A few snippets from Karen Ben-Moyal’s, ‘The Magic of What Is: The Perpetual Pulse of the Patriot’

The Magic of What Is: The Perpetual Pulse of the Patriot

From the Collected Memoirs of Karen Ben-Moyal

Hardcover/Paperback/Kindle Formats: The Magic of What Is: The Perpetual Pulse of the Patriot by Karen Ben-Moyal (Link to Published Versions on Amazon Below):

The Magic of What Is: The Perpetual Pulse of the Patriot by Karen Ben-Moyal (Link to Published Versions on Amazon Above)

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The Perpetual Pulse of the Patriot

From the Collected Memoirs of Karen Ben-Moyal

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One should relax with an open mind and spirit, when reading the following scientific explanation of the universal point of origin, documented within the Torah and by Isaac Newton’s Laws of Gravity, Einstein’s Laws of Relativity, and Galilee’s proven theories on the ways in which light, magnetism, and electricity work together to light up our modern world, in the same way the ancient stars, moon, planets, and sun did for curious gazers like Galileo, who spent his time on Earth fighting for justice within a monarchical dictatorship, invented his own telescope to get a better gaze at the starry skies at night, and looked into the fiery sun head on, without ever going blind. On the contrary, one could say Galileo had the equivalent talent Leonardo DaVinci had in art and painting the future as a way to enhance their experiences in our ongoing creation story… One could in fact state with certainty that Galilees vision was only further magnified by his “unconventional” activities. Whether it be sun gazing the days away by the ocean to come up with the first scientific explanation of our Moons magnetic pull and the impact it has always had on the tides, low and high depending on which angle of our Earth you are standing upon.

This prologue incorporates a brief excerpt over the scientifically explained truths over spiritual doctrine and physics being the first and most solid form of science which proves our “living scrolls,” of ancient still remain to this day— Filled with fact hidden beneath symbolic arts in wording, language, vowels, mathematics, geometry, numbers, historical documentation and in doing so, one could argue that Judaism at its most fundamental way of thinking and believing in G-d, is very much the most pure form of reality—as it is all backed by facts in scientific revolutionary periods by mainly religious men who brought this way of thinking to our world— and lived to make our modern world a better place than their own- as we must force ourselves to think purely independently, all biases and religion aside — when deciphering that which has been proven time and time again by the greats— the brave men and women who made our universal magic tangible— using the scientific wisdom of G-d and the world Around them to break grounds throughout the ages. We look back today to understand and efficiently move forward tomorrow.

Sharing this writing today, on behalf of our worldwide, (voluntary), mass enlightenment shortage crisis, we are experiencing in our current times. I rarely write about anything non-political, but when I do, I explore our universal truths in a different light, from a scientific perspective that is turned into a multi-dimensional analysis based on the same scientific method all true “Poly Sci-ers” use to develop an argument or theory and prove it by arguing the most logical explanation needed to withstand the times in which we live and will withstand decades after. Just as in a foreign or domestic policy implementation debate or work assignment I have— I use the natural laws in humankind combined with the formulas of physics and common. Sense — to prove each element of the scientific debate, with G-ds awesome world and the deep symbolism in Torah scripture and in meanings of holidays and seasons, we can all relate to this curiosity.

Simply put: From the perspective eyes of The World as We Once Could See it; We find the most real Magic there ever was: The Magic of what— Is. Shine on, Dreamer.

What Is Versus What Ought to be

Author of this Pamphleteer: Karen Ben-Moyal

The following section is Based off Criticisms Originated from Judaical Studies Research Assignment, with Factual Input from Maurice Lamm’s Non-Fiction Book, The Jewish Way in Death and Mourning

Although Maurice Lamm describes the Jewish Way in terms of historic facts in holy traditions and rituals, he leaves room for the reader’s own interpretation of the works. In my own opinion, this writing technique is a breath of fresh air to read. Most authors add their own biases into the facts they present, especially with regards to religious teachings. Thus, the only way for someone to reach their highest point with their Creator, is to literally seek fundamental truth, and nothing but the truth. In other words, a spiritual analysis must not be included by the author but by the reader, who seeks the ancient works of the Torah to learn the secret teachings of the unknown. A genuine seeker would not look to the opinions of humans to tell him the hidden meanings and secrets of the mysteries of our universe. A humble person with good intentions looks to the Word of G-d and meditates on the Torah’s principles along with their own, to open the bridge between G-d and humanity. In Judaism, the afterlife is assumed to be unclear but is symbolically mentioned repeatedly in various verses of ancient Holy scripture. As all the texts of the Jewish prophets were written in Aramaic, Jewish rabbis and scholars throughout the ages have interpreted their own definitions and meanings behind the meanings of life and death, which happens to be the most common question a human being will ask at more than one point in their lives. This book review aims to analyze the messages formed from Maurice Lamm’s, “The Jewish Way in Death and Mourning,” while comparing it to my own thoughts and perspectives over the symbolism of Jewish scripture to attempt to explain the Word of G-d in regards to burial and ritual services connecting eternal life in death.

Why do only the good die young? And why do we say that we will see our loved ones again one day when someone we love dies? Meditate on the clichés passed down through generations of man, you’ll soon find out that innocence is killed by our loving G-d because it is needed at a different place in another dimension in another time space to accomplish something greater than itself here on Earth, hence the reason, “Only the good die young.” A soul mate is a lover, family member, friend, or significant being you find in every lifetime, that is precisely why, “you will see them again someday,” you just will not remember them as they are now, although you’ve felt as though you have known them for eternity. This feeling is genuine, for you have literally, probably known the significant soul in your life, for many lives past, and will know them, forever.

Moreover, there is no soul without body nor body without soul. To think your body goes to waste would be as foolish as saying that we only exist for a minuscule microsecond in the whole-time spectrum of the universe. Take a step back and see, you are the universe, we are the universe, the universe is in you as much as you are in it. Without humans, beasts, oceans, sunlight, air, fire, wind, and every other element incorporated into the solar system, life itself would not exist, therefore, without your very soul existing here on Earth or elsewhere in another form of Earth, you cannot diminish—for it would throw off the balance of life as we know it. G-d does not make mistakes, humans do. Moreover, every human life is recycled and cared for properly so as to not let it throw off the grand scheme of it all. There is no beginning and no end, that is, not unless G-d decides to cease our existence. Otherwise, who are we to ask to mark a time for the end, for every time there ever was an end, man received a new beginning. Know this, and know your soul, feel the weight of its invisible density, once you come to terms with the realization that your soul is a very real part of your physical body, you may see your soul as it is, and will always and forever be, our soul is our identity, in this life, and the next, etc. for all space-time, infinity has no limit, and neither does our Maker whom created our infinite universe. One must truly begin to accept the wisdom G-d gifts all of us with at every waking moment, every slumbering moment, every moment in between. One could then begin to unlock the next divine door in our magic kingdom—with G-d as the one and only Ruler of all that exists and all that ever was, all that ever shall be is his, and therefore, it is ours. Because G-d is loving in the most selfless way, and this is another concept we must dig deep into in order to discover and begin to unravel the mysteries the ancients and the future children of humanity will grow to understand know too—that is, if they are willing. Furthermore, our souls are an ether-type invisible substance which is made up of the exact same elements our stars and all in nature are made out of. Indeed, our souls are the stamps, the ID’s implemented into our DNA for a purpose beyond our knowledge, which serve us and G-d and His creations in life and in death, or the transition of the two, for our souls are the permanent garments which make up the very core of who you are as a person, who you were, and who you ever will be. Your soul is the tracking device, the label, the tag that you wear throughout eternities and beyond. It is your place in existence and a way for G-d to distinguish your soul and path from the rest of creation. If even one soul cannot be renewed for any reason, which could never be, but if in theory, the whole weight of the world would shift, and mankind would cease to exist. Try and finish the puzzle as quickly as you can! If not, that’s OK, you’ll get another turn before you know it. Every end brings a new beginning to start back from where you left off. The Torah knows it, the Bible knows it, the prophets knew it, Einstein knew it, and I am telling you, what I know to be true now. Rather than keeping this essay short, I have put meaning into it, because why write over such a deep topic of discussion if you aren’t going to take anything away from it?

