Age Libertad

One of The biggest problems with our education system today is that the lies are told so enthusiastically and the truth is dull or blatantly ignored.

In other words:

Energizing free thinkers > Spewing unoriginal propaganda and “tired” media “political opinions.” This sheep behavior is growing on all sides of the political spectrum unfortunately.

I believe that the freedom to think is one of the most sacred liberties every single human in our universe is born with. The natural ability to seek your own curiosity is a gift to be cherished most, by any one of us—belonging to the family of The Lioness—born into the tribe of The Eagle.

We, the millennials—the rebels of our roaring 20’s—must aim to exercise this most fundamental human right as it is a choice, to be made by and upon the individual throughout his or her lifespan. The beauty in this freedom is that no man nor tyrant—nothing upon G-d’s Earth—could ever take away that right: Your Freedom of Thought is Your Ticket to Your Own Salvation.

The freedom to think independently or dependently—the decision to utilize your safe, forever-birthright could one day determine whether you sink or swim in life. It should be significant to note —that although most of our brethren and sisters of the world heartbreakingly have little to no say in whether or not they are able to use their G-d given free will in their daily choices, ie due to their own tyrannical government/being under enslavement of any kind in their corners of world. My point is—that whether or not we are fortunate enough to be born into a free country, the free will of all mankind can be exercised freely without penalty of any kind—as this is one unique ability which unites us all, under G-d; As we are ALL blessed with the opportunity to efficiently exercise our G-d given right towards simply igniting our free will to do so—even if only for a rare moment in time.

Therefore, our decisions are made by our freedom to will them—or to not; To soar above the flock or become a slave to a dying herd of sheep.

Simply put, if we will to seek out what is beyond the veiled curtain, we will all have the opportunity to use our own minds, which would inevitably bring about the creating of a much better world for all of us.

I believe this wonderful gem—individual freedom —or the natural instinct buried into our DNA as human beings — is the pivotal door in guiding one self to fulfilling their purpose, if not finding it at the least. To gain knowledge on our own, to determine for ourselves fact from fiction, to have the courage to use our thought freedom to even admitting to ourselves when we had been wrong—That is, our freedom to choose to be independent in thought is the most precious seed planted as an easily accessible tool for all humanity to use and wander into their highest forms of being, to have the closest path to G-d, the greatest understanding and strongest relationship with Your Maker, for civilisation to reach its highest potential.

For, our past, present, and future is manifested into the destiny we create as a collective whole, by acting on our own free will as individuals—this single attribute G-d has bestowed into each and every one of our souls, is the fragile thread which unites us all—in motivating our efforts to pursue our common causes, for the builders of peace, prosperity, principles, and power to successfully take back what has always belonged to we, the people. These governing diplomatic powers must be brought back into the hands of the individual and out of the seats of 99% of our current elected officials.

Without the few, the brave, without YOU, the independent citizens of our USA—we would not be where we are today. I believe in you, in all of us— we can unite to take a stand once and for all in our own age rebellion —or we may as well have nothing to live for at all. Freedom of thought gives you the self awareness by way of your earned wisdom allowing you to educate your peers with confidence, offering real resolutions for unity, as it gives us the power to fight for what is right, against all odds and even— win a peoples revolution. If we can keep our constitutional values alive and secured— spiritually physically and mentally —- From generation to generation—Our movement’s energy will triumph, eventually. Because, when expressed, our freedom to think as individuals is believed in by the majority of society. I am also confident our freedom to think for Ourselves opens up many doors for all freedoms to make their come back in the once free USA, and make their grand entrance into the 3rd world – one day.

The freedom to have an original thought is giving ourselves and our posterity—in the most simplistic, natural way— the best possible future; in securing our blessings, for all of us, and posterity. For the future of all of us is truly, in the psalms of our hands. Our freedoms were meant to be found, kept, and shared. As free citizens, for now, we must take our own initiatives in completing our duties towards fulfilling the cause of all of us —by contributing the greatest amount of effort one could provide in one’s personal situation —towards creating the ripple effect in which our freedoms, all of them, may spread from sea to shining sea, unto our neighbors, all those whom so desperately Long for the chance to live freely. Let our ripple effect break the boundaries which divide us within, and rebuild our own House, so our Temple can withstand the tides of time and injustice, winning freedoms’ victories for all those deserving souls suffering across the globe… One day.

…Hence its’ significant place in our laws of nature — the pursuit to find truths out of lies, spark light out of darkness, break freedom out of slavery—

In sum, OUR freedom to think is YOUR first ladder step — one we can ALL step up to.

As our human right to individual thought is the greatest single benefactor civilization has created by using their hearts and minds, that of which has been SO huge in making our lives so prosperous today.

Thus, the peak of any scientific innovation, or the first rebellion which sparks a certain revolution — had been planted by mankind, for, of, and by mankind—long ago.

And now it is OUR turn to hold the torch. If you continue to choose to abuse this sacred power of ours, whether it be due to laziness or feelings of wanting to be..wanted, aka excuses for becoming a part of the herd—You may be part of the beginning of how we human beings lose our freedom to think one day:
For, the tides of evolution can either wipe out an entire species, or rather, if nurtured, could potentially bring about evolutionary change necessary for the greatest innovations mankind has yet seen.

We must redeem our mothers and fathers and all of our persecuted ancestors, who’ve been slaughtered throughout all ages, when their only crime was being Jewish and refusing to bow down to any idol, king or Roman catholic priest, their souls live on forever even after their bodies were punished throughout massacres documented since long before the crusades and Middle Ages— many Jews sang Shemah Yisrael, Adonai is One. while walking to their deaths in chains; hundreds of thousands burnt at the stake, thousands of Spanish and Portuguese Jews dismembered by being torn apart on a wheel, MILLIONS mass gassed with mothers and their young children clinging to their arms as they transitioned into the world to come, thus— we are their children, and it is our duty, in our age and every age, to redeem their souls and bless their memories. For the purpose of extinguishing tyranny from all over the world.

Our individualism must be kept alive in all of us, for our freedom to think is the key which unlocks the reality of of a more perfect, peaceful union in the near future. United we will stand, divided we shall fall. For the flame of liberty to continue living on, perpetually—
Aim High, and FLY FIGHT WIN, in all you do, like we used to, ‘Merica. 🇺🇸🏆

Your Humble Servant,
Edited OCT 11, 2021, (Columbus Day, 5782)

Toda Raba HaShem. 🙏🙏🙏


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