The Magic of What Is: The Perpetual Pulse of the Patriot by Karen Ben-Moyal (See Official Link to Published Formats/Versions via Amazon):

Hardcover/Paperback/Kindle Formats: The Magic of What Is: The Perpetual Pulse of the Patriot by Karen Ben-Moyal (Link to Published Versions on Amazon Below):

The Magic of What Is: The Perpetual Pulse of the Patriot by Karen Ben-Moyal (Link to Published Versions on Amazon Above)

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About the Author

Karen Ben-Moyal

קרן בן – מויאל

Karen Ben-Moyal is an American-Israeli, Jewish author, philosopher, independent political activist, and student-pilot-trainee from San Marcos, Texas. Over the past decade, Ben-Moyal has been studying, working, and changing the dangerously radicalized American political environment from within. By creating several successful freedom-focused organizations, and being hired for various political and media influencers, campaign candidates, and local, national statesmen in the past, KBM has brought many of the figures leading the major-two-party-system corruption, to their knees, as she continues to fight to take back the power of the individual alongside her fellow rebels of the 21st century, all while working all over the political spectrum, living in both Texas and Washington, D.C.

Capitalizing upon Karen’s previous accomplishments, Ms.  Ben-Moyal graduated from the University of Houston in May of 2018, with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science, minor in history, and focus on International Relations.   Ben-Moyal was most recently employed as a Political Consultant for American Target Advertising, under the leadership of Richard Viguerie of The Conservative Caucus in Northern Virginia.  Recently returning to Texas from working in Washington, DC. for Newt and Callista Gingrich at Gingrich 360, and on Capitol Hill for Lobbyists at The Livingston Group. Ben-Moyal was also an assistant producer at D’Souza Media where she worked on the production team of Dinesh D’Souza’s latest documentary, ‘Death of Nation.’ Karen established Young Americans for Freedom at the University of Houston, where she grew the organization to eventually becoming the most expansive student network at U of H in years. Karen led her YAF UH team mates, built stable relations with heads of UH faculty, and Activities Funding Board members to ultimately direct her YAF board members by delegating assignments to each responsible staff role that assisted in bringing and organizing multiple speakers to speak on campus on behalf of her YAF UH organization; Such speakers included Dinesh D’Souza, Herman Cain, and David Horowitz. Karen has also worked for congressmen such as Ted Poe, Dan Crenshaw, and Pete Olson. In addition, Ben-Moyal is a published author and maintains a professional blog website as a hobby. During her time spent working for Houston City Councilman Mike Knox, Karen implemented new ordinances into the City of Houston’s Office of Business Opportunities Program for Minorities and Women. Ben-Moyal was fundamental in rebuilding the formerly corrupted system.

Get in Touch with the Author

WordPress: https://www.karenbenmoyal.com
Instagram: @kbmforallofus
Twitter: @Patriots_League


With Infinite Love for my country and my world, my G-d, my brethren and sisters of mankind, my ancestors who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms, and to all the creatures inhabiting our universal lands, skies, and seas: I dedicate these published works to you. May peace and prosperity be abundant unto you and your loved ones in this life, and the next…

Your Humble Servant,

Karen Ben-Moyal

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