The U.N. Delusion

United Nations = Democracy of Tyrants 
The Preamble to the United Nations Charter states that it was created to “to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war,  promote fundamental human rights, the equality of women and economic and social progress.” from its founding in 1945 to date…  The United Nations has not only failed to champion these ideals, it is actively destroying them — under the guise of tolerance, idealism, multiculturalism and peace.

The United Nations has closed its eyes to invasions, tolerated genocide and accepted injustice. “Where there is tyranny it is timid, but where there is freedom it is vicious.” It knows no law but power, and it knows no justice but accommodation with a totalitarian majority. In the past this majority was assembled by the USSR and its vassal states. Today the totalitarian majority answers to the dictates of the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

On June 26, 1945, the representatives of 50 nations met and signed the treaty that created the United Nations. The Republic of China, the first nation to sign, exists now only as an isolated chain of islands, abandoned by its former allies and shut out at the UN. The nation that has taken its seat is the People’s Republic of China, a Communist dictatorship responsible for the deaths of 40 million of its own people. The UN’s treatment of the first signatory to its charter is representative of how the politicization of its laws and the degradation of its principles have undermined the founding ideals of this organization. UN Resolution 2758 mandated the expulsion of the Republic of China “for the protection of the Charter of the United Nations and for the cause that the United Nations must serve under the Charter.”2* The nation that put forward this resolution replacing a founding member with a Communist dictatorship was the Socialist People’s Republic of Albania, another Communist dictatorship, which kept its own labor camps and tortured political prisoners, and whose economy was heavily subsidized by the People’s Republic of China. The resolution barred the first signatory to the UN Charter from ever reapplying for membership in the international organization – officially in the name of protecting the UN Charter, but actually in the name of protecting the territorial ambitions of the People’s Republic of China and the political alliance of The USSR, the second signatory, was already responsible for the murder of tens of millions through its program of ethnic cleansing and mass repression. Its signature on the Charter did not alter its policies. Its gulags did not close as a result; its armies did not pull back from captive nations. A number of the 50 original signatories were already on the verge of being made satellites of the Soviet Empire. The 51st, Poland, was delayed from joining the 50 by a Soviet-backed Communist takeover. Even as the ink was drying on a charter of world peace, the second signatory to that charter was forging the chains that would bind a tenth of the other signatories into a totalitarian empire. In the two months after the UN treaty signing in San Francisco, the signatories would issue new declarations of war, drop nuclear weapons and fight civil wars. It was a reminder that very little had changed or would change: that for all the idealistic sentiments of its Charter, the UN was an affirmation….

From 1975-1979, the Khmer Rouge Communist Party carried out one of the bloodiest reigns of terror in the second half of the 20th century, causing the deaths of millions. During and after this “Cambodian Genocide,” the UN Security Council did not issue a single resolution, nor recognize the event as a major atrocity, resulting in 1.671 and 1.871 million deaths in total, or 21 to 24 percent of Cambodia’s population at the time.  While millions were dying, the UN occupied itself with condemning the Israeli expulsion of the Sharia judge of Hebron and the United States for allowing former members of the Rhodesian government to enter the country. In fact, it is significant to note that was not UN action but the Vietnamese invasion that finally put an end to the worst of the Pol Pot’s terror. The United Nations, after being approached by the Cambodian government nearly two decades later, finally got down to the task of trying some of those involved for genocide.

In 2011, one of the most hateful events took place when the  United Nations met in a city with the second largest Jewish population in the world. Soon after the anniversary of the 9/11 massacre of three thousand Americans almost a decade prior, the United Nations General Assembly recognized the existence of a Palestinian state. Even though the Gaza half of that proposed state was not only governed by the Hamas terrorist regime and their donors, it also had and still has an infamous charter calling for the destruction of Israel and the genocide of the Jewish people. Events that unfolded that September were just more reminders to the world that the United Nations is not only a biased organization, but that it is a conspiracy of tyrants and terrorists.

And finally there is the instance of the UN Kenya office which resettled refugees in exchange for bribes. An ugly example of how UN corruption and greed perverts even its humanitarian missions. The culture of corruption at the United Nations means that it is unrecoverable as an organization. The UN has taken on the corrupt character of the worst of its member states and further involvement with it diverts  America’s success in missions domestically and abroad — which means further hindering the American economy and struggling to influence free market and foreign policies overseas while regional stability and overall peace efforts are weakened worldwide….

The U.N.’s obsessive war against the free world has become its own war as well. The 65th General Assembly session had 16 resolutions targeting Israel. Burma, Iran and North Korea were hit with one each. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency is dedicated to aiding the Palestinians with half of that money going through the hands of the terror group Hamas.

But whether it’s the UNRWA or WHO or UNESCO, the Human Rights Council or the International Labor Organization, the Commission on the Status of Women or the International Court of Justice; there is only one real item on the agenda: Israel.

The Isaiah Wall opposite the United Nations carries a quote from Isaiah, but a more appropriate quote would be from Ecclesiastes. “That which is crooked cannot be made straight.” The United Nations was crooked from its very beginning. Its spine was bent, its morals were bent and its purpose was bent. The tyrants and terrorists  of the world have bent it to their will.

