates the laws of attraction which combines or UNITES these three elements. They fight for the light as a team, burning away the darkness while washing away the tides which shadow the disasters to come.

And since all of the elements of our universe are ever in our favor, Light over Darkness can and will justly prevail for all who Will It to Be. Nature is always on the side of the living creature and/or the inhabitants which Dwell inside Her Governing Laws.

I will argue the reasons why closed borders are fundamental in effectively Paving humanity’s Way towards their very Own Long Awaited Salvation; where HoPe, and HaPPiness are close in reach each morning we wake, and each sunset brings all such natural feelings into our universal cell bodies.

 Just as our human rights to breathe oxygen and drink water in order to survive are shared by the commonwealth of all living things, our destinies cannot be restricted in any way, nor can they change or be set against our will.

Therefore, Your ability to feel all such emotions mentioned, those of which are only born out of the seeds planted by freedom’s statutes, are set in stone to distinguish these natural feelings. These basics are guaranteed to you forever, their function is to give you fulfillment out of life. That is, if you choose to be fulfilled.  The great thing about liberty is having choices and free will to learn from your mistakes, or to not. The choice is completely your decision when one is guaranteed their divine rights, as long as those inalienable rights are secured by the Laws and system governing the regime the individual resides within. Thus, these laws governed by nature are your rights to cherish and hold onto.  Hence, your innermost desires are not determined (in nature) by where you were born or who you were born to, your birthright as a living organism on this planet is to embrace your very own dream, just as water feeds light for growth and light burns fuel for energy to exist,  health and radiance is deserved by both man and beast, fish and eagle, when Nature’s Laws are recognized, respected, and interpreted to be protected under written law. And this is Simply Because,


This Land Does indeed,

Belong to You, and Me.

At this time, I am hoping Americans on both sides of the “political” spectrum realize that borders are one of the the most crucial elements when it comes to defining the commonwealth of citizens. Borders determine a significant requirement which classifies the efficiency, security, freedom, and overall sovereignty of a nation-state. In other words, a state without borders is the equivalent to a vulnerable group of human beings lacking food, salvation, freedom to think and thrive, and ultimately stand no chance of economic prosperity, protection from enemies, and have zero eligibility to participate in any form of international business, trade, and/or personal growth in the long and short term.

First of all, Open border policies allow for the disillusionment of false promises, illegal taxation, and even government enslavement of citizens without an army, much less weapons to protect their own homes. Keeping freedoms here at home, welcoming newcomers means the credible people whom earn their country of choice’s citizenship, deserve access to live in the land of the free. Reforming proper U.S. Immigration protocols, according to the times, allows for others all over the world to stand as one, under G-d, for the people, of the people, and live in peace by the people. This function of government will inevitably allow the REST of the “people,” worldwide, to awaken and redeem themselves and posterity of their own cultures rights to exist.

Basically, we should all come together, right now, over liberty and justice for all.  AS AMERICANS, we must all work to continue building the bridges which gap and connect all societies all over the globe.  This notion is only possible through cooperative peace efforts guided by strength strategies & guidelines. Viewing History through the eyes of those whom established the laws which abide by utilization of protections enveloped into the natural order of all life highlight solid patterns of growth. Shedding this same light on one group of vulnerable human beings without true freedoms and without any hope, can protect another region’s integrity and interests, while receiving the most benefits out of life. A republic having the means to inspire peace began with the establishment of the U.S., and made way towards the invention of a free world market. We can blatantly see the domino effects these actions have on an entire civilization and how it can effect continents far and wide, for the betterment of mankind.

