Calling Out the Purim Plot of the 21st Century, before it is too Late to Save the Jews from Our Current Holocaust Arising from within our Own House in the United States House and Chambers of Congress


Copyright. 2020. Karen Ben-Moyal.

In sum, the festival of Purim celebrates the Jews survival over an ancient Persian extermination plot. Told through the Book of Esther, or the Megillah in Hebrew, the story involves a young orphan, unknowingly Jewisg woman, named Esther, whom became the wife of King Achashverosh, King of ancient Persia. After Mordechai, the Jew, takes Esther under His wing in informing her of the evil plot by Haman, the kings’ right hand, who conspired to carry out plan in killing the Jewish people, because Haman held a grudge against those who dont bow to his highness nor to the throne of any man nor ‘king,’ Since the true Jew knows that there is only a one King of the universe,, Adonai Echad, Mordechai led Esther in winning and avenging a religious war against the Jewish people. Esther had no idea she was Jewish before Mordechai came into her consciousness, and she stood in the face of all odds against her own husband whom later agreed with Esther and the king hangs Haman and his ancient nazi rebellion Comrads instead of his beloved Jewish Queen, because Esther stood up for herself and her people in a time when the course of events in history oppresses the freedom of Jews women or anyone– to practice or speak of their religious relationship, bowing only to G-d, for strength comes from no man at all! Thus, Esther established herself as a heroine among her Jewish brethren whom would have been persecuted in their own community in Persia, and instead, the bravery of Queen Esther, along with the guidance and spirit of Mordecai the Jew, has become a legend told for generations and generations, celebrated each year during Purim in the month of Adar. The miracle of Purim is significant for many reasons, for the age old tale from ancient Shushan still lives on within the heart of The true Jew to this day, and for all eternity.

*This article is A great reminder for us as Activists of all faiths, whether it be today’s freedom fighting Jews, Christians, Muslims, etc., May all who worship G-d in their own religious freedoms, decide once And for all, to come together as one in recanting and reminding ourselves of all our own religious legends, like that of the festival of Purim, during each year on the 13th of Adar, Jews around the world retell and celebrate another ancient victory of our history, which was One of our early revolutions, an ancient battle which won for The People, by the People/ A tale of triumph over evil/ An inspirational story of the courage displayed by our ancestors, or the Ancient Patriots who Prevailed over The Tyrants of old.

Thus, Through the bravery of one of Our first known Founding Mothers, “Queen” Esther, with the guidance of Mordechai, “The Jew”, who fearlessly stood up for religious freedoms of Jews against their persecutors at a time when history needed them most, the story of Purim is not only a festival for the Jews to rejoice in, but for all men and women, indivisibly connected by our shared values, strengthened by this unity and foremost by G-d, or the seed of our souls, the scroll which was first planted into our DNA from conception, a natural concept grafted into our spirits guided by the laws of human nature; A fundamental truth we all know in our hearts:
We were all created and are governed by our One Universal, Almighty Creator!

In other words, the cause for America and for the State of Israel are one in the same. Both nations were born and fueled by these same, PURE principles, and built on the foundational prospect that all men are truly created equal.

Through the ancient glory of our brave ancestors past– we remember and retell the stories of these legends — for the future of total equality and justice for all mankind, or for freedom’s virtues to remain fiercely enacted through our governing systems and national Laws, in hopes that our freedoms and constitutional origins can one day be possible and upheld, for all the free willed societies who live by our shared values that guide us towards peace as our end goal, one day, our whole world may be able to live by these laws in their own homelands without fear of their governors and without fear itself.

That is, so long as we as Christian, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, etc., The fact is that we are all Americans, or Israelites, or both, that Americas guiding light, along with that of the sovereign free nation-state of Israel, uphold our unfulfilled duties in harmonizing nature’s gifts unto all, and in spreading our freedoms from sea to shining sea. May the human spirit always strive for this sacred cause. Because, to this day, we all remain living under G-ds Laws, bestowed unto ourselves to be governed amongst ourselves— NOT by man; NOT by dictator, NOR by king. After all, as practicing Jews today already know to be of self evident Truth, in our modern era just as it was in Genesis:

We are well aware that OUR STRENGTH comes from NO MAN, AT ALL. We know that our strength comes from HaShem, Adonai Eloheinu, Adonai Echad. Translation; Our Strength Comes from The One Almighty Lord of the Universe.

So, As Patriots, It is time we must finally Decode to genuinely unite to ignite — our ancient, common cause — for our collective purpose as human beings.