In order to truly understand the ROOTS of the corruption constantly recycled throughout the United Nations of Terror, we must glimpse into past misconceptions and illegal, immoral behavior that has gone on too long and been tolerated by the ranking members of the United Nations, those who have been pulling the strings since the founding of the bizarre organization. We must focus on studying on the rocky foundations, relationships, and broken promises the U.N. set up and carried out in broad daylight, both during and after the years leading up to the reestablishment of the State of Israel in 1948.  An investigation into the vague and mostly hurtful responses the U.N. initiated towards Israel being attacked repeatedly in numerous wars is required– those of which Israelis had to act fast, mostly alone, and without ANY help from the U.N.  Even on their own, or with the help of American support if available,  Israeli DEFENSE wars and state building had to take place before the nation had a sovereign, secure, fair, and democratic governance system, and this was indeed done without any U.N. assistance, in fact it was done with heavy U.N. burden and hindrances that added to the anti peace agenda Israel was trying so hard to fight against. 
Finally, let’s look at just some of the abundant evidences which prove the true intentions of the United Nations– evil intentions which were in opposition of peace for Israelis and show the U.N. only had zero desire for justice at all. To start off, we can view the data charts below, and can see clearly the immense hate for Jews the U.N. held from day 1. By simply following the money trails, it becomes apparent that the millions of dollars stolen each year  from the U.S. to pay the U.N. has cost American tax payers a fortune, and has simultaneously gone towards the funding of terror and death and anti freedom causes.  The U.N. has obviously painted their fiscal portraits, made public, of utterly falsified facts and data– the truths spelled out here, however, will really shed light on how the U.N. has used American values as a platform to fund themselves and terrorists, and even these short findings will show just how realistic it is that this organizations’ actions — since October of 1945– have directly resulted in high death tolls, numerous and various broken treatises, and an infinite supply of anti Semitic lies, anti- peace missions have been committed by U.N. corruption.

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Using the slideshow images above to calculate the ACTUAL percentages of survey distributions cited by the United Nations throughout the last decade. One can immediately account for the enormity of disillusionment the U.N. fosters and continues utilizing in ongoing efforts to blind the world through false surveys and blatant lies.

First we can discuss the claim made by many millennials who proclaim themselves Republicans: In contrast to the arguments commonly made by liberals countering Israel’s right to statehood, Americans on the right tend to make the argument revolving around the false and unsubstantiated claims which assume their fears for American tax dollars and foreign aid being wasted on Israel.Most in this category falsely account for the State of Israel’s blame to be shed on the country’s BORROWING of “too much money in foreign American aid.” Of course they forgot to account for the statistics of the world in which you will discover that America sends funds to almost all world nations, even enemies of the state, increasingly each year.  Not to mention, since the miracle that was the 2016 election of our current commander in chief, Donald trump has managed to work with Israel in eventual economic sovereignty  of the state of Israel to occur over the next few years. This means that since 1948, Israel has managed to eliminate debt to their American allies while growing towards economic dependence and are now beginning to fund world nations themselves, without having to rely on American aid ever again. Today, Israel is a sovereign nation, simultaneous in relieving America of some financial distress and are the second growing leaders of technological advancements to the world. Actually, Israel has also been watching over the United States in terms of carrying the weight shifted by Obama’s failed 8 years which would have resulted in major decline of not only United States, but was a major blow to global progress. Israel continued in research and continue to hold the title of the number one country to contribute strategic considering  agricultural growth and trade, weaponry development, advancements in space exoneration while NASA was removed by Obama at the beginning of his first term here in the states. Israel maintained balance of the world’s achievements and growth in all forms during the stagnant 8 years of Obama term. While America’s position eventually declined in all its former glory for the first time, in all areas relating to world  globalization, the world allies of America would have been left in the dust if it had not been for the state of Israel’s actions during the time. The eternal U.S. flame was held high by the state of Israel, even if Americans themselves were living in darkness here at home, Israel took major actions towards noble efforts as they saved the expertise learned by their best friends since israel’s reestablishment in 48, the nation was able to uphold fundamental advancements formerly carried out by only the  U S of A.. Israel modeled America’s historic strategies for war, law, and peace,  this allowed for Israel to carry some of the American burden ignored by the Obama Admin. for almost a decade. Israel made successful strides before, during, and after Obama’s two terms of doom, however, the fact that the small and young state of Israel was able to significantly improve and even upstart new democratic missions shared by the two countries sacred bonds revolving shared values between them, was a noble achievement in itself.  Not only did Israel give the world new ideas and gain economic control of themselves and others in the region, they were able to hold down the American fort while Hitler incarnate sat in the white house and steered both citizens of the U.S., as well as institutions, especially the  United nations, to frame his anti israel biases and destructive ideas as those of the masses. This was all distorted mostly through the media, another counterpart in the circle of anti freedom fighters that made America fall at record breaking declines. ALL OF which sent shock to America’s former allies,  israeli investors, strategic and trade partners, as well as americans themselves. However, Bibi Netanyahu was able to envision truth and harvest light, at least enough for law makers and the israeli government as a whole to see the truths which were blinded during the time and it was truly a blessing Netanyahu was sitting rime minister during America’s darkest hour since the civil war. This allowed for israel and Her citizens to maintain respect for America through and through. One administration shadowed so much truth while mass media gave way for highest divisions here at home and throughout the U.K. and canada, fueling hate and anti semitism disguised by the never ending news and social media highlights falsifying the state of American progress, and in the meantime covering the atrocities commited under obama by the feds during the 8 years he used to kick start the very real on sight of a world war 3 .. even after U.S. former back to back wins in world wars 1 and 2 made it nearly impossible for  anyone or nation in this dimension to bring the rise of another world war,  the rest of the world and its leaders were set into wartime motion efforts, seeking refuge for future attacks and shelter, while living with the most concerning fears of the era we are living in, terrorist attack after terrorist attack to all regions of the world and here at home, made the chaos all the more real and the fear of innocent civilians all over the world rise along with the anxieties of the neglected American allies as they watch USA transform into thin air or slowly become stacked against the leaders the globe once relied on, can’t imagine the allies feelings of losing their nuclear umbrellas, their safety exposed while the threat of a nuclear holocaust beginning to take form with the holders of the most destructive and dangerous nukes and military weapons being the enemies of the U.S. who were once defenseless  and yet held the firearms and manpower to make this nightmare almost tangible to the eyes of the surrounding regions and civilizations whose dictators were gaining more means for destroying America and Israel every day obama sat in the white house. All such distortions were all made evident by the force of the U.N.’s  guiding shadows, United Nations set the lights of darkness not quite ready for destruction but growing significantly each year, towards ultimate disaster, and loss of freedom’s virtues were for the first time brought against the lights of hope, the lights using all their extra strength to combat the darkness, burning away the darkness caused the shadows to stay shadows, but as we know from historic events, eternal flames are only eternal if they are able to shine on forever. The chances for these lights to continue burning were shed each day, shining less and less over the years and this was also evident here at home, and all over the globe.    At this time, the world’s leading countries grew tired and became misguided and thus were sent even more off track by the obama admin.’s ongoing, hateful attempts to divide and conquer via media outlet resources.

