A Year to Begin the World Over Again: 2020

The new decade is Ours to take back, The PEOPLE'S Year; A New Birth Year of Awakening!: A Year to rebuild the people's House whilst Strengthening Democracy Ahead, to spread peace through power - both Within American borders and Abroad, for AMERICAN Rebirth to Offset All Tyrants that Reign over their Slaves, & for the Flames of Renewal to Unite US once again, as Individuals, of a new era. A modern Era, so  bounded by tradition, so fearlessly encompassed by Our Shared Values As A wholeheartedly indivisible free nation, to Reform our Age: 2020 & Beyond... For the betterment of posterity .... For the security of Independence kept through the Times if our lives.... to Restore freedoms virtues for ourselves to teach those whose spirals of knowledge are unveiled once the memory within  themselves is ignited --Anew order of the ages dawning ,  and Anew wheel spinning  within ourselves,and the cosmos made up of stardust also within US, Anew golden age sets sail thrice the score of yesteryear once more, battle and win then Restore, Freedoms wings, from sea to shining sea, forever and for All Times yet to Come.  And for all times yet to Become, and by Way of An Eastern Star, of a travelling, Eternal Light, Born of Ourselves and of our universe, to be brought to light throughout the darkness shadowing the rest of the globe, again in this new age our memory will unmask our souls roots and the water of the air will combust to govern the elements of all life along with the spices of foundation senses foretold ..sages Anew, 2020 is yours and mine, it is for alL nature s creatures to lie in a peaceful dream oF stone hedges and seasons past for the strife ahead we must stand and fight until our next unanimous victory as a national majority of citizens, and for Anew arising, within ourselves, U.S.A., and throughout, Anew Light out of the West, headed East, for now and for Infinite Times to Be. Manifest Destiny Belongs to You and Me.

*Those who pledge their allegiance to politicians and their  politicial parties when we should have the “Common Sense”  to RISE above the shallow politics created by a party and thereby — the elitists who’ve drained the general welfare of their own country and neither side of the political spectrum, when it comes to seeking reelection– can override the agendas of their parties to whom they are the mouth pieces and puppets. When a nation puts significance on the agenda of a party system over the principles and resolutions for genuine well being of their districts constituents who also, most likely, and not as if the American people have much of a choice these days,  voted for the party and not the candidate. Always results in the same cycle…  Congress cannot implement or even attempt to come up with some sort of resolution that will benefit all Americans because the party to which the electorate depends on for their own personal livelihood — to serve first and foremost the party who backs and funds a Republican or Democrat candidates’ elections and therefore the livelihood of themselves is the top priority when it comes down to whom congressional leaders are ACTUALLY serving. Although they sign an oath to serve the people of the U.S. and the Constituion– not one sitting member on either side of the House had made an effort to enact real change for the betterment of mankind because their small outlook on life stems from their short term visions of the future. Politicians cannot see into the long term because the self centered political parties have become so elitist and so radicalized in greed and lies and manipulative opportunistic self goals— the people of the USA come last, the president of the USA must pick up the slack of the dysfunctional regression of a once prosperous independent progressive party system, which has now become so regulated by the governor’s who hold office in each state and to whom belong to the same tribe as that of their counterparts. The governors and their secretaries of state implement many more outrageous and UNCONSTITUTIONAL regulations, left and right, for those who wish to run as an independent like the doctrine of America’s birth intended for our law makers and leaders whom wish to run based on principle and willing to see both sides of the “parties” whose agendas have been fooling or distracting american voters with insignificant social issue reform war in some version or another to deflect and distract the public while they take their time “in and out of session” ironically they give themselves these privileges and thensome after already being on paid absence from their sworn duties— pretty much since the day they are elected and take oath until the day they “announce retirement” because they can no longer win their next elections in the districts of the peoples whom have left them in office for over 20 years for some nobody youve ever heard.of congress people… That is until they announce they won’t run for re-election with some pathetic excuse for the sake of keeping their legacies alive and significant — as if anyone has ever heard of them before t their final announcement spun to protect the image of the party and of themselves.. This problem has become such a large problem I am wondering why I cannot do something about it myself at this point in time…. Ill leave it at that. For now. 

