Blessed are the Peace-Makers: The Pulse of The Patriot

Jerusalem, if I forget you,
Let my right hand forget what it’s supposed to do.

“‘Zion’ is the congregation of all the sons of
righteousness, who uphold the covenant
and turn from walking in the way of the

~ The Dead Sea Scrolls, War Scroll 4 – The Coming of Melchizedek
(Column 21)

Dear All Whom Exist in Nature,

At this point in our time, I thought it best to clear up a few things, for the mutual benefits that come with open minded cooperation and sincerity.

Second, the intensity of the enemy directed against the Mideast’s only democracy is unexplainable on any rational basis.

First of all, let’s get this out of the way: Criticizing Israel/Zionist is anti-Semitic, and saying otherwise is vile and a flat out LIE. In other worlds, singling out Israel for condemnation and international sanction—out of all proportion to any other party in the Middle East—is anti-Semitic, and not saying so is dishonest.

OUR NEWS OUTLETS AND GOVERNMENT FUNDED EDUCATION CLASSROOMS have casual, full class discussions, write papers, make money off of these lies, etc.

You see it becoming a problem on both sides of the political spectrum.. becoming more and more dangerous. The Jews have never had a true safe place to go, hence the reestablishment of the State of Israel in 1948. THIS intense hatred is just another important reason the people of Israel NEEDS a safe home, a strong friend and ally, and a land of their own to build and become economically happy and independent in life. Isn’t that what we all want? Israel’s existence ensures that their liberty, which our American counterparts want so badly to strip from other human beings, is NOT misvalued, nor is it kept only for themself but spread and promoted throughout the heavily tyrannical middle east. With another up and coming free democracy on America’s side– both on account of our shared values and shared policy making, our bilateral cooperative efforts have only mutually benefited the two nation states and the rest of the world…and should perhaps be examined a bit closer. As a friend once said, “Israelis and Palestinians have exactly the same free speech rights: they may both condemn the Israeli prime minister and praise the leader of Hamas.”

One of The biggest problems with our education system today is that the lies are told so enthusiastically and the truth is dull or blatantly ignored.

Energizing free thinkers > Spewing unoriginal propaganda and “tired” media “political opinions.”

This sheep behavior is growing on all sides of the political spectrum unfortunately.

Over the last 70 years, no nation in the world has contributed more per capita to the general welfare of the people of this planet than Israel. Israel has exported more lifesaving medical technology to the far-flung corners of the earth than any nation of comparable size. It has done more to protect the environment; to promote literature, music, and the arts and sciences; For a tiny nation of a little more than six and a half million citizens (approximately 5.3 million of whom are Jewish and 1.3 million are Muslim and Christian Arabs) living in an area roughly the size of New Jersey, Israel has proportionally more enemies than any nation on earth. No nation has been threatened more often with divestment, boycotts, and other sanctions. No nation has generated more protests against it on college and university campuses. No nation has been targeted for as much editorial abuse from the worldwide media. No nation has been subjected to more frequent threats of annihilation. No nation has had more genocidal incitements directed against its citizens. It is remarkable indeed that a democratic nation born in response to a decision of the United Nations should still not be accepted by the U.N., and so many countries, groups, and individuals. Over the past 71 years, no nation has contributed more per capita to the general welfare of the people of this planet than Israel. Israel has exported more lifesaving medical technology to the far-flung corners of the earth than any nation of comparable size. It has done more to protect the environment; to promote literature, music, and the arts and sciences; and to spread agricultural advances. Its scientists and engineers have secured more patents and its high-tech entrepreneurs more new listings on NASDAQ than any but the largest nations in the world. Its academics have won more international prizes, published more papers, and achieved more technological breakthroughs than any other nation of comparable size. Its students have been accepted at more elite graduate and professional schools than those of other small countries. And Israel has learned and taught others how to fight terrorism within the rule of law. Israel has created a legal system that is the envy of the world, with a Supreme Court that stands at the pinnacle of democratic judiciaries—a court open to all with few, if any, restrictions on its jurris dasfsdiction.

Ever notice how Trump’s CORE OPPOSITION STEMS FROM mostly DEMOCRATS AND THEIR SUPPORTERS who we already know DISGUISE THEIR RACISM as someone else’s fault…? Because they simply, “REFUSE to choose to be colorblind…?”

WE ALWAYS KNEW they were bullies, HOWEVER, THEIR ATTENTION has recently been OBSESSIVELY FOCUSED ON rallying up the younger, less informed and definitely less educated right and left wingers (Self proclaimed) generations of our society to stand against the peace agenda that BIBI NETANYAHU’S RELATIONSHIP WITH Donald TRUMP has given us all– in just a few years of strengthening a very broken alliance. We should probably just start calling out all ANTI Zionist actions and rhetoric we witness, I mean, you’re going to hate us either way right? It’s an eerie feeling watching any coverage of Omar, AyOC-that-Garbage-Disposal, and Ra-SHIDA-nti-semite-musketeer, numero tres — (had to) — as they are normalizing the idea that Jews, Israel, the Holocaust, does not, and did not exist. It is blatantly. becoming more and more acceptable in AMERICA to throw lie after lie, blame ISrael, blame the Jews like we have for centuries, that’s the pattern we, JEWS living in America need to get up and say something about. It is literally your duty to do so, this is the time of your redemption, you’re acting like you have been free for long. BUt in all honestly, it’s only been 71 years after 3000 years of exile and slavery …? How is this possible… How did we get here? I know for certain all of this anti Americanism has been boiling up for a decade now, thanks to Obama, the most arrogantly proud anti semite… so much so had so much respect for Hamas governance he signed nuclear weapons over to the enemies of the Iranian citizens themselves. No it was not shocking he openly hated Americans by this point in his presidency, but his hatred for Jews and Israel always came first, and it showed.

#significant #USIsraelRelationshipCherishedbyIsraelnoMatterhowantisemiticthePresident
Exhibit A

My next point is important for me to go over quickly, specifically because I rarely hear this side of the FACTS, I typically only hear sides of a delusional story, based on quite literally, hot-air.

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