A great miracle however, was to take lead of the downwards course of events; the effects of justice soared steadily throughout the  months of the newly elected leaders in America in 2016, and this caused the start of this great miracle.

Thus, before we even realized it ourselves,

Israel watched, alongside the entire world,


A Great Miracle Happened;


and There.

Thankfully, Israel was able to steer clear of  all the lies resulting from the webs entangled within our very own American nation. While fighting for their own freedom, Israel continued to create strides that have led the world towards higher pursuits for peace,  resulting in one of the leading reasons america’s advantages was automatically restored, once Obama was out of office that is. Israel now holds the torch in creating their own defenses, in both numbers in army  combat as well as military stations  and missions to assist impoverished nations all over the world, whether it was through trade of resources or Israel  becoming the savior of nations who had been hit hard by natural disasters in need of aid and rescue. Not to mention, Obama era called for zero strategical/ technological advances in regards to medicine and educative efforts for growth.

UN Logic  also Singles Israel out as the only country in the ENTIRE world that discriminates against women.

This is mind boggling because when you actually USE logic you’ll discover that there is only one place in the middle east that grants their supreme court to women, the ONLY judiciary system in the middle east  in which an Arab woman, male, Jew, Hindu, Ethiopian, Hispanic, Asian, LGBTQ person, etc. may have the right to vote and the right to a fair trial. Only ONE tiny state in the ENTIRE region allows the virtues that come with freedom of speech, right to assembly, equality under the law, etc.

And that place is the State of Israel.


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As the Era of Rapid Technological Growth Increases, the free thinkers and fighters of our generation are in Decline. Numbers.

Note from Author:

Today’s self proclaimed constitutionalists and “Libertarians” have forgotten the foundational structure in which the core reasoning for an establishment for freedom was ever established, really would love to hear what the modern day BSers who claim the founders did not believe in contributing to the entire world, although the basics of our nation’s founding principles and fundamental values clearly states these basic laws to govern humanity towards freedom, I guess you may assume if you are not too big on thinking, that the meaning of “all men endowed by their creator,” or the many mentions of “All men being created equal,” was only meant to Americans?

This has always been something I have laughed at and in recent months seemed to be more of an issue that has continued to come to light in the narrow world of millennialism and Common Sense not only gives light to this fact over and over and over again, Jefferson too states in the Declaration itself and all other works, quotes that revolve around the true meaning of what it means to be an American:

Thomas Jefferson, the country’s first secretary of state and its third president, characterized the new United States of America as such: “the solitary republic of the world, the only monument of human rights . . . the sole depository of the sacred fire of freedom and self-government, from hence it is to be lighted up in other regions of the earth, if other regions shall ever become susceptible to its benign influence.”

SoI know this is not normal but all things normal have been long lost from academia all the years I have attended college anyway. So, you tell me, Is this normal or is the west headed for decline with the the future leaders of America who have this mindset or who are even further off from what American Independence meant for the world at the time of its arrival?……………….. 😦

To me.

This paints a much larger canvass for discussion — for the purpose of effectively understanding these “truths” —
One must to look to another perspective, and perhaps some Insight into the meaning of“The hope” can be restored for the whole world to benefit from.
To shed light upon a group of words Americans know well — however, to understand the depth of this notion— Reevaluation should be considered at this point in out nations time and age —
In other words, the truth held behind the words themselves considers one to seek further analysis of how such universal rights” were established into law to begin with: One must look into the origins or to the roots of their *liberty tree*

“what it truly means to be citizen of humanity = why Americans set out to establish these rights = what it truly means to be a citizen of America = rooted at the core principles of mankind’ since Genesis:I

“…Liberty and Justice for All.”

“..Hold These truths to be self evident..”

“…That all men are created equal;

“..That they are Endowed by Their Creator with certain unalienable rights…“



  • As a Native Texan, Israeli American, it is my civil duty as a citizen of humanity to share the laws of both my lone star states for the world to restore peace, and for Americans to remember that the notions of manifest destiny are still at the core of the foundation upholding national sovereignty — and must remain significantly so, for the nations of the world to become culturally indivisible, with unity, justice, and economic prosperity for all. I aim to remind the U.S. and the rest of mankind of these principles, simply because all men are endowed by their Creator and are therefore responsible for sharing this sense of security, for human rights should be fundamental to all, eternally and universally.
All Work Hereof is In Process of BEing Transfered/ Written into one Document, All Work is therefore to Remain Unedited/In progress -- Incomplete, (w/ Missing Sections), but Will be Incorporated into Final MasterPiece: (One Day).........

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Making Manifest Destiny Great Again

…The physicist cannot simply surrender to the philosopher the critical contemplation of the theoretical foundations; for he himself knows best and feels most surely where the shoe pinches…. he must try to make clear in his own mind just how far the concepts which he uses are justified… The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking….”

