The Eyes of Texas are Upon You, Yes You—All Congress, State, & Local Legislators:

Dearest Patriots and all inhabitants the world,

To deny another man the freedom that he himself has is to diminish the meaning of what it truly means to be an American & patriot at its core. Instead of relying on politicians to secure our blessings of freedom,  America’s unfulfilled journey towards restoring covenants of old must live on, even if these American duties, both of divine and of historic means,  are not fully understood by all.  Justice is offered by nature’s glorious law(s); in the form of choices and decisions and the will to stand firm in the face of adversity. Should all acquaintance be forgot, focus your inner eye on the grand old flag. The symbol of liberty and peace through strength may never be forgotten if it is bounded into your every day decision making. Justice for all will win so long as the balances which weigh out and redefine the global scale of things serve as a permanent reminder to those who may freely choose to think and give; receiving nature’s gift is easy, and yet so rare in our world and even more difficult is it to maintain and secure. The rekindling of Lady Liberty’s flame takes courage and above all, faith beyond belief. Indifferent to the light of democracy are tyrants and their followers who take nature and natural law for granted. This is a blatant fact, for those who believe a dictator could govern a nation better than a majority elected leader are not followers of the American way towards freedom for all, nor contributors to the universal right to become economically stable and therefore hinder the growth of a global civil society. A freer world market should be the guiding light Americans envision when embarking into strategic cooperation  in general,  in daily life and in your work endeavors. To be united and free as the wind that blows,  natural laws are to be influenced all over, to shine away the darkness in all corners of the Earth.  Universal rights can be protected and justified by certain inalienable truths, so long as these truths are proclaimed as the governing laws of the land, of the free of course. Not to mention, natural laws must be protected by those individuals who have the avenues to lead and/or participate in any form of the growing  free enterprise system. America and Her guiding lights must work to maintain Her own free society, by striving to fulfill Her duties as a nation of free men and women, to work to redeem all rights thereof for all who will it. The majority of mankind exist under enslavement of some kind. America’s duty to restore human rights unto all nations has only just begun. A victorious revolution for each actor, as well as any nation-state, including that of American foreign policy makers, requires a reconstruction of laws and amendments needed to continue the virtues our forefathers risked their lives and others to this day have died for us to carry out.The basis of true progress is resulted from the improvement or a reformation purification if you will. That is— of amendments, not legally outlined in the Bill of  Rights, Declaration of Independence, nor Constitutional principles, but within the realms of foreign affairs and social issues which belong up to the decision of the individual, or the state — as is the statement and very blatant yet complex purpose of the tenth amendment of the US Constitution.   Amendments thereof are required for the successful revision of all such American policies, and therefore must first and foremost be rededicated to coincide with American traditions,  while reminders of the notions of freedom must be simultaneously determined and outlined for the purpose of transforming knowledge into growth. A genuine reevaluation of the whole concept of globalization is necessary by law makers or those who contribute to endeavors politically regarded to the public eye.  All such reevaluations must be maintained by certain methods for successful working implementation in order to later become known by lawmakers for citizens to vote on, and if done correctly, all laws to be amended within the realms discussed in the following situational efforts will be agreed on by all sides of beliefs, both political and religious. As a republic, we should be united in what was meant by our ancestors when the origins of our United States heritage were born and written/interpreted into law. All citizens of America, citizens of our ongoing melting ot of immigrants of old and of new, are wired to instinctively follow the guidelines which have been clearly set out for us descendants, because all of us were born with natural law to pursue our greatest amount of happiness. We must strive for the betterment of us and all mankind,  to accomplish in today’s modern age, a fruitful and bright future of all of us, that is, justice restored again, one day, for all mankind. Virtuous ordinances and universal laws upon which these structured elements were endowed by our Creator unto us as human beings, must be designed by a working legislature and voted into action by citizens who wish to embrace U.S. ideals in other worldly corners, as American laws were created to do. All truths which are self evident in nature are endowed by our universal Creator, meaning all such ancient laws must be created to fit into the changing of times, for all men and women to carry out in our ever changing lives, world, and endeavors.As Americans, our duties to create peace throughout all lands is considered a priority, just as our right to vote is to be seen as a privilege and utilized by Americans accordingly. Fact is our American identity calls for similar actions to be taken regarding ever changing laws of reformation in American foreign policy to be enclosed at times of need by our national doctrines.As American citizens, all such duties handed unto us cannot remain unfinished, nor are we allowed to stop half way down the line in humanity’s progress towards peace and prosperity in our life cycles.On the contrary, these rights are part of what established the guidelines which make up the soul of an American, those of which are obviously threaded into Constitutional principles. Furthermore, quitting is not in a true American’s blood, dying for what’s right is to be expected in the ongoing pursuit of peace endeavors worldwide.To share the pillars of freedom which branch from the American tree is to guarantee your own civil rights as a citizen of humanity intertwined for working knowledge to be succumbed by the realization that all human rights should be universal and dedicated to all. Justice is meant to be lived by mankind, this includes those living outside American borders. Thus, all constitutional rights must be reordered for worldly advances for the promotion of self governed regimes to manifest into the destinies all were born to accomplish.