Moreover, the redemption of human and civil rights are only proven by the successful outcomes of only and all of the peoples’  revolutions, according to history.  One must merely glimpse into the past and present of all of us. The outcomes of the American & Texas revolutions presented the possibility for Israel to come back to life as a free parliamentary democracy and now all 3 are sovereign on their own today. These revolutionary markers represent the strides and possibilities of how only those who are genuine in their intentions and careful in acquiring the wisdom required for the adoption of their own unique republic, can a peoples’ identity be restored, remain, and continue, in serving the world and benefiting in return. 1776, 1836, and 1948 are significant dates as they are the center pieces of freedom and revolutionary times we as citizens of humanity are living through now.  Following in the footsteps of the foundations and ways of life of all three nation/states open up the doors of hope and cause the wings of freedom to generate across the globe.  Such groundbreaking efforts and cooperation need to continue for the expansion of same and similar results. In the global arena, each state mentioned stands in their regions today as a reminder of the domino effects that cause American values and nature’s laws to come to life..  Infinite potential and security under the virtues brought by these laws are made quite clear to the rest of the world today. As one of those civilizations, it our duty as U.S. citizens to uphold these rights unto all generations to come. Standing firm into today’s world are the nations of hope which have grown out of the American root. In contrast, open borders are ineligible for keepers of this sacred bond, promoting peace being out of the question. A republic must have hope to survive domestically & spread abroad.

We must also define a few terms with examples to guide our understanding of the significance of the issues at hand.

Two principal foreign strategy-options are defined under the following terms, containment and engagement. The theory of containment differs from that of engagement when it comes down to the core features surrounding the functions of the “4 P’s.” The theory of engagement is desvribed as being centered around the “power” Great -power politics has always been and always will be a competition for Power.” [3] In other words, one must sustain their influence of power and sovereignty towards other nations all the time because peace is inherent to the greatest possible outcome, however, peace remains an uncertain variable no matter what and a country will not achieve or know these ends until the war is won or the battle has “settled.” In contrast, the theory of containment is stated as, “An alternative perspective which sees this great-power competition as likely but not inevitable, with history showing that Peace can be achieved when the most powerful states use their power to build order through institutions and other forms of cooperation…”

Strategic Distrust on American Side

My views line up with the theory of engagement. One could argue that the founders of our Republic were well aware of the prospect of peace, which could only be achieved in a society structured around peace through independence. Benjamin Franklin stated the following response to a woman who acknowledged him after the Constitutional Convention in 1789. She asked, “What have we got, Doc? A Republic or Monarchy?”  Franklin replied, “A Republic, if you can keep it.” What good does it do for those who conduct foreign policy to ask themselves if they want to pursue a strategy of peace? His response should resonate in the minds of modern Americans who have seemingly become accustomed to freedom and all its benefits– lacking any realization or thought about the possibility that another empire could rise up above ours and swoon in to take it away. To be frank, peace is what our sights are already set on! Shouldn’t the question be how and when can we achieve peace in determining which strategy would actually work to end the conflict? Additionally, one must keep digging for a solution that would secure American freedom and national security, tomorrow– and for the future of the United States of America. On the contrary, the wise analyst must ask themselves the core, fundamental questions encompassing far more crucial questions our infant country faced at its founding so that we could be kept alive, strong, and free, for as long as strategically possible. In other words, in determining a foreign policy, a reasonable foreign analyst should begin analyzing which instrument to use in order to achieve and maintain victory, for now, and to sustain it for future generations to come.

Strategic Distrust on Chinese Side

The major problems with American foreign policy, with regards to the Obama term years, mainly evolves around the danger and risk which become greater in the long run if an administration chooses to pursue this “theory of containment.” A policy objective waging “peace” has no basis for threat analysis or strategies to gain influence– not the eyes of Communist China. Looking at history and the bigger picture, Communists wage war, not peace. They aim to secure the globe with Communism for their own personal gains and to maintain control within the politically favored few over the majority. Essentially, containment would actually invite the opportunity for our enemies to surpass us in strength and belittle our allies to the point of betrayal and doubts about their own country’s safety (under the umbrella of defense). Nuclear deterrence would fall into the hands of corrupt politicians interested in nothing but greed and their own benefits. At the moment, our allies are instilled with fear, regretting not having pursued nukes a long time ago– for the U.S. has never come this close to being on the verge of a promise they could not keep. Instead of looking at what non-specific ends we wish to achieve as an overall strategy, I suggest we ask ourselves the basic question of how will we defeat our enemy, and how we can “engage” this method into implementing a policy that will be destined to succeed for years and years to come, i.e. the long-run v. the short run. Claiming the peace strategy gets you no-run, especially when the leader of a country does not bother to keep their allies happy and enemies in check. As a matter of fact, President Obama could barely make one foreign trip-a-term during his entire sitting presidency of eight consecutive years.