Everything is a sign, look around and keep your head focused on the straight ahead and up above, for the answers will never come to those who do not let their souls out of their chests. The only way to set your soul to freely communicate with G-d is when facing space or looking above yourself to pray to your King. Your soul opens up completely when you sleep, I believe this can explain dreams, and the fact that the universe is constantly expanding means the universe has no ending, not until our Ruler decides to stop life for his children, until or if that ever happens, we must continue respecting the traditions of the ancients in death ceremonies and in life, because the living assist G-d on Earth by preparing the body and customs needed for the transition of the many new beginnings of our loved ones deceased. The text clearly states that helping with the burial of a friend, relative, or any human, is the greatest mitzvah one can do for them. Ask yourself why this duty is coined the greatest mitzvah? Because you are working hand in hand with G-d to prepare your loved one with a smooth transition into their next existence. Helping create new life in the midst of despair coupled with levels of immense mourning, death is typically a period of horrific time, an on-going and intensely painful period of tragedy for a human being, which is why G-d understands our pain, and because our Creator is so empathetic, so loving, so kind, G-d makes death as easy as can be for us, relatively I mean. For example, death is something that G-d could take away, or He could make us all understand where we go or what happens once we take our last breath in each life. However, the truth of how our souls travel and how space-time actually exists in a portal of dimensions, which travel backwards or forwards and in between time-space dimensions, wherever you are meant to be next, when you are meant to be reborn is only known to the Cosmos, and all the while the soul is en route via black holes, and yes I said black holes, which suck you in until your whole body disappears into space itself, you become invisible, not torn apart like some seem to mistakenly believe. The body cannot travel through time, the soul can travel if it has a venue and a vacuum, all natural and all very real in our universe. Take Einstein’s time-travel equations and E equals MC squared, which combine creation and time into space, and makes sense of the relationships and variables the collaborative efforts can be broken down by way of equations and Moyal brackets, or by way of quantum theory mechanics, in which energy emits from the body through light to travel in or out of a space time, from one space-time to another, our souls can leave the body through the speed of light if our body emits enough of that energy to survive the travel without dying, well you may be like me, or like Einstein, or perhaps Abraham can relate, as all or one of us may have fallen into a fire at some point in our lives to experience the chemical bonds which sweep us to another existence, the journey in and out and spiraling up or/and down, all the while knowing yet not knowing, to whom you are speaking to as you travel so fast down a spiral of real-life photos too fast to get a good look at any one of them, millions take you down the dark spiral into a place of being afraid yet unafraid, because you know you are not alone. In fact, you are speaking directly to a distinct red color, a red dress as it were in my case, a woman with a red dress, whom G-d knew I could make sense of in my mind so as to be able to trust and ask over and over again: “Is this death? Is this death?” She does not answer nor do the spirits which cannot be seen behind her but you can feel them with you, and as you’re going backwards yet forwards in what seems to be a very vivid, unreal dream, one will awaken on the ground, face up, looking up at the terrified faces you cannot distinguish above you, lying in a place you cannot quite recall, wondering who you are, who the faces are, where you are, what you are, and a few seconds later, you recognize you are back on Earth; it is the feeling of having gone to another place which is indescribable unless one experiences it, and waking up in a foreign world far, far away, millions of lightyears away at least, it is somewhere so deep into another world and so foreign to what we can comprehend in our simple human minds to grasp just yet, however, one thing you’re certain of is that you were definitely not in the same plane of existence moments before your brain is able to catch up with your soul which can travel much faster without it of course. And most who’ve tried to explain what they had seen or where they had gone, see the same bright red in the middle of a tunnel, the redness for everyone is different. Some don’t remember their trip at all, some travels last minutes, some go into a long coma before waking back up either here or in the world to come. Which brings me to the next issue worthy of discussion, but— Simply put, G-d rewards the mourner after the transitioning of a their loved one, because of the fact that his children have to be killed to live again. G-d does not want any of us in any pain we do not deserve. He does not believe that we should ever die as long as Adonai is Governor of the universe, so He will always show mercy over the humans that go through the pain of helping bury their loved ones and who are simultaneous in assuming their loved ones are gone forever.

Additionally, it only makes logical sense that G-d can only bring back a life once the dead are ready to begin living again. So, essentially, G-d is working with his creations to, “bring life to the dead and restore the living.” For, just as the cover of Lamm’s book puts it, that “Death is a night that lies between two days.” If you follow the pattern I have just laid out, the equivalent to this quote could be the opposite of its entirety. One could add, based on the former book quote, that if death is a night between two days, therefore the statement, “Life is a day between two nights,” would also ring true. In other words, the gap between lives lasts for a day between two periods of death, while the gap between two deaths lasts between the two life spans or lifetimes. And thus, even on the cover of this book, or in the first sentence of chapter one of, “The Way of Jewish Death and Mourning,” the hints give blatant clues to which the obvious is pointed out to us. I have also noticed Rabbis or Jews I have grown up with have never referred to the World to Come as it is, they justify it as the public eye sees it and describe it as a place they’ve made up from generations of minds with huge imaginations. I counteract with this method of learning, why start listening to human beings when it comes to explaining the incomprehensible? My view of the World to Come is just as G-d says it is, that the World to Come is our next world or plane of existence we will live out another life in. From dust to dust, death is described as showing up at night, or death, for the preparation cycle for a new day or birth to be reborn. If you help your loved one go through this in all of your pain and agony, you are assisting with the most incredible creation known to man. You are literally helping your loved one’s soul come back into the creation of man, even their World to Come is different from where yours is now, you will catch up to them eventually, and your souls will love one another unconditionally once more, for all eternity as we know it. Judaism is special because it is the only religion that prepares the body specifically as G-d needs it to be prepared for the World to Come. Jews take good care of the dead so they may enjoy life to its fullest next time around. If you ask me, that is one of the most beautiful signs of G-d’s love for us and vice versa, He eases the pain of those suffering by condescending himself and lifting his creations to be part of his works because G-d is pure love and empathy for the family who suffers through something that they do not yet fully understand. G-d doesn’t have to do anything more for us, for he gave us life itself, but his love and his mercy are far greater than ours, and he will let the living who choose to bury their loved ones into his world, even if for only a moment, this is significant for the night that lies between the two days is just the death that lies between the before life and the next one, and just as the sun never really sets completely, as it always rises for the new day to begin, much like the cycle of the human soul. We arise to a new world of light after sleeping in a world of darkness. Life and death can be compared to the night that falls and morning that rises our sun, each and every day, and can never cease in this cycle. This cycle of day and night represents our soul-cycles throughout eternity. For, when we emerge from the darkness of sleep at night, the sun will always take us into our new day of light. In other words, as long as the sun rises in the East each morning, eternal life will continue to sustain our souls in a World to Come, the moon at night symbolizes the death that creeps upon the light of the living to make Way for a brand new beginning in a brand new life and existence.

