Blessed are the Peace-Makers: The Pulse of The Patriot

Anti Semitism of 1490’s Spain is now ON the RISE in the 21st Century

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New York Times recently produced deeply Anti Semitic Cartoon which was published internationally after being approved by editors at the NY Times.


This will be a quick PSA to all the anti semites fueling violence & avoiding peace around today’s world— and to their victims– a wake up call from one Conservative American-Israeli Jew:

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Spanish Inquisition 1490s

Since I have yet to see someone really successfully challenge the absurd anti Semites in the elitist circles of Hollywood to the small town southern states to the east coast and beyond. Anti semitism is rising .And it seems no one knows how to address it, or won’t. So I guess that leaves me here writing what I can to as many as I can. My duties as an educated woman in politics and international relations are growing with the times. But my duties As A Jew and As an Israeli American came first. That being said, I do suppose it is therefore an honor to fulfill what I can while I have some down time and the issue is significantly urgent enough for the passion to hit my keyboard. . As always, thank you for your interest in issues that truly matter.

This blog was originally created and intended out of ‘concern”– hence the former title–‘Blog of Concern’— it has come to my attention that an alarming amount of anti semitism is springing up outside of the US as well as inside of the melting pot. Take this article published just last week for example—-

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Look how quickly America can forget 9/11. After 70 plus years, the Holocaust remains a ‘fairytale’ in the minds of the evil; or a ‘hoax’ in the minds of the unintelligent and ignorant; or it is simply too far in the past to worry about happening again— in both the minds of the Jew haters aka anti semites as well as the non believers (in G-d)— if nothing else–  both Jews and non Jews are needed to wake up at this moment in history. Before it repeats itself’– Jews must stand for their principles and true nature of morals — literally for their own survival. And non Jews must do the same. Our values are no longer united in the US. Although they should still be. Because the right to live and prosper and above all be happy– is a human right. Most leaders of the House are already against this virtue bestowed unto all living creatures by G-d almighty. They are self hating and self interested. Too much power in the hands of those who preach for political rule over the people instead of moral truths handed unto us by our creator– this is the warning one must adhere to. Immediately. Or else it goes as far as it has throughout history. Stop the pattern. Why do we have to continue redeeming our deliverers and then allowing our children to become the next potential slaughter?   European principles are scattered into disarray– always have been. Hence America’s founding and  existence… and it’s beginning to look like the perfect storm once again. Again we see the blame for all the most horrible disasters and most tragic events of the past and present being blamed on the jews. An example of this was yesterday when a young man told me it was Israelis who committed the 9/11 terror attacks. His reasoning was because the Jews make up a mass part of the media and just so happened to be there at the time of the attacks. This is his excuse for his inner hatred. It runs quite deep for Jews. And it is so obvious when someone says such a bizarre statement and repeats it publicly– and that others agree with him. Especially seeing as how recent this tragedy occured. That is an example of the blatant anti semitism happening daily and being very much accepted by both society and Jews themselves. Are we weak and dumb? No. We are righteous— some too righteous and they are fools. But they do not murder, blow.themselves or anyone else up, Rob banks or the elderly. You don’t find Jews forming terror organizations in their spare time nor calling for the death of any country nor people. On the contrary, the Jews are just so grateful to exist– deep down it is what connects us even if I feel as though I have almost nothing in common with most American Jews. We love America. We love Christians. Believe it or not, I find I get along best with Arabs– because to the Jew at least — Arabs have always been our brothers and lived in peace as neighbors for centuries before conflict between terrorist regimes and Israelite began. An Arab and a Jew have long lived side by side in harmony— most Jews feel the same way. Which is why they so easily allow the bad Arabs and bad people’s to openly despise them. Of course I get frustrated every time I meet a liberal voting jew– which is 98% of the time … But at the very least– and most– we do see eye to eye on one significant concept: We love our allies and cherish them, because we have so few! Most Jews feel this way– right and left; Israeli or not. It is almost instinct — well that’s one way to describe it .  The Jews have always typically live quietly unashamed of themselves and let the world go on without them, as they live peacefully apart from the real world. Its like modern Jews see the same “good in all men” because they themselves are good. They don’t know how naive they are. But again, this is not a crime– to be a fool in love with someone who hates you. It happens to the best of us. But its the Jews that always take the most hits. Many deem them straight to hell because they falsely believe they killed Christ, bc of course an anti semite raised them to believe this and it was acceptable and justifiable to hate a Jew bc of his devotion to only G-d and not Christ– yet it isn’t justifiable for a free man to live religiously on his own terms or to not– apparently the freedom of choice is also not applicable to the Jews. Who rarely say much at all– but who are thriving today and this upsets so many— this type.of hatred is hard to understand — which is why it is controversial when it should be simple.

