Haikus: (2016VS2022): The Future of All of Us is Truly in the PSALMS of OUR hands

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Copyright. Karen Ben-Moyal. Dec. 18, 2021.

Copyright. Karen Ben-Moyal, 2016.


Happy Birthday to All of Creation, Welcome Year 5782

A day late but –

Sounding the shofar on this day, Rosh Hashanah, or literal translation – “head of the year,” We, the people, as individuals and in unity, must continue to work to rebuild our future, through ancient glory in our age—as our Ancestors did before us, and as our posterity shall do after us. May Year 5782 bring about freedom’s renewal in the USA and for all of our allies. Tis our duty, Patriots, as “free” humans, to fulfill creation in all our endeavors and pursuits in life, for the end goal of all of us, and our Creator’s. Our common purpose, is shared within the actions and values sealed within us. It dignifies us as American citizens inhabiting the land of the free—commanding us to work together in restoring peace and justice, for all—at home and abroad—for a more perfect, perpetual union. (Whether we are aware of this bond in our daily lives or not), it is an eternal rhythm each of us carry within our spirits and our hearts all the days of our lives. United, we must stand—to make 5782 the year we, the freedom-fighting rebels of our 21st century, could once again, (in our time), reestablish our broken temple, and ultimately REDEDICATE our lives to fulfilling our individual destinies within our lifespans if possible. By working together to recreate Ourselves and the world around us, and by the reinventing of our incompetent major party political system, replacing party policies with individual political powers would have no choice but to triumph In Recreating our whole world anew.

May 5782 bring Our Universal Creator the most joy, pride, love felt and bestowed for and unto us, His Family—Aka Mankind, and all living in Nature since our existence first began. And may the cherished Attributes of our Rock and Redeemer, Adonai, harmonize us, in bringing about an abundance of love and forgiveness, generosity and courage to fight for what’s right; To have the will to stand firm in the face of any adversary. May we grow as a people’s nation, extending the laws given by nature unto our enslaved neighbors, across the 7 seas, and beyond. May we consistently remind ourselves of the blessings we were born into and are given each passing second of our lives, as the virtues gifted unto us, from under G-d, ripple from our hearts and into the homes of all peace seekers throughout the globe. May we spread our natural “human” attributes with one another and with our Maker, in our every day lives, for now and forever…. {For, the future of all of us is truly in the Psalms of our hands}. 🦅🌍🕊

Wishing a Happy, healthy, and sweet new year to All.

‎ומתוקה‎ שנה טובה


‎גמר חתימה טובה

May you be inscribed and sealed within the Book of Life.

-KBM, Tishri 1, 5782

In honour of this momentous occasion in time-space, I’ve reposted below, a blog written by Karen Ben-Moyal of The Karen Chronicles, which discusses the very beam of wisdom transformed into light, hung on and then reproduced out of a world of darkness. This beam of light was that which became known as The Big Bang in “modern scientist jargon.” One could also call it “Genesis,” or the exact phenomena which G-d deemed to term in Ancient Aramaic, as “Let There Be Light.” This one beam of light is that which brought us all here today, by way of following the wisdom of our Amighty Creator, the first time any sort of element could survive in our universe which was once nothingness, had its own birth and then gave birth for the first time in all time as we know it—by gaining energy and momentum, life itself —-the light shone from G-d out of a dark place, one single flame clung onto this energy which we know to be G-d, to share in performing the miracles of creation, with our Maker, because the Will of G-d was in that very light. It is in all of us today, and our stars and earth are made out of this same substance which was planted as the roots of all mankind, billions of years ago, and according to A. Einstein’s main formula describing how relativity exists at all: the answer lies within, as above so below: ———————-———————————————————————-—————————————————————->>>>

~~> E Equals M Plus C, Squared

E Equals M Plus C, Squared


c. Karen Ben-Moyal. December 2020.

