The U.N. Delusion

United Nations = Democracy of Tyrants 
The Preamble to the United Nations Charter states that it was created to “to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war,  promote fundamental human rights, the equality of women and economic and social progress.” from its founding in 1945 to date…  The United Nations has not only failed to champion these ideals, it is actively destroying them — under the guise of tolerance, idealism, multiculturalism and peace.

The United Nations has closed its eyes to invasions, tolerated genocide and accepted injustice. “Where there is tyranny it is timid, but where there is freedom it is vicious.” It knows no law but power, and it knows no justice but accommodation with a totalitarian majority. In the past this majority was assembled by the USSR and its vassal states. Today the totalitarian majority answers to the dictates of the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

On June 26, 1945, the representatives of 50 nations met and signed the treaty that created the United Nations. The Republic of China, the first nation to sign, exists now only as an isolated chain of islands, abandoned by its former allies and shut out at the UN. The nation that has taken its seat is the People’s Republic of China, a Communist dictatorship responsible for the deaths of 40 million of its own people. The UN’s treatment of the first signatory to its charter is representative of how the politicization of its laws and the degradation of its principles have undermined the founding ideals of this organization. UN Resolution 2758 mandated the expulsion of the Republic of China “for the protection of the Charter of the United Nations and for the cause that the United Nations must serve under the Charter.”2* The nation that put forward this resolution replacing a founding member with a Communist dictatorship was the Socialist People’s Republic of Albania, another Communist dictatorship, which kept its own labor camps and tortured political prisoners, and whose economy was heavily subsidized by the People’s Republic of China. The resolution barred the first signatory to the UN Charter from ever reapplying for membership in the international organization – officially in the name of protecting the UN Charter, but actually in the name of protecting the territorial ambitions of the People’s Republic of China and the political alliance of The USSR, the second signatory, was already responsible for the murder of tens of millions through its program of ethnic cleansing and mass repression. Its signature on the Charter did not alter its policies. Its gulags did not close as a result; its armies did not pull back from captive nations. A number of the 50 original signatories were already on the verge of being made satellites of the Soviet Empire. The 51st, Poland, was delayed from joining the 50 by a Soviet-backed Communist takeover. Even as the ink was drying on a charter of world peace, the second signatory to that charter was forging the chains that would bind a tenth of the other signatories into a totalitarian empire. In the two months after the UN treaty signing in San Francisco, the signatories would issue new declarations of war, drop nuclear weapons and fight civil wars. It was a reminder that very little had changed or would change: that for all the idealistic sentiments of its Charter, the UN was an affirmation….

From 1975-1979, the Khmer Rouge Communist Party carried out one of the bloodiest reigns of terror in the second half of the 20th century, causing the deaths of millions. During and after this “Cambodian Genocide,” the UN Security Council did not issue a single resolution, nor recognize the event as a major atrocity, resulting in 1.671 and 1.871 million deaths in total, or 21 to 24 percent of Cambodia’s population at the time.  While millions were dying, the UN occupied itself with condemning the Israeli expulsion of the Sharia judge of Hebron and the United States for allowing former members of the Rhodesian government to enter the country. In fact, it is significant to note that was not UN action but the Vietnamese invasion that finally put an end to the worst of the Pol Pot’s terror. The United Nations, after being approached by the Cambodian government nearly two decades later, finally got down to the task of trying some of those involved for genocide.

In 2011, one of the most hateful events took place when the  United Nations met in a city with the second largest Jewish population in the world. Soon after the anniversary of the 9/11 massacre of three thousand Americans almost a decade prior, the United Nations General Assembly recognized the existence of a Palestinian state. Even though the Gaza half of that proposed state was not only governed by the Hamas terrorist regime and their donors, it also had and still has an infamous charter calling for the destruction of Israel and the genocide of the Jewish people. Events that unfolded that September were just more reminders to the world that the United Nations is not only a biased organization, but that it is a conspiracy of tyrants and terrorists.

And finally there is the instance of the UN Kenya office which resettled refugees in exchange for bribes. An ugly example of how UN corruption and greed perverts even its humanitarian missions. The culture of corruption at the United Nations means that it is unrecoverable as an organization. The UN has taken on the corrupt character of the worst of its member states and further involvement with it diverts  America’s success in missions domestically and abroad — which means further hindering the American economy and struggling to influence free market and foreign policies overseas while regional stability and overall peace efforts are weakened worldwide….