Let’s start off this explanation with some facts you should know before assuming anything about the complex yet simple bonds which keep America and Israel a courageous and unbreakable alliance that quite frankly symbolizes so much more — and truly dives so much deeper… than most modern men and women, especially living outside of Israel, can grasp just yet, or for more sinister and oblivious reasons this piece will probably cover….

Since its re-establishment in 1948, Israel has had a special relationship with the United States. The alliance is based on shared values and mutual interests. Both nations are democracies with expanding free market economies. Each supports world-class science and view modern technology as the key to their future. Many Israeli students, scientists, and businessmen receive their advanced training in the U.S. (and vice versa), giving them a common culture and language. Cooperation between the two countries at all levels has become routine, and collaborations in biotechnology, strategic cooperation, agriculture, education, and counterterrorism are no exception. Historically, out of all American foreign aid that has been transferred or streamed from the U.S. into other countries worldwide, Israel has always had a unique role in aiding themselves or the most part. Current prime minister BiBi knows Israel has the goal of autonomy since its reawakening a little over 70 years back. minister netanyahu has followed through with this outset–as initiatives have been set in motion to become completely independent and off all foreign aid from the U.S. With this initiative, Israel has become the most self sufficient nation state at such a young age. Not to mention, Israel’s booming economy has allotted for citizens to participate in the free market thereby establishing most of Israel’s imports and export systems with the help of their greatest and most cherished friends– the USA.

Moreover the values shared by the countries are the keys which unlock the doors of freedom for all men and the US and Israel are two pillars which keep the sacred flames of liberty lit for all eternity, protected under the wings of two different forms of democracy, a Republic, and a Parliamentary democracy, as they light up the dark spaces which fill the voids surrounding these nations in the regions and/or seas inhabited outside of their borders. Israel has its duties to awaken the middle east in purifying the terror that consumes the civilizations bordering the State of Israel. America, in the West, and even Texas, have proven that brave strides through strength will manifest a destiny towards hope and light, for themselves in their corner of the world, and with Israel’s cooperative efforts thriving more and more by the day, the two nations of peace will inevitably spread this peace, to manifest for all mankind and posterity, forever and ever.

While they live in a region characterized by autocracies, Israelis. have a commitment to democracy no less passionate than that of Americans. All citizens of Israel, regardless of race, religion, or sex, are. guaranteed equality before the law and full democratic rights. Free-Freedom of speech, assembly, and press are embodied in thr country’s. laws and traditions. Israel’s independent judiciary vigorously upholds. these rights. The political system differs from America’s—Israel’s is a parliamentary democracy—but it is still based on free elections with divergent. parties. And though Israel does not have a formal constitution, it has. adopted “Basic Laws” that establish similar legal guarantees.Americans have long viewed Israelis with admiration, at least. partly because they see much of themselves in their pioneering spirit. and struggle for independence. Like the United States, Israel is a nation of immigrants. Despite the burden of spending nearly 23 percent of its budget on defense, it has had an extraordinary rate of growth for most of its history. It has also succeeded in putting most of the new comers to work. Some immigrants come from relatively undeveloped societies, such as Ethiopia or Yemen, and arrive with virtually no possessions, education, or training and become productive contributors to Israeli society .