Science has shown that there’s only one “substance-less substance” that can change into matter. And that’s energy. Einstein’s famous equation, E=MC2, tells us that energy can change into matter. And once it changes into matter, time grabs hold. Before Einstein, the Laws of Relativity were undefined in both the understanding of theory and physics. Although Philosophers and scientists of all ages had been theorizing and contemplating for centuries, similar ideas since the beginning of time, dating as far in human history can go, thanks to good ole Al, we know these laws of nature both scientifically & philosophically (spiritually), now; However, most thinkers today, still cannot think for themselves as most cannot debate nor connect the latter to the former, and vice versa—leaving the latter object up to subjective interpretation in a variety of field, in our modern world. A tip for others out there whom are too fascinated by the designs of time-space from the philosophical, natural, scientific if we could truly ever begin to understand the knowledge of natural law and understand G-d’s will simultaneously, one would require the unconditional, uniquely creative skill set, and a mind so open that the freedom to think, observe, question, and speak—anything other than an original thought—- must be eliminated from ones mind, and for the most part, could not have learned anything at all unless the basis of faith as an explanation for unexplained reasons and causes in nature, must have been implemented by G-d Almighty through the individual soul to accept and seek— the wisdom that only the tree of knowledge in the most fundamental sense— could make possible the unveiling of the improbable, in ones own mind, through the soul that most likely was born with the purpose of finding these reasons at the start of their lifespan. For, in the beginning of all creation, G-d said let there be light. And there was light. Or, in the words of the infinite universe, In the beginning, space-time reacted to the following equation, which produced the existence of life, at its own foundation:


Furthermore, We know that (E) = energy ― or the light beams, radio waves, gamma rays, x-rays ― all travel at the speed of light, (C), 300 million meters per second. At the speed of light, time does not pass. The universe was aging, but time only grabs hold when matter is present. This moment of time before the clock begins for the Old Testament, or our universal Bible, lasted about 1/100,000 of a second. A miniscule time. But in that time, the universe expanded from a tiny speck, to about the size of the Solar System. From that moment on we have matter, and time flows forward. The Biblical clock begins here, at E equals M, C, squared.

Side “Lights,” or, Thoughts from KBM/The Author:

– Isn’t it but strange to realize how both rhythm and sound were born out of the extraordinary circumstances birthed during the phenomena resulted by way of creation. Just as the reflections illuminating the rays of light are complemented by the shadows of darkness on land, water is rooted from the same seed, in the beginning there was light which was used to bring all the elements of the universe into existence. These same forces of nature birthed the light that survived out of nothingness to cause that which brought the seas into existence. The One Creator of all of us, creatures and mankind— motioned and brought forth the creation of the 7 seas on Earth and H20 in general, via the wave lengths serving as vessels for energy to travel at the same time and distance as light—For the destined patterns we see in opposing forces are the keys which vibrate and attract energy to and from objects in nature. 

-Nature is filled with hidden patterns and parallel wavelengths refracting and reflecting off the moon beams which give light to the stars at night and and the motion that pulls the tides of our oceans to and fro, high and low. Thus, the meanings of life are the very same sparks which first created all nature and Her inhabitants to date. Before the wind collided with the very first foundational elements aka the beams of fire which brought and continue to bring about the life of the inhabitants of our planets’ oceans. These first moonbeams of light were and still are the same electrical magnetic waves of energy used to bring in the tides of the Earth—millions of years since the creation of the universe began— this electricity lives on in our lives—and are still the fundamental tools used to measure weather today in meteorology and are now explained by science in forms of chemical equations, geometry, and nuclear physics. 