The U.N.’s obsessive war against the free world has become its own war as well. The 65th General Assembly session had 16 resolutions targeting Israel. Burma, Iran and North Korea were hit with one each. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency is dedicated to aiding the Palestinians with half of that money going through the hands of the terror group Hamas.

But whether it’s the UNRWA or WHO or UNESCO, the Human Rights Council or the International Labor Organization, the Commission on the Status of Women or the International Court of Justice; there is only one real item on the agenda: Israel.

The Isaiah Wall opposite the United Nations carries a quote from Isaiah, but a more appropriate quote would be from Ecclesiastes. “That which is crooked cannot be made straight.” The United Nations was crooked from its very beginning. Its spine was bent, its morals were bent and its purpose was bent. The tyrants and terrorists  of the world have bent it to their will.

In order to truly understand the ROOTS of the corruption constantly recycled throughout the United Nations of Terror, we must glimpse into past misconceptions and illegal, immoral behavior that has gone on too long and been tolerated by the ranking members of the United Nations, those who have been pulling the strings since the founding of the bizarre organization. We must focus on studying on the rocky foundations, relationships, and broken promises the U.N. set up and carried out in broad daylight, both during and after the years leading up to the reestablishment of the State of Israel in 1948.  An investigation into the vague and mostly hurtful responses the U.N. initiated towards Israel being attacked repeatedly in numerous wars is required– those of which Israelis had to act fast, mostly alone, and without ANY help from the U.N.  Even on their own, or with the help of American support if available,  Israeli DEFENSE wars and state building had to take place before the nation had a sovereign, secure, fair, and democratic governance system, and this was indeed done without any U.N. assistance, in fact it was done with heavy U.N. burden and hindrances that added to the anti peace agenda Israel was trying so hard to fight against. 
Finally, let’s look at just some of the abundant evidences which prove the true intentions of the United Nations– evil intentions which were in opposition of peace for Israelis and show the U.N. only had zero desire for justice at all. To start off, we can view the data charts below, and can see clearly the immense hate for Jews the U.N. held from day 1. By simply following the money trails, it becomes apparent that the millions of dollars stolen each year  from the U.S. to pay the U.N. has cost American tax payers a fortune, and has simultaneously gone towards the funding of terror and death and anti freedom causes.  The U.N. has obviously painted their fiscal portraits, made public, of utterly falsified facts and data– the truths spelled out here, however, will really shed light on how the U.N. has used American values as a platform to fund themselves and terrorists, and even these short findings will show just how realistic it is that this organizations’ actions — since October of 1945– have directly resulted in high death tolls, numerous and various broken treatises, and an infinite supply of anti Semitic lies, anti- peace missions have been committed by U.N. corruption.

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Using the slideshow images above to calculate the ACTUAL percentages of survey distributions cited by the United Nations throughout the last decade. One can immediately account for the enormity of disillusionment the U.N. fosters and continues utilizing in ongoing efforts to blind the world through false surveys and blatant lies.

