An Emergency Call to the General Welfare of the United States of America

“We aim to examine and restructure our polarized system of govt.’s establishment by calling out the elite powers controlling our current US system & political environment; and any and all factors included which have led our nation into the dawning of an era of mass corruption, failed political leaders and policies, most of which have slid by undetected and thus have become the stereotypical norm for 21st century candidates who continue to be elected into the US House & Senate by, of, and for the people; those of whom no longer uphold Constitutional principles, nor share the interests/values of the American citizen; thus misrepresenting the majority of America’s people who have been silenced throughout the course of events described before and during this critical time in history. Keeping in mind, The constitution does not guarantee our happiness, only the pursuit thereof, Thus, our future is up to us entirely— it is already in our nature and in our blood as Americas youth, to strive for revolution— to be fought and won for of and by the people — Our peoples revolution has only just begun. Thus, Through our uniqueness and our collective may we have the perseverance, strength— the pure will to achieve the highest level of a lifelong, uphill battle— through G-d, the memory of our ancestors sacrifices, with the burning fuel of passion that stems from the deep love and empathy for our a happier future for our neighbors, and towards a free world for our brethren and sisters across the Earth. Driven by G-D and His will for all of us— alongside our fellow brave and selfless freemen and women who built us, only we the people, we the children of the Maccabees— can be the light that will shine upon us as a diverse, moral, majority-ruled (until now of course)— as a once free society— we mustn’t let our sacred temple, our house, our nation—our home- fall into the hands of absolute despotism. We must fight our battles as a truly oppressed society to take back the power of the individual in our once independent nation. And by the hope, by way of fulfilling our duties as Americans and standing firm in the face of adversity — in voting the way we are, for the representative whom is closest to us and our principles in policy and in all walks of life— financially or socially. We are one because G-d is one, yet our unique mission in the world and in our own daily lives are the keys which set us apart from one another and the world as we know it and as we have to keep it— we must keep the torch of liberty lit for eternity, Keeping the flame of what it truly means to be an American alive—- can only be made possible through all of us. Just as our founders and and descendants have come together in times of battle against any another foreign enemy of America, we must realize our greatest enemies of our state lie within our own territory lines- the elite disguised as party gaining pawns or their party sheep, the media worshippers and our broken education system — the major American media outlets in America and the majority polarized and unqualified lazy and gain seeking non-individualistic, non-innovative, sheep like thinkers are those whom seemingly have the most power if you let them. To rebuild our own temple, we must first rebuild ourselves and vote for our electors in the way we would most logically choose to vote in or vote out of any system or relationship or trade deal—we can pull our votes from the obvious party puppets whom spend millions campaigning to reach a more tyrannical regime. But, In order to form a more perfect union, perpetually, we must stand firm in our own governing system while we still have the power to own it. Before we can REbuild the strength of our walls, the foundation of a new era, a new and improved senate, an unbiased court system, a fair election system, and once we work to establish actual representation in our own government, we ourselves will see clearly -/ the US govt built for of the people truly belongs to us. We are the owners of our democracy and ourselves, and may we cherish this bond in heart and blood as American citizens, come together as one with our infinite set of skills and real solutions to building a base for our nation that fits the times of the era and can reach the times of the next century in safety and security of human rights for themselves and posterity world wide. Thus, to build our future through ancient glory, We should set our hearts as one once and for all to recognize our true common enemy lurking within the self proclaimed/financially supported by ourselves and those in the ‘higher ranks’ of society —- only when our hearts are one, our minds and our bodies can take care of the rest. As we’ve always been guided by our universal moon and sun— through the ancient map of stars and constellations our ancients followed — by way of turning with the tides and am staying strong in the harshest of winds and rains from the sky, At the very least we can be proud to walk in the footsteps of our ancestors in the name of fulfilling the will gifted unto us by G-d Almighty — with honor and courage to beat the modern day Stalin’s and dependent hitlers in the making. Together, we the people, or should I say in the spirit on the last day of Chanukah this 2020 (fallen on the Friday of my 28th bday)—We are the children of the Maccabees! May our millennial generation live up to the task—rise fellow patriots— As our own “roaring” awakening in our 21st century — be brought to light and then made into force of successful action. Maccabean spirit leap reborn! Shema Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu, Adonai Echad.”

America + Israel = MOST Essential Peace Makers in Today’s Modern World, Born of the Most Sacred Bond

"First of all, let's get this out of the way: Criticizing Israel is not anti-Semitic, and saying so is vile. But singling out Israel for condemnation and international sanction—out of all proportion to any other party in the Middle East—is anti-Semitic, and not saying so is dishonest. "Each interest group in America, by and large-- is managed for and by the PEOPLE to gain access to the attention of their representatives in office, usually to call on a certain issue or express their doubts about a law they seek to amend or bill they want passed. Hundreds of lobbying groups exist all with shared goals and their own unique cause. How is it that Israel is the only "all powerful lobby" who seeks to leave an imprint on American foreign policy, and supposedly by scheming the politician and somehow blinding him or holding him hostage until the politician gives in? How ridiculous your argument is. I had been waiting to throw this your way a while, so thank the leftist who assisted in your obsession with disliking Jews to the point they need to troll strangers… The point is, each lohbyist has the right to seek change if they don't agree with something their government is doing. NO ONE should begrudge the other's right to try. And no one should cast conspiracies on those who succeed -- again, as long as they play by the rules, and they certainly and openly do."

The U.N. Delusion

"...All our insistence was in vain. I do not accuse the UN officials of lack of goodwill, but they turned out to be helpless to compel our neighbours to keep their promises. The chain of murders continued. We had no alternative but to take action ourselves for our self-defence, which is a natural right; perhaps more than a right: the duty of the State...."

".....We will not allow ourselves to be deprived of the right of self-defence as long as the UN and its Security Council are incapable of putting an end to these murders. As long as the Arab rulers honour their signature to the cease-fire, there will be tranquillity on the borders, for Israel has never violated and will never violate its promise."

"...The UN is founded on the principles of peace and justice, which are no less precious to us than to anyone else. It is our obligation and privilege to ensure, as far as it lies within our power, that these principles should apply to us as much as to other members of the UN...."

"....It is inconceivable that Israel should consent to discrimination: one rule for ourselves and another for the rest of the world."

(Ch. 1) Notes for a Memoir I will One Day share with the World We All Share: ‘What I saw When I fell into the Fire”

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‘What Is’, Notes, Unedited for Ch. 1, V. I

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