Regarding Christianity’s view of Heaven: Love, joy, loved ones, food, shelter, national holidays, religious holidays, land, sea, air, fire, wind, nature. What “better” place is there than life itself? I have yet to hear this question answered. Because in fact there is no better “place” than life itself, and there’s no going back either. The act of gift giving is a selfless one for both the giver and the receiver. In life, gifts are given for the sole purpose of giving. If both parties participating in this exchange are truly selfless in their intentions, both would act according to the laws of universal fundamentals. This would mean that the giver cannot ask for the gift back once it has been given, and the receiver should use the gift for an unselfish purpose– the receiver would in turn share their gift with others. This here is another basic argument for why death could not exist, not in any universe, nor any dimension, throughout all space-time. Why would one assume that the gift of life given to us by our Creator would ever have to be returned? Life is G-d’s gift to humanity, it would be silly to assume he would need or ask for it back, not ever. Once a gift is given, it’s yours. However, the human receivers must decide how they choose to enjoy the gift. In other words. Life is a gift, and it’s the greatest gift ever given. Which means it is our duty, as the receivers of this precious gift, to share our lives with others. The Torah scripture commonly encompasses the concept that G-d wants us to live our lives in the company of both our neighbors and strangers because our lives are literally meant to be shared with other humans. To me, this symbolizes humanity’s relationship with G-d and more significantly, life itself. In other words, the bond that has connected humanity to G-d’s light since the beginning of time was given to a vessel that was meant to receive G-d’s light for the sacred purpose of sharing G-d’s wisdom with others. This beam of light that created the universe, also known scientifically as the Big Bang, was not only able to inhale this wisdom of G-d, it could exhale or reproduce it, for the sole intent of giving birth to man. Let there be light is the link between the Big Bang explosion and Genesis, an explosion of energy took place at the beginning of our universe, nonetheless, both science and G-d are one in the same. Science is used to explain as many miracles as it can, through the study of G-d’s work. This original wisdom that was the light could also interpreted as G-d breathing into a vessel that inhaled the Word, and let it go for others to share in its glory. It had already been decided upon out births that this the gift of life belonged to us, forever and ever. Only once we realize we must share our permanent gifts with mankind and vice versa, we will reach our highest potential. In other words, if we embrace the most selfless act of giving and receiving, the ultimate purpose of our infinite existence will reveal itself.

Another significant argument one can make known is that Mozart and his inexplicable ability to write a symphony the first time his fingers touched the piano’s keys. No one has ever been able to explain this phenomenon, except by simply saying it was chance or that these things are rare, but happen. The answer is much deeper and more complex than this half-way thought out and unfinished response. Looking at the bigger picture: What could be the only explanation to such an event, besides chance that is? You can also compare Mozart’s “stroke of genius” to similar renowned occurrences around the world. The same reasoning is disguised when doctors are unable to explain why people come out of comas knowing a completely different or extinct language they had never even heard of. There are many documented instances where humans have had a near-death experience and woken up with a new skill they never possessed, some have even woken up with different accents that could not be explained. When you think about it logically, there is only one answer to explain how Mozart was able to write an orchestrated symphony his first time playing the piano. The only possible explanation requires you to utilize an intense knowledge of reason and have a strong belief in the foundations of faith. Judaism has clearly handed down the answers to these secret teachings quite blatantly, yet the human mind cannot seem to hang onto what they cannot comprehend. But perhaps the whole point is to make all of this nearly impossible for the human mind to understand. However, Judaism is based on both high levels of reason and full faith in one Almighty G-d. With these two put together, one can discover more than they ever thought possible.

The only things that cannot be explained in this world are commonly ignored and devoted to chance when they should be left up to faith. The argument for the existence of G-d is another argument for another day, but to sum it up, something cannot come from nothing. Period. This leaves the existence of G-d as the strongest argument to why us humans are here today. Furthermore, when something cannot be explained, faith and G-d are what you should look deeply into. Faith is meant to be deep, look at the complexities of our human bodies and of the minerals and foundations of life itself. It’s not easy to stack your cards in something you cannot see or that isn’t tangible, but, is chance tangible? And what is a coincidence if you really think about it? Where did the term coincidence begin? It began when the minds of humans were not able to explain an ironic event in their lives so they decided to come up with an alternate resolution to ease their confusion, but it never really answered their initial questions. Does it? I argue that Mozart had to have already acquired this skill previously for him to be a musical genius without having developed any prior skill for it. Theories such as, “It happens” or “It was luck” are not good enough.” If a baby is given a toy, it learns how to grab the toy, and slowly works to become an expert at grabbing things using the motions of their body. This takes practice yet it’s one of the most basic steps we learn in our infant years. If you meditate on this, you must ask yourself how many other options are there to phenomena such as that of Mozart? You develop skills through practice. I will also argue that since this is true, one must already contain the knowledge of said skill to be able to play an instrument as if they had played it all their lives. Quite literally, their souls have been playing it throughout their lifetimes. This is also answers why some possess the ability to speak another language they never heard of, or how some people can become the next Picasso having never picked up a paintbrush, not in this life anyway.

Déjà vu

It is common knowledge that the explanation for what deja vu is, feels like, or is caused by, has never been discovered. Scientists, psychologists, doctors, researchers have yet to discover the cause of Deja vu, let alone describe what Deja vu truly feels like– does anyone really know an accurate way to describe this sensation? What if I told you that the feeling of Déjà vu, that is, the feeling or sense that you’ve been somewhere like this before, or perhaps have felt the exact emotion(s) in a similar situation which you are very certain happened, yet can’t quite describe/recollect; what if I told you that this feeling/sense you nor anyone has ever been able to pinpoint or accurately describe could be triggered by the subconscious of your soul? I believe through my ancient Israeli roots, knowledge and study of Judaism up so far, and based off my relationship with G-d, that Déjà vu is another unexplained phenomenon which can only be explained soundly through faith. Therefore, humans are still puzzled by the unknown, among such are dreams and the mysteries of déjà vu. Human minds are not constructed to hold enough capacity for such things. I believe déjà vu is another piece of solid evidence one needs to explain the “afterlife.” What if déjà vu is just your soul telling your gut something of significance? Your soul has seen many lifetimes, who’s to say your soul doesn’t communicate with the rest of your organs? Especially if the soul feels an emotion that only the soul can sense, since our bodies are only temporary and our souls are forever. Déjà vu occurs when one’s soul finds itself surrounded by a presence or leftover vibes bouncing off specific situations in this life. After all, your soul is like a treasure chest buried deep within you, it holds the most value you’ve collected throughout all of your existences, until today. This includes lessons, relationships, personality traits, knowledge, etc., and anything else, including memories, from previous lives. That box is attached to you at all times. The feeling of déjà vu could most correctly be compared to your soul notifying your brain and even other parts of your body, to call attention to a significance you can’t quite put your finger on. You know you’ve seen or heard or maybe even felt this feeling before, yet you cannot know why or what it really is that you are feeling. This is the nostalgia of your soul being emitted into parts of your current vessel to remind, warn, or just call attention to your receptors in the brain of a nostalgic-like essence being presented to your mind at the very moment déjà vu hits. This feeling also leaves your mind as quickly as it came into it. Before you even get to start questioning it, it has already begun to return to its source, locked away into the depths of your soul. It has left humans confused for centuries, yet, the answer is in the definition of déjà vu. The answer is actually most likely in the questions one normally asks themselves when déjà vu hits. The individual asks themselves: “Wait, haven’t I been here before? I feel like I have done this before but I don’t know how because I have never physically been here, but wait a minute, I have been there.. But I can’t remember how I’ve been here…” This goes on for a few seconds and then the individual is left with a puzzled sense of confusion that typically goes away seconds or minutes after the phenomenon occurs and has gone “away.” The answer that explains déjà vu is a shockingly parsimonious one: You feel as though you’ve already been somewhere or done something that mirrors a realm of what you are currently doing because — you have already been there, or, you’ve been taught a similar lesson in a past life and your soul sent you your “cosmic” nostalgia that you will need to trigger a sense that will help you accomplish a certain task. Sometimes, we build our futures with ancient glory without even leaving the corners of your mind and body. You just need reminding of these lessons learned from time to time, wherein the circumstances you are currently in are triggers. Is that not what nostalgia is in the first place? Meditate on this question. Thus, Déjà vu is your soul’s nostalgia.