First we can discuss the claim made by many millennials who proclaim themselves Republicans: In contrast to the arguments commonly made by liberals countering Israel’s right to statehood, Americans on the right tend to make the argument revolving around the false and unsubstantiated claims which assume their fears for American tax dollars and foreign aid being wasted on Israel.Most in this category falsely account for the State of Israel’s blame to be shed on the country’s BORROWING of “too much money in foreign American aid.” Of course they forgot to account for the statistics of the world in which you will discover that America sends funds to almost all world nations, even enemies of the state, increasingly each year.  Not to mention, since the miracle that was the 2016 election of our current commander in chief, Donald trump has managed to work with Israel in eventual economic sovereignty  of the state of Israel to occur over the next few years. This means that since 1948, Israel has managed to eliminate debt to their American allies while growing towards economic dependence and are now beginning to fund world nations themselves, without having to rely on American aid ever again. Today, Israel is a sovereign nation, simultaneous in relieving America of some financial distress and are the second growing leaders of technological advancements to the world. Actually, Israel has also been watching over the United States in terms of carrying the weight shifted by Obama’s failed 8 years which would have resulted in major decline of not only United States, but was a major blow to global progress. Israel continued in research and continue to hold the title of the number one country to contribute strategic considering  agricultural growth and trade, weaponry development, advancements in space exoneration while NASA was removed by Obama at the beginning of his first term here in the states. Israel maintained balance of the world’s achievements and growth in all forms during the stagnant 8 years of Obama term. While America’s position eventually declined in all its former glory for the first time, in all areas relating to world  globalization, the world allies of America would have been left in the dust if it had not been for the state of Israel’s actions during the time. The eternal U.S. flame was held high by the state of Israel, even if Americans themselves were living in darkness here at home, Israel took major actions towards noble efforts as they saved the expertise learned by their best friends since israel’s reestablishment in 48, the nation was able to uphold fundamental advancements formerly carried out by only the  U S of A.. Israel modeled America’s historic strategies for war, law, and peace,  this allowed for Israel to carry some of the American burden ignored by the Obama Admin. for almost a decade. Israel made successful strides before, during, and after Obama’s two terms of doom, however, the fact that the small and young state of Israel was able to significantly improve and even upstart new democratic missions shared by the two countries sacred bonds revolving shared values between them, was a noble achievement in itself.  Not only did Israel give the world new ideas and gain economic control of themselves and others in the region, they were able to hold down the American fort while Hitler incarnate sat in the white house and steered both citizens of the U.S., as well as institutions, especially the  United nations, to frame his anti israel biases and destructive ideas as those of the masses. This was all distorted mostly through the media, another counterpart in the circle of anti freedom fighters that made America fall at record breaking declines. ALL OF which sent shock to America’s former allies,  israeli investors, strategic and trade partners, as well as americans themselves. However, Bibi Netanyahu was able to envision truth and harvest light, at least enough for law makers and the israeli government as a whole to see the truths which were blinded during the time and it was truly a blessing Netanyahu was sitting rime minister during America’s darkest hour since the civil war. This allowed for israel and Her citizens to maintain respect for America through and through. One administration shadowed so much truth while mass media gave way for highest divisions here at home and throughout the U.K. and canada, fueling hate and anti semitism disguised by the never ending news and social media highlights falsifying the state of American progress, and in the meantime covering the atrocities commited under obama by the feds during the 8 years he used to kick start the very real on sight of a world war 3 .. even after U.S. former back to back wins in world wars 1 and 2 made it nearly impossible for  anyone or nation in this dimension to bring the rise of another world war,  the rest of the world and its leaders were set into wartime motion efforts, seeking refuge for future attacks and shelter, while living with the most concerning fears of the era we are living in, terrorist attack after terrorist attack to all regions of the world and here at home, made the chaos all the more real and the fear of innocent civilians all over the world rise along with the anxieties of the neglected American allies as they watch USA transform into thin air or slowly become stacked against the leaders the globe once relied on, can’t imagine the allies feelings of losing their nuclear umbrellas, their safety exposed while the threat of a nuclear holocaust beginning to take form with the holders of the most destructive and dangerous nukes and military weapons being the enemies of the U.S. who were once defenseless  and yet held the firearms and manpower to make this nightmare almost tangible to the eyes of the surrounding regions and civilizations whose dictators were gaining more means for destroying America and Israel every day obama sat in the white house. All such distortions were all made evident by the force of the U.N.’s  guiding shadows, United Nations set the lights of darkness not quite ready for destruction but growing significantly each year, towards ultimate disaster, and loss of freedom’s virtues were for the first time brought against the lights of hope, the lights using all their extra strength to combat the darkness, burning away the darkness caused the shadows to stay shadows, but as we know from historic events, eternal flames are only eternal if they are able to shine on forever. The chances for these lights to continue burning were shed each day, shining less and less over the years and this was also evident here at home, and all over the globe.    At this time, the world’s leading countries grew tired and became misguided and thus were sent even more off track by the obama admin.’s ongoing, hateful attempts to divide and conquer via media outlet resources.

A great miracle however, was to take lead of the downwards course of events; the effects of justice soared steadily throughout the  months of the newly elected leaders in America in 2016, and this caused the start of this great miracle.

Thus, before we even realized it ourselves,

Israel watched, alongside the entire world,


A Great Miracle Happened;


and There.

Thankfully, Israel was able to steer clear of  all the lies resulting from the webs entangled within our very own American nation. While fighting for their own freedom, Israel continued to create strides that have led the world towards higher pursuits for peace,  resulting in one of the leading reasons america’s advantages was automatically restored, once Obama was out of office that is. Israel now holds the torch in creating their own defenses, in both numbers in army  combat as well as military stations  and missions to assist impoverished nations all over the world, whether it was through trade of resources or Israel  becoming the savior of nations who had been hit hard by natural disasters in need of aid and rescue. Not to mention, Obama era called for zero strategical/ technological advances in regards to medicine and educative efforts for growth.

