Dangerous Distortions: Vicious Acts Committed by The Catholic Church, Targeting Jews since 1492 Spanish inquisition & many other women &&& children ever since… In their hopes of destroying all truths and evidences thereof— by killing exiling castrating and burning at the stake — the greatest women and men inventors thinkers scientists political revolution leaders—- all who’ve contributed the most to our progress of all of Since the Dawn of Time! (Short Excerpt)

First, Check out Galileo’s famous letter to the Grand Duchess of Tuscany (1615): Galileo-Letter

In his own words, Galileo risks his career and eventually loses his life for standing for God by refusing to bow to any man or church. His rebellious words written against the church got him executed during the Inquisition. Galileo died a hero, yet no one seems to know how or why he was exiled and executed. Not a stretch to connect a few dots… Just as Einstein implemented physics to describe God’s creations and all our world’s wonders, Galileo was a fellow like minded freedom fighter… A true believer in One Almighty Ruler of the Universe, Galileo simply connected science and nature to describe God’s miracles and evident existence… guess what the mass murdering ‘Holy Church’ had to say about that? Here’s a hint: The exact same thing they did to true Jews and true Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and any and all others who were hesitant in complying with the horror show methods they witnessed were being used by the Roman Catholic Church during the Spanish Inquisition in 1492. Also scroll through this short blog and you will see exactly how these monsters used to kill and torture during their coining of a “Golden Age.” Again, the Holy Church of today is exactly what you see here, the difference now is that Americans and Jews and all the tribes exiled from Spain in 1492 eventually met to form a government free from religious tyrants. Also below is the article which provoked my desire to write on this under cover gigantic issue that has been going on for centuries. Of course the useless media does a terrible job at seeking stories that benefit others and not their own gains, we need to start addressing these sexual assault scandals that have also been going on for centuries, and the blatantly evil and SHIT system the church maintains for greed and recognition of their smallness, I guess? I don’t know how they live with themselves to be honest. Anyway, I believe these issues need to be addressed. The history needs to be reexamined, which is what I am setting out to do starting with this little excerpt. From experience, my advice in these case scenarios is to be aware of your own imperfections. Also, to truly get rid of the biases even the most free minded of us may not want to admit we hold. Honestly, finding out some of your strongest beliefs have been blatant lies is one of the worst feelings imaginable, and I guess for Catholics, they have the worst track record imaginable, as the Holy Catholic Church has thrived on being laced with scandalous affairs, getting away with falsified motives, child molestation, greed, abuse of their supposed non political influence all this time.. It’s ABSURD. But just in general, most of us have grown with certain religious beliefs, instilled from childhood, and usually glue themselves shut until you die. Let me save you the trouble of overthinking these dilemmas, yeah the truth hurts sometimes, but it’s just a sting, and then you get over the disappointment, then you finally accept it, because you’ve realized what’s right is more important than denying atrocities on mankind because your ego took a hit. Not too long after you’re ok with the truth over your hurt feelings, tis like all of a sudden….. your old outlook becomes pathetic, and then you’ll be at eace with your SHINY, new, AND INFORMED perspective. You’d be surrised at how big a difference it makes, so see such clearness of understanding. In no time, your zen view on life is back, and if you never had your zen it will start to grow on ya, and the more you accet truths you really wish you did not have to believe, your life and understanding of the universe becomes so much more beautiful. Wanted to cover all your worries ahead of time, as I am the most empathetic writer, my readers deserve to know I am on their side in whatever I write about..

Anyways, God Bless y’all. Wishing good vibes of SALAAM to all.


KBM, 2018 

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Hitting this blatantly ignored topic with the press it deserves—————

Click Link Below to View Story Subject Matter:

Pope Francis facing calls to resign; sexual abuse scandal exposes rifts in the Vatican

But we know better. America knows better, and we prove this by standing our ground– generation after generation– both at the voting booths, and in times of warfare…

Peace begins with you, no matter how tiny the droplet, no matter how insignificant the skipping of the stone may seem. Peace soars in waves stretching and lengthening pulls of force over time. Just as as the caterpillar cocoons before transforming into a sovereign butterfly, peace spreads onward when the tides of wind water and moon light roll into sandy shores from afar.

The beams of the moon reflect off wave lengths to produce and renew sun rays of light; i.e. the warmth felt by way of rekindling the candles ignited from the virtues reclaimed by our heritage.