Others find it in their nature to compare Jews to any other living thing one wants to– and therefore must ‘extinguish’ the ‘problem’ society loves to hate. Roaches and rats for example– society stomps them poisons them extinguishes them when they have a rodent problem. A literal term for Jews during the Holocaust was rodent. And sadly, this stripping of humanity through “freedom of speech” is becoming more and more common today. But guess what? We have a voice too. I will continue expressing my own rights to freedom of speech– all the hypocrites can continue bsing this argument as their excuse to hate a people’s– thats fine. Unless it is under my watch. I stand and defend the innocent people of the world no matter the harshness of the situation. Simply bc no one else will. And I need to. Because.its right… But I am only one individual. The Jews of the world need to set aside politics and their own self righteousness. Im afraid the Jewish people have always been their own heroes and warriors in battle. With America still on board with Israel — we have a fighting chance. But once America turns to Europe– only G-d can save them from themselves. And when the Israelites do prevail again, they will have to look back at another horrific period in their history. The time they allowed their backwards politics to rule their fate— believing in those who claim to be their friends only because it was ‘politically correct’ to support the media’s friends. The enemy of my enemy is NOT my friend. We should Admit our prejudices if we see our melting pot as being an— or you are purposefully allowing. evil to win. Settle your differences for your Creator if nothing else. If you believe all humanity was born to become loved— stand up for the Father who gave you your humanity. Natural law is universal. That is, our natural born rights to live freely — economically and in high hopes with dreams and have happy and free emotions to openly love and be loved. These laws are given to all of us by nature. Is it in your nature as a human being to exclude a race, a culture, a religion , a civilization ? Is this even your right? If you still believe the Jewish people were created by the God you know and love– only to be slaughtered and suffer throughout the ages– you’re no human being at all. WAKE UP brothers and sisters of America—  Jews and all cultures and religions– the future of all of us is the psalms of our hands. Literally. Now What do you intend to do about it?

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Go troll somewhere else.  It’s funny to me how one side — Israel –has all the facts — a military that is obviously protecting its citizens and the innocent civilians that anti Zionists are obviously totally ok with being used and murdered on the side controlled by Hamas  which has always been the ONLY occupier of land that has never been theirs– are you joking? Not to mention the space and science and medical breakthroughs Israel has given the world. Israel contributes life. You could change your heart to be less self deprecating before its over but your hate goes so much deeper than many of us can fathom but you can’t fool me or everyone all the time… many israel haters try to fuel and create propaganda to attack them, make up and fund another ridiculous tactic for a slightly less violent but just as effective version of their agenda  that has already begun to brainwash vulnerable youth in america today… YYYYYYes, your boycott divestment sanction  (BDS) movements are pathetic attempts to spread Your outreach into american policy to begin perverted attempts to implement US law and even go as far to utilize your terrorist supporting members of congress to tell the people that its the Jews controlling America’s government — oh man what a laugh!!!! Not really though. Enough is enough. Your anti semitism is getting old. Oh wait, you’re not anti semitic, just anti-Israel right? Nope. You’re still stuck in anti semitic hell if you believe that Jews should not have immigrated to their homeland after the Holocaust, Zion. You also– most likely — live in your mom’s basement….. or under a rock. I mean, what kind of fairy tale land are these liars and murderer-supporters living in in which they’ve become so distant from reality? Answer is simple. They just hate Jews that much. It is sad really, for these folks are only hurting themselves in the long run. And this is me just trying to give these clowns the benefit of the doubt.. as I do not hate anyone as much or the way these ‘anti freedom for all’ guys loathe me or themselves. And I could not even imagine living in this agony. Long story short— SUCKS to be an anti semite! Promote harmony instead of jew hating nazi nobodies.

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PM Netanyahu with first grade students at “Tamra Haemek” public elementary school. (GPO/Amos Ben Gershom)

“September 1 marks the first day of school every year for over 2 million Israeli children. On Thursday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opened the school year with a visit to a public elementary school in Israel’s north.
Tamra Haemek has both Jewish and Arab students and teachers. The 200 pupils welcomed Netanyahu and Education Minister Naftali Bennett with a festive ceremony in Hebrew, Arabic and English.
Reminiscing about his school days, Netanyahu told the students to learn and “be good children”. In his speech, he emphasized coexistence and, at the same time, the importance of learning Jewish history.
“I want you to listen to me because I want you to learn – learn to write, learn to read, learn Hebrew, Arabic and English,” he said. “I want you to learn mathematics. I want you to learn science. I want you to learn history – history of the Jewish People, the history of your public. I want you to learn the truth, and the truth says that we were destined to live together.”
He continued, “I want you to be doctors, scientists and writers, and be whatever you want to – and are able to – be. I want you to be loyal citizens, integrated into the State of Israel; this is your state.”
The Prime Minister unconsciously echoed the Book of Proverbs when he instructed the students to listen to their parents and their teachers.
“Learn well. Go back home and do what mother and father tell you,” he told them.
On Tuesday, Netanyahu made an address to Israel’s students at large, exhorting them to learn the Bible in order to understand “why we are here” in