UN Logic  also Singles Israel out as the only country in the ENTIRE world that discriminates against women.

This is mind boggling because when you actually USE logic you’ll discover that there is only one place in the middle east that grants their supreme court to women, the ONLY judiciary system in the middle east  in which an Arab woman, male, Jew, Hindu, Ethiopian, Hispanic, Asian, LGBTQ person, etc. may have the right to vote and the right to a fair trial. Only ONE tiny state in the ENTIRE region allows the virtues that come with freedom of speech, right to assembly, equality under the law, etc.

And that place is the State of Israel.


27 Statement to the Knesset by Prime Minister Ben-Gurion- 15 October 1956
15 Oct 1956
VOLUMES 1-2: 1947-1974


27. Statement to the Knesset by Prime Minister Ben-Gurion, 15 October 1956.

Opening the general debate in the Knesset with a major address on Israel’s defence position, Mr. Ben-Gurion stated that Israel would feel free to act if Iraqi troops entered Jordan. He hinted that there had been vast improvement in Israel’s armaments and concluded by declaring that Israel might be “facing fateful decisions and events:”


“There has been a distinct improvement in the power of the Israel Defence Forces, although I must point out with grave anxiety that Egypt alone still has an enormous arms superiority over Israel, both at sea and in the air, and even on land. It has destroyers, and submarines; it has heavy tanks British, Czech, and Soviet; it has Soviet jet fighters and bombers superior in quality and quantity to anything we possess. If we add the constantly increasing armaments of the other Arab countries, we have still more cause for anxiety. Nevertheless we are not as defenceless as we were at the beginning of the year. I am confident, as is every commander in the Israel Defence Forces, that any conflict with Egypt or with the rest of the Arab armies will end in our victory. Our desire, however, is to prevent war and to safeguard our rights, our position, and our security. That can be achieved in one way only: if our friends and the true lovers of peace supply us with sufficient defensive arms not lower in quality than those of the enemy, even if not in the same quantity. Only if we receive sufficient arms of superior quality will the enemy be deterred from initiating a war against us, violating our rights, and endangering our position. Arms of this type and in sufficient quantity, even if in smaller quantity than those of our enemies, these we do not possess even now. Hence we insist upon our demand for arms first of all from the United States, which does not desire a war in the Middle East and wishes well both to Israel and the Arab peoples. The enemy will not dare to attack us, only when he knows that we are well equipped according to his own concepts, and peace will prevail in this region. The Arab rulers cannot appreciate, as we do, the value, importance, character, and spirit of the man who does the fighting; they do not cherish human life and the values men hold apart from their own lives and their own importance. The enormous arms superiority at their disposal may intoxicate them and upset their mental balance, since they never cease to proclaim to their masses that there is war between them and Israel which can end only with our destruction.”

In a speech to mark the anniversary of the British evacuation of the Suez Canal on June 19, Gamal Abdel Nasser proclaimed: “We must be strong in order to regain the rights of the Palestinian nation by force.” And Abdul Hakim Amer, Nasser’s confidant, Minister of Defence and Commander-in-Chief of the Egyptian Army, addressed the Egyptian forces in the Gaza Strip on February 5 as follows: “The hour is approaching when I and my comrades in the Revolutionary Council will stand in the front ranks of the battle against imperialism and its Zionist ally.” After Amer was appointed Supreme Commander of the armies of Egypt, Syria, and Saudi Arabia, he said in Alexandria on June 11: “The danger of Israel no longer exists. The Egyptian Army has enough strength to wipe Israel off the map.” Shukri el-Kuwatli, President of Syria and Nasser’s ally, declared on April 2: “The present situation demands the mobilisation of all Arab strength to liquidate the state that has arisen in our region. Israel is like a cancer, and is not content to feed only on its own manpower, but is also assisted by World Zionism.” The Prime Minister of Syria, Sabri el-Asali, declared in the Parliament at Damascus on June 28: “Our foreign policy is based on a war against imperialism, Zionism, and Israel, on non-recognition of the theft of Palestine, on opposition to peace with Israel and on strengthening the blockade against her.” And Jordan’s King Hussein wired the Egyptian dictator on July 28: “We look forward to the future when the Arab flag will fly over our great stolen country. Day after day the Egyptian, Jordanian, Syrian, Iraqi and Saudi Arabian armies listen to the hostile incitements and calls for war of their commanders and rulers; and while we are strong enough to defend ourselves and resist an attack, we are not well enough equipped to deter our enemies, bent on war and planning hostile acts against us. We are subjected almost every day to guerrilla war conducted against us by some our neighbours, especially Egypt and Jordan, through organised and well equipped bands of killers, called Fedayeen or by other names. Under instructions they cross the borders from time to time, and murder anyone they come across: workers in the fields, passers-by, worshippers in the synagogues, women and children in their sleep, watchmen in the fields or on the roads, Jews, Druzes or members of other minority communities. This is not done at random, but is thoroughly organised with the consent of the governments. Until 1953 Jordan took the lead in this type of war. In 1954 Egypt assumed leadership in the murderous enterprise, and in 1954 and 1955 Egypt inflicted on us 242 casualties in killed and wounded.”