TO Keep Our Republic, A Republic, We Must Keep the Laws Governed by our Universal Creator Sacred; Restore the Natural Laws which protect the freedoms of the individual, and each of the 50  American states. But the Origins of the US Constitution, Bestowed unto men and women of the Land of the Free– must shine the eternal flame of Liberty held sacred by the People’s of our Perpetual Union — to burn away the darkness throughout all corners of.the earth. As seen in our national emblems — to remind us to keep our eyes on the flames of an eternal torch & the Grand Ole Flag—lady liberty and the stars and stripes should remind us all to keep our liberty close to our hearts so we never take it for granted. For the sake of revitalizing a long broken system,  the American pillars of justice lay weak in our modern world, and are in desperate need reform and restoration — because once we get our own House In order, we may proceed to the collective purpose of the ultimate American Duty. 

If all acquaintance be forgot, Keep an eye on our Grand Ole flag, AND the party system which has controlled the People’s government for over 5 decades now…

Once we wash away the scum disguised as politicians in congress today– we can continue fulfilling our Merican’ duties towards to transform policies through utilization of the Nations original constitutional principals and transforming all foreign public and economic policies thereof to limit the power of the federal govt., as it ought to be. And thereby redeeming the power of the People, the salvation that only the principled actions coincided with individualism can bring forth. In terms of renewal in rule of law, for example, we may start implementing  necessary and proper laws again, which will for the first time in decades, become necessary and proper for the individual and not the federal state.  Promoting peace through strength by  Sreading the light of democracy unto the poor regions of the world will allow for the further developments of the free market for  economic growth on a global scale between individual businesses without federal regulations. Fair and free trade will thus allow for our Heracleaten world to  adapt to the Times of the era in terms of advancement of technological and innovative pursuits but only once the ancient glory which established the first free nations’ constitutional laws’-‘ that of which paved the way for our Republic’s birth of course— A new spirit — the spirit of 76’– was born for first time in history of man to set out laws towards achievement of peace among a globe founded in free will and built upon the pillars of faith in One G-d who rules us alll…

