“The Elements Will Always Protect You”

From Riddles of the Heart, ‘Seasons Saga:’ Another poem for another season, another Sonnet written from my soul to Yours ❤

Copyright, Karen Ben-Moyal, c. April 10, 2020.

Pesah Sheni, V Lag bOmer- Heb. Yr 5780, 2020 AD: Leaping forward on spirit, Faith and will to carry out executive change: 2020 is the time manifest destiny shines her radiance Upon the Heart and soul of A People’s United in Fulfillment of duty and for Our New age Rebels Victory:

To Rebuild Pillars of corrupt U.S. Govt., Maintain courage in pursuit of liberty’s Sustainment; A time to bring back Unity of Doctrine in our statutes reformed by National Law: 2022 shall be the year of our Rebirth as individuals and as citizens indivisible by reestablishing our Convent and securing Purity in Law for generations, and the world to come;

Exodus: Squared, to the Power of 8

The wind never dies
The elements protect us
Spirit, o spirit
Ruach V Ruach
Wind blows
Fire Sweet Smoke

Rainbows spin the Tides
The Comets and stars Arise
Around Us Unity
Beating to A Steady Drum
Flowing in ourselves and out into the Trees
Like Spring Like Dust

Like winds through spirits Collide
Bang the Earth
Quiver and shake us
Into our desert seas of grain

The waves of seasons

Blow through the wind that breaks the stormy night

Whistles sound in the wind
A diamond era of our ages dawns above/below our SOUL

Breathing in
The air in the oxygen
Feeding the creatures walking In darkness
A slow and ancient thunderbolt clashes through the carbon

And rebirth is found within our horizon
If our Shadow can Unveil our Eye Sight soon enough

The eagle warrior who went out in battle

Once upon a Time

Let us in nature all embrace
The sun risen dove
Transforming through Destiny
Time space and mankind

She that is and was and will always be
The Sabbath Queen Return

To us as a sign of peace

Whom Went out and herded the ancient flock

Born to soar only with G-d

An Eagle sets out in flight
Leaping forth to transform and behold
An olive branch comes back to us

In the reborn wings
A turtle dove returns
A the sign of light
Out of darkness
Hope in despair

As time stood still for humanity for so it seemed

The Grandest sight for soar eyes there ever was

Peace Is a comin round the mountain

Alongside collective faith beyond belief

A prayer our souls know to keep.

For the spring of twilight passes over us

Soon the red Sea will split

Counting down our desert days

Onward to 33, unto 49!

Never fear our Rock of Ages
For His Trust in His Creations
Will one day bless the entire world with freedom

For peace is the Spirit of the sword and the vessel for the lamp which
Travels faster than the speed of light
At the same time stands still

And lives on for lifetimes
To see generations grow and die and become reborn
Out of the first seed
She was …

and _&_

…. She is… A tree of life.
Out of the dirt her branches bloom
Nature takes comfort in her food and shade
And breathes in what She has always exhaled for generations

before us &
So She shall

Long after we meet


Your liberty tree;

Etz Hayim, of knowledge,
You grow life for your twin bretheren, mankind.
Sprout your deepened roots for our fire to ignite √π∆
Standing firm and strong since the first beam of light..
Sent the soul of The eagle to fight…
against the snakes who enslave
Tyrants of old and present.

Those of Whom
STILL lurk amongst us
Lying IN wait.

But we know the fruit of the vine
& His Arm
rescues us in
restoring the faith

Regenerating the Spirit of freedom
To a people’s who had almost forgotten

Where the roots of our Shared covenant
Were planted into the core
Of our DNA
Don’t forget the spring dove
Is always going to make
Its journey back
With a brighter lantern to shine
Out unto the world.

From the olive branch blooms oil
The miracles once annointed
Will always return to us
In the darkest of hours.

For the shepherd that once was a queen
Shines away
the darkness.

Illuminated by radium waves

God gives life to the dead
& Exile to the suffragette

From the beginning of Time unto infinity

The force of the shield of David and of Abraham
Was born out of the strength
That only Adonai can produce.

For the soul which sees the patriot dreams from afar
Better uphold the vision
Proudly, loudly…

Because our Universal Creator gifted us
With free will to choose

A constitution born out of The Word Of Our Sovereign Being

To govern amongst ourselves

To spread across oceans far and wide

For posterity to continue to live free

With justice and liberty in their own lands

Across The sea.

One day all continents are destined to be free.

If we who are free follow through With our birth rights and God given duties

Our blessings can keep.

To Unite our 💖s
for Our Torch to be Lit,


For as long as We are commanded,
We are obligated to fulfill

The most
Sacred promise of all time.

Born anew,

restored for all the ages.

A timeless Covenant is thus Meant to be kept.

In God, we STILL trust!

O’, Hear us,

Our God, G-d of Abraham, Isaac, Yakov,

Your soul is my own
Encompassed in covenant
Air breathes In and out

Thank You G-d Adonai
For Restoring Memories
Secrets old and new

You’ve inscribed Vision
Foundation stone born anew
Holy trinity

A Horned hedged altar
A Kingdom rebuilt upon
A Home built in Space

Copyright. 2020, Karen Ben-Moyal. The Karen Chronicles.

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