“….In April this year the Secretary General of the UN, Dag Hammarskjold, came to Israel and made a great effort to secure a cease-fire on our borders, even if the other Articles of the Armistice Agreements were not observed. The Government of Israel was prepared to carry out the Armistice Agreements in their entirety, on conditions of mutuality, and it agreed to observe the cease-fire even if the other Articles were violated by our neighbours, if only they observed the cease-fire. The first to violate this renewed undertaking were Egypt and Jordan. Egypt sent its Fedayeen from all the Arab countries to sabotage military installations and blow up public buildings in Israel. It renewed mine laying by Egyptian saboteurs on Israeli roads in the south and the Negev. When the Suez crisis broke out the Egyptian border became quiet for the moment yet another proof that these operations were planned by the Egyptian government; all murders and sabotage have recently emanated from the Hashemite Kingdom. But the day after the Security Council session, after the conclusion of the Suez affair, Egypt sent her gangsters into action again. Only yesterday a band of Egyptian Fedayeen sent into Israel in the Sinai area was captured near Sde Boker. Shortly after the departure of the UN Secretary General, Jordanians blew up a two-story house at Aziz, near Kfar Yavetz. On that same day a police vehicle was attacked near Kfar Saba. A tractor driver was murdered from ambush near Kubeiba, and an Israeli citizen was murdered south of Jerusalem. Two civilians were murdered near Nir Eliyahu and one was wounded by gunfire. An Israeli car was mined near Afula and an Israeli policeman injured. A civilian vehicle was attacked near Ein Hatseva in the Arava and two of its passengers were murdered. In the outskirts of the capital, at M’vaseret Yerushalayim, hand grenades were concealed as booby-traps and Jewish workers were shot at. At Ma’aleh Hahamisha a grenade was thrown into the children’s quarters. A bus was attacked on the way to Eilat; four Israelis were killed and nine injured. Near Um-el-Fahem in the “Triangle” an Israeli patrol was attacked and a soldier killed. In the Duweima area six Israeli soldiers were murdered and two injured. At Ein Ephrayim three guards, Israeli Druze, were murdered by a Jordanian gang which is known to us. These men confessed their deeds to the Jordanian police but King Hussein himself ordered their release a few days ago. Arab Legionnaires opened fire on an archaeological gathering at Ramat Rahel, killing four and injuring sixteen. A Yemenite woman picking olives in the village of Aminadav was killed by the Jordanians, and that same day Jordanians murdered a tractor driver at Maoz Hayim and wounded his comrade. A Jordanian gang again murdered five Israelis in an ambush not far from Sodom, and, finally, two Israeli workers were murdered by Jordanians last week near Even Yehuda. After the Egyptian and Jordanian outrages, we demanded week after week that the UN representatives take substantial steps to ensure that the Arab countries put an end to these murderous attacks and loyally observe their cease-fire obligations.”

“…All our insistence was in vain. I do not accuse the UN officials of lack of goodwill, but they turned out to be helpless to compel our neighbours to keep their promises. The chain of murders continued. We had no alternative but to take action ourselves for our self-defence, which is a natural right; perhaps more than a right: the duty of the State….”

…..According to the UN Charter, every member of the United Nations Organisation has the right self-defence. Article 5 1 of the Charter says: “Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defence if an armed attack occurs against a member of the United Nations, until the Security Council has taken measures necessary to maintain international peace and security.

….Yet there are some United Nations representatives who deny Israel this right to self-defence. They give the name “reprisals” to our defence against the murders organised and encouraged by the Egyptian and Jordanian authorities, and in his report to the Security Council dated May 9, the UN Secretary General denied the right to these 11 reprisals.” Even if the Charter had not expressly safeguarded the right of self-defence for every people, it has inherent validity…..