A new nation was thus brought forth 7 score and 7 years ago, and before that divine movement towards ending of slavery in America ended in civil war and massive blood shed, four score and 7 years beforehand the Declaration of independence which was signed into law in Philadelphia was to become world’s first remarkable revolution won in a people’s victory— which was supposed  to be maintained carefully and looked after closely– as the new govt. was fragile and still very much is— as it was to be governed by the people themselves– but unfortunately the two party political system has reigned over the people who have forgotten to keep an eye on their leaders- and now wr are indeed on the cusp of evolvinh backwards in time… into a people’s enslaved by a monarchial self interested manifest House of tyrannical grab and control. However there is still hope. Because we know that our country was the  first ever to lead the divine path that manifest destiny and westward expansion has led exiles out of dictatorships and suffering into a life of worth, meaning, and happiness pursuits for those who will it. Our nation has led the world’s movements in equality by the maintenance of sovereignty of the people or the citizens — no progress has ever been made out of the house or Senate of the elite 1%, the swamp, party affiliated mouth pieces, or otherwise. We the people have moved mountains all by ourselves — as history shows us only people’s presidents and governments have brought us to assist and teach our neighbors abroad; From Sea To Shining Sea; creating resolutions with the necessary and required innovative strqtegical approaches to real world problems with real working ideas on how to bridge our national sovereignty out of our current Dillema: An ago old issue since the founding of our country: To reform and rebuild and to bridge The House Divided in Our Land— for the purpose of forming public trust again, both at home, first at home, and then abroad to expand the global free market and educate our neighboring allies across the universe over the peace keeping strategies and relationships which must be restored within to conduct a ripple effect of how freedoms are felt, and achieved, and how functional governments can become independent and sovereign like few around the world are today — but history has shown we are getting there. One giant leap at a time, for mankind to one day prepare and bring forth their own will as a people’s and establishing the Republic which has built the ladder of ancient glory by innovation, in faith, and fierceness and fearlessness to stay in the fight against tyrants of any color shape or disguise — A world without American leadership would be a world without democracy, a world with America has already shown the potential and strength underlying all cultures civilizations around the world. In G-d, we must trust, In unity, we must fight with one heart, as one nation under G-d, to fulfill our divine work as Americans of the United States. Once a republic is restored in our own land, it is duty as Americans living in the land of the free, to show our Creator the bravery of our forefathers sacrificed themselves for this same pursuit to be carried on within us all. In the course od human events, those in which the tides of tyranny begin to rise again, which is inevitable of course— we should be prepared to unite in our common pursuit of peace with the courage to stand tall and act on the strength within us all. The time is at hand, and the task is great at this moment in time. Another era in which all freedoms adversaries have risen up against G-ds will for all creation, with this evil working its way from within our own borders. Our Republic is only ever complete once we the people of the US can rebuild our broken Foundation, remembering who we are and where we should be headed as one people united under One universal creator— only then can the world begin to receive the results of the effects sent out by seismic ripples in time-space. So the end goal of the common wealth should still very well be to US at this moment in time: that the nation’s of the world can all build and contonue keep their own designated and uniquely structured free Republics one day… For prosperity to bring the branches of free lands in flight from sea to shining sea.

Therefore, it is my honor, my obligation, my American Duty to stand before my fellow patriots, and my brothers and sisters of mankind—to call for all of our hearts to be set as one, so we can unite under our Universal Creator once again— to accomplish our collective goal as patriots  through the freedoms our contrasting differences, countless talents, infinite  ambitions, ever changing skills sets, massive knowledge, hopes and dreams — are able to give the rest of humanity and ourselves… When we the people rise up and unite. We must speak up now. Raise your voice by electing a real represenative working for and with you to combine your issues and ideas, resolve them while cleaning up and calling out the Washington swamp as they are— incompetent, rich, useless, aspiring dictators and queens.. Let’s stand up as one with our Maker— to rebuild America anew. A renewal for the ages, that is — at a time when the course of events are stirring division and war like symptoms  around us. Those who choose to fight our ever changing battle to protect freedoms and rights of man/woman should be proud and fierce as we are now the rebels of this generation. The 21st century needs us to fight with pen and word, and if sword be necessary — we will be prepared to defend G-ds laws and the good people’s of our universe. Those who choose to speak up against the status quo and idol worshippers of Congress and celebraty opinions.. must indeed be ever willing to stand up for America’s principles and values we all share so as to win for the return of the blessings of liberty that we as citizens of the US share, bestowed unto us by the sacrifices of past generations. Liberty or death; whatever the outcome— we will have given up ourselves for the promise of the future safety and security of our posterity—  and that of all future present and past people’s — for it is what is right and just. And under the laws of nature governed by the Commandments of G-d Almighty– we must stand tall in the face of any and all our adversaries–for they’ve encroached upon us from within for way too long. Together, we will MAKE CONGRESS COMPETENT AGAIN. WE WILL MAKE JUSTICE ON CAPITOL HILL and nationwide REALITY AGAIN. WE WILL MAKE CONGRESS WORK AGAIN BY ELECTING OUR CANDIDATES AS INDEPENDENT entities whom can only speak for the People— and will never in fact succumb or benefit by becoming the next Dem or Rep or Libertarian or Green PARTY SPOKESMAN.  Because an independent is not affirmed under the oath of their party affiliation but of their NATION, THEIR PEOPLE, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, OUR ONE UNIVERSAL CREATOR, G-D AMIGHTY.



Let’s make it ripple hard enough to blow down the House so we can rebuild and purify the US Constitution — by breaking down the barriers of the walls of a corrupt system and clown show congress whom no longer care for working for the representation of the peoples, and would rather help to blind them,  control them, and in any way dominate amongst themselves to willingingly hinder us all, the majority of the US, the people’s governments’ rightful owners….. 