Each year it gets worse and much more difficult for independents to run because of all the road block legislation purposefully put into effect via secretary of state aka kings and queens in chain of command manipulating the system under the noses of citizens and registered voters to force the politics of the party elections onto a new candidate with the same no-view-no-moral-no-common-sense-mentality that their predecessors had and then win with the millions backs by their party contributions and then the repeat of the cycle in which the new puppet takes the same old oath that means absolutely nothing to them nor the ones who swear them in…. And each term our nation becomes a little less sovereign and a little more in debt. THE ISSUES OF THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA SHOULD ALWAYS COME FIRST. Serving in Congress was intended for the purpose of serving the world ane G-d and your sisters and brerherin across the oceans and exploring the lengths at which technological advancement and space exploration and all possibilities which are endless in our modern 21st century.  One day, the gloriousness that is the eternal light within ourselves will inspire few warriors and true patriots of this country left to rise up to unite and revolutionize a complete reform in both the House and the Senate. And then onto the promotion of world cooperatives for peace and nation building can commence efficiently and route for trade and expansion of a freer global market can become the focus of mankind again. America was born into the position and responsibilities that come with being the leaders of a global enterprise.  Thus, with faith beyond belief, undying trust in our one Universal Creator, with individuals whom are ready to lead our neighbors across the seas into their own eras of empowerment, we must first expose and fix the broken party system that the U.S. citizens of America desperately need for the sake of posterity and economic prosperity, etc. On the other hand, the opposing position of the party who continue collecting revenue via taxation without representation and whom are so comfortable earning billions off U.S. elections because they no longer see past their own greed, yet disguise their intentions with promises of social reform and said philosophical ressonings which work to get them elected but are never acted upon nor attempted because the elitists running the parties and the candidates they choose have a great system going for them. Which is why both sides of the House parties are desperate to hide the true colors via straight B.S. theyre rehearsed to speak about by the party who uses each issue and stance they’ve kept for the purpose of maintaining their voter base. And they know exactly which issues to dig into the ground come election season— the same issues that appeal to the voters every cycle— the candidates themselves  do not care either way, their focus is to keep the party that monetizes their clown show debates and elections do all their corruption through their electors so they don’t even feel the need to think for themselves. — thereby eliminating innovation completely in an ever changing Heraclean world we live in today.  However, as G-d is my witness, I will do everything in my power  sprout from the Roots  of a seed that survived against the odds and miraculously grew out of all the dirt and soil the worst of humanity has to offer. Out of darkness there is light. Just as it only takes  one humble spark to light up an universe into existence via the wisdom to keep their Creators commandments at the forefeont of all their earthly endeavors, so can a nation be restored out of redemption. Out of a desert a nation can bloom into existence so long as the nothingness that caused the collapse of the original temple is washed away into the depths of the deepest ocean floors for the renewal of new light, purity, and all hope for all peoples now and forever! Amen.

As individuals in a representative democracy, the biggest weapon we have is our right to vote.

Too often it is tempting to take the easy way and allow special interest groups, major political parties and their affiliated organizations, etc., to decide who we are going to vote for.

But this right does not guarantee preservation of our freedoms, unless it is exercised wisely.

All you need to do is take responsibility for your own circumstances. Make a commitment to show others what is possible.

There is a confident, loving leader deep inside of you, the American citizen, i.e. the Eagle of the globe, i.e. the freedom owning/freedom loving patriot, i.e. An Individual of mankind, i.e. brother or sister of humanity, inhabitant of the land of the free, i.e. torch holder of the eternal flame of liberty and justice for all…. Moreover, Whatever you may qualify yourself as in the individual sense, our collective identity as Americans must continue the rights and act on them always, for the raising our voice as a nation to come to light once more in our generation to the next. For, through our individual votes each election cycle, as stated as one of the fundamental human rights of nature and defended underneath the U.S. Constitution, the Law of the Land of the brave invented by We, the people, must be remembered through all ages in history and future times, for we must seek out the destiny of ourselves and the world in every age. For, it is in such a tribute enacted by our American duties, assigned to all of us who can restore the vision of 1776 in our modern age, and connected by the bridges of the ancients to restore glory for the future of the Earth and its inhabitants, by resolving the most common courses towards peace and justice for all men and women, children and seniors, millennials and baby boomers, the whole of our national family.. As well as our allied, sovereign forces whom share the values distinguished by the Great American Experiment, foretold by patriot dreams at home. For those still lack their own freedoms living outside the USA today, but just the same are born with the right to access our own rights as natural humans, must be saved from those who continue to dictate and oppress them: Thus, our bretheren and sisters remaining in suffrage abroad, are entitled to the same freedoms of all endowed by their Creator, and our duty as Americans has yet been fulfilled; as we must continue building our future through ancient glory, nationally and on the global stage, to free the wings of all those mentioned, to establish the cause of unity, to effectively light the darkness of the regions destined to benefit from sowed efforts of our own eternal march for world order indoctrinated to reform our age, even if it takes eternity to do so.

All you need to do is bring this part out by taking pride in your actions. Remember the golden rule: show, don’t tell. There is great power in showing.