….The UN has demonstrated its incapacity I do not say unwillingness to put an end to repeated and systematic murders of Israeli citizens. As far as I know, this is the only country in the world whose citizens are not sure of their lives owing to the dispatch of bands of murderers against them by the rulers of neighbouring countries. I cannot imagine that there is a single country in the world that would leave its people defenceless against murders organised by neighbouring governments…

….The UN Observers and the UN Secretary General are as well aware as we are that these gangs conduct their activities on the orders of their governments, and that Egypt holds the leading position in organising, equipping, and training these gangs, and in planning their activities…..

….The Fedayeen we have captured have confessed as much in the courts, and the Egyptian Minister of War, Hassan al-Bakuri, spoke as follows in a broadcast over the Cairo radio station Sant al-Arab, controlled by the Egyptian dictator: “There is no reason why the loyal Fedayeen, who hit their enemies, should not penetrate deep into Israel, and make the lives of its people a hell.” The Government of Israel will not allow its country to be transformed into a hell. The murderers and those who send them will not be allowed to escape without punishment, severe punishment. 

“…..We will not allow ourselves to be deprived of the right of self-defence as long as the UN and its Security Council are incapable of putting an end to these murders. As long as the Arab rulers honour their signature to the cease-fire, there will be tranquillity on the borders, for Israel has never violated and will never violate its promise.

“…The UN is founded on the principles of peace and justice, which are no less precious to us than to anyone else. It is our obligation and privilege to ensure, as far as it lies within our power, that these principles should apply to us as much as to other members of the UN….”

“….It is inconceivable that Israel should consent to discrimination: one rule for ourselves and another for the rest of the world.

“The first Article of the Charter declares that the object of the United-Nations is to safeguard international peace and security, and to this end collective measures have to be undertaken for the prevention and removal of threats to peace. But we are subject to overt and continual threats from the rulers of the Arab countries Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. The Arab press is full of these threats, and so are the radio and public speeches of the Egyptian dictator, the King of Jordan, the Syrian President, King Saud in concert or each by himself. Yet nothing is done by representatives of the UN, here or in any other place, for the “prevention and removal” of these threats. That same Article I requires “adjustment or settlement of international disputes by peaceful means.” Year after year we have demanded such a settlement. We have proposed a meeting with the Arab rulers for a peace settlement or at least for the prevention of aggression. But ours has been the voice that crieth in the wilderness.

“….We have protested against the fact that UN member nations are organising an economic boycott against us with the object of undermining our economy, although Article 11, paragraph 4 of the Charter expressly forbids such a hostile act. How is it possible to reconcile the boycott and blockade of Israel, publicly organised and implemented by the Arab states, with the UN Charter?…”

“….And if these two things cannot be reconciled, what have the institutions of the UN done, or attempted to do, to safeguard our elementary rights according to the Charter, and to prevent and bring to an end these hostile activities?….”

“…This year we have made desperate efforts to preserve peace, in our region, even the present shaky peace, and we are always prepared to co-operate in any attempt to establish lasting peace. But the British announcement that immediately followed the declaration of Nuri Said, the Iraqi Prime Minister, designed to force on Israel a peace settlement on the basis of the 1947 Partition Plan, cannot be accepted as a step toward peace. This is a disguised attack on the integrity of our borders. I do not know what were the original sources of this doubtful peace initiative, but the Government of Israel has already expressed its determined opposition to the speech of the British Prime Minister in the Guildhall on this question on November 15, 1955…..”

“We have not taken a single foot of soil from Egypt, Syria, or Lebanon, and they will not receive from us a single foot of our soil. Egypt still occupies the Gaza Strip, which does not belong to her, and the Hashemite government has taken over, without any legal right, portions of western Palestine, and it certainly has no claims of any kind to parts of our territory. We have said more than once that frontier rectifications here and there, through mutual agreement and for the benefit of both sides can be considered, but this scheme, to cut up the State of Israel, which has made its way from Baghdad to the Guildhall or from Guildhall to Baghdad, will never succeed. This proposal is apparently intended to distract the attention of the Arab world from the grave Suez problem, and to direct it toward Israel. That problem, now the focus of world public attention, has not been revived for Israel’s benefit.”

“As for the Suez problem that has now been placed in the centre of the international stage, there has been no change as far as Israel is concerned. With respect to Israel’s freedom of navigation through the canal, the impotence of the United Nations has been obvious for several years. The Security Council, whose function it is to safeguard peace and international justice, has not done its duty or implemented its own decision on Israel’s freedom of navigation in the canal….”