The answers to the most complex mysteries of the universe are quite literally buried into our inner-cores, the souls of our beings. When a sign is sent to us, we automatically assume this sign is coincidence, we don’t leave room for fate or destiny or the Hand of G-d as a very valid explanation to what is. When you perceive things as they are, you begin to let go of the misguided perceptions of what society has led you to believe. Do not look at things how others perceive them, look at them from your perception. Test out the signs you receive, you start to realize these signs are part of your life’s guide to fulfilling your purpose here on Earth. When people ignore these signs, or when people ignore G-d’s outstretched arm, we are ignoring our destinies, we are ignoring out duties to mankind. Thus, if we do not fulfill our purpose in this lifetime, we do get to continue in our next one. However, if you do not try to understand G-d or you take the words of humans over the Word of G-d as your reasoning, you will keep straying further and further away from your destiny, and this also means you are preventing yourself from ever truly experiencing self-worth and the greatest happiness for you and the ones you love. For if one fulfills their dreams which stem from a passion that is your life’s goal, you are also achieving ultimate satisfaction and euphoric joy for your soul.

The various meanings of what Death means to mankind have historically grown into being widely spun-out-of-control stories told around the campfire as children, to this day fantasy folk tales, romantic death plays, and bizarre horror films have resulted in the many versions of the made up concept, which is death, that is and was created by the weak minded, and has therefore become a distorted definition of reality by the imaginations of men. No one can come back to tell you what death truly is so why on earth would humans just assume death means no more existence for the seemingly nonfunctioning soul? In Judaism. G-d tells us that our souls renew, that they live on for eternity with G-d. What is a soul without a body? Is it anything at all? What came first in creation? The soul came first, the body followed. Some Christians will argue Heaven as being a different place in the cloud where good people ascend. I will often argue a point derived from Adam and Eve that Christians always bring up when it comes to this argument. Both Christians and Jews can agree that all humans were born immortal, that is, until something changed this thinking in the Garden of Eden. Christians will often argue that this is humanity’s punishment, they state that we have to die because Eve sinned against G-d’s Word while G-d remains ruling over us for all eternity. This is not the case. It is my firm belief that the story of Adam and Eve signifies a lesson that most have never caught a glimpse of. The apple that Eve ate despite the Will of G-d was G-d showing His creations, for the very first time, that we have free will. He wanted to show us that we as humans are not meant to be slaves to an all-powerful puppet master. Rather, we have choices and the ability to act on them.

G-d specifically governs His universe’s peoples to embrace life, and not death. However, what is life without death? How can one truly cherish anything, whether it be inheriting wealth, taking advantage of a one-sided relationship, knowledge of possessing eternal life, or, any other privileges a human is born into without having ever acquired it themselves and without threat, know they will always have? In other words, only through fear of loss can one live truthfully, faithfully, and spiritually to their fullest? When one has nothing to lose, it means they have nothing to life for. If you have nothing to life for, not only do you lose your sense of purpose, you disregard the value of your life, your sense of the differences between good and evil weaken, right and wrong become intertwined without any consequences. If people were born knowing they were immortal, suicide rates would be sky rocketing, no one could possibly dream of wanting to gain anything nor will an army vow to fight for something if they know they are immortal. Just as G-d wishes to live on for all eternity with His creatures, He wants His creatures to live on with him. Humanity is the way this is done. “From dust to dust” is a commonly misinterpreted statement. From the dust of Earth man was created in G-d’s image. If you were going to a Heaven that wasn’t Earth itself, you would not return to dust, you would float, into the sky. If someone is told that life is fragile and given an ultimatum that involves not breathing ever again, they will surely cherish this life now, and hang onto G-d to support us and He will always cling to us. Back on the topic of Adam and Eve, G-d new that humans would be attracted to sin, and they would inevitably sin throughout their imperfect, human lives. The poison that Eve digests is a symbol of the poison we must work to keep out of our own digestive systems. In other words, it’s a sin that G-d uses as an example to teach that He will always forgive as He forgave Adam and Eve. Although, with the threat of hard power, G-d knows that Humans will be devoted in their own lives, committed to studying His Word and establish justice for all if there are incentives in doing so. G-d commanded men to live by His word alone, if man chooses to live by His Word, man can eventually receive their just rewards with the biggest one being the answer to the most debated question besides why we are all here in the first place, is what happens when we die is unraveled in every life, but only those who wish to seek the absolute truths of G-d and keep on the path of light and not stray to idol worshipping darkness, will receive the wisdom of the afterlife through a binding covenant with their Father. Adam and Eve were forgiven, humanity does not have to die for humanity, there’s no eye for an eye in the eyes of G-d. In other words, we will always be naturally recycled, born from the dust makes sense, going back to the dust without renewal of birth is the same thing as taking a soul away from his or her family, land, and home to live on in G-d’s upper kingdom. Heaven is just the stars. I believe that the stars are G-d’s angels, in no way are they depicted as they are on television. Adam and Eve ate from a tree, the tree of wisdom, the same tree of knowledge which birthed hochma, the Hebrew word for wisdom, into humankind. As this tree of life was rooted into cause for their ultimate exit out of the Garden of Eden, both became aware they were naked.

This is significant, for the first time in human history, mankind understood that G-d gave man and womankind free will, and this taught the first historical mon and dad of human kind that the power to choose between right and wrong was in our hands that G-d had gifted men and women with the free will. Consciousness was born out of the fruit of the tree of life.

Perhaps we are striving to fulfill a certain destiny within eac of our existences. Perhaps we we fell short of this destiny in our previous lives. Perhaps fthis life is a chance to redeem our purpose. This, at its core, is the meaning of life. To fulfill your purpose; that of which is led to you through your inner most passions. It’s up to you to follow them. If you succeed, you must have the closest relationship with our G-d and G-d of our ancestors, the one and only supreme G-d. Build your bridge close to his glory, follow the signs and your primal instincts. Be forever grateful and well aware of all of this at all times. That is, keep in touch with the Creator who gave you the path worth living today. You’ll soon discover possibilities and uncover answers that you once believed to be nearly impossible to reach. Reach your heart’s truest desires by fulfilling a destiny your soul has waited lifetimes to accomplish. Knowledge is the vessel which latches from G-d’s Will onto you, if your mind allows your heart to embrace the truth. The dots are there. These are the signs that go by constantly throughout a human being’s life, the key is to connect those dots before the hourglass of your current existence runs its course. “You are not responsible for finishing the work, but you are not free to walk away from it either.” This quote from one of the five Books of Moses says a great deal. It is up to us to work peacefully side by side out Father in Heaven, to achieve the happiness that every religion stems from. Truth is, every religion in this world was created from the same G-d. Therefore, every religion has truth in it and something you can take from it to help guide you on the path towards inner enlightenment to figuring out who you are and why you were put here. If you really want to get technical, I could argue that all mankind is one religion. Religion of G-d, who cares what name you stick to it, G-d is one with all humankind and humankind is one with G-d. In the case of this particular book review, I unintentionally borrowed Karma and reincarnation, (to an extent), from Buddhism, and tested my life experiences up until now to connect my Jewish heritage to explain that which cannot be explained. Word of mouth is the reason for the distortion of all religions, however, if you dig a little deeper and follow your premonitions in life, G-d will show you “The Way.” This Way is hidden in symbols within Jewish scripture and texts and can be brought to life only though an open mind and free spirit with a sense of childlike wonder in regards to believing. Do you believe in magic? The religions of the world would say magic is in the very breath you are breathing, the elements you mix from the Earth to turn into pills and medicines to cure the most life-threatening diseases, magic is the letters in which my magical flesh is typing through the magic of my body made in G-d’s image. In sum, faith, knowledge, and guts are required to explore the truth in all things.