-Therefore, we now have solid scientific evidence which proves what every human being that’s ever lived has known at their core—that God made both man and beast on the same day, the 6th day of creation is to the realization that light and water were created on the same day. The moon and stars may only fulfill their functions if the laws of attraction in nature continue in motion at the same rate throughout the rest of time. Alas the Intertwining of my two favorite elements at once: Light & Water were made for you and me. And all the creatures and organisms in between, all were created along side each other to reflect the rhythms of sound and song by way of the rays of the moon and sun meeting halfway. At sea level one reaches the silence consuming the ocean floor. The beams of the moon move the tide at this level, this same light is used by the sun rays which are used for many reasons too, and the stars illuminating the darkness on both land and water give the ocean brightness even in the middle of nothingness, the shadows of the moon and stars light the seas in similar manner. The lightning and thunder that falls with the rain signify the beat marching to life’s drum by way of clashing in communication with one another. The thunder is the sound announcing the introduction of the lightning not far away, as it grows closer the winds blow the waters alongside the storms which parallel the laws Nature cleverly abides by, and has done so since birth of all life. A specific reason is given to each and every detail in creation, but why is it that the laws of attraction, or the forces which cause opposites to attract also signify day and night to the inhabitants of all the lands on Earth? The differences lie within the secrets in between the light and the dark. The time when twilight transitions night to day and day to night. The location of this phenomena is where the answer is found. The key is to examine the movements on land by comparing them to the waters and rivers and streams of all kinds. when Darkness settles during the day when a rain storm is forming above. The sounds of the thunder are much more intense above water than they are below. But why does lightning strike so violently Light & Water = pure cosmic serenity. Out of rays of light, the beat of a certain rhythm is combined to form shadows which illuminate the darkness, by enhancing the twilight in between waves of energy such as waves of electricity as well as waves turned by the tides. Serene vibrations reflect the rays of light beaming down to shadow the beauty of creation and the significance of the origins of all 92 universal elements beat to a drum one can only sense while immersed in the first two elements to come into existence. Enlightenment galore and all at once the rays of light and waves of the ocean collide into the rhythm of your soul to beat to the drum of my own heaven on Earth. Looking at moon tonight. Half crescent and sky bright with G-ds creation, stars with Forests blooming like a couple of hundred giant, magic beanstalks, stretching over the rainbow horizon —- from the dirt of the earth to the highest point of light at the speed of light through the gravity holding up The spinning global atmosphere — floating waves in the sky —- float on above and so below— endlessly wild and charming by day, invisible by night—- our solar system guarded by clouds of swords and shields of freedoms wind —- all above the horizon —- turning at an opposite angle and direction of the world we are all used to trying to be a part of.. the life we should be grateful to share … as I observe the world above my lil ole self, I look to the moon and and think of G-d, my ancestors, the animal Kingdom , admiring the trees colliding with the Andromeda….:. Long story short – Tonight after a day of utter despair — I saw a brain in the moon. The crescent half full on one side … right looking up and left from the moon itself… the other side of the empty circle filled with invisible star dust and ether .. the dark side of my heart almost… and for a moment I saw the human head or the left and right ventricle of the skull and flesh of a brain… I wonder if the moon led us to biological advancements in brain research or if our generation has forgotten why we mean to exist and think at all. I love you G-d. Thank you. amen. – Karen Ben-Moyal, thoughts in between the Dawn, Circa.[2016-2021].

Please view blog posting over “The Beam that Lit Up the Universe as We Know It” for further reading! Thanks. -KBM

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An Emergency Call to the General Welfare of the United States of America

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Patriots, All Peoples,

I am Karen Ben-Moyal, a candidate embracing a new era of politics in our heraclation universe to rebuild the broken system; built OF the people who created it; sacrificed FOR us, who have always owned it, to inherit. Our governing system was founded upon the principles which define the laws of nature, protected and designated by our shared values as human beings— Written on the prospect that, “All men are created equal,” including congressmen and congresswomen. Therefore, all Americans whom believe in promoting faith, prosperity, peace, and the People’s voice in policy making, should be secured by our elected representatives, and these principles lived and guided by us, should be able to withstand and adapt to the times, in our own era, and unto our posterity. Emphasis on the governing system written into a contract or constitution, fought for and won by way of a people’s revolution, to be maintained, or checked and balanced, BY us— the people, or those of whom invented our governing system, those of whom share our values and need our voices heard individually and collectively —— for the principle of power in our government and in nature has always belonged to us, the people, and must continue to be run by us— in the local, state, and federal levels of our Union.


