Eve was born out of the rib of Adam because Adam & G/d needed HER to save the world.

When in doubt leave your gadgets alone and concentrate on the darkness inside of your closed eye lids. G-d will flood you with the memories buried beneath the external skin of your foundations, exposing the secrets meant to be discovered within your own soul, and eventually your journey will lead you to the answers needed in which you had seemingly forgotten; And these higher facts will float into your cell membrane and your nucleus will unlock the codes of generations to unwind the momentum of the axis twirling above natures universal clock. To measure the horizontal and vertical eras of the geometrical histories, in space, one must multiply the numerals and letters to divide the products thereof the quadrilateral eras, in time. Here our inner eye reads the balance of the universe, here the All Seeing Eye created our existence, and Here the Eye continues to generate and monitor the universe. Here, disguised as star dust and absence of light, lies the beginnings of the ends and ends of beginnings. The story of A, B, C, of doe, rei, me, of Adam and Eve, of Genesis and Exodus, of You and I, is written, forever and ever, through invisible light and electromagnetic wave lengths that carry our wings as our bodies fly, they glide over the x and the y’s in winds, waters, air, and lights, all of which is eternally lit as a flame of energy coexisting with the signs and times of our milky and the DNA matrix which holds the vastness of our solar system as one unit of breathing vessels with souls that reflect the moon and stars and bright blue skies. Thus the casting out of a tribe who forced you to merely survive in a land of zero tolerance policies is just another blessing of salvation,  camouflaged in the history  lessons of man,  strengthened by the bonds of time, space, and constitutional democracy. Since the beginning of humanity,  G-d has shown the patterns of human nature and the course of history and really all we’ve ever needed to realize  with regards to why we are here … Our purposes are unique yet they’re  all the same.

Not only was the story or history of man and woman… Adam and eve about G- d letting His creations know they have free will.. freedom to choose between what’s right  and wrong. These commandments were handed unto us by Almighty with Moses. That is a whole separate paragraph I’ll have to get into later.. but 2 are the luchot  that Moshe brought cough  ahem keruvim which make up the true meaning of the Holy trinity. .. Two women souls make up the father and son and the Holy ghost is the shadow in between the two parallel rays of light or energy  that comes into the chosen new soul of each generation. For ex. Miriam is the eye shadow that shadows her brothers and sisters each generation. The shadow come s in between two waves of fire and is ordered into the son from G-d who has no equal for he is greater than the father whom completes the triad of Aaron’s soul when time comes. Aaron is the son of Moses and Miriam is the Spirit of Elohim who guides His person’s through life. This spirit  God sends us is by way  of fire at first like Abrahams story… then comes the dreams…. Moses gives his “hands” to Joseph in the Torah, to finish building what he started. The Temple, that is, aka the House of G-d. Further.  The entity in this fire vision  G’d chooses to appear as a celestial or angelic like woman, which is spot on with the torah. This Spirit is G-d Himself speaking through and beside two other souls. G-ds Spirit will combine with the ancient,souls of your past… one must  be of Greek origin aka a king or queen from back in day… aka Esther is woman version of king David and has a very similar story to Moses a long with eve.

Moses never knew of his Jewish blood when He grew up Prince of egypt until Miriam informed or REMINDED HIS SOUL….. literally starting to sound like my life oh w ow….so much to type its hard on this device… so anyways in a cloud of fire G-d reminds moses and then assigns Him His duty ….exactly what happened the night I spoke with G-d anD HIs keruvim… nothing would ever be the same… but there are many writings I’ve done on that night  need to wrap up  … ANYWAYS like Moses Esther never knew of her jewish heritage when she was married to a king about to order the beheading of all Jews on behalf of Haman. Both Esther and Moses change their perspectives and ultimately risk their lives  for fulfilling G-ds commandmets. .. as soon as they see the truth of their PASTS they go against those who have always cared for them, they stand up as a light In a crowd of dark times to defend the Word and out values as human beings of nature. . Mordecai  the Jew  as described in torah informs Esther who is either his cousin or uncle of her true roots in order so that she may Save His People. Esther received visions in dreaMS AND STARS AND THE MOON HOWEVER, much like when moses gave his hands and life for Joshua   to take over the duties. Queen Salome Alexandra was the first ex. we see of this Esther behavior in history  … for every father there is a son and mother a daughter even if this does not flow consecutively. .. they are born into the chosen era they are needed … so basically mordecai = Miriam and Joseph = Esther. David would be considered their father.  David  is The father for king and queen side…. Salome Alexandra or whatever u want to call a queen Esther would Be king or queen descendant.