… For It is our responsibility as the future leaders of a global enterprise, to stand up in our time, to make 2020 our year to make the world over again: This means starting with the restructuring of our own legislative branch in efforts to unite our House so divided first, before we can seek the purpose of Restoring Liberty for All the world to come.

May our millennial generation bring peace and Prosperity in our time, and renew itself in all times of strife, again and again; to multiply peace eternally, for our people’s House; to dignify the Rights of Man, and to Signify the sovereignty of all nations who also aspire towards peaceful pursuits; with the Hope of finally rebuilding our Earthly House; as an entire planet, in togetherness, salvaging all people’s and cultures of all lands, to bring us into a world of freedoms unending possibilities, with the rights to pursuits of happiness for all to embrace, born anew in our own era, to be secured, taught, and fought for, by our children, and our children’s children.

If nothing else;
When in doubt, Remind oneself of this self evident Truth:
If you will it, it will be. If you will it, it is no dream.

Thus, You hold a piece of the dream, We, the People, as a collective majority, still do. Let your powers as individual free men and women shine out now when you vote independent instead of casting another meaningless vote for the wealthiest or most “involved” and “well established” major party candidate. We must cherish our gift to vote for our own electors every single time we make our voice heard at the polls. Use your power wisely, fellow independent voters of America, because we as Millennials, or We, as America’s next generation of hope, We are the world, we are the children, and we must realize NOW, that we ARE the future leaders of America — and that he future of all of US, truly, lies within the Psalms of Our Hands.

– In G-d, We Still Trust. 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲
– In Adonai, In Our Rock — Our Redeemer, We must ALWAYS Trust. 🗽🇮🇱🙏🌎🕊️

Wishing A Chag Sameach to All Americans and Israelis, and to ALL our Brethren and Allied forces who sacrifice themselves in defending freedom, at home and round the world, in peace seeking nations far and wide, and To all who strive for Tikkun Olam, or to contributing to the Repairing and preparing of Our Globe, in hopes of one day retelling A modern day story of the rebels who won another victory for the People over the Tyrants of the 21st century.

May our dreams of Renewal and of Freedom’s Rebirth, sustain us now and always— in fulfilling the visions of Patriots new and old.

Here’s to A more perpetual union to come, to unity and justice for all, and here’s to you, the individuals and free thinkers of mankind, who hold the greatest power to ignite a movement for the people and are willing to follow through with these powers in their Civic duties and in their daily actions, striving towards a mission that requires faith beyond belief which is held strongest in our Youth, providing us Millennials and Generation Z, with the power to combine forces towards achieving our GREATEST tasks at hand, which are eternal but originated by our brave forefathers and mothers of generations past, to be fought for and defended at present and forever.

May we as free individuals — Follow these teachings without fear.

May we Choose to ignite Liberty’s torch and pass it unto posterity.

May we choose to secure our own blessings for the rest of time to experience in their own land one day in the not so distant future.

May the lights of democracy shine on, from generation to generation!

Finally, Thank you to all who have begun and continue to support our campaigns ‘unique’ platform and our efforts as independents fighting for, of, and by the People. Our growing team of Patriots want the public to truly know how much we value the gifts you all give in generous support of our cause. But what we cherish the most, are the like minded Texans and Americans we’ve met along this young journey, who too, hold the same values, share our passion for America and choose the hard routes to defend Her principles, because our battles won by way of revolution over monarchs in disguise, the career politicians who lead the party system which now controls way too many institutions and now, even the way we vote in Federal and state elections. We must stand for what is right as our ancestors did, stand firm in our traditional beliefs and strong in the face of our adversaries. Because these are not just the battles of our days, nor are the effects of our cause meant only for merely our own lives, but these are the days in which we pursue our endeavors based upon spirit, pure ideals, duty, for truth and for the will of our people and for the sake of posterity, these are the Peoples times to shine —- Most just don’t know it yet. The few warriors who stand with us, meaning YOU, who support the Cause for America in our own age— are the REAL makers of history. To those who remain in this deep dedication, which are the ingredients required for our next Revolution won against our enslavers — the elite who’ve taken control without being questioned for the most part. We are so humbled and honored to work with and meet the brave soldiers of today’s America — the average American who works hard for themselves and their loved ones and still has the knowledge, understanding, and will to contribute to our People’s campaign and future win over the tyrants in the swamp. Our common goal as independents has been and will always be, the common cause for All Mankind, and for Our Maker, simply put, we salute our fellow Americans voters who still continue to seek this age old cause for Peace and justice for ALL, despite the manipulation and barriers put in place by our current party system, our current elected politicians, and their mentors, who only wish to be worshipped by those who idolize their false powers and demeanors.