The current polarized political party system is falling on the swords of the modern-day INDEPENDENT Americans; for among these independent individuals are the keys— whose unity, faith, dignity, and courage to vote by way of securing the independence we as Americans share unto posterity is now of up most importance— so long as independent voters reunite and remain strong enough to unlock a brand new reform in our age — by changing the way we vote to align with the pure origins and ideologies which won all victories for ours and all Free, independent Republics; Those of which can fight another battle during our time, for our nation’s Constitutional values to be remembered and restored, for future of all  Americans and people’s world wide.

When it comes to keeping the flames of Liberty alive at home & taking advantage of any opportunity to spread the wings of the American Eagle abroad— we need recognize the focus of maintaining our rights at home for future generations;

May our millennial generation guide our union in efficiently utilizing Her infinite potential, thereby promoting abundant peace at home and abroad; whenever we can, because we can—-if we will it, it will be.

By working to resolve and Diminish the harmful effects caused by the political party system which control the current American govt. — we aim to order and ignite the ceasing of the negative/worthless political strategies brought forth in the past few decades by incompetent elitist leaders and a beyond corrupt election system. 

By defying and defining  the causes underlying the reasons for the dangerous resolutions and destructive uprisings of the most corrupt legislative body the US has seen in its own existence—-  brought forth increasingly every 2-4 years, leading out of the 20th century’s Twilight years and into the millennium and our presently ever-changing, modern world.

We aim to examine and restructure our polarized system of govt.’s establishment by calling out the elite powers controlling our current US system & political environment; and any and all factors included which have led our nation into the dawning of an era of mass corruption, failed political leaders and policies, most of which have slid by undetected and thus have become the stereotypical norm for 21st century candidates who continue to be elected into the US House & Senate by, of, and for the people; those of whom no longer uphold Constitutional principles, nor share the interests & values of the American citizen; thus misrepresenting the majority of America’s people who have been silenced throughout the course of events described before and during this critical time in history.

We must identify the significance of all future federal American elections, and stay close all whom hold democratic ties with our nation — and must continue to look out tor those suffering from government enslavement abroad; those of whom still hope for democracy to purify their lives—- one day— 

If we can be free to think for ourselves and vote by way of virtue and not greed — if only we can bring back the power of the individual today as it were in 1787,  independence and the freedom to pursue happiness will reach us again, and extend beyond our borders to spread the ripple effects of liberty to those across continents who just as deservedly, can only wish to reach their own destiny in our lifespans—For all inhabitants across our shores. If Within we can unite as One Under G-d, for the betterment of mankind, and for ourselves— to preserve our natural laws in love and light, created equal in the eyes of our Universal Maker and under the transparent laws originated as 10-613 commandments, to bond tightly together and amongst our shared covenant, the natural laws we all abide by in daily life, a covenant unbroken for the promise of a miracle left unspoken — unless we stand up for what’s right in our own country when we see the divide— for our posterity is but us —&  ourselves in them – Once seen upon our shining city on a hill are now  mere shadows — embracing the light , which can and will continue to carry all of what encompasses our once free and outstanding Republic — We must fight to defend our will — our right to prosper , To live on — in eternal might from the light which stems from a single candle — to burn away the corruption and the darkness, from now unto infinity — from sea to shining sea, from Our Milky to the Andromeda— 

May the torch of liberty be cherished forever and for good, in holy sparks she shines by way of ancient glory, bridging the divide of past and present, man and woman, white and black, For our duty is buried deep within This same path: For the future is built upon the stones of our generational prosperity and faith. Independent in thought, life, & in space— Yet we stand United in time, in courageous  acts to pursue our fate: 


As the leaders of a global enterprise, we cannot let down our Maker, our brethren and sisters round the world  — nor our sacred constitutional contract — for

It has always been written in the stars , since Big Bang, the first day of creation, the first ray — Each  individual American, the voters of democratic nations — must remember to keep all human rights sacred —-if we are to restore and fulfill our collective duty as American millennials we are the future leaders of a monarchical, broken republic falling upon our own walls. 