An example of this failing method can be seen if one glances at our nation’s history: Paradoxically, the system arose in the aftermath of the outbreak of the Korean War, when the U.S. government was seeking to reassure its European allies in the immediate aftermath of the North Atlantic Treaty ratification. U.S. leaders also feared being “entrapped” by some of our Asian allies in a larger war not of American making. In that sense, our security treaties with Korea and Taiwan were as much pacts of restraint as they were defense treaties. Japan was the keystone of the entire system. The U.S.-Japanese security alliance was predicated on a grand bargain in which Japan renounced its past reliance on military forces and allowed an American defense protectorate based on the “nuclear umbrella” in exchange for generous access to military bases in Japan and a low international profile. It was a strategy of “dual containment,” directed against the spread of communist influence in Asia and any naive instincts to remilitarize Japan. Although the “hub and spoke” system lacked the multilateral integrated military structure of NATO, it also rested on the notion of forwarding defense and power projection, to reassure allies of the credibility of U.S. commitments and to deter aggression by the Soviet Union or the People’s Republic of China. Despite the passage of nearly 70 years and the enormous economic transformation of Asia–including the rise of China — the original U.S. alliance system remains largely intact and continues to underpin regional security.

In sum, U.S. bilateral treaties and security partnerships, backed by capable, forward-stationed and forward-deployed armed forces, remain the indispensable framework for deterring aggression in Asia and promoting peaceful development in the region

Further, leaders of a global enterprise cannot deny others the rights they’ve inherited, but they cannot provide a home for all populations of the world to raise their children.  Bottom line, if an immigrant does not put in the work to obtain such citizenship, they do not yet understand what it truly means to be an American citizen, and even though all life deserves to be happy and live in the free, those who legally migrated to the United States deserve the protections and freedoms previously summarized, which means borders are an absolute necessity and U.S. lawmakers have the moral responsibility to uphold and sometimes reform these laws, for the purpose of the deserving immigrants who migrated into America legally.

Also noteworthy, is the true essence of the historic origins which set in stone the laws in which a ‘republic’ was meant to do. Benefits of governing a nation as a Republic can fit into any corner of the Earth. As free individuals, we must aim to allow others to cherish the values and the freedoms given to us, for nations world wide to celebrate freely within their own cultures, and I can make the argument for any region who gains the freedoms and rights to govern themselves, mankind may continue to become reformed in their own atmospheric well being, simultaneous in the rebuilding of other governments into democracies, the guarantee these same freedoms Americans and Israelis live by, can truly become a reality for the citizens living in any to-be-functioning-democracy around the world. These universal rights must continue to bring the universal laws of freedom and governance to the people by way of light. The flames which embolden such laws are responsible for the spreading of these wings lit by freedom and justice for all, aka governance made for, of, and by– the people.

Emphasis must also be shed on the basic ideas outlined within the founding doctrines of the U.S. constitution.  “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”   From the widening of the hope, outreach can be founded throughout all world regions.  An individual and a nation as a whole, require some sense of the hope felt strongly today by American and Israeli citizens, founded by the victories of all peoples’ revolutions, i.e. also founded during the first decade the Republic of Texas became its own governing nation-state. State and human sovereignty is possible within all world societies, and can be uniquely represented by all democratic regimes, which, as history has shown, can and should be tweaked to fit the specific lifestyles all across the globe. Looking into the origins of democracy, capitalism was set into motion for the purpose of redeeming each and all nation’s identities, NOT to convert all ways of life to western culture’s living standards, but was originally designed and intended to cross over into all lands, for the happiness of the common wealth of each nation, made different in law according to the individual state’s resources, in all categories which maintain the notions for restoring peaceful governments within all universal rights to life. The guarantees outlined by free nations all revolve around the similar values, or humanity’s rights to live a life within the principles of hope and endless opportunity. This system of governance was not meant to control, but rather, to manifest this hope by way of justice being protected for humans to live the way life was created for. The ripple effects of American justice have already been witnessed in another part of the world, Israel has been the window which proves the lights of democracy to produce only positive effects throughout all such U.S. allied forces, whom have had the will to seek and establish genuine change. This change can be brought about only if and by the people’s desires, not by the tactics of politicians, and definitely not by dictators and/or monarchies. Rather, the success of freedom’s establishment in the past has been proven to flourish by and of the rebels in history. Today, the majority of the middle class citizens make up the backbone of all free foundations and world orders. A middle class is non existent otherwise, which is why the majority of all world regions are being enslaved by the powers who reign upon them by way of government enslavement. More significantly, hope is something no individual, state, nor country can live without.  However, most of the world’s nations remain lacking in hope and are therefore living in the darkest corners humanity. Our universe and its inhabitants were born into an evolutionary world, where all life is meant to grow by way of the seeds which sprout soaring lifeforms.