“Article I of the Treaty of Constantinople of 1888 says: “The Suez Maritime Canal shall always be free and open, in time of war as in time of peace, to every vessel of commerce or of war, without distinction of flag … The High Contracting Parties agree not to interfere in any way with the free use of the canal, in time of war as in time of peace.” Article 10 of the treaty does, it is true, give Egypt the right to take steps to safeguard the defence of Egypt and the maintenance of public order, but Article II immediately adds that “measures which shall be taken in these cases shall not interfere with the free use of the canal.”

“….The UN Charter stipulates that the United Nations are determined “to establish conditions under which justice and the respect for the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international law can be maintained.” When the Soviet Union proposed the addition of a long list of countries to those to be invited, including even some that had no connection whatever with the canal, such as Jordan, she too “forgot” to add the State of Israel to the list. In paragraphs 2 and 3 of Article I it is stated that the purposes of the UNare, among other things, to foster “equality of rights” among nations. Yet in violation of both t he Treaty of Constantinople and the principles of the UN Charter, Egypt has imposed a blockade on Israeli ships, as well as on other ships carrying fuel and other cargoes to Israel, depriving them of the right of transit through the canal….”

“….In 1951 the Security Council rejected Egypt’s contention that she was in a state of war with Israel. It ruled that the Armistice Agreements put an end to the state of war, that Israel has the right to free passage through the Suez Canal, and that the Egyptian government may not violate this right. Egypt has been violating this Security Council decision for five years, and neither the UN authorities nor the Security Council itself have taken a single step in all that time to ensure the implementation of the decision, nor have UN Observers been sent to the canal to verify whether the decision was being carried out or not…..”

“….The Israel Government approached some states to demand that Israel should have the same right of navigation in the canal as any other country. We received assurances from several governments that Israel’s rights of navigation would be safeguarded by the establishment of a regime of free navigation for all the peoples. The President of the United States was asked by a journalist at the end of last month about the Egyptian blockade on Israeli shipping for seven years. He replied that of course the blockade was a black mark that had been in existence for a long time. It was most unjust, and he believed it was not in keeping with the Constantinople Treaty of 1888. In an earlier interview, his Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles, said that Israeli ships and cargoes, whether or not she was a member of the Canal Users’ Association, would have all the facilities in the Association….”

“….The Security Council session came to an end two days ago with the formulation of six decisions. The first says that “there shall be free and open transit through the canal without discrimination.” On the surface this seems to be a satisfactory decision. But I must warn against false optimism. This decision says less that what is laid down in the Constantinople Treaty, and though the Egyptian dictator has never repudiated that treaty, he has violated it as far as Israel is concerned, and has persevered in the violation even after the Security Council expressly decided five years ago that Israel is entitled to freedom of navigation in the Suez Canal….”

“….It is our duty, therefore, to declare from this rostrum that Israel will not submit to any discrimination in respect of her sovereign international rights, and that the continuation of the arbitrary blockade that the Egyptian dictator has imposed on Israeli shipping in the Suez Canal and the Red Sea straits will disturb the stability of the peace in the Middle East. International justice and peace are indivisible. The President of the United States was right when he declared a few days ago that peace is inevitably bound up with justice. Peace and justice, he said, must be carried out together, otherwise it is not peace. The Egyptian dictator endangers the peace in the region by violating international justice….”

“….It is a common saying in Israel that we are isolated. In this there is some truth, but also some falsehood. In a certain sense we are the most isolated people in the world, by our origins, history, spiritual characteristics, and our status in the world. But in a different sense Israel has friends and admirers no less than any other small people, and we enjoy the friendship and sympathy of a number of countries in Europe, North and South America, and Asia, although from the formal point of view we have no allies. In addition, we benefit considerably from international political and material assistance. An outstanding example is the substantial help we have received from the United States in loans and grants. And we are now engaged in negotiations with the Export-Import Bank for a large loan for irrigation needs, and a delegation from the bank is coming here shortly for that purpose…. We must clearly understand how friendships and alliances among nations come into being. Some countries easily acquire friends because they are great and powerful, control rich and extensive territories, and have populations of scores or even hundreds of millions. Other countries acquire friends as a result of a common religion or language, like some of the Arab countries, the countries of Latin America, or the countries of Scandinavia. Some countries enter into alliances because they have a common enemy or object of fear. Israel does not possess great power, tremendous wealth, or broad territories; she has no common language, religion, or race with any other state; and the peoples who are closest to us from the point of view of language and race are the Arab peoples who, for historical and, I believe, temporary reasons, are at present our bitterest enemies…..”