Above all, whether you support us or not, We salute y’all, and look forward to proving the former right and the latter wrong.

G-d bless.

Your Humble Servants,
– Team KBM, Team USA, March 11, 2020


‎ This next section is one of the initial reasons which prompted me to finally write the one above for the public to read. The response to the article below, however, was written prior during the festival of Chanukkah, titled:

NY: 5 Jews stabbed by a Muslim terrorist at Hanukkah candle-lighting ceremony in Monsey


The article link attached above and below this introduction will take you to the news over the mass killings of Jews rising in the U.S. and now targeting our religious holidays to do so. Not only is anti semitism now encroaching into American land and being spun out and spread out to the people of the US, the rampant anti semitism that has been gaining momentum in the freest country in the world since around the time Obama became president, to my knowledge at least, our elected officials are now in 2019, spewing anti semitic hate from their fake thrones in the Halls of Congress. This was my response to the horror being committed unto Jews whose only crime was being a Jew; I, Karen Ben-Moyal, vow to fight for the lives of those lost and to redeem the light of G-d, the G-d of Jacob, being one of the duties I plan to enact forcefully upon the enemies of our own country and of the Jewish people sitting in our own House. My hopeful election into 117th congress began with the word of G-d being heard by the rhythm of my soul, yearning day by day, year by year, for the Truth, then the understanding came, and now, at the end of 2019 AD, the Truth shall be shown in Light, the darkness shall be overcome by the Promise and the Will of the Strength G-d Has shown me, now and forever, I will always stand for the Jews right to exist. I will show this truth in my actions towards the destiny I have always been born to fulfill. REalizing, by way of listening, accepting, by way of understanding, and now is the portion where I act on the gifts G-d has sent me in my own Knowledge obtained in such a short span of time, The Following post was just the beginning of the acts, the light that is my responsibility to bring back into the state I call home. I owe it all to G-d, everything I am, ever was, and ever will be. Blessed be the Lord Our G-d, for the Lord our G-d is ONE! AMEN.

The articles here show us that there is blatant hatred in our world for the Jewish people today just as it were in the days of Queen Esther and the days of the Maccabees, to the days not so long ago, when in the 1930’s there rose to power Another evil plot dead set on fulfilling another Jewish massacre, and if ancient history does not alarm ones shallow mind or memory enough, recent history shows us that even in the 20th century, a horrific nightmare– the Holocaust was allowed to happen in front of a whole nation and world. Clearly history repeats itself for all events, and that age old history of hating the Jews has come into our modern era, and if one cannot see much reason for concern in our current decade, one must either hate the Jew themselves, or rather, hate themselves even more to let such a tragedy occur– again and again. Hence the reasOn I cannot stand silent and I MUST continue to call attention to these concerns, whenever and wherever they are born of blood right in front of the eyes of a nation, before the sickness spreads like a disease unto the world– because if we all stood by watching blatant acts of anti Semitic hatred occur every week, in a few short years, a murder or few will happen, and then IT will happen, again, in our time. And as long as I live and breathe, I refuse to let it happen again, the mass murder of a peoples who were slaughtered like sheep and now forgotten in too many places of the world, or worse, denied of even the memory of the horrors they had to endure. Yet and still, their fatih to become free and their strength in G-d’s PResence kept them alive, even when the world around them went cold, silent, and ended up burning them alive):


Just another sign that we as Jewish and American Israelis have GOT to rise up before our enemies do. Those of which are blatantly and strategically planted all over the US Federal government, the international mass media, and within the minds of anti Semites all over the world— who are, make no mistake, seeking to catch up to finishing this age-old- hate-obsession of the Jew– and we know from history that this “Final Solution” is not going away, ever. Which is why it is so important that we unite as free American Jews — We HAVE to stand up— someone MUST stand up—OUR voice — OUR side must be heard by the public through America’s legislative branch to have a genuine effect on removing acts like BDS & all other anti-Jew policies carelessly enacted over the past decade or so. We must arm ourselves first— and then we must stand firm in the face of our adversaries, especially those now lurking within our own Home. Of course the media and public don’t care as much to report over Jewish deaths, which have started to rise in frequency to almost every other day now. The truth we are living in at this moment in time seems bizarre — but it is actually an age old battle. Another cycle of persecution hits another comfortable age of free and successful peoples . Keep in mind yall: We live in the United States of America, the freest nation in the world, when She was born. And as of 2020, not even a century has.gone by after the Holocaust, Jews are continuing to be murdered, at random, just for being Jewish. The rest of the world does not seem to care at this point. It’s up to our generation to ‘Finalize’ our own ‘Solution’— for peace— before we are finally ended ourselves. Because if not us— who else will?