Keeping in mind,

The constitution does not guarantee our happiness, only the pursuit thereof, Thus, our future is up to us entirely— it is already in our nature and in our blood as Americas youth, to strive for revolution— to be fought and won for of and by the people — Our peoples revolution has only just begun —

“It is not your job to finish the work, but you are not free to walk away from it.” – פִּרְקֵי אָבוֹת ‘(The Ethics of the Fathers)’

Through perseverance, sheer will, love, driven along by the hope we must keep lit, alive—- only through our unity we may REbuild the strength, may we build our future through ancient glory guided by the footsteps of our ancestors and by G-d Almighty —

With our sacred and frail freedoms, we choose to Fight for independence and justice for all—- as is our mission statement;

For the sake of our freedoms, which are only eternal if we can uphold as we all envision —

 To keep Our  responsibilities as citizens of a free nation strong in our hearts, foR our freedom to govern amongst ourselves must be KEPT, for the foundation of our house and our senate so divided — was built upon the sacrifice and faith of our brave ancestors.

And as we move past America’s most corrupt election cycle, in Texas elections and states  across the country — 

May we remember to heed the significance of the promise of a rainbow — if we look up we know it to be written in the diamond night sky, further assurance that together — we can fulfill our purpose as American citizens born of the free. 

May we seek these self evident truths, which are eternal, if we open ourselves up up to seeing and doing them—-both in strife and uphill climb of our life’s challenges,  & through the triumphant times as well—

May our generation break down the barriers which have brought America to her lowest level in time—- may we be the generation to choose to push her back up alongside her allies round the world —- lift off for all man and womankind, — to and past the moon — one day, to infinity and Mars.


May we be the light I see in all of us, in all of you, for our posterity to glow in and one day embrace — our future is truly within the psalms of our hands.

May our Maccabean spirit leap reborn in our days, as of old. For the future of all of us, is still within the PSALMS of our hands. Don’t. Let. Go.

However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.” – George Washington, A Prominent Co-Founder of the United States of America, Military Leader and War General Hero of the American Revolution, A Leader of the first Continental Congress, Our Union’s first President, and America’s only INDEPENDENT President of the United States

Elaborating on the above quote and in observing many of GEORGE WASHINGTON’S WISE WORDS throughout his amazing life and career: Washington constantly WARNED THE PEOPLE OF THE USA OF THE DANGERS AND ULTIMATE FAILURE AND DESTRUCTION WHICH COULD RESULT OF A NATION BUILT UPON ELECTING THEIR LEADERS THROUGH A POLITICAL PARTY SYSTEM, SPOKEN LOUD AND CLEAR IN HIS CLOSING REMARKS OF HIS BRILLIANT FAREWELL ADDRESS on a SATURDAY of SEPTEMBER 17, 1796. This day is of significance as it later became known as Constitution Day, which was enacted into an official national holiday for the purpose of educating our congressmen and congresswomen, our children, ourselves, over the fundamental Principles and policies of our nations founding documents, which have since made us the first free nation in the world. Not only have we ignored this age old warning over the times, today’s American government has spun backwards in time—- towards a more monarchical system —- as opposed to the more perfect union we should all strive for, as a nation of free individuals with shared values, and as citizens of a leading global enterprise— built for, of, and by the people—-A UNITED PEOPLE, Under G-d.