Furthermore, to keep others in the dark by denial of your own freedoms your own ability to thrive, as well as the promise of these freedoms passed and secured unto your own posterity,  cannot be regarded as earned personal virtues, by any means, if your only concern for these rights is encompassed by our own safe keeping and pleasure. In fact, it is immoral and hypocritical of one whose rights are solid in freedom, to deny their inherited freedoms unto the masses of the world– or those whom have no control over their destinies, much less the desire to hope. This desire is in constant effect and always being dreamed by millions of us throughout the human life span. Keeping this hope alive is up to America to distinguish and remind themselves for the rest of the world’s societies to continue growing alongside Her and already established allied U.S. counterparts, new and old, now and forever. Thus, maintaining restrictions for immigration laws is crucial, and the correlations between securing borders and civil rights are the human rights which universally fit us all. Categorizing on its importance classifies closed borders be written and carried out as a fundamental rule of law, which should be recognized as a universally bounded law of nature. This means these universal rights bestowed unto free descendants by their inheritance and/or legal immigrants by their will, must always be secured by way of recognition and proper implementation of laws encompassing the natural order of all life.

In retrospect, each and every nation state, home owner, business owner, and any other land owner in general, must have secure borders for the future stability of peace-keeping within, so long as responsibilities and duties of freedom’s descendants are upheld and acted on today. Thus, the inevitability of peace-sharing and all it entails will arise & continue to soar from sea to shining sea, forever and ever. That is, until our shared mission as American citizens, AND as citizens of humanity, is fulfilled.

In sum,  secure borders are the keys  which unlock the doors of prosperity and all virtues brought about by freedom. Therefore, anyone can aspire to  become a leader or follower of these inherited laws governed for all standards of living beings, so long as good faith and work ethic is maintained, legal citizenship is most obtainable by those who follow the same prerequisites as all who make the American system of justice the melting society of dreamers and most successful Samaritans the globe has ever seen.