The origins of the founding documents of USA are the keys which unlock the doors of life liberty  property and the pursuit of happiness in hopes of keeping the eternal flames of liberty lit within us—for the purpose of ending suffering and enslavement abroad– to KEEP what we’ve got—-our REPUBLIC— to ensure its security unto our posterity and all generations ahead; that is, a Peoples Republic must be saved and REMEMBERED TO BE KEPT ALIVE…BEFORE THE FLAMES OF JUSTICE DIM — AND BEFORE OUR RIGHTS TO VOTE AND ELECT OUR OWN ELECTED LEADERS  BECOMES ILLEGAL.. OR IS ALLOWED BY OUR CARELESS VOTING HABITS TO BECOME  OBSOLETE.  WE CANNOT STAND TO LOSE ANY TIME IN COMBATING THE ESTABLISHMENT.  BY STANDING BEHIND AND FOR LEADERS WHO ARE UNIQUE TO OUR AGE BECAUSE THEY DO NOT SHARE THE VALUES OF THE ELITISTS IN WASHINGTON — WHOM BTW; ARE AND MAKE UP 99% OF THE LEGOSLATIVE AND JUDICIAL BRANCHES OF GOVT. AS OF THE LAST 50+ YEARS  — WE HAVE ALREADY SET IN MOTION our ripple effect by starting at the voting polls. BEFORE our American democracy becomes a  total monarchy for good— It is up to us– my patriots– to save this nation from itself. Again. What do you intend to do about it?

Who is with me?


All humans want to be happy, if government or politics is involved in trade deals between working individuals and business, then the very definition of freedom from government becomes obsolete. Not to mention, freedom, at its core, is a guaranteed right which is meant for all mankind to utilize and grow in their own pursuits towards whatever makes them happy. Trade deals are conducted for the sole purpose of making all customers and businesses involved happy. Otherwise, why the heck are you in the position to do business in the first place? You began in the pursuit to make something out of your life, earn your money the moral way. The more successful your business becomes, the more successful those who you are in business with become. Just because you grow a business or want to branch out does not make you greedy. It makes you happy, and doing it the right way, making the right and smart decisions begins and ends with the relationship between the consumer and the buyer. The consumer loves a product so much, they feel as though they cannot live without it. Let’s just use iPhone for an example. So, the consumers will drop their entire monthly paychecks to buy a phone they feel as though they literally could not live without. The seller is giving the buyer what makes them happy. The buyer is giving the seller what makes them rich, and if a rich businessman is a happy man. Both are happy, both are satisfied with this deal. If one of the parties was dissatisfied, the rights owed to an individual must always deal with their own version or pursuit of happiness. The seasons change, this is symbolic for our different minds and talents and attributes as humans. All of which contribute or go hand in hand with someone elses ideas or compassions in order for a relationship between lets say friends to be true friendship. True friendship consists of mutual happiness, which also means there is mutual respect, which also means that this respect came from each or either individual seeing a quality in another person they enjoy or find amusing, whatever it may be, it adds to their happiness. This is the root of life. Without differences, without our special attributes in a collective race, there would never be any point to the defintiton of “truly living.” Everyone would require the same things to make them happy, meaning everyone would want to take the same career route, but not everyone in the world can have the same job. Hit up north korea, Venezuela, majority of the world, they would vouch for this same logic if they were allowed to speak up or for themselves. However, something as simple as having a discussion would be very bad conversation if everyone had the same brain, same ambition, same character, same “happiness principles,” or pursuits to happiness. Don’t want to get into Socialism too deeply here, so let’s move on.