Back to Adam and eve and freedom to choose between right and wrong… The freedom to indulge in the fruit of the tree of knowledge.. And yes this knowledge is always from G-d… Or to back down because a snake who doesn’t know the moral values or who chooses not to follow law of G-d is telling you not to take G-ds wisdom but the wisdom of man is greater than the fruit from the tree of life. Adam and eve ahows us that 1. Women can manipulate or convince men to do pretty much anything. Salome and her kids toook over the sexist kingsldoms or their husbands and thrived because unlike ger husbamnd alexander , salome promoted peace and freedom and secured freedom for first time (around calc. from 1992 is about 500 BCE). *laid foundation stone for second temple. First temple was dinah in story of Jacob who was cast out from her own tribe and Joseph who was also casted out ans sold into slavery by his wicked jealous brothers.  This like Adam and Eve shows the casting out of Adam and of eve from the garden of Eden. Since the origins of popes and churches and wanna be dictators who have succumb to evil and Christianity would try so hard to manipulate this simple scenario, their true histories are linked to the ideological control systems established simultaneously within the roots of folk tales and oral traditions inhabited from the lesson no longer understood by most, told in the Adam and Eve biblical story. I.E. In contrast to most of today’s interpretations of such a historical event in the time of Genesis, one lesson taken out of the tale of Adam and Eve, is the definition of what being cast out from utopia by G/d, and what it truly meant and still means today, is controversial, yet highly inaccurate are the tales told by most cultural traditions living today… Ex. debunking today’s common rhetoric: Contrary to modern thought and religious teachings: The Garden of Eden story in Genesis truly and realistically symbolizes the SOCIALIST societies  and enslavement from living in a world where humanitys leaders think for you and you become forced into ideoligies and away from your true Creator until…well… Look at how far weve strayed now. G-d castes Adam and Eve out because they made the RIGHT decision. They chose to eat from the tree that G-d gave life to so they could fuel and grow from G-ds seed. Actually another thing … Eve was the one who forced adam whose dumbass was reluctant to eat the fruiy only forbidden to a fellow beast of nature but certainly not forbidden if G-d is the one providing you with HIS own *commandments,* so to speak, the it. Why else would there be fruit trees named tree of knowledge and G-d place us there to not eat the delicious nectar of life in its most natural form? G-d does not look for.ways to punish you He looks for ways to TEACH you When it comes down to it the many lessons from Adam and Eve are too many and sadly obvious to count. Why dont others see what i see? It seems so simple looking in. Anyways. Moral 2.  but pretends that His kingdom is Utopia when there is no such thing because if our society lived by these utopian chambers we would never be free and Gd would have probably left the dumbasses who didnt eat the fruit right in front of them because a snake in the jungle acted as  the voice of God. Again, huge lesson.. If Adam did not have eve to assure him it was OK to eat the forbidden fruit… Adam would have never A. Made up his mind. B. He would have left the fruit because of uncertainty to be safe rather than sorry.  See. What would men do without the boldness of the woman?  Women have a strength about them and with that they have bodies to attract men more than men attract them.. This has allowed women to sort of manipulate the mind of a man to get something done. Womens rights would have never existed without the wives of the politicians who refused to stay silent refused to continue living under pen names and refused to live by way of man order instead of living the right way.. By way of G-ds commandments.   Salome was able to bring freedom to a war stricken “kingdom” and really quite literally established the first democracy there ever was… Long before the Romans failed in attemots to copy salome words and not actions to gain even more control of ppl with fake promisea. Salome was presidentfor 7 fruitful years as she governed a thriving and free democracy untul her death and the fall of second Temple…again she was able to perform miracles for a tired and desperate peoples who had been living under tyranny of her own family’s male dictators who were cruel and incompetent. The people loved her more than any leader of the time. And the rest wete men. Lol.