Since the status quo has consistently brought this assumption to my attention over the years, or the notion that many of you feel as though politics is only a field for those who seek to pursue mass corruption, evil games of manipulation, and/or for power-hungry tyrants who ruthlessly seek out benefits for their own personal gain; and who simultaneously end up causing destruction to whomever stands in their way, In other words, today’s world does not view politics as being in the favor of We, the People, who always seem to get stomped on bc of “greedy” politicians looking to murder, poversify, or enslave civilians in order to reach their questionable life missions and/or goals.
To clear this up for those who continue to question why I chose to fulfill this purpose: The answer is simply this: My passion is not merely to excel at a life of “politics,” not as you all define the term at least.
Simply put, there is an eternal flame that burns within my gut, my innermost core, the soul of my being. My view of politics is more than just a longing for power or money or to tell lies and/or conduct mass manipulations. Politics is merely THE most effective career path to actually make a difference in the world. As Gandhi tells us, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” How does one obtain the position of power to be able to literally fix the problems they want to see solved? They go into politics. This is the 21st century, there is no way around it. To achieve anything near or revolving around heightened activism efforts takes political strides these days. It’s not a bad thing to be passionate about it, either. It is actually a quite noble pursuit if one does strategically develop a fair, safe, and valid plan with honest intentions to achieve lastingly effective results and engage in such efforts that will benefit most People, the greater good, i.e. for thy neighbors, thy friends, thy church group members, whoever it shall benefit, it shalt be one of their own, their fellow citizens. We are, after all, a nation made up of a democratic government meant to be ruled. “by the people, of the people, and for the people.”
How curious is it that no shame disembarks upon postulates after office who advertise promises of pure deceit in return for votes– they sell their souls for political power and become most cherished by the very individuals on whom their scheming is effectuated.
Furthermore, my heart beats to the drum of an indescribable rhythm. An inexplicably intense feeling which streams down heavily from upon an intangible source of pure desire– to be used for the sole purpose of helping others. However, it takes guts to love, and therefore takes a whole lot more willpower to keep rekindling this drive within a soul. Well, within my soul — that’s for sure.
The way I see it, the more backstabbing and conniving behavior I witness throughout the motives of my peers and even mentors and superiors, the more karma reaches out to me. This is what motivates the light and thus fuels the flame which keeps your candle lit for as long as it takes to restore justice, or, the betterment of mankind; However little or small the issue or dilemma seems to be at first glance, or before a ripple has begun to take effect, the problems and disasters the GLOBE faces today are more complex than meets the eye…. WAY more complex. In this case, the ripple begins with you, it is born from you, it is created through your choices and your will, and, of course, the Will of G-d.
In sum, I can’t help but think of politics as the best — way/venue/route– possible — to take care of humanity itself. If you really think about it, the meaning of life is having the genuine knowledge and self-awareness of your own immortality. Wisdom is the only concept that sets the abstract apart from actual human existence. If you’ve got one but not the other, you will remain in the darkness.
With a little hope, focus on your very own destiny, and most importantly, with some serious GUTS you will find the inner strength to conquer your own self and may even overcome your fears, your insecurities, or whatever may be holding you back. Just remember that whatever is preventing you from truly seeing — or — whatever is keeping you in the dark — is only an emotion that YOU were responsible for letting in, and, you must thereby work twice + as hard to show that emotional creep the exit– out the door. You must also strategize a way to build a barrier around your heart –tall and strong enough so that your anxieties, or stresses, but mainly — your fear(s)– can disappear, for good. This means your guard must always be raised, and your mind must keep ego fierce enough to face your battles, but do not let your ego overcome your sense of humility.
Moreover, these passions, motives, feelings, thoughts, attributes, whatever you’d like to name them — are the matches which fuel the fire that my destiny requires to continue to grow and branch out as far and wide as the roots of my own tree of life, or perhaps the wind that blows will allow. Follow your wind, and I can promise you that —
Your deepest passion(s) will inevitably lead you to your purpose.
With this in mind, I encourage you all to go outside and take a look up into the starry Heavens above. EMBRACE tonight’s New Moon, embrace the endless wonders and impossibilities of our universe. Keep in mind, that with a little bit of creativity and imagination, the Milky Way is sure to throw some magic your way. NOTHING. IS. IMPOSSIBLE. Take it from someone who has literally defied the odds only your fears are forcing you to face. Get rid of fear, get rid of doubt, it sounds cliche, but honest to G-d, believing in yourself works. Your choices are half-chance, so.are.everybody.elses. Run with that 50% chance, run with it to the moon and back. Odds are, you will be the only person striving for the seemingly “impossible.” Because, in reality, not society’s reality, but through your OWN realistic lense, you know your possibilities are actually endless. And there is absolutely nothing that can stop you. Except for fear, don’t let it creep up on you. Your fire can blow it out of the water.
Fire kicks doubt’s ass…. Trust me. NO, better yet, trust in y-o-u! HAVE FAITH IN YOUR ABILITIES.
Did not mean for this to become a whole motivational speech or w/e, but thought it was about time for it, from my perspective anyway.
The origin of all of this thought was to remind y’all to embrace this time/season of renewal, as we ALL transition into the rest of our BEAUTIFUL journeys!

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