We must stop ignoring the problem, as it only worsens and weakens us as individuals in our daily lives, it negatively impacts everyone who has the ability to think an original thought and not depend on a clique or group to be confident in themselves as strong men and women most American citizens are. We are the majority, getting killed by an embarrassing minority sitting on high horses year after year until our elected officials die, retire, know that the opposing party candidate will beat them in their next election, (Aka the “congressional retirement plan,” of the elite whom deserve the least for what they sow– & yet still get away with— apparently — in Americas 21st century),” or those of whom decide they’ve stolen enough money from the tax paying citizens who pay and vote them in with nothing in return, no matter how many times you try to do a task that never works, it is most likely because it does not work by nature. Thus, early retirement for the arrogant monarchs disguising themselves as saints and “leaders,” are nothing but puppets who follow the rest of their party herd to the slaughter if necessary to live out their whole lives on the back of citizens who’ve become slaves in our nation built of, for and by the people, and the rest of the world, our children, posterity pays for America’s major 2 party elite system because of our carelessness at the ballots and cluelessness of all people surrounding a typical US election system. Unfortunately, our age is facing head on, these negative effects caused by the biggest threat to our country today. Tyrants never rose to power by way of campaigning for the job of dictator—- they were carelessly voted in by people’s who’d all but forgotten to take care of our freedoms, and now is the time We the people must rise above the monarchs, before the power of the people becomes totally obsolete. We the people invented America and we the people make her prosper. We the people are the solution to our biggest domestic threat. If not now, when? If not us, who? It’s time for the free thinkers and independent minds whom drive our innovative system in a lesser than free market. Calling all eagle warriors and rebels of our generation— to stand up for what’s right, unite ourselves and take responsibility for our civil duties. After all, we are the sons and daughters of sacrifice, bravery, and patriot dreams. Take back the power of the individual on our own governing system, take back the power of the people from the hands of our enslavers, before it’s too late— “if we will it, it will be. If we will it, it is no dream.” -Theodore Hertzl, founder and engineer/architect of the State of Israel born anew in 1948

Together, we can win our own revolution, for if we are to purify the destruction of our nations broken house, we must first rebuild our own temple, and our national government so deeply divided—- before we can establish justice in our own lives for ourselves and posterity — for the purpose of spreading our own freedoms across the seas, around the moon, to shine on in igniting the perpetual flame of liberty born with us and reborn with all of us, to truly boomerang our biggest problem off the face of the earth, in order to form a more perfect union for us and then the world, a ripple effect which may live on perpetually, for the darkest corners of our globe to feel the effects of our people’s revolutionary war— WON by the people, won for the people, won of the people. We are strong and party people are weak. We are independent by ourselves and united we are even stronger. The parties will fall on themselves with or without our interference, but I’ll be damned if any tyrant attempts to fall on me— on all of us.

Shema Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu, Adonai Echad

Your Humble Servant,

Karen Ben-Moyal, November 2020

Edited. December 18, 2020

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Guatemala’s Colonial Legacy


Karen Ben-Moyal

Guatemala’s Colonial Legacy


Geographically, land, collectivism, and strong ties to roots have been held together as a perpetual trinity of defense for the Mayan people; in both primitive and sophisticated eras throughout time. The Maya world stands on a threshold between past and future, and more significantly, between an indigenous people known widely as the most advanced in the New World, and at the same time, a bridge between a never-ending battle to reclaim their own heritage from Mayan oppressors. Most people whom wish to establish the contemporary crisis in historical perspective dedicate substantially more attention to post- Independence times than to the colonial period. Such an approach is here reversed to create more concretely the colonial experience upon which the circumstances and events of post-Independence Maya life were exclusively founded. The base of time past diminishes towards the crest of time present, a structure chosen to emphasize the historical mandates that propel, and the cultural context that frames, ongoing social unrest. By outlining the spiral of continuous struggles shared by the living Maya peoples of today, we can examine their means for holding onto the ancient land they inhabit.  This paper set out to explore the unique battles which have shaped an undivided culture’s past, present, and future. To explore the close connection between ethnic identity, nationalism, political violence, and state power, an examination of how indigenous governance customs subsidize to a culture that emphasizes adjudicated harmony is necessary.   Further, a depiction of the Maya of Guatemala and how they have responded culturally to survive almost five centuries of conquest will be examined in this contemporary analysis, in which the myths, knowledge, and wisdom of Mayan culture, come to light in creating a familiar identity shared with their ancestors. While simultaneously devising an in-depth analysis of this unique social movement with a pluralistic approach, this paper will identify three traverse themes which stand out when comparing Mayan identity construction, Mayan leadership in creating a politically and philosophically rich indigenous movement, and Mayans within the contemporary Guatemalan nation-state. Our goal is to outline the epochs of conquest the Maya of Guatemala have been subjected to since the early sixteenth century. These cycles include: conquest by imperial Spain, conquest by local and international capitalism, and conquest by state terror. Each isochronism has produced an indecipherable abyss which reflects the very nature of Guatemalan society, economy, and politics. The perplexities sure to be unmasked by this glimpse into history and ethnography should portray how much the twentieth century resembles the sixteenth, for the parallels between enigmas of colonial and modern-day conquest, hundreds of years apart, are striking.