This shared purpose remains one of most important unfulfilled American duties– to share our freedoms and human rights with the rest of mankind.. A ripple effect grows here at home, by way of America’s collaborative efforts.

From sea to shining sea, Ldor Vdor, brothers and sisters of light WILL prevail over the evil acts displayed by religious leaders whom abuse their power to rule politically against peace. Tyrants veil themselves in many ways….

A ripple effect is born out of US. As we collectively transform fear into courage, the land of the free can leap again and become reborn. Just one small step at a time will one day reach around and purify all world summits.

Bottom line: for the sake of your children and children’s children, demand universal human rights for all, “Just do it,” for the “unjust” to reclaim their “just” rights to “justice.” —>
<— If we remember the past as it is, we can unite as one, Under God, forever & ever. Therefore, all that lives and breathes has the capacity thereof, and the knowledge to see long hidden and pure truths… Even if we ourselves are disapponted in the process of unmasking these truths– Upon acceptance to oneself, one can follow through with the strength within you, bestowed upon you by God Almighty–meant for you to utilize in the most desperate of situations— with of and by the people.

If the knights of old combine with the new Templar, no doubt, America
 and Her allies will score another check and mate for liberty. 
And Her eternal
flame will shine away the darkness once more.

With hope prosperity and the rights to freely pursue the virtues thereof, this is a sincere call for the attention of my warriors and patriots out there in cyberspace. Rethink your boycotting endeavors for a moment and if you’re still set on something so insignificant, I will fight for you and your posterity’s happiness anyway.

Ps. Let go of fear, its ok to rebel. After all, rebellions of the few fought and won against the masses are the seeds of our very existences.

Milton Visiting Galileo Galilee In The Prison Of The Inquisition

Great men who impacted our society for the greatest good there ever was, were left to rot in chains until their early deaths for refusing to bow to the church and defending God as science and as OUR One Universal Creator, no human being would stand in the way of Galileo, DaVinci, or Christopher Columbus’s relationship and companionship with their Lord. Until death did these men defend the belief in One Almighty ruler, defying the church and thus dying in the name of God’s Will. The famous stories and discoveries of the inventions, calculations, science, and answers to many of life’s most complex questions are remembered in our modern world. Some of the bravest, most brilliant men gave to our modern world and the world to come, more opportunity than most will ever even find significant enough to research or look into.

However, it is time to uncover the truths hidden far beneath the surface of ancient Rome and the Catholic Church. The Following individuals discussed (and more) were heavily targeted and thus forcefully involved in the massacring of this “Golden Age.” They should too be remembered for the courage and strength they held in their beliefs and in their God, as they literally sacrificed themselves for the world to share in their knowledge and contributions throughout history until to date for obscurely the betterment of mankind, knowing their horror stories dealt to them by the Catholic Church of Rome would remain untold for generations to come.

It is worth my time to tell the stories of these magnificent heroes, because, if not me, who will?

See Notes below for further analysis into the corrupt history we call England today, as these guys and their fellow servicemen called the state back then, the  Roman Emire. And unfortunately, all roads do lead to Rome. Vicious and quiet they remain, here are the not so famous accounts of the strife, suffering, and dedication our ancestors persevered through; I will hereby bring myself to do all I can for them not to have died in vain. Finally, to Read More over the History of some of the most Bizarre scandals  the Church has Covered since  AT LEAST 1492 Spanish Inquisition, SEE @ link to another blog of mine listed here: (Ch. 1) Notes for a Memoir I will One Day share with the World We All Share: ‘What I saw When I fell into the Fire”

Also See: Defending Our Creator, another work in progress blog I have yet to reveal all the secrets thereof within. In time, I vow I will let all of the mystery surrounding the events that led us to this time in history. I find it best to let out a little shock at a time, so as to not create an influx when it comes to carefully retelling the historically accurate version of every disturbingly truthful detail G/d’s humans have let their free will let go of. When humanity is able to receive each answer and explanation, I won’t hesitate to release the next document revolving around the expose of such truths in particular. 


