Blessed are the Peace-Makers: The Pulse of The Patriot

The “Dual Loyalty” Lie

The Jewish Right to Lobby


The American Right to Lobby

As you know, in America, we protect all speech, even the most hurtful lies. We allow a virtual free-for-all by which laws are adopted, enforced, and interpreted. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent yearly to influence this process; thousands of groups vie for influence. Among these are Jewish groups that have come under renewed criticism for being part of an all-powerful “Israel lobby.” Jewish groups are influential. They also largely agree that the United States should support Israel. But the notion that they have anything like a uniform agenda and that U.S. policy in Israel and the Middle East is the result of this influence is simply wrong. …

There are also powerful Armenian communities or lobbying firms, a Cuban community, a Greek community, an Irish community, etc. And yes, there is an Arab lobby, a Palestinian Lobby, (or, in reality, very many, relatively), even though the so-called geniuses put this term in quotation marks in their books or air quote in conversation, as if to call into question whether this corrupt scheming all powerful group of Jewish lobbyists really exists.

This is a conspiracy theory, pure and simple.

I have been asked to address or moreso, defend, Israeli lobbying in America, many, many times in the past. It just so happens the past couple of weeks I have been getting curious people hitting up my DMs and today for example, I was messaged this question over social media: Why would you ever support Israel? I guess this is I distinguishing these concerns, once and for all, to this very audience, about the so-called “All Powerful Israel lobby” in the United States — or, more generally, about the place of Israel in America —

Lots of people on the right also love to hate on Israel, but in a different way that those on the left choose to go about it. They make the obvious claim they believe that a powerful “Israel lobby” exists in the U.S. They believe this lobby has succeeded in stifling debate about the Middle East, in part by being quick to label critics of current U.S. policy as anti-Semites. While defending the right of American interest groups to lobby, they ascribe to the so-called Israel lobby, which is broadly and rather ambiguously defined, apparently they may or may not believe that extremist tactics and a penchant for seeking to silence or intimidate its opponents is never not lurking over at AIPAC… They assert that this lobby has managed to divert the U.S. from pursuing its true national interest in foreign policy.

This should not be a shocking response, but the existence of so many pro-Israel lobbies exists simply because: The right to lobby — the right to petition the government — is enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.
Each interest group in America, by and large– is managed for and by the PEOPLE to gain access to the attention of their representatives in office, usually to call on a certain issue or express their doubts about a law they seek to amend or bill they want passed. Hundreds of lobbying groups exist all with shared goals and their own unique cause. How is it that Israel is the only “all powerful lobby” who seeks to leave an imprint on American foreign policy, and supposedly by scheming the politician and somehow blinding him or holding him hostage until the politician gives in? How ridiculous your argument is. I had been waiting to throw this your way a while, so thank the leftist who assisted in your obsession with disliking Jews to the point they need to troll strangers… The point is, each lohbyist has the right to seek change if they don’t agree with something their government is doing. NO ONE should begrudge the other’s right to try. And no one should cast conspiracies on those who succeed — again, as long as they play by the rules, and they certainly and openly do.

Incidentally, lobbying is not unique to the U.S., of course. It exists in democracies, lobbies debate NATIONAL priorities. So of course, the democratic State of Israel has formed its own lobbying groups at home to partner with U.S. companies and government for the purpose of mutually benefitting from the cooperative efforts they plan to take the time to invest in and follow through with, again, for the PEOPLE they represent. Another odd idea these people have, is that anyone can bring in foreign policy plans that dictate the direction the entire U.S. is headed. First of all, foreign policy is much more complicated than public policy decided upon in our own borders. Foreign policy deals with much more complex issues, national security, defense, undercover OPs being one of the top, and top secret priorities of any sovereign nation. If a lobbyist is involved in foreign policy issues with a client, that client along with the lobbyists go through barrels and barrels of red tape and precautions, they can in no way interfere with the foreign policy of America as a country. There’s no way. They can only interfere with their own business-to-business corporations, and if they are seeking to do so, the outcome of successfully working through negotiations with another nation would bring that country even closer to the U.S., automatically making their own country, and the United States, richer economically adding wealth and creating new ideas for growth to the world wide table and free market. So, there’s that on top of it all.
So what should we make of all this? What is the truth about the Israel lobby?

Here it is.