Intertwined with my passion for utilizing politics to help humanity prosper for the betterment of mankind, I hold firmly that restoring the power of U.S. national security, is to realize we must restore American sovereignty in order to build the sovereignty of allied nation’s across the Atlantic whom know us as the fierce protector of all natural law and freedom from oppression— we must not surrender our position to our enemies nor may we abandon our brothers and sisters of humankind… As the leaders of a global enterprise.. U S. Policies must embrace the foundation laid by our constitution by way of sword and pen and the universal creator of all life…. the founding brothers knew almost immediately following our independence from Britain that the american people would eventually give into their human instincts and just as nature’s beasts form “PACs,” so too do the manner and mind of free individuals in nature and in political affairs. Taking a stance on a party has become a worthless concept in the 21st century. The dawning of the 20th into the light of the 21st century should set our divided nation into panic mode but unfortunately our party system has become something we are losing grasp and sight of when we should be much deeper and wiser and stronger to fulfil and foresee the moral and economic benefits being wasted away and the partnerships we could develop and resources and wealth we could gain from a larger freer market would presumably be enough to wake the sleeping giants and arrogant mouth pieces our society has emerged itself into. With both the strongest national defense in history, and by avoiding extremists lurking upon our home… (To destroy us in divide and conquer) — both sides of the pol. spectrum… The party system.. Have almost become completely obsolete… and a burden for the people once of the people and by the people of the U S of A. Politicians speak through a party mouthpiece as if the nation and world and universe and all its inhabitants including the stars air we breathe in and the carbon dioxide we breath out for the trees that give us knowledge life and depth in understanding are controlled by a “party” & not nature itself… …

So too — are G-ds creatures and chemical combustions and scientific historical reactions drawn by the starry night painters with dreams on his mind and uf minds and our mindsmm. and a coat of the rainbow bridge can be seen ogf the enlightenment of the 1400s We the people have everything to gain from pomoting free trade throgh democracy’s founding principles may only be accompanied by upholding the virtues that bind symbiotic ties for economic prosperity for all who seek to benefit. Historic breakthroughs in America’s young existence depict the primal values that work when it comes to all human nature, and that of which has inevitably led to some of the most successful booms in economic prosperity growth, both domestically and on the global scale, has been one of the highest and most valued inventions ever known to man, for history tells us that all men can succeed under the scope of protected human rights under our constitutional principles. Our American guidelines have proved to be, by far, the most effective tools which underline the sacred founding principles of the American Nation. Although America’s history has been🏹 short-lived in comparison to the rest of the world, a positive ripple effect has already evolved so rapidly overseas simply because the core elements which serve as the motivating incentives for conducting fair and profitable business deals, 24/7, all year around, all over the world – are the traditionally seasoned pilots which guide the perplexities of contrasting passengers collectively towards a universally unified destination by which all those who choose to fly solo are willingly embarking on a collective journey for the purpose of receiving and giving rewards, a fundamental virtue underpinning all the origins of what it means to truly live. Moreover, all traveling souls share their plane seats with complete strangers from all walks of life, traveling through the winds of time-space in a plane which exists to bring them to a shared destination, all the while, the pilots on our trips are in total control of our destinies. And we, as the paying customers, were so eager to pay thousands for the opportunity to venture to another place, giving up all power for hours and days and facing the unknown head-on, all for the pursuit of a better, richer life. In other words, these travelling individuals risk their lives and purposefully take major hits to their bank accounts in return for the prospect of something equally as great, but probably greater, in return; the risk is worth the reward. If you do not like the results or if you don’t like the place you visited on your passage to a foreign place, then you just don’t go back. Free trade, or GLOBALIZATION, the true meaning of it at least, goes deeper than just tangibility. In a free market system, we are free to trade with whomever gives us the best deal, and for this to work, the individual or company we trade with must also reap rewards from the transactions made between the your businesses. If you can’t stand to gain anything from flying, or even if you just don’t want or hate the concept of flying, simply stay on the ground. Similarily, if you can’t stand to gain or if you know you are losing money in a business relationship, you can simply stay walk away from it. You can choose to back out anytime you want if it is your choice to trade and another individual has agreed to both parties terms, however, note that although the seasons will always change and the leaves will always fall, the direction of the wind that blows, never changes pattern. Almost all human beings need to fly at some point in their lives, if they truly seek happiness they will eventually have to fly to own their pursuit. At the same time, almost all human beings reach a point in their lives when they start to develop a sense of ambition, a desire grows deeper and deeper within them. It grows deeper, yet it expands at the exact same rate. The neverending, always expanding yet contracting Unvierse should ring some bells with that last statement in mind.

Anyways, How can this happen? Because the pilots of our universe are the metaphorical gifts given to human beings, really so are all life forms when you truly think about it. IN oher words, the fundamental rights by which all human nature is guaranteed or has the right as a human being, to own and these rights can never be taken away, you don’t get a refund if you try to return them, they are yours. Because to live happily, freedom and protection of those freedoms, are meant to be included in the package deal which comes free with each life cycle. The rights to life, liberty, to earn and own your own property, are actually the keys which unlock the doors on your path towards the pursuit of happiness.