“….What, then, is the real basis for the acquisition of friends by Israel? One factor is the Jewish Dispersion. Jewish communities in some countries serve as a bond and a bridge between Israel and the country in question. There are many countries, however, where the Jews are not an important political or public factor, or where there are hardly any Jews; this applies to almost all the countries of Asia and central Africa. In the Scandinavian countries there are indeed small Jewish communities, but they do not have any real influence. A common enemy may at a particular moment fulfil the function of bringing two states closer together, but this negative factor is subject to change, and no permanent foreign policy can be built on it. In our case, almost all the great powers are anxious to win the friendship of our enemy, the Arab rulers, and some powers show hostility to Israel for the sole purpose of currying favour with the Arab states.

“……We must clarify to ourselves what is the permanent, enduring basis on which we can found our aspiration to acquire friends and allies. There can be only one such basis: the light of our creative, liberating achievements, our capacity to be a model to other peoples, and our ability to assist backward peoples through scientific, technical, and cultural guidance, without any likelihood or tendency on our part to dominate others. Instead of the common religion, language, and race which serve to cement the alliances of other nations, we can gain friends and allies on the basis of common values, and the interests involved in these values. As far as we have succeeded in gaining sympathy and goodwill in the world and we have succeeded in no small measure we have done so only because of the cultural, spiritual, and social radiance of our work. Any endeavour that is in the nature of a light to the Gentiles is an emissary of our little state, capable of winning sympathy, friendship, and goodwill for Israel….”

“…..Through all the generations, and in our own day as well, we have looked upon the revival of Israel as a work of redemption, creation and peace, the rebuilding of the ruins of our Homeland, the assembling of the scattered sons of our people to weld them together as a united nation, firmly rooted in the soil of the land of our fathers, in the spiritual heritage of the nation throughout the generations, in the values of Israel’s prophecy, and in the spiritual and scientific achievements of our own day and the days to come; an independent nation co-operating on a basis of universal equality and partnership in the efforts of the human race toward material and spiritual advancement, liberty, and equality, as human beings all of whom without distinction of nationality, colour, religion, or sex have been created in the image of God. That is the messianic vision, which for thousands of years has throbbed in the heart of the Jewish people, and which, it is my profound conviction, has brought us to this point. Only if we remain loyal to it throughout our lives will our historic aspirations be realised…..”

“…..Our grave concerns about security, which will not easily or speedily be brought to an end, and which must have first priority among our needs must not distract our attention for a moment from the positive tasks and ideals that are the soul of our messianic vision. The development of the country and the bringing of new life to the wasteland, the absorption and the integration of the immigrants, the fostering of science and scholarship, the education and the pioneering training of the younger generation, the enhancement of skill, productivity, and quality in our labour, a determined struggle for economic independence meaning that we must earn our living only through our own efforts and liberate ourselves from our dependence on external aid the removal of communal barriers and the unification of the various communities, the increase of the birth rate, and the fostering of national health, the liquidation of the slums and the teaching of the Hebrew language, the safeguarding of a minimum in the cultural and economic sphere for the whole people, the establishment of a regime of social justice and human freedom all these are our daily bread. They are indispensable for their own sakes and at the same time strengthen our security and ensure the survival of the State of Israel…..”

“…..It is our duty not only to sustain the State of Israel but to transform it into a magnet for the House of Israel. This is not too difficult for us if we all arm ourselves with goodwill and bear the burdens of the State willingly; if we lend a hand to our brothers who are returning to us from impoverished exile; if we work hard and diligently and conduct our economic affairs efficiently and frugally; if we prefer the needs of the community to those of individuals and sections; if we treat each other with respect and mutual trust; if we dare to look the difficulties and the dangers facing us boldly in the eye; if we intensify our iron determination to overcome them in a spirit of true comradeship; and, above all, if the love of Israel reigns in our midst, that wonderful source of energy that activates our dear sons and daughters who risk their lives in defense of our persons, our borders, and our independence on nights of anxiety, heroism, and self-sacrifice. We must stand guard with open eyes, with goodwill, with foresight, with strong determination, and with increased military strength. We are faced with the need for a supreme effort in the area of security, for it is forced on us by external factors and hostile forces. We may be facing fateful decisions and events. Let us stand ready and united, and the Rock of Israel will not fail us.”

– Ben Gurion, Excerpts & Examples Dealing with the U.N., Until 1956

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