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Diplomatic Discourses for Promoting Strength Initiatives and Working Cooperative Efforts on the International Level. In other words, I am building a team of freedom fighters through this Blog as well as in my communites, Towards the Fulfillment of Light Shining Away the Darkness in all Earth’s Corners. In unifying our principles and abiding by Our Shared Values, we Must Simultaneously Shape the Everchanging World System. In particular, The Karen Chronicles is Currently Dedicated to revolutionizing the Entire Realm of U.S. Foreign Policy to adapt to the Needs and Values and Technological Advancements Worldwide. With our Free Market Thriving and Growing Every Single Day, our Policies Must also Transform alongside the Times of our Era– which is Only Spinning More Rapidly in Human Achievements Each Week. Purifying nature’s laws to coexist with traditional principles in our Growing Planet is in Desperate Need of New and Working Foreign and Energy Policies to Continue Building the Future of Peace and prosperity unto all nations and Peoples at Home and Abroad. . True Global Peace of an an ever-Evolving Mankind, takes More than Keeping Nature’s Laws and Traditional Principles in Your Heart. The Karen Chronicles, together with Up and Coming Non Profits in Washington, DC, are Teaming Up to Make this Vision a Reality We can Keep Alive, for all Future Generations to Come. Thank you for Your Interest in Making Mankind Great Again. It is very much a possible outcome in our lifetimes, that is, if the Millenials and Beyond can unify to Pick up the Slack of the non-Existent Foreign Affairs Committees of the Past Few Decades. Thankfully, our Current Commander in Chief is Finally Assembling a Competant Team of Foreign Affairs Workers and has Strategized Immensely to Get America’s Foreign Policy back in Order. It is our duty as young Americans to take our foreign policy just as seriously, if not more importantly, to Spread the Wings of Freedom and Justice to Those Suffering Outside our Borders, so they too can taste the Sweetness of American Freedom, to Promote America’s Interests Across the Seas and Beyond– for the Sole Purpose of Spreading Democracy and creating Peaceful Naitons out of Dictatorships and disarray– because all of us who live in this world today are just as deserving of freedom as our neighbors or strangers in foreign lands. With the Most Humble and SIncere Gratitude, Thank You Again for Sharing our Goals for a Future of Peace Built through Ancient Glory and Good Samaritans Like Yourself. Hope to Hear from You Soon, In the meantime, Browse Away! Karen Ben-Moyal, The Karen Chronicles, (See About Me for Contact Information or DM me If more Convenient! G-d Bless! – KBM, May 2019

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