Age Libertad

One of The biggest problems with our education system today is that the lies are told so enthusiastically and the truth is dull or blatantly ignored.

In other words:

Energizing free thinkers > Spewing unoriginal propaganda and “tired” media “political opinions.” This sheep behavior is growing on all sides of the political spectrum unfortunately.

I believe that the freedom to think is one of the most sacred liberties every single human in our universe is born with. The natural ability to seek your own curiosity is a gift to be cherished most, by any one of us—belonging to the family of The Lioness—born into the tribe of The Eagle.

We, the millennials—the rebels of our roaring 20’s—must aim to exercise this most fundamental human right as it is a choice, to be made by and upon the individual throughout his or her lifespan. The beauty in this freedom is that no man nor tyrant—nothing upon G-d’s Earth—could ever take away that right: Your Freedom of Thought is Your Ticket to Your Own Salvation.

The freedom to think independently or dependently—the decision to utilize your safe, forever-birthright could one day determine whether you sink or swim in life. It should be significant to note —that although most of our brethren and sisters of the world heartbreakingly have little to no say in whether or not they are able to use their G-d given free will in their daily choices, ie due to their own tyrannical government/being under enslavement of any kind in their corners of world. My point is—that whether or not we are fortunate enough to be born into a free country, the free will of all mankind can be exercised freely without penalty of any kind—as this is one unique ability which unites us all, under G-d; As we are ALL blessed with the opportunity to efficiently exercise our G-d given right towards simply igniting our free will to do so—even if only for a rare moment in time.

Therefore, our decisions are made by our freedom to will them—or to not; To soar above the flock or become a slave to a dying herd of sheep.

Simply put, if we will to seek out what is beyond the veiled curtain, we will all have the opportunity to use our own minds, which would inevitably bring about the creating of a much better world for all of us.

I believe this wonderful gem—individual freedom —or the natural instinct buried into our DNA as human beings — is the pivotal door in guiding one self to fulfilling their purpose, if not finding it at the least. To gain knowledge on our own, to determine for ourselves fact from fiction, to have the courage to use our thought freedom to even admitting to ourselves when we had been wrong—That is, our freedom to choose to be independent in thought is the most precious seed planted as an easily accessible tool for all humanity to use and wander into their highest forms of being, to have the closest path to G-d, the greatest understanding and strongest relationship with Your Maker, for civilisation to reach its highest potential.

For, our past, present, and future is manifested into the destiny we create as a collective whole, by acting on our own free will as individuals—this single attribute G-d has bestowed into each and every one of our souls, is the fragile thread which unites us all—in motivating our efforts to pursue our common causes, for the builders of peace, prosperity, principles, and power to successfully take back what has always belonged to we, the people. These governing diplomatic powers must be brought back into the hands of the individual and out of the seats of 99% of our current elected officials.

Without the few, the brave, without YOU, the independent citizens of our USA—we would not be where we are today. I believe in you, in all of us— we can unite to take a stand once and for all in our own age rebellion —or we may as well have nothing to live for at all. Freedom of thought gives you the self awareness by way of your earned wisdom allowing you to educate your peers with confidence, offering real resolutions for unity, as it gives us the power to fight for what is right, against all odds and even— win a peoples revolution. If we can keep our constitutional values alive and secured— spiritually physically and mentally —- From generation to generation—Our movement’s energy will triumph, eventually. Because, when expressed, our freedom to think as individuals is believed in by the majority of society. I am also confident our freedom to think for Ourselves opens up many doors for all freedoms to make their come back in the once free USA, and make their grand entrance into the 3rd world – one day.

The freedom to have an original thought is giving ourselves and our posterity—in the most simplistic, natural way— the best possible future; in securing our blessings, for all of us, and posterity. For the future of all of us is truly, in the psalms of our hands. Our freedoms were meant to be found, kept, and shared. As free citizens, for now, we must take our own initiatives in completing our duties towards fulfilling the cause of all of us —by contributing the greatest amount of effort one could provide in one’s personal situation —towards creating the ripple effect in which our freedoms, all of them, may spread from sea to shining sea, unto our neighbors, all those whom so desperately Long for the chance to live freely. Let our ripple effect break the boundaries which divide us within, and rebuild our own House, so our Temple can withstand the tides of time and injustice, winning freedoms’ victories for all those deserving souls suffering across the globe… One day.

…Hence its’ significant place in our laws of nature — the pursuit to find truths out of lies, spark light out of darkness, break freedom out of slavery—

In sum, OUR freedom to think is YOUR first ladder step — one we can ALL step up to.

As our human right to individual thought is the greatest single benefactor civilization has created by using their hearts and minds, that of which has been SO huge in making our lives so prosperous today.

Thus, the peak of any scientific innovation, or the first rebellion which sparks a certain revolution — had been planted by mankind, for, of, and by mankind—long ago.

And now it is OUR turn to hold the torch. If you continue to choose to abuse this sacred power of ours, whether it be due to laziness or feelings of wanting to be..wanted, aka excuses for becoming a part of the herd—You may be part of the beginning of how we human beings lose our freedom to think one day:
For, the tides of evolution can either wipe out an entire species, or rather, if nurtured, could potentially bring about evolutionary change necessary for the greatest innovations mankind has yet seen.

We must redeem our mothers and fathers and all of our persecuted ancestors, who’ve been slaughtered throughout all ages, when their only crime was being Jewish and refusing to bow down to any idol, king or Roman catholic priest, their souls live on forever even after their bodies were punished throughout massacres documented since long before the crusades and Middle Ages— many Jews sang Shemah Yisrael, Adonai is One. while walking to their deaths in chains; hundreds of thousands burnt at the stake, thousands of Spanish and Portuguese Jews dismembered by being torn apart on a wheel, MILLIONS mass gassed with mothers and their young children clinging to their arms as they transitioned into the world to come, thus— we are their children, and it is our duty, in our age and every age, to redeem their souls and bless their memories. For the purpose of extinguishing tyranny from all over the world.

Our individualism must be kept alive in all of us, for our freedom to think is the key which unlocks the reality of of a more perfect, peaceful union in the near future. United we will stand, divided we shall fall. For the flame of liberty to continue living on, perpetually—
Aim High, and FLY FIGHT WIN, in all you do, like we used to, ‘Merica.

In Order to Form A More Perfect Union: A Warning to All People of the General Welfare

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Patriots, All Peoples,

I am Karen Ben-Moyal, a candidate embracing a new era of politics in our heraclation universe to rebuild the broken system; built OF the people who created it; sacrificed FOR us, who have always owned it, to inherit. Our governing system was founded upon the principles which define the laws of nature, protected and designated by our shared values as human beings— Written on the prospect that, “All men are created equal,” including congressmen and congresswomen. Therefore, all Americans whom believe in promoting faith, prosperity, peace, and the People’s voice in policy making, should be secured by our elected representatives, and these principles lived and guided by us, should be able to withstand and adapt to the times, in our own era, and unto our posterity. Emphasis on the governing system written into a contract or constitution, fought for and won by way of a people’s revolution, to be maintained, or checked and balanced, BY us— the people, or those of whom invented our governing system, those of whom share our values and need our voices heard individually and collectively —— for the principle of power in our government and in nature has always belonged to us, the people, and must continue to be run by us— in the local, state, and federal levels of our Union.