Early Mayan Civilization: Confronting Injustices of the Past

No culture of the pre-Columbian Americas left a more abundant legacy of native history and world-view carved in stone than did the Maya, the name used by some natives of the Yucatain Peninsula to describe themselves to the sixteenth century conquistadores, Spanish explorers and chroniclers. Occupying an area of roughly 325,000 sq km in southern Mexico and northern Central America, the Maya created a cultural tradition that is baffling in its diversity and exhilarating in its creativity.  Descendants of Mayan Indians make up much of Guatemala’s population. Since the era of Spanish conquest, they have been subject to ongoing oppression still present to this day. The Mayas were the prime victims of the Guatemalan civil war. Today, however, they are demanding rights with a zeal never seen in Guatemala. Contemporary Mayans not only share territory inhabited by ancient Maya, they also maintain a unique bond in heritage, language, and common history of resilience, resistance, and success. First to colonial era enslavement and later to neo-colonial oppression and the 1980s genocide in which 200,000 peasant farmers, mostly Mayans and Ladinos, were massacred by the Guatemalan army. According to the journal article, Changing Perspectives on Mayan Civilization, “During the final centuries of the Formative or Preclassic period (2,000 B.C.-A.D. 250), throughout the Classic period (A.D. 250-900), and at the beginning of the Postclassic period (A.D. 900-1519), thousands of stone monuments and buildings were carved with hieroglyphic inscriptions, in addition to countless other texts and images painted or carved on more perishable media (e.g. cloth, wood, stucco, or bark-paper books).” [1] Although the Classic period was one of the most prominent of the Maya writing system and its creative scribes, the Maya of subsequent periods were no less resourceful in their architectural accomplishments, as well as their embellishment of sacred objects with painted and carved designs. Further, the passing on of oral history, religious beliefs, and prophecies prevailed the Classic period. The combination of hieroglyphic writings, visual imagery, and oral ethnic legends provides for a remarkable understanding of Maya conceptions of themselves, the world, and their connection to it. Fash describes this period by stating that, “recent efforts have shown that controlled historical analysis of imagery and writing from Classic Period stone monuments, Postclassic bark-paper books, and Colonial Spanish accounts can explain rituals and behaviors among the living Maya for which traditional ethnographic methods cannot account.” [2] The origins of this ethnic resurgence within the social processes of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century state formation rather than in the ruins of the national project of recent decades. This period led Mayan patriarchs to develop understandings of nation and race that were contrary to Ladino notions of progress and assimilation.


As opposed to a “remote historical experience,” this essay set out to view conquest as a “visible, present condition.” The abysmal inequality that has afflicted the country of Guatemala since the days of conquest continues. Ríos Montt’s conviction, however, offers a beam of light in a previously darkened tunnel. This can be thought of as a glimmer of hope for the Mayans who must keep this faith alive.  Pressed into service during colonial times under the terms of encomienda and repartimiento, Maya Indians today are being forced once again to ignore local priorities to fulfill obligations laid down and demanded from outside their communities. Significantly worth noting however, is that, “counterinsurgency in the 1980s, like subjugation by imperial Spain and engulfment by a ‘coffee republic,’ represents neither victory nor defeat.” [3] What it does embody is yet another encroachment that Maya Indians will always respond to in ways that determine meaningful group conservancy.  Survivors of three cycles of conquest, the Maya of Guatemala are encompassed still by dark shadows of the past. However, while conquest may darken their lives, it has yet to dim the light on their culture.


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