Just saw this article before turning in for the night yesterday and it really infuriated me. We cant go on living in the Land of the free much longer. Think about the inevitable Post President Trump era, or post 2024 — who do you think is going to lead such a pro-Israel Administration? If we left it up to the GOP To choose another one of their Romney/McCain candidates, and can assume the democrats will choose another great manipulator like they did with Obama, how can an already incompetent House & Senate keep the Jew killing and anti semitic tweets to at least the level its at now? Weve got to take this reality as it is— a recipe for disaster—- We have to really encourage our Jewish and non Jewish friends and fam to starr electing their leaders based on principle. Not party affiliation. We need more people’s candidates… Or Trump candidates …. which are so very rare to come by In all three branches of our system. But Trump cant hold it down forever. A revolution began when the 2016 American Presidential elections received a totally unexpected, miracle, of an outcome. But, all hope is not lost. I do still have faith in my generation–against all the odds, we have still got a fighting chance–that is— if we start voting with our heads instead of our emotions. Its OK to not be a part of a self absorbed, corrupt clique— aka major political party. If we can grow this movement for the power of the individual to be reborn anew—-and others like us will gain the courage to speak up and form coalitions in their own communities — with the goal of having a defense force –in every state– across the board throughout the US. I truly believe we can carry on the Revolution ignited in 2016, for our posterity’s sake if nothing else is motivating enough. And for the sake of all future generations to come.

Again —- It is OK to vote the way you ARE— next November 3rd; that is; As the INDEPENDENT thinker, voter, individual — you truly are at heart. And the knowledge that voting the way G-d and the founders of our nation intended — is further validation of one fulfilling their religious and moral duties in this lifetime… Because Securing all of these blessings, to yourselves, and our posterity — is truly a revolutionary act.

As we move towards the last kindling of the lamps of our menorahs tonight, on the eighth night of this Season — don’t let fear or the biased/distorted/arrogant/corrupted opinions of others lurking around your inner and outer circles —control how you vote; nor how you act, speak, pray religiously, etc…. I say: Feel free to let Your Own Maccabean Spirit Leap Newborn; into the New Year, and hold it down for the 2020 US General Elections—
& May this eternal flame within you be ignited — to be kept alive, forever and ever.

Simply put, in my eyes at least— You are all the Light this nation needs, to both “defy and define the darkness” which is corrupting and dangerously consuming our Great Nation.

Let go of the doubt and the fear the political party system feeds into the heads of voters each election season. Don’t ever forget: YOU, the Individual, have all the Light this nation needs at this moment in history. As we all know and observe every week in our lives and all throughout the ages of our past, this truth remains relevant, “Look at How One candle can both defy and define the darkness.” Imagine the power of the individual, when we become United, indivisible, Under G-d and for Our Creator and those ancestors who perished fighting for having been born with their own Jewish identity to survive. Anne Frank saw this perspective while living in an attic for years in hiding, during a world war we can obviously not fathom ourselves. The darkness currently consuming our Great Nation, however, is still reversible through the powers you hold in Psalms of your hands. Your votes, your involvement in more than your typical activist movement. While the Exodus movement and the Independent movement in general — will certainly work to secure independence & justice for all Americans and spread our freedoms at home, while growing US businesses and free and fair trade with our over seas partners, this movement is a significant stepping for our survival as Jews. Period.

In the mean time, enjoy your holiday season. Cherish these times with loved ones, because stories this horrific should not happen to anyone, and yet they could very much happen to any one of us in the present time we live in.

Ps. Updates on campaign are coming up early 2020! To those who have already shown interest in joining– you will definitely be notified via the email you provided for the recruitment team.

For those who are interested in joining the team!: Please contact-

(We are hiring individuals who are just as passionate and driven for a unique and highly intense congressional run).

*Election day for us, as independents running for. 117th Congress, will be November 3rd 2020.

Hope to meet/catch up with some of you all soon!

G-d bless You. G-d bless Texas. G-d Bless Israel. G-d Bless the USA. G-d bless our bretheren and sisters of all mankind, and all the creatures which inhabit our planet.

Finally, Chag Chanukah Sameach, My Patriots! Take good care.

Your Humble Servant,

KBM, 12/29/2019


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