The current polarized political party system is falling on the swords of the modern-day INDEPENDENT Americans; for among these independent individuals are the keys— whose unity, faith, dignity, and courage to vote by way of securing the independence we as Americans share unto posterity is now of up most importance— so long as independent voters reunite and remain strong enough to unlock a brand new reform in our age — by changing the way we vote to align with the pure origins and ideologies which won all victories for ours and all Free, independent Republics; Those of which can fight another battle during our time, for our nation’s Constitutional values to be remembered and restored, for future of all  Americans and people’s world wide.

When it comes to keeping the flames of Liberty alive at home & taking advantage of any opportunity to spread the wings of the American Eagle abroad— we need recognize the focus of maintaining our rights at home for future generations;

May our millennial generation guide our union in efficiently utilizing Her infinite potential, thereby promoting abundant peace at home and abroad; whenever we can, because we can—-if we will it, it will be.

By working to resolve and Diminish the harmful effects caused by the political party system which control the current American govt. — we aim to order and ignite the ceasing of the negative/worthless political strategies brought forth in the past few decades by incompetent elitist leaders and a beyond corrupt election system. 

By defying and defining  the causes underlying the reasons for the dangerous resolutions and destructive uprisings of the most corrupt legislative body the US has seen in its own existence—-  brought forth increasingly every 2-4 years, leading out of the 20th century’s Twilight years and into the millennium and our presently ever-changing, modern world.

We aim to examine and restructure our polarized system of govt.’s establishment by calling out the elite powers controlling our current US system & political environment; and any and all factors included which have led our nation into the dawning of an era of mass corruption, failed political leaders and policies, most of which have slid by undetected and thus have become the stereotypical norm for 21st century candidates who continue to be elected into the US House & Senate by, of, and for the people; those of whom no longer uphold Constitutional principles, nor share the interests & values of the American citizen; thus misrepresenting the majority of America’s people who have been silenced throughout the course of events described before and during this critical time in history.

We must identify the significance of all future federal American elections, and stay close all whom hold democratic ties with our nation — and must continue to look out tor those suffering from government enslavement abroad; those of whom still hope for democracy to purify their lives—- one day— 

If we can be free to think for ourselves and vote by way of virtue and not greed — if only we can bring back the power of the individual today as it were in 1787,  independence and the freedom to pursue happiness will reach us again, and extend beyond our borders to spread the ripple effects of liberty to those across continents who just as deservedly, can only wish to reach their own destiny in our lifespans—For all inhabitants across our shores. If Within we can unite as One Under G-d, for the betterment of mankind, and for ourselves— to preserve our natural laws in love and light, created equal in the eyes of our Universal Maker and under the transparent laws originated as 10-613 commandments, to bond tightly together and amongst our shared covenant, the natural laws we all abide by in daily life, a covenant unbroken for the promise of a miracle left unspoken — unless we stand up for what’s right in our own country when we see the divide— for our posterity is but us —&  ourselves in them – Once seen upon our shining city on a hill are now  mere shadows — embracing the light , which can and will continue to carry all of what encompasses our once free and outstanding Republic — We must fight to defend our will — our right to prosper , To live on — in eternal might from the light which stems from a single candle — to burn away the corruption and the darkness, from now unto infinity — from sea to shining sea, from Our Milky to the Andromeda— 

May the torch of liberty be cherished forever and for good, in holy sparks she shines by way of ancient glory, bridging the divide of past and present, man and woman, white and black, For our duty is buried deep within This same path: For the future is built upon the stones of our generational prosperity and faith. Independent in thought, life, & in space— Yet we stand United in time, in courageous  acts to pursue our fate: 


As the leaders of a global enterprise, we cannot let down our Maker, our brethren and sisters round the world  — nor our sacred constitutional contract — for

It has always been written in the stars , since Big Bang, the first day of creation, the first ray — Each  individual American, the voters of democratic nations — must remember to keep all human rights sacred —-if we are to restore and fulfill our collective duty as American millennials we are the future leaders of a monarchical, broken republic falling upon our own walls. 

Keeping in mind,

The constitution does not guarantee our happiness, only the pursuit thereof, Thus, our future is up to us entirely— it is already in our nature and in our blood as Americas youth, to strive for revolution— to be fought and won for of and by the people — Our peoples revolution has only just begun —

“It is not your job to finish the work, but you are not free to walk away from it.” – פִּרְקֵי אָבוֹת ‘(The Ethics of the Fathers)’

Through perseverance, sheer will, love, driven along by the hope we must keep lit, alive—- only through our unity we may REbuild the strength, may we build our future through ancient glory guided by the footsteps of our ancestors and by G-d Almighty —

With our sacred and frail freedoms, we choose to Fight for independence and justice for all—- as is our mission statement;

For the sake of our freedoms, which are only eternal if we can uphold as we all envision —

 To keep Our  responsibilities as citizens of a free nation strong in our hearts, foR our freedom to govern amongst ourselves must be KEPT, for the foundation of our house and our senate so divided — was built upon the sacrifice and faith of our brave ancestors.

And as we move past America’s most corrupt election cycle, in Texas elections and states  across the country — 

May we remember to heed the significance of the promise of a rainbow — if we look up we know it to be written in the diamond night sky, further assurance that together — we can fulfill our purpose as American citizens born of the free. 

May we seek these self evident truths, which are eternal, if we open ourselves up up to seeing and doing them—-both in strife and uphill climb of our life’s challenges,  & through the triumphant times as well—

May our generation break down the barriers which have brought America to her lowest level in time—- may we be the generation to choose to push her back up alongside her allies round the world —- lift off for all man and womankind, — to and past the moon — one day, to infinity and Mars.


May we be the light I see in all of us, in all of you, for our posterity to glow in and one day embrace — our future is truly within the psalms of our hands.

May our Maccabean spirit leap reborn in our days, as of old. For the future of all of us, is still within the PSALMS of our hands. Don’t. Let. Go.