Show your power & your support for this nation’s constitution, by fulfilling your duties as American citizens. showing up to the voting poles while you are still young will most likely resolute in the natural development of a voting habit. Thus, this is a defiant factor in future elections and contributes greatly to the overall voter turnout in American election polls each year.

Enabling this habit of independent voting at an early age, is of vital significance in establishing regular voting habit patterns for the rest of your life, as well as the increased likelihood that the habit will naturally be passed down to your offspring, and the tradition will likely be guaranteed to live on through generations and generations to come.

“To put the world in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must cultivate our personal life; and to cultivate our personal life, we must first set our hearts right.”

– Confucius

In correspondence to Confucius, it is apparent that the formerly oppressed, Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, Washington, and Paine, had their hearts set on our success. But not just their own success. The success of you and me. The triumph of We, the People.  They did so by redefining the values and universal rights of man, in order to set up a system of principles that ultimately allow us to experience their virtuous doings, first hand. We must cherish and value these freedoms, in order to continue living in the spirit of what it truly means to be an American. By securing the blessings of life, liberty, and prosperity, for all Americans, the founding brothers did indeed put the “world,” in order.
The message here is simple. A great nation is born from you, the individual. You might think that you don’t have much control, but this is only an illusion.  Everything you do in life has as ripple effect. In our case, the origins of this ripple effect take place at the voting polls.

In the words of Thomas Jefferson, “Let us, then, fellow-citizens, unite with one heart and one mind. Let us restore to social intercourse that harmony and affection without which liberty and even life itself are but dreary things. And let us reflect, and realize that we are all here for the same purpose. Although we all may have opinions that vary and differ, there is no difference in principle. We have called by different names brethren of the same principle. We are all Republicans, we are all Federalists.”

We are justified in being upbeat because we know that we are right, and that the right will eventually prevail.

Many Millennials  living in today’s America see a dreary future, with little to no hope of bringing people their age to their senses. Those of us who have journeyed across harsh political terrain know this feeling.

However, we also know that truth is on our side, and that is a very powerful weapon. It is important for conservative young and old, keep that glimmer of hope alive. With truth as our guide and courage in our hearts, we will not only endure we will prevail.

Please consider and cherish the fact that you are the agent of change. Begin by giving back to your university, and to American society as a whole. After all, the decision to vote for me as your next Elected Representative of the U.S. House, if chosen to serve as Texas District 14’s next Congresswoman, not only is the mission crucial to the survival of all those effected by America’s significant role in the world, the task at hand is truly so great. Indeed, it is certainly, undeniably, a most grand responsibility, the tasks in our lineage indicated by the blood of our souls and those who have shed theirs for our freedoms today, belonging to all mankind, but only handed to very few in the world of today; that is, not to only be handed unto us from our ancestors; but to extend our arms in force and gratitude to dedicate our American goals for further development, overall achieved success in wealth and general defense thereof, for the creation of further efforts measured by innovation at the highest of standards, within our modern world, to seek out the security of our blessings, so future growth for the masses may one day become a reality for all those who have yet to feel liberty’s flame; the task at hand is indeed, much bigger than most of us can fathom.

I wasn’t being dramatic in emphasizing the impact that young voters have on federal election polls. In fact, it has been statistically proven that with the proper guidance, awareness, and knowledge, young voter turnout can greatly influence this next election’s outcome. As American millenials, all we have to do to begin is inform, inform, inform, and VOTE VOTE VOTE, the way you are, not the way of a political agenda nor an affiliation thereof!

In the words of Thomas Jefferson, “Let us, then, fellow-citizens, unite with one heart and one mind. Let us restore to social intercourse that harmony and affection without which liberty and even life itself are but dreary things. And let us reflect, and realize that we are all here for the same purpose. Although we all may have opinions that vary and differ, there is no difference in principle. We have called by different names brethren of the same principle. We are all Republicans, we are all Federalists.”

We are justified in being upbeat because we know that we are right, and that the right will eventually prevail.

It all begins with you…..

……The Individual..

….. You, Him, Her, US, WE, the majority, have more power over the Congress of the United States, very much so over the esteemed elitists and career politicians currently active in failing their constituents each and every time they are voted back into office. We as voters, still hold the most ower, much more so than one may assume.

Set a higher standard for yourself and convince the same for any others you reach along your journey in life; those of whom may be less informed counterparts, or anyone in your circle whom you may be actively involved with in activist strides, friendships, business collaborations, etc….

Likewise: If you live in an environment where people don’t give back to others, decide that you will be the agent of change.

So, today I ask the rising generation. I turn to you, America’s young voters, and ask what you would choose for yourselves, your offspring, and for all future inhabitants of this great nation to come.

Do you choose tyranny or liberty? And what do you intend to do about it?