“… It is almost a miracle that modern teaching methods have not yet entirely strangled the holy curiosity of inquiry; for what this delicate little plant needs more than anything, besides stimulation, is freedom…”

“…In light of knowledge attained, the happy achievement seems almost a matter of course, and any intelligent student can grasp it without too much trouble. But the years of anxious searching in the dark, with their intense longing, their alterations of confidence and exhaustion and the final emergence into the light — only those who have experienced it can understand it…”

– Albert Einstein

Note from Author:

The ideas enveloped here first  began when I first took notice of some shadowed realities. Such include:  

Today’s self proclaimed constitutionalists and “Libertarians” have forgotten the foundational structure in which the core reasoning for an establishment for freedom was ever established, really would love to hear what the modern day BSers  who claim the founders did not believe in contributing to the entire world, although the basics of our nation’s founding principles and  fundamental values clearly states these basic laws to govern humanity towards freedom, I guess you may assume if you are not too big on thinking, that the meaning of “all men endowed by their creator,” or the many mentions of “All men being created equal,” was only meant to Americans?

Thomas Jefferson, the country’s first secretary of state and its third president, characterized the new United States of America as such: “the solitary republic of the world, the only monument of human rights . . . the sole depository of the sacred fire of freedom and self-government, from hence it is to be lighted up in other regions of the earth, if other regions shall ever become susceptible to its benign influence.”

So I know this is not normal but all things normal have been long lost from academia all the years I have attended college anyway. So, you tell me, Is this normal or is the west headed for decline with the the future leaders of America who have this mindset or who are even further off from what American Independence meant for the world at the time of its arrival?……………….. 

To me.

This paints a much larger canvass for discussion — for the purpose of effectively understanding these “truths” —

One must to look to another perspective, and perhaps some Insight into the meaning of “The hope” can be restored for the whole world to benefit from.

To shed light upon a group of words Americans know well —  however, to understand the depth of this notion— Reevaluation should be considered at this point in out nations time and age —

In other words,  the truth held behind the words themselves considers one to seek further analysis of how such universal rights”  were established into law to begin with:  One must look into the origins or to the roots of their *liberty tree*

+ Hint: What it truly means to be citizen of humanity = why Americans set out to establish these rights = what it truly means to be a citizen of America = rooted at the core principles of mankind’ since Genesis:I

“…Liberty and Justice for All.”

“..Hold These truths to be self evident..”

 “…That all men are created equal…..”

 “..That they are Endowed by Their Creator…… with certain unalienable rights…“

M  A N  I  F  E  S  T 


As a Native Texan and Israeli American, it is my civil duty as a citizen of humanity to share the laws of both my lone star states for the world to restore peace, and for Americans to remember that the notions of manifest destiny are still at the core of foundational national sovereignty and must remain significantly so, for the nations of the world to become culturally indivisible, with unity, justice, and economic prosperity for all. I aim to remind the U.S. and the rest of mankind of these principles, simply because all men are endowed by their Creator and are therefore responsible for sharing this sense of security, for human rights should be fundamental to all, eternally and universally.

Those who pledge their allegiance to politicians and their  politicial parties when we should have the “Common Sense”  to RISE above the shallow politics created by a party and thereby — the elitists who’ve drained the general welfare of their own country and neither side of the political spectrum, when it comes to seeking reelection– can override the agendas of their parties to whom they are the mouth pieces and puppets. When a nation puts significance on the agenda of a party system over the principles and resolutions for genuine well being of their districts constituents who also, most likely, and not as if the American people have much of a choice these days,  voted for the party and not the candidate. Always results in the same cycle…  Congress cannot implement or even attempt to come up with some sort of resolution that will benefit all Americans because the party to which the electorate depends on for their own personal livelihood — to serve first and foremost the party who backs and funds a Republican or Democrat candidates’ elections and therefore the livelihood of themselves is the top priority when it comes down to whom congressional leaders are ACTUALLY serving. Although they sign an oath to serve the people of the U.S. and the Constituion– not one sitting member on either side of the House had made an effort to enact real change for the betterment of mankind because their small outlook on life stems from their short term visions of the future. Politicians cannot see into the long term because the self centered political parties have become so elitist and so radicalized in greed and lies and manipulative opportunistic self goals— the people of the USA come last, the president of the USA must pick up the slack of the dysfunctional regression of a once prosperous independent progressive party system, which has now become so regulated by the governor’s who hold office in each state and to whom belong to the same tribe as that of their counterparts. The governors and their secretaries of state implement many more outrageous and UNCONSTITUTIONAL regulations, left and right, for those who wish to run as an independent like the doctrine of America’s birth intended for our law makers and leaders whom wish to run based on principle and willing to see both sides of the “parties” whose agendas have been fooling or distracting american voters with insignificant social issue reform war in some version or another to deflect and distract the public while they take their time “in and out of session” ironically they give themselves these privileges and thensome after already being on paid absence from their sworn duties— pretty much since the day they are elected and take oath until the day they “announce retirement” because they can no longer win their next elections in the districts of the peoples whom have left them in office for over 20 years for some nobody youve ever heard.of congress people… That is until they announce they won’t run for re-election with some pathetic excuse for the sake of keeping their legacies alive and significant — as if anyone has ever heard of them before t their final announcement spun to protect the image of the party and of themselves.. This problem has become such a large problem I am wondering why I cannot do something about it myself at this point in time…. Ill leave it at that. For now. 