Also see connection in esther…. Esther risked beheading herself by standing up for her newly found heritage and peoples by going against all those who sat with the throne.. Herown husband who was king and about to murder all the jews… Esther was able to convince her husband to not only be OK with her being a jew… The king accepted Judaism as His own religion and instead of decreeing killings of the jews… He ordered the beheading of Haman who had come up with the whole plan… Yet another snake trying to obstruct goodness in history. Sad this unholinessor confusion of what and who G-d is has become out of control. Im trying my best, oh Lord. For you have already proven to me time after time.. That through you — G-d — I can literally accomplish the unprecedented… Make the impossible possible … This is exactly what salome alexandra and esther and moses and dinah and Joseph and columbus and Galileo and Plato and bar Yochai and socrates abd marcus tulliua Cicero and the founding bros of the Israel and america have done. Which was contribute  in the founding and fight against all odds and thus revolutionize what  a truly free society means to mankind. Being ruled under G-ds Laws, under nature’s Laws, has shown humanity through history and our cosmic memories— we are alotted infinitely more freedoms  than any utopia …. In fact in all utopian societies which continue depriving mankind of his G-d given rights to live freely, have proven to fail all the people all the time and eventually the kingdom who destroyed and killed their peoples will crumble and die on itself. I.e. See Roman Empire.  From the beginning, G-d, You have fed us with gold. I hope more people read torah or have the mind to at least read into the actual old testament instead of their fake news kjv bibles and the like. I am confident again. thank you G-d.

Also dinah was raped and sent into slavery by her bros (only daughter of Leah and jacob) 11th child… She was cast out and able to raise the future children of Israel… Ephraim and manasseh… Who were supposedly Jacob’s faves. They all moved to the land of Egypt and her son’s and her lived as royalty. Joseph was the 2nd youngest child of the Israeli scattered tribe that cast both dinah and Joseph out for being different and sharing prophetic dreams… Aka g-ds teachings… Just like in adam and Eve… The casting out of their tribes was a blessing to the ones being sold into slavery and abandoned by their so called families.  It was a curse on the tribes who would become sick and die or live a life of suffering and anguish because they chose to follow the status quo … Chose to ignore G-ds messages . . and chose to be cruel to their own blood bc of jealousy and selfish hatred. The brothers or the tribes lived years and years of poverty ans unhappiness while Joseph also moved to Egypt after being purchased out of slavery for his dreams he became a professional dream reader for pharoah in Egypt and lived a purposeful life and married Dinahs daughter qho was half jew half Egyptian. Or Hellenistic. ??? who was also now a princess or Egypt… So to speak… Blessings arenot hidden they are just so significant its hard for our modern day selves to see the chances and gifts and vlessings G-d gives all of us to return these gratitude upon one another..the happier u are.. The smarter you are… The more spiritually inclined you are… You have the ability to listen and then take the actions for the morally correct side.. Which is always on Gds side…  Even if it means you die in the name of the struggle. Trust in the Almighty and live in your commandments. Know your portions and fulfill the order while you can.

In comparison…In the book of Moses, G-d sends Moses into salvation in order for His soul and the soul of those who were killed in the name of courage and justice and defending our Creator and moral truths… To redeem our ancestors so Gd can deliver their souls into an era of peace finally to experience a lifetime of freedom and success because G-d chooses to reward the true martyrs who seek attention from no one except for HaShem. Aim to please my boss for life? Always been a no brainer. Ever since I could absorb the knowledge from the tree of Life I have been determines to not walk away from my task. Eve was born out of the rib of Adam because Adam needed Her to save the world.

Thus the casting out of a tribe who forced you to merely survive in a land of zero tolerance policies is just another blessing of salvation,  camouflaged in the history  lessons of man,  strengthened by the bonds of time, space, and constitutional democracy.


Copyright. All rights reserved. Karen Ben-Moyal, 2019.