To this day, We, the rebels of our 21st century, must continue to build our future through the ancient glory of our ancestors. There are no coincidences in the patterns of our times, for such are these phenomena the mere depictions mirroring our world with the old one, in order for us to rebuild anew once again, in our generation for the next, and so on. Simply put, it has always been difficult for the mortal mind of man to be able to see the real life magic surrounding us since the first miracle of light and life itself: The signs which fill in the puzzle pieces of our history help us all to understand our heritage, our hopes and dreams, our courage to seek, know, and understand the meanings beyond the secrets buried beneath the deepest ocean floor. If we see things just as they are, or for the magic of what truly is, the common sense hidden within most of us independent-thinking individuals of the world, should truly shine out when we see the same signs that G-d continues to relay to us through the wonders of His creations. Our destiny lies within this wisdom of G-d, the original wisdom of all that exists. That is, the holiest steps of our existence are paved with the NON-coincidental gifts as signs sent to us on our journeys, united with G-d and mankind in our paths, yet alone and independent in our legacies left to be fulfilled by the ones who do not wear a mask over their eyes in the day or night. We, the children of believers, are still seekers of these signs which have given us success and struggle, triumph after falling, unbreakable strength after ages of despair. The only strength we need to have, the only real strength we can have at all—comes from G-d Almighty. And it starts with our acknowledgement of His Wisdom and listening to our senses, not the sheep surrounding the herds of the doomed and illogical—or those who believe they are here by chance and that life itself is all just one big coincidence, and this thinking is certainly an origin of ignorance. Even the evil are aware of G-d’s love, but they choose the path of self-loathing and power tactics as they run through life on the backs of their own negative fumes to get ahead, knowing yet ignoring these fundamental truths, and even turning others against the truth for their own gains. This is why G-d gave Adam and Eve the free will to choose whether or not they wanted to eat a condemned fruit, or whether or not they knew of their own consciousness, and thus, their Maker, Creator, whom made them the first human beings in His world. The freedom to choose our destinies, the freedom to choose our own decisions in our unified paths in life, is such a wonderful gift in itself, from our only Rock and Redeemer. Indeed, the most dangerous and upsetting are those who are just ignorant and go through life without any need to stop and think, question, or ask anything for themselves. The ignorant are those who make up the masses in our society today. Thus, it is our duty as free, American millennials, to stand up today and voice our independent thoughts loud and clear, especially when you know it is the right way in the face of all that is wrong in front of you. Choose you, choose to look up and ask yourself and to G-d who made you for the answers which perplex you in the day and in your dreams. After all- Tis only the future of all of us that’s at stake, right? May you be brave in your endeavors and stick it out in the struggles long enough to reap your rewards, whoever you are, wherever you are, the lovely human being reading another perspective other than your own. We learn from one another, if we can see reality for what IT is, rather than what “it ought to be.”

“However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.” – George Washington, A Prominent Co-Founder of the United States of America, Military Leader and War General Hero of the American Revolution, A Leader of the first Continental Congress, Our Union’s first President, and America’s only INDEPENDENT President of the United States

Elaborating on the above quote and in observing many of GEORGE WASHINGTON’S WISE WORDS throughout his amazing life and career: Washington constantly WARNED THE PEOPLE OF THE USA OF THE DANGERS AND ULTIMATE FAILURE AND DESTRUCTION WHICH COULD RESULT OF A NATION BUILT UPON ELECTING THEIR LEADERS THROUGH A POLITICAL PARTY SYSTEM, SPOKEN LOUD AND CLEAR IN HIS CLOSING REMARKS OF HIS BRILLIANT FAREWELL ADDRESS on a SATURDAY of SEPTEMBER 17, 1796. This day is of significance as it later became known as Constitution Day, which was enacted into an official national holiday for the purpose of educating our congressmen and congresswomen, our children, ourselves, over the fundamental Principles and policies of our nations founding documents, which have since made us the first free nation in the world. Not only have we ignored this age old warning over the times, today’s American government has spun backwards in time—- towards a more monarchical system —- as opposed to the more perfect union we should all strive for, as a nation of free individuals with shared values, and as citizens of a leading global enterprise— built for, of, and by the people—-A UNITED PEOPLE, Under G-d.

We must stop ignoring the problem, as it only worsens and weakens us as individuals in our daily lives, it negatively impacts everyone who has the ability to think an original thought and not depend on a clique or group to be confident in themselves as strong men and women most American citizens are. We are the majority, getting killed by an embarrassing minority sitting on high horses year after year until our elected officials die, retire, know that the opposing party candidate will beat them in their next election, (Aka the “congressional retirement plan,” of the elite whom deserve the least for what they sow– & yet still get away with— apparently — in Americas 21st century),” or those of whom decide they’ve stolen enough money from the tax paying citizens who pay and vote them in with nothing in return, no matter how many times you try to do a task that never works, it is most likely because it does not work by nature. Thus, early retirement for the arrogant monarchs disguising themselves as saints and “leaders,” are nothing but puppets who follow the rest of their party herd to the slaughter if necessary to live out their whole lives on the back of citizens who’ve become slaves in our nation built of, for and by the people, and the rest of the world, our children, posterity pays for America’s major 2 party elite system because of our carelessness at the ballots and cluelessness of all people surrounding a typical US election system. Unfortunately, our age is facing head on, these negative effects caused by the biggest threat to our country today. Tyrants never rose to power by way of campaigning for the job of dictator—- they were carelessly voted in by people’s who’d all but forgotten to take care of our freedoms, and now is the time We the people must rise above the monarchs, before the power of the people becomes totally obsolete. We the people invented America and we the people make her prosper. We the people are the solution to our biggest domestic threat. If not now, when? If not us, who? It’s time for the free thinkers and independent minds whom drive our innovative system in a lesser than free market. Calling all eagle warriors and rebels of our generation— to stand up for what’s right, unite ourselves and take responsibility for our civil duties. After all, we are the sons and daughters of sacrifice, bravery, and patriot dreams. Take back the power of the individual on our own governing system, take back the power of the people from the hands of our enslavers, before it’s too late— “if we will it, it will be. If we will it, it is no dream.” -Theodore Hertzl, founder and engineer/architect of the State of Israel born anew in 1948

Together, we can win our own revolution, for if we are to purify the destruction of our nations broken house, we must first rebuild our own temple, and our national government so deeply divided—- before we can establish justice in our own lives for ourselves and posterity — for the purpose of spreading our own freedoms across the seas, around the moon, to shine on in igniting the perpetual flame of liberty born with us and reborn with all of us, to truly boomerang our biggest problem off the face of the earth, in order to form a more perfect union for us and then the world, a ripple effect which may live on perpetually, for the darkest corners of our globe to feel the effects of our people’s revolutionary war— WON by the people, won for the people, won of the people. We are strong and party people are weak. We are independent by ourselves and united we are even stronger. The parties will fall on themselves with or without our interference, but I’ll be damned if any tyrant attempts to fall on me— on all of us.

Shema Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu, Adonai Echad.

Karen Ben-Moyal, November 2020

Edited. December 18, 2020

E Equals M, Plus C, Squared

Science has shown that there’s only one “substance-less substance” that can change into matter. And that’s energy. Einstein’s famous equation, E=MC2, tells us that energy can change into matter. And once it changes into matter, time grabs hold. Before Einstein, the Laws of Relativity were undefined in both the understanding of theory and physics. Although Philosophers and scientists of all ages had been theorizing and contemplating for centuries, similar ideas since the beginning of time, dating as far in human history can go, thanks to good ole Al, we know these laws of nature both scientifically & philosophically (spiritually), now; However, most thinkers today, still cannot think for themselves as most cannot debate nor connect the latter to the former, and vice versa—leaving the latter object up to subjective interpretation in a variety of field, in our modern world. A tip for others out there whom are too fascinated by the designs of time-space from the philosophical, natural, scientific if we could truly ever begin to understand the knowledge of natural law and understand G-d’s will simultaneously, one would require the unconditional, uniquely creative skill set, and a mind so open that the freedom to think, observe, question, and speak—anything other than an original thought—- must be eliminated from ones mind, and for the most part, could not have learned anything at all unless the basis of faith as an explanation for unexplained reasons and causes in nature, must have been implemented by G-d Almighty through the individual soul to accept and seek— the wisdom that only the tree of knowledge in the most fundamental sense— could make possible the unveiling of the improbable, in ones own mind, through the soul that most likely was born with the purpose of finding these reasons at the start of their lifespan. For, in the beginning of all creation, G-d said let there be light. And there was light. Or, in the words of the infinite universe, In the beginning, space-time reacted to the following equation, which produced the existence of life, at its own foundation:


Furthermore, We know that (E) = energy ― or the light beams, radio waves, gamma rays, x-rays ― all travel at the speed of light, (C), 300 million meters per second. At the speed of light, time does not pass. The universe was aging, but time only grabs hold when matter is present. This moment of time before the clock begins for the Old Testament, or our universal Bible, lasted about 1/100,000 of a second. A miniscule time. But in that time, the universe expanded from a tiny speck, to about the size of the Solar System. From that moment on we have matter, and time flows forward. The Biblical clock begins here, at E equals M, C, squared.