Each year it gets worse and much more difficult for independents to run because of all the road block legislation purposefully put into effect via secretary of state aka kings and queens in chain of command manipulating the system under the noses of citizens and registered voters to force the politics of the party elections onto a new candidate with the same no-view-no-moral-no-common-sense-mentality that their predecessors had and then win with the millions backs by their party contributions and then the repeat of the cycle in which the new puppet takes the same old oath that means absolutely nothing to them nor the ones who swear them in…. And each term our nation becomes a little less sovereign and a little more in debt. THE ISSUES OF THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA SHOULD ALWAYS COME FIRST. Serving in Congress was intended for the purpose of serving the world ane G-d and your sisters and brerherin across the oceans and exploring the lengths at which technological advancement and space exploration and all possibilities which are endless in our modern 21st century.  One day, the gloriousness that is the eternal light within ourselves will inspire few warriors and true patriots of this country left to rise up to unite and revolutionize a complete reform in both the House and the Senate. And then onto the promotion of world cooperatives for peace and nation building can commence efficiently and route for trade and expansion of a freer global market can become the focus of mankind again. America was born into the position and responsibilities that come with being the leaders of a global enterprise.  Thus, with faith beyond belief, undying trust in our one Universal Creator, with individuals whom are ready to lead our neighbors across the seas into their own eras of empowerment, we must first expose and fix the broken party system that the U.S. citizens of America desperately need for the sake of posterity and economic prosperity, etc. On the other hand, the opposing position of the party who continue collecting revenue via taxation without representation and whom are so comfortable earning billions off U.S. elections because they no longer see past their own greed, yet disguise their intentions with promises of social reform and said philosophical ressonings which work to get them elected but are never acted upon nor attempted because the elitists running the parties and the candidates they choose have a great system going for them. Which is why both sides of the House parties are desperate to hide the true colors via straight B.S. theyre rehearsed to speak about by the party who uses each issue and stance they’ve kept for the purpose of maintaining their voter base. And they know exactly which issues to dig into the ground come election season— the same issues that appeal to the voters every cycle— the candidates themselves  do not care either way, their focus is to keep the party that monetizes their clown show debates and elections do all their corruption through their electors so they don’t even feel the need to think for themselves. — thereby eliminating innovation completely in an ever changing Heraclean world we live in today. 


To build a future with ancient glory is to illuminate The rays of wisdom that can be felt upon those who have come to know their 6th sense Because Every human being has it stored within their core beings, however, it is up to ppl like us to secure that light within those who don’t even know it exists within themselves. We must keep spreading this wisdom so that it may never diffuse.


This is dedicated to the men and women and children who died and continue to die for their freedoms and for the liberties of all mankind, for the universal rights of nature belong to all, cultural evolutionary freedoms is what will be explained in depth one full doc. is finished. I will try my best to contribute to the understanding of it all before you click  the link to the unfinished documents below.

G/d Bless Y’all.

Karen Ben-Moyal,

daughter of zion

daughter of american revolution

daughter the revolution of the republic of Texas

Endnote. Kbm, May 2018.

Updated as of 2019 - To promote peace, support prosperity, protect American principles, and build a future of hope for American citizens while advancing peace through power overseas for U.S. interests to take more innovative actions towards peace and justice abroad. As a dual citizen of both the democratic, free nations of the USA and of Israel, and as a born and raised as a proud Texan – I am dedicated to the American Promise. That is, an oath of courage and will written into law, “to secure freedom and justice for all.” As all living in nature, under natural law whether their governments permit it or not, are indeed created equally. The justification for defending our freedoms and working actively to end all tyranny—well – it is simple: Because the rights to hope, love, grow, prosper economically, pursue happiness, soar as high or low as we wish – Each and every human being has the right to try or be given the opportunity to live freely and work diligently – to fulfill his or her own destiny. Again, simply put—Because these rights were WELL ESTABLISHED to mankind long ago—before the Greek revolutions, before the Roman Empire’s fall, before the Common Error, our rights were bestowed unto all of us, as they were, “endowed unto each of us by our Creator,” and spun into our DNA — in the beginning, in the present, and what will be, in the future. The rights of nature — are the rights of man, and as such – were quite literally placed gently into the Psalms of our hands, planted into us as seeds before birth and rebirth. It is, therefore, my duty to protect the U.S. Constitution, and its lawful principles – for, of, and by the people—whom are both so deserving and are proud to stand in unity with the rest of the planet represent our glorious Republic. I vow always, to stand firm in guarding our cultural American ideals, those which make up our heritage as a melting pot—that is — for the rest of our young nations’ life.


America’s national morals written into law, aka the Constitution of the U.S., must work to coincide with an effective foreign policy procedure that takes real and forceful strides towards maximizing peace, minimizing politics and the politicians short term goals, for our domestic & foreign service to do the job intended – to work in the long term — here at home and abroad. Thus, our currents must shift with the new tides and new moons. In order to implement national strategies such as defense, security, and energy policies, I examine each route and venue and potential problem to secure the most efficient resulting strategic agenda proven by history and careful study of our natural time. To flow smoothly upstream with the rapids raging against us—or in the face of adversaries—enemy threats should not occur at all, and allies should feel our friendship and security under our American umbrella each time they wake and go to sleep. In other words, with our world’s everchanging atmospheres, I have learned how to competently aim to engage resourcefulness, activate innovative foreign, economic, and public policies and effective strategies for state to state cooperation as well as with our alliances over seas. Furthermore, in order for individual businesses to trade and grow amongst their competitors and partners— cooperative efforts for a mutually beneficial, symbiotic relationship must be restructered and reformed to come to the most beneficial solutions to the problems facing the citizens of America today. Therefore, ordinances which grow and strengthen for all partners involved.  My passions certainly stimulate my ambitions for foreign service goals on a widened scale on the global arena. In fact, my focus and knowledge and extensive education/study of political science in general, stems from my dream to revolutionize a world in which peace is more than just an agenda. A world where REAL light, REAL E nergy, may shine unto the M ass-es, in the darkest black-hole-corners of the world.  Those who’ve never known peace in life, will know it, or at least, will have hope in knowing, that if I am fortunate enough to be in the position of US Ambassador or foreign worker to the failed state, I will fight for the rights I have been blessed with for them, as if it were my forefathers fighting with sword and pen all over again for the nation hood of a free America.

