In Remembrance of our American Duties

To My Dear Inhabitants of Mankind,  At this time, I am hoping Americans on both sides of the “political” spectrum realize that the representatives on the U.S. government are the most defining elements when it comes to defining the commonwealth of citizens through rule of law. To deny another man the freedom that he himself …

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Seasons: Told for the Ages

A collection of sonnets, haiku's, and poems written by Karen Ben-Moyal throughout the Year of life, aka 20CHAI, or by Gregorian Calendar known as: The Year 2018. Hidden beneath the words here are messages depicting the true meanings behind the stories told from generations unto generations; Also shown through the writings are the meanings behind Nature's changing seasons; Finally, the distorted reasons for the start of holidays and festivals which continue to be celebrated to this day are made abundantly more clear by the more accurate distinctions made by the writer of these sonnets, in honor of restoring justice to the most ancient civilizations of the world and bridging the glory that connects our modern societies to the never changing, permanent laws of nature; new and old.


Exodus: A new Seder (Order) of the Ages Witnessing these phenomenaunintentionally and collectively, all creatures to this day remain in aweof knowledge that resonates within The flames of justice, discovery of where they are heldcan infuse the light over darkthe keys to the door of answers, locked away for the ancestorsof the bravewho fought for …

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A Year to Begin the World Over Again: 2020

The new decade is Ours to take back, The PEOPLE'S Year; A New Birth Year of Awakening!: A Year to rebuild the people's House whilst Strengthening Democracy Ahead, to spread peace through power - both Within American borders and Abroad, for AMERICAN Rebirth to Offset All Tyrants that Reign over their Slaves, & for the …

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“The Elements Will Always Protect You”

To Rebuild Pillars of corrupt U.S. Govt., Maintain courage in pursuit of liberty's Sustainment; A time to bring back Unity of Doctrine in our statutes reformed by National Law: 2022 shall be the year of our Rebirth as individuals and as citizens indivisible by reestablishing our Convent and securing Purity in Law for generations, and the world to come;