There must be some sort of happiness “principle,” not defined by philosopher but by faith and nature Herself, coined this term. Simply because such a ‘happiness principle’ must live beyond modern and even future philosophy. This principle was meant to become an eternally lit flame. I am sure if I took the time to look into Confusious and/Gandhi, or Mill for ex., they would too provide some sort of “happiness principle.” This is the foundation key; a defying and defining element which keeps the earth on its axis as it spins eternally, it gathers momentum for strength to transform fear, which sprouts the roots of freedom— if we can keep it. This is the single most important first step in understandng the wisdom required to unlock the gates of tyranny & therefore MUST be maintained and protected for everyone, for always, to truly be happy. Consitutional Americans Principles are made out of a formula that goes much, much deeper and further back in history than most people probably realize. In fact, America’s foundation quite literally parallels the same exact events and natural order of things that occured during the Creation of all man, the beginning of a new order of the ages. Novus Ordo Seclorum was the new order or the Exodus that led humankind out of the Genesis of our entire Universe from the cosmic perspective, this new order, the Exodus or the salvation of mankind’s universal rights to own the freedoms guaranteed to us, and which contribute to the very reason we are here in the first place. To hold, “these truths to be self-evident, you have to discover them on your own. Among them are humanity’s right to LIFE, LIFE, LIFE—- for the sole purpose of pursuing happiness, because of G-d Almighty & the responsibility to fight for His commandments to become universally accepted and kept so long as HaShem is our witness!By sharing life with us humans, G-d created us in His Image, and that automatically calls for immortal existence, for G-d is eternal, His creations and all Earth’s inhabitants are definitely eternal. We’re all made up of stars and stars explode into a firey explosion and then the particles WHAT exactly can a soul do without a body, HOW does a body function without a soul? A soul + vessel = human. A vessel -soul or soul – a vessel = non-existent. Aka could never be considered humanity, and could therefore not be credibly listed as such. For, as the Torah and Constitutional principles tell us, humans must be able to truly LIVE, to be happy. Therefore, Heaven is where your soul meets your next body, forever and ever, we have the eternal right to be happy is simply encoded into the DNA matrix of our solar system. This never ending circle of life was endowed unto us by our souls’ creator. We must first know G-d, that it..THE One….Universal….Creator of all mankind who holds the powers of such incredible multiforced infinite speed and strength.capacities… That which no wolf in sheep’s clothing could even come close to arriving at. Such a ruler would implode on himself and his followers at some point— just to state the most obvious argument here — history has proven the patterns of communistic, terroristic, monarchies, any form of law where Men take it amongst themselves to ride on the throne above the Peoples to establish self preservation and self interested, bankrupting legislation will in turn stop any “wolf” in sheep’s clothing, no matter how scary or powerful the beast is — he is much dumber than the human shepherd– whom chooses to protect his sheep. The shepherd is strong enough, in fact, to defeat the Wolf in battle while protecting all the sheep at once,and in turn, authentically gains the high mutual respect and admiration of the sheep he genuinely cares for— simply because he follows the moral code of reason and wisdom attained in governing his brethren.

As passengers in universal flight, diversified cultures are now able to travel and trade from across one side of the eternal wheel to the other. Quite literally the most natural definiton of a free and fair trade system, and the governing actors lf each individual nation-state c significantly, these principles are the At the heart of a free market system, equal opportunity for growth involves business transactions between individuals, not politicians, no government can tell you who to do business with. Restricting free trade between the businesses of individuals or corporations would literally be the most illogical idea, and would do more than hurt our allies, it would ultimately sink the American economy into a downwards spiral allowing for the hand of big government to reach out and hold onto our entire lives, literally. Does it make sense to protest successful capitalistic invention, which changed the course of all nations economic freedom and every single other nation in the world, especially its founders who literally made the idea of a free market system for the sole purpose of economic income to a nation not yet funded by anything or anyone. Through the free trade system, America was able to become the most powerful nation in the world, and we just got here! How much sense does it make to force governmental restrictions upon the working class citizens of America who are free to choose a mutually beneficial partner to trade and symbiotically grow both businesses involved in the trade, which has obviously never worked before America invented free trade, and then replacing a free market system with nothing but a blueprint idea that has never been done before??

Copyright. Sept. 2019. Karen Ben-Moyal. All Rights Reserved.


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