Therefore, I am alive at this moment only to take the measures necessary to strengthen America’s foundation and principles — but I will do so by transforming local, state, and foreign policies for the purpose of adjusting to the way posterity is blooming, so our future direction is upwards as a more prosperous planet.  Not to mention, to boost millennials’ self-esteem, and outlook in general, it seems necessary that change must happen in the realms of foreign affairs, a realm which is too often ignored and taken for granted by my generation.  Imagine a world in which millennials took the time to look past their own tv screens, and instead dive into the truths surrounding their financial and physical security, which starts with a glance across the ocean, and the next, from sea to shining sea, and so on. Perhaps my counterparts could benefit from reading what I have to say, it is worth the struggle and frustration on my part, just to have an open minded reader who questions themselves for once, esp. when it comes to how knowledgeable they truly are about the world, not merely philosophically or in an academia-taught sense, but how much one knows of genuine history, it takes years to research and grow these virtues on your own, you must care enough to have the will to follow through with investigating the historic accuracy of Earth and space and above all—G-d— and all that which inhabits us.  It is up to we, the people, however, to hold and keep a piece of this dream, to make it happen, and I intend to. And why not live to spread as much prospective happiness for the future, one blog post at a time? 😉

My original ideas are always presented on the page, my words never cease to reflect a creative approach to any discourse or analysis –yet– are always guaranteed to be backed by evidence beyond the scope of what will probably never know.  To keep realistic goals for all individuals from all viewpoints imaginable is to realize they too, YOU too, are so capable of fulfilling their/your own destiny. For Americans, it is our G-d given position and duty to continue fighting to expand manifest destiny, to prevail in this endeavor alone – is to spread freedom, true freedom, across our regions and around the world—and to keep the Republic of the United States, a Republic.

It is, in my humble opinion, that to each of us is a unique task set in stone for the ages in the form of a collective duty, which we now share in the West.

And, as a matter of fact—I know this FACT bothers A LOT of the population and has since the dawn of time—But I feel we should recognize our best mates for their accomplishments – as the State of Israel, continues to fight for peace alongside us. Yet, these peoples are still today, free and seemingly silenced in our society and others around the world who live by the jealous, biased media, yes self proclaimed “Jewish” media and all their anti Semitic politicians in congress and all of their terrorist buddies funding their purely evil, dangerously wicked, conniving scheme, known as the BDS movement.

The State of Israel, in the fierce battle for global harmony, must defend themselves from 5 border nations waging war on their innocent civilians each day. It is no wonder that they don’t have time to deal with, you know, the bullies who trash them with fake news all day long. It is mighty easy to degrade, demote, water down, completely vilify a civilization who again, doesn’t have the time nor capacity, with being on the other side of the planet, to defend their character or policies which can be easily researched in their doctrines btw. As a region surrounded by war and tyrants seeking to destroy the flames of liberty and influencing the masses by mandating morning prayers which infamously call for the death of Israel and America — as they recite these chants and force their civilians to comply with their agenda, punishment of course being most severe, (beheading or whatever they’re in the mood for that day), please, just YouTube the very words in the chant, they record this distorted vision of humanity’s natural “pride and joy.’ But I digress— Point here was going to be: These men, women, and children chant these evil and violent verses as a daily ritual– and treat these vicious death wishes with as much respect as we do our national anthem.

I am proud, if you have not yet noticed (; — to stand with Israel, my Heart, my home away from home, my eternal salvation, my miracle. Israel is the world’s miracle. And the United States took precedence in this trend set.. As the world’s first miracle nation, born out of an unheard of revolution until their founding points in time– or a revolution won by the people, for the people, of the people– a truly just revolution favoring its citizens instead of its elite leaders. Israeli and Texas Independence are close second and thirds when it comes to the top ground breakers in history, who forced freedom upon the Earth when the Earth knew nothing of free markets and who’d been accustomed to the theories of necessary enslavement and controlled business ventures, and all 3 of whom continue thriving in doing so. To this day, America, The former Sovereign Republic of Texas, and The Zionist State of Yisrael — have chosen to fight the battles of injustice with their lives always on the line. Without skipping a beat, and even as the bloodshed continues in regions surrounding all nations to date, America and Israel utilize their military for the good of the world, by participating in releases of hostage situations globally, and leading the way in partnering up in the rise against all tyranny — the odds have been ever in the favor of the most dedicated to keeping their faith on high for centuries– that of which brought about these miracles also brought forth the salvation of scattered peoples, and thus the bringing together of tribes to form civilized cultures with shared values at different points in time has proven over and over — to be the key that mankind has been searching for since men and women hunted beasts for food and were hunted by their own kind if the rations of the hunt were scarce in season– living in caves for shelter, not yet having discovered how to simply light a fire. That fire has transformed into an eternal flame called justice, which will never be blown out by the winds of war nor government uprisings. Common sense tells us why all of this, well, just is……

Finally, the shared values between Americans and the tiny, barely 7-decade-old, parliamentary democracy, global power State of Israel, run deep. Both work their a***** off in grace and fairness and strength — to pursue real-working solutions– for their own careers and families  — by promoting their shared freedoms towards an economically stable country that can shield others in need of the shield of David or Lady Liberty. A freer market and an overall freer global arena is a reward worthy enough of the price and struggles it comes with. Don’t you think? Yes, admittedly— Israel– our partners in promoting peace, our brothers in the IDF — who go in peace – and defend their country with their lives—FOR PEACE. Israelis, who seek equality under the law and diversity in the work place, who lead the movements for social justice but fiercely condemn justice for socialism. The contributions Israel has given humanity have mounted since its rebirth over the years, the characteristics and skills of typical Israelis would “shock” the followers of AOC for sure— although the rest of the fraud squad know good and well how fairly Israel treats its peoples and their neighbors, and every human as a matter of fact, however, anti Semitism is a rampant disease, and these women have no shame when it comes to provoking their inner jealousies and hatreds against Israel. Winners with dignity and resilience have come too far for the sore losers in congress— and the fact that the Jewish People are for the first time independent and strong and can defend themselves and their loved ones in the promised land for the first time in 2500 plus years – is just another reason the world will continue the age old pattern: Slaughter Jews, redeem poor Jews, hate the Jews for being self sufficient and successful— call for the end of Judaism as a whole, to wipe out the only Homeland for the Jewish people, to kill them all for good. Fortunately, history and G-d have shown that goodness really does prevail over evil, with faith beyond belief and the will to overcome times of strife in grace and walk towards Hashem’s rays in prayer and gratitude no matter how many years you have been enslaved. We will always be redeemed. There is no question, I have faith in my peoples, the true Jews in Israel left in the world, even if they reside in my other home so far from me at the moment, the true Jews, not the Jews whom claim to be a Jew, just as a snail claims to be of snail origin, even when their shell has fallen. A snail is a snail with or without a shell. But if you are not going to be responsible for shielding the blue and white star of David, you do not deserve any armor, for you have given up your sword and your shell has disintegrated with your dignity.