Anyone who thinks that Jewish groups constitute a homogeneous “lobby” ought to spend some time with them. The United States supports Israel not because of favoritism based on political pressure or influence but because the American people, and their leaders, for the most part, share a much deeper connection intertwined and binded by the shared values of each freedom-loving, peace seeking, agriculturally blooming nation. This bond is sometimes deeper than most who are not interested in Israel can understand, so they don’t even attempt to question– or so it seems– spewing their regurgitated propaganda in place of knowledge or compassion. I would say to them, were you aware your cell phone with many of those cool apps you have downloaded, was invented in Israel? Or that in 2017, among 100’s of other breakthroughs, it was an Israeli researcher who devised a synthetic compound to disable the enzymes that allow cancer cells to metastasize? Or that Israeli doctors discovered a way to do complicated procedures never done before, such as the successful surgery that landed someone in Israel the title of receiving the world’s first bone implant? I don’t have to list the Israeli innovations from Israel, because you are living in them, guaranteed, right now. Innovation is the definition of what these people do– making the impossible happen. This tiny country has provided solar energy with an abundance amount of clean water to India for the very first time, and to countries all over the world, and that includes America, we too signed the Water Deal a few years back, granting us a share in the endless water supply Israel has, because we are predicted to run out in just a few years. Israel’s got our backs. I don’t know how much clearer I can make it for you without typing up a thesis here. The fact that America now has someone to lean on, is great too. Now, we can sometimes afford to use the resources Israel’s technological advancements have provided, in exchange for something Israel needs or values, and that includes all military strategy and weaponry, which is something the two nations work closely, side by side on. Again, could never be misconstrued or tangled with, especially by a lobbyist, because of the risks that are assessed with our national security, and Israel’s as well. The Iron Dome has saved millions of lives, thanks to the Reagan Administration, Israel was able to save the lives of their people and defend themselves from harm brought unto them often and from all borders. In exchange, Israel repays America with the highest and most strategical weapons in the world, in which America uses in military combat, these trades have been going on splendidly, and if you think you’re being hurt because of the government deals, you can leave AIPAC out of that, because again, lobbyists cannot interfere with foreign policy to the degree of government funded military weaponry, nor would they ever need to.

Perhaps, if you were to think over your feelings towards the USA, your passion for patriotism, your love and your honor to be a citizen of the greatest nation in the world. Hold that thought. Now guess what? Being or becoming a citizen of the State of Israel is almost exactly like that warm, strong feeling of undying patriotism and unconditional love for your country– but Israelis and Jews living across oceans or outside of Israel, have, not have the potential to, but do indeed hold, the fuzzy feelings you get when you’re at an American baseball game singing the Star Spangled Banner– simply because they have enough love to go around both the US and Israel — in circles. And this is not because it is hard to love America just the same, if not moreso, nor is it just because we are Jewish and cannot see past these biases. No, it’s because the feeling of standing in either country is the feeling of pure freedom, and endless possibilities; it’s just, sunshine. Yep. Sunshine for days would be a great way to describe it.
Sometimes, unfortunately, our leaders only pay their time to those who are willing to buy it. And that is a large part of what each lobbyist group does on behalf of their client, people like you. They buy the American small businesses’ time to reason and to pressure and ultimately work one on one with elected officials with ease of comfort and in fairness — on all partners symbiotically benefitting from the deal, or no deal. Either way, the lobbyists don’t win anymore than the people do– and it comes back around the the congressmen and senators at their next election cycle.
Here is the secret: There is no single All powerful lobby that can overturn America’s foreign policy, and if one is trying to, I can assure you, it is not the Israel lobby, who for 71 years now, has been in the happiest relationship with another country– their only friend ever in fact– America is everything to them, and they do not wish to corrupt our system, but to better it, because they love us. And this is not an understatement. Israel LOVES, LOVES, LOVES America. Whether it be the government or the citizens, they have the highest respect for us Americans– where do you think they already picked up on so many tricks of the trade? (Not from buying our politicians, or our government). But by working patiently to grow their nation and adopting American ideas that work, such as democracy for example, which has caused them to look up to America with infinite hope for our alliance, even when the not-so Israel friendly presidents took office, Israel never lost faith, nor try to sell OUR regional enemies nukes, but yeah, you know who did. And Israel took it not because they had to, but because the country sees far past one bad leader. They see the light in us no matter what, even as we continue doubting them. It’s truly a beautiful friendship when you put it in perspective.

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