KBM, as of 9/6/2018

The author, Karen ben-Moyal, is a direct descendant of Solomon Ibn Verga, one of the original documentary writers of an ancient text, Shebeṭ Yehudah, over the personal torture and persecution/exile that came with the Spanish Inquisition, and her family’s ancestors have since contributed to the text which was officially published in 1856 by Rabbi David Yehuda Ben-Moyal Zal Zal. 500 years after the Spanish golden age of genocide began in 1492, Karen Ben-Moyal was born on Dec. 18, 1992, as a Daughter of Marranos & As a daughter of Anglo-Saxons, little did her soul remember then —- that her being born was all in due thanks to her existence. Today, as a Daughter of Israel & Daughter of The American Revolution, Ben-Moyal had begun to think or perhaps remember these persecutions as if they had happened to her and so she researched and wrote about one of her own hero’s that she knew many could relate to even if they had no idea what happened to Galileo or to Socrates or the Joan of Arc who were all either executed/died in a catholic prison for refusing to deny G-Ds beauties were explained through science and the world around them, not the church, or worse yet, ending up with the title of Saint in front of her name today, because the so-called saint priests of the Catholic Church burned the woman who saved France militarily and almost single handedly through following the visions and path of G-d, a G-d in which the Catholic Church in Spain pretended they were themselves… so today she is declared a saint so it’s ok with the brainwashed members of the cult like catholic societies which still exist today. Even if Catholics today are not this way, in thought nor behavior, this is where your roots are stemmed from, the part in history your proclaimed lord and savior would have died and did die at the hands of being stretched or shackled or burned alive. However, this is what you were born into, so you didn’t have a choice. Now, you absolutely do. Just as your ancestors that chose to bow down to a priest and the Catholic Church In fear of being exiled and killed, or worse, taken for the priests to experiment how a far a body can stretch and how far a human can go without a ligament tearing out of their sockets or food, basic freedom. They gave up death to live in fear and chose to bow down to an idol and not G-d. You have a choice to worship G-d as you so choose— no matter who you are or where you come from. And don’t let any man dictator religious leader professor political news broadcaster political actor self loathing evil person tell you otherwise. We’re the children, we are the redeemers of our ancestors. And I had no idea until I began the journey of digging into all I could while looking up and seeking for answers, G-d shows you too. Every single day.

G-d bless the whole world and the world to come.

And we can do it together, that is , make religious freedom from persecution a world wide thing if we ourselves are not ignorant of our past nor present and can accept the duty(s) we are given in this life, most importantly is seeing your own truths which are my self truths because all truths are self evident, if we can find em, we can pattern away history in order to define our future through the ancient glory and deceit and courage and weakness of our ancestors. We won’t let history repeat itself. This is only the beginning of the golden age of freedom— of all of us! Freedom to think and act and speak without being told how or when or what to think. & Every single human and creature life on this earth now and in the future, and above all — G-d almighty — is worth the strife, worth the exile, worth dying for. Because we can see this redemption with our own lives 528 years later.

Pray. Remember. Observe. Do.

Love, peace, and happiness to those who are struggling at our times. Peace is on its way. We the millennials, rebels of the 21st century— we are coming to save you where ever you may be enslaved, when you wake up in concentration camps each day, please know that peace is on its way, happiness, health and a thriving life is ahead of you. We, America’s youth, just need to unite once again and for all time as our founders did and as Lincoln, JFK and MlK did, stand up show up, Choose be an exile over an imprisoned slave bowing governing system, in the long run —history has shown what we can do to either make it or repeat it. What do you intend to do about it?

❤️ Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to Message or comment for further discussion.

I don’t do this for my career, I don’t get paid to write to the world hecaus I don’t see legitimate Moral reason to stand by and watch the world decay, all the magic that’s here and that has taken us here — we all know who we should be thanking. Thank G-d he’s in all Of us so we can remember, always. Don’t let this Modern universe t lol you other wise!

Thanks y’all!




“Thou two-faced year, Mother of Change and Fate,
Didst weep when Spain cast forth with flaming sword,
The children of the prophets of the Lord,
Prince, priest, and people, spurned by zealot hate.
Hounded from sea to sea, from state to state,
The West refused them, and the East abhorred.
No anchorage the known world could afford,
Close-locked was every port, barred every gate.
Then smiling, thou unveil’dst, O two-faced year,
A virgin world where doors of sunset part,
Saying, “Ho, all who weary, enter here!
There falls each ancient barrier that the art
Of race or creed or rank devised, to rear
Grim bulwarked hatred between heart and heart!””

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