All the while, I dream of outer space and the view of Earth from the moon and the view of the stars from the North pole and with the ability to travel to Mars, humanity, is still good at heart. You have the free will to choose what kind of person you will be, and that is a damn beautiful gift in itself. And amongst all the horror and hate, I still have high faith in my own species, in my Maker, that our collaborative duty as a peoples under G-d, will indeed become indivisible, one day in another life complete. For there is so much beauty in this place, this little glow up snow-ball, spinning in space, all by itself, tilted by a never ending twist of the dreidel, how could we not believe that all this beauty was meant for our eyes to see, and our souls to breath. All alone we will never be, for the ocean tides and clouds and saturn’s rings magnify our little globe, giving all men and women, wings. Beauty lies in the eyes of our Beholder, and our Earth, she’s a beauty, and she makes all humanity beautiful. In the eyes of the universe, our collective duty is on track to be complete. Amiright?


Closed Borders Promote Peace

painting1Last Edit 8/29/2018, C. Karen Ben-Moyal


“You build bridges to those people who will work with you. You build walls against those people who would destroy you.”


To Whomever it May Concern,
To deny another man the freedom that he himself has is to diminish the meaning of what it truly means to be an American & patriot at its core.
Instead of relying on politicians to secure our blessings of freedom,  America’s unfulfilled journey towards restoring covenants of old must live on, even if these American duties, both divine and of historic means,  are not fully understood by all.  Justice is offered by nature’s glorious law(s); in the form of choices and decisions and the will to stand firm in the face of adversity. Should all acquaintance be forgot, focus your inner eye on the grand old flag. The symbol of liberty and peace through strength may never be forgotten if it is bounded into your every day decision making. Justice for all will win so long as the balances which weigh out and redefine the global scale of things serve as a permanent reminder to those who may freely choose to think and give; receiving nature’s gift is easy, and yet so rare in our world and even more difficult is it to maintain and secure. The rekindling of Lady Liberty’s flame takes courage and above all, faith beyond belief. Indifferent to the light of democracy are tyrants and their followers who take nature and natural law for granted. This is a blatant fact, for those who believe a dictator could govern a nation better than a majority elected leader are not followers of the American way towards freedom for all, nor contributors to the universal right to become economically stable and therefore hinder the growth of a global civil society. A freer world market should be the guiding light Americans envision when embarking into strategic cooperation  in general,  in daily life and in your work endeavors. To be united and free as the wind that blows,  natural laws are to be influenced all over, to shine away the darkness in all corners of the Earth.  Universal rights can be protected and justified by certain inalienable truths, so long as these truths are proclaimed as the governing laws of the land, of the free of course. Not to mention, natural laws must be protected by those individuals who have the avenues to lead and/or participate in any form of the growing  free enterprise system. America and Her guiding lights must work to maintain Her own free society, by striving to fulfill Her duties as a nation of free men and women, to work to redeem all rights thereof for all who will it. The majority of mankind exist under enslavement of some kind. America’s duty to restore human rights unto all nations has only just begun. A victorious revolution for each actor, as well as any nation-state, including that of American foreign policy makers, requires a reconstruction of laws and amendments needed to continue the virtues our forefathers risked their lives and others to this day have died for us to carry out.
The basis of true progress is resulted from the improvement or update of amendments, not legally outlined in the Bill of  Rights, Declaration of Independence, nor Constitutional principles, but within the realms of foreign affairs. Amendments thereof are required for the successful revision of all such American policies, and therefore must first and foremost be rededicated to coincide with American traditions,  while reminders of the notions of freedom must be simultaneously determined and outlined for the purpose of transforming knowledge into growth. A genuine reevaluation of the whole concept of globalization is necessary by law makers or those who contribute to endeavors politically regarded to the public eye.  All such reevaluations must be maintained by certain methods for successful working implementation in order to later become known by lawmakers for citizens to vote on, and if done correctly, all laws to be amended within the realms discussed in the following situational efforts will be agreed on by all sides of beliefs, both political and religious. As a republic, we should be united in what was meant by our ancestors when the origins of our United States heritage were born and written/interpreted into law. All citizens of America, citizens of our ongoing melting ot of immigrants of old and of new, are wired to instinctively follow the guidelines which have been clearly set out for us descendants, because all of us were born with natural law to pursue our greatest amount of happiness. We must strive for the betterment of us and all mankind,  to accomplish in today’s modern age, a fruitful and bright future of all of us, that is, justice restored again, one day, for all mankind. Virtuous ordinances and universal laws upon which these structured elements were endowed by our Creator unto us as human beings, must be designed by a working legislature and voted into action by citizens who wish to embrace U.S. ideals in other worldly corners, as American laws were created to do. All truths which are self evident in nature are endowed by our universal Creator, meaning all such ancient laws must be created to fit into the changing of times, for all men and women to carry out in our ever changing lives, world, and endeavors.
As Americans, our duties to create peace throughout all lands is considered a priority, just as our right to vote is to be seen as a privilege and utilized by Americans accordingly. Fact is our American identity calls for similar action to be taken regarding ever changing laws of reformation in American foreign policy to be enclosed at times of need by our national doctrines.
As American citizens, all such duties handed unto us cannot remain unfinished, nor are we allowed to stop half way down the line in humanity’s progress towards peace and prosperity in our life cycles.
On the contrary, these rights are part of what established the guidelines which make up the soul of an American, those of which are obviously threaded into Constitutional principles.
Furthermore, quitting is not in a true American’s blood, dying for what’s right is to be expected in the ongoing pursuit of peace endeavors worldwide.
To share the pillars of freedom which branch from the American tree is to guarantee your own civil rights as a citizen of humanity intertwined for working knowledge to be succumbed by the realization that all human rights should be universal and dedicated to all. Justice is meant to be lived by mankind, this includes those living outside American borders.
Thus, all constitutional rights must be reordered for worldly advances for the promotion of self governed regimes to manifest into the destinies all were born to accomplish.
To assist others in peace pursuits is to abide by our American duties..
Unlocking the doors of freedom for all regions and societies should be our collective aim as a society. To experience this justice is as American in U.S. heritage, as are the privileges to vote in American elections or the rights to fair trials are relevant in American endeavors and are as self evident as any and all American dutiful tasks belonging to all U.S. citizens living freely today.
Among other findings, the examples listed beforehand are standards to which U.S. rights must be lived and guided by for all time, as all were set into existence to be contributed eternally through the ages.
That is, to represent the opportunistic ideals America was founded upon should remain secure to ourselves, in both our hearts as well as our laws, as the leaders of a global enterprise were born to do.
It should be a well known American mission, for we cannot ignore, deny, nor cease these ideas from existence. Until completion of all such endeavors described are set as universal markers towards global standards for all mankind to live virtuously in the free.. New and old ordinances must be written to coincide with the future in mind, and restored by the hands which first brought divinely inspired regimes to life.
Thus, ancient glory must constantly be redefined and refueled by effective globalization efforts, to domino the rest of the world aside from Israel and America, towards efficient treatises of peace and autonomy to begin interacting within the borders of each nation state. For these attributes are crucial to all mankind to abide by, as the natural laws of nature are to be forevermore cherished and felt in ripple effects– these rights must be continuously protected by border control.
To unmask the guises of those who wish to harm freedom, we must redeem the identities of all of us as individuals to reconcile negotiations and strategies for collectively defeating all such enemies of the current and future allies of state democracies..
All nations and citizens of free democracies, both formerly dedicated to constitute peace, as well as those whom will choose to participate in the free market once restructure of their own laws allow in future times, are the main factors for navigating prosperity in theory into real life outcomes.
With faith and law being the seeds which unite humanity’s shared values, or those rights meant to be shared by all of us who live and breathe, the laws of nature stem from the webs entangling this knowledge.
In other words, the laws combining politics and religion can be taken from one famous sentence. “All men are created equal,” because “all are endowed by our Creator.”
The envelopment of the branches  of these truths must no longer be meticulous to the status quo. Currently modeled by American enterprises, faith in one Universal God must be secured by law, as tis a birth right for all to own and enjoy, these values have been intertwined into the DNA of humankind since the dawn of time. As an already free society, independent democracies in existence today must work to seek the same end goal, and all whose minds are free from government control may then be able to eventually take measures to cooperate with world leaders in efforts to bring these same lights of freedom to their very own dark corner of the world.