Side Thoughts from KBM/The Author:

Isn’t it highly strange to realize that both rhythm and sound were born out of the extraordinary circumstances birthed during the phenomena resulted by way of creation. Just as the reflections illuminating the rays of light are complemented by the shadows of darkness on land, water is rooted from the same seed, in the beginning there was light which was used to bring all the elements of the universe into existence. These same forces of nature birthed the light that survived out of nothingness to cause that which brought the seas into existence. The One Creator of all of us, creatures and mankind— motioned and brought forth the creation of the 7 seas on Earth and H20 in general, via the wave lengths serving as vessels for energy to travel at the same time and distance as light—For the destined patterns we see in opposing forces are the keys which vibrate and attract energy to and from objects in nature.

Nature is filled with hidden patterns and parallel wavelengths refracting and reflecting off the moon beams which give light to the stars at night and and the motion that pulls the tides of our oceans to and from high and low. Thus, the meanings of life are the very same sparks which first created all nature and Her inhabitants to date. Before the wind collided with the very first foundational elements aka the beams of fire which brought and continue to bring about the life of the inhabitants of our planets’ oceans. These first moonbeams of light were and still are the same electrical magnetic waves of energy used to bring in the tides of the Earth—millions of years since the creation of the universe began— this electricity lives on in our lives—and are still the fundamental tools used to measure weather today in meteorology and are now explained by science in forms of chemical equations, geometry, and nuclear physics.

Therefore, we now have solid scientific evidence which proves what every human being that’s ever lived has known at their core—that God made both man and beast on the same day, the 6th day of creation is to the realization that light and water were created on the same day. The moon and stars may only fulfill their functions if the laws of attraction in nature continue in motion at the same rate throughout the rest of time. Alas the Intertwining of my two favorite elements at once: Light & Water were made for you and me. And all the creatures and organisms in between, all were created along side each other to reflect the rhythms of sound and song by way of the rays of the moon and sun meeting halfway. At sea level one reaches the silence consuming the ocean floor. The beams of the moon move the tide at this level, this same light is used by the sun rays which are used for many reasons too, and the stars illuminating the darkness on both land and water give the ocean brightness even in the middle of nothingness, the shadows of the moon and stars light the seas in similar manner. The lightning and thunder that falls with the rain signify the beat marching to life’s drum by way of clashing in communication with one another. The thunder is the sound announcing the introduction of the lightning not far away, as it grows closer the winds blow the waters alongside the storms which parallel the laws Nature cleverly abides by, and has done so since birth of all life. A specific reason is given to each and every detail in creation, but why is it that the laws of attraction, or the forces which cause opposites to attract also signify day and night to the inhabitants of all the lands on Earth? The differences lie within the secrets in between the light and the dark. The time when twilight transitions night to day and day to night. The location of this phenomena is where the answer is found. The key is to examine the movements on land by comparing them to the waters and rivers and streams of all kinds. when Darkness settles during the day when a rain storm is forming above. The sounds of the thunder are much more intense above water than they are below. But why does lightning strike so violently Light & Water = pure cosmic serenity. Out of rays of light, the beat of a certain rhythm is combined to form shadows which illuminate the darkness, by enhancing the twilight in between waves of energy such as waves of electricity as well as waves turned by the tides. Serene vibrations reflect the rays of light beaming down to shadow the beauty of creation and the significance of the origins of all 92 universal elements beat to a drum one can only sense while immersed in the first two elements to come into existence. Enlightenment galore and all at once the rays of light and waves of the ocean collide into the rhythm of your soul to beat to the drum of my own heaven on Earth. Looking at moon tonight. Half crescent and sky bright with G-ds creation, stars with Forests blooming like a couple of hundred giant, magic beanstalks, stretching over the rainbow horizon —- from the dirt of the earth to the highest point of light at the speed of light through the gravity holding up The spinning global atmosphere — floating waves in the sky —- float on above and so below— endlessly wild and charming by day, invisible by night—- our solar system guarded by clouds of swords and shields of freedoms wind —- all above the horizon —- turning at an opposite angle and direction of the world we are all used to trying to be a part of.. the life we should be grateful to share … as I observe the world above my lil ole self, I look to the moon and and think of G-d, my ancestors, the animal Kingdom , admiring the trees colliding with the Andromeda. Long story short: Tonight after a day of utter despair — I saw a brain in the moon. The crescent half full on one side, right looking up, and left from the moon itself. The other side of the empty circle filled with invisible star dust and ether .. the dark side of my heart almost… and for a moment I saw the human head or the left and right ventricle of the skull and flesh of a brain… I wonder if the moon led us to biological advancements in brain research or if our generation has forgotten why we mean to exist and think at all.

About the Author

Karen Ben-Moyal

קרן בן – מויאל

Karen Ben-Moyal is an American-Israeli, Jewish author, philosopher, independent political activist, and student-pilot-trainee from San Marcos, Texas. Over the past decade, Ben-Moyal has been studying, working, and changing the dangerously radicalized American political environment from within. By creating several successful freedom-focused organizations, and being hired for various political and media influencers, campaign candidates, and local, national statesmen in the past, KBM has brought many of the figures leading the major-two-party-system corruption, to their knees, as she continues to fight to take back the power of the individual alongside her fellow rebels of the 21st century, all while working all over the political spectrum, living in both Texas and Washington, D.C.

Capitalizing upon Karen’s previous accomplishments, Ms.  Ben-Moyal graduated from the University of Houston in May of 2018, with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science, minor in history, and focus on International Relations.   Ben-Moyal was most recently employed as a Political Consultant for American Target Advertising, under the leadership of Richard Viguerie of The Conservative Caucus in Northern Virginia.  Recently returning to Texas from working in Washington, DC. for Newt and Callista Gingrich at Gingrich 360, and on Capitol Hill for Lobbyists at The Livingston Group. Ben-Moyal was also an assistant producer at D’Souza Media where she worked on the production team of Dinesh D’Souza’s latest documentary, ‘Death of Nation.’ Karen established Young Americans for Freedom at the University of Houston, where she grew the organization to eventually becoming the most expansive student network at U of H in years. Karen led her YAF UH team mates, built stable relations with heads of UH faculty, and Activities Funding Board members to ultimately direct her YAF board members by delegating assignments to each responsible staff role that assisted in bringing and organizing multiple speakers to speak on campus on behalf of her YAF UH organization; Such speakers included Dinesh D’Souza, Herman Cain, and David Horowitz. Karen has also worked for congressmen such as Ted Poe, Dan Crenshaw, and Pete Olson. In addition, Ben-Moyal is a published author and maintains a professional blog website as a hobby. During her time spent working for Houston City Councilman Mike Knox, Karen implemented new ordinances into the City of Houston’s Office of Business Opportunities Program for Minorities and Women. Ben-Moyal was fundamental in rebuilding the formerly corrupted system.

Get in Touch with the Author

Email: unitedwefly@usa.com 
WordPress: https://www.karenbenmoyal.comhttps://www.karenbenmoyal.org
Instagram: @kbmforallofus
Twitter: @Patriots_League
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/karenliketheray


With Infinite Love for my country and my world, my G-d, my brethren and sisters of mankind, my ancestors who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms, and to all the creatures inhabiting our universal lands, skies, and seas: I dedicate these published works to you. May peace and prosperity be abundant unto you and your loved ones in this life, and the next…

Your Humble Servant,

Karen Ben-Moyal



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