Therefore, the denial of our own rights as citizens of America is an anti American attribute, and thus the decision to shield American rights from all creatures endowed by our universal Creator– simply– ain’t ‘Merican. 

As for those who stand united in the American cause, stay in the struggle, victory is on its way thanks to citizens like you.

                   The future of all of us                 

                             is truly                           

                                               in the PSALMS of our hands. 

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Jerusalem, Mankind’s very First ‘Embassy’ Among other Thoughts, a short Tribute to the Homeland of all of US. Yours Truly, KBM


 היא מדינת ישראל

President Trump at the Israel Museum. Jerusalem May 23, 2017  Pr

 © Karen Ben Moyal, 5/16/2018

ירושלימ של זהב

Jerusalem, humanity’s very first embassy;
Origins of the first planted seeds;
Sprouted With light, love, faith, and liberty;
A desert only blooms when hope prayer and fate;
Are shared by an unbroken bond, lit with an eternal flame; 
The Tree of Life, the roots of all mankind;
Our worldly Branches connected;
An ancient species restored;
Bonded by prophecy,
in Hope; never fear;
With a passion for purpose— one quite clear;
To honor democracy;
to grow autonomously:
To gain independence,
And spread the wings;
Of freedom, peace,
And economic prosperity;
Unto their neighbors, and now all over the world
In gratitude they give thanks;
To the world,
To their Rock;
To the Redeemer, Adonai;
And of course, To their most cherished ally…
Those who have been awaiting reunion
Ever since Genesis—
In fact, only nation in history Never to wish the Israelites harm;
The United States of America,
For the first time in 2,800 years, took Yisrael under their arms;
It’s Foundations structured in pure *לב*
From Tel Aviv to the Red Sea,
Beyond The Sea of Galilee to the sand dunes of the Negev;
Happiness finally fulfilled,
For All cultures of the world now preserved;
The history of all of us is now Secured;
The entire globe welcome,
Free to return and rejoice
.ירושלימ של זהב
Jerusalem of Gold;
Lives on;
In our hearts and in our Universe;
The redeemers of Zion
Now, too, have a voice;
The Land of Israel belongs you and me.for the sake of our posterity.
Let us keep our Holy Land prosperous and free;
“היא מדינת ישראל.”
She is the State of Israel.
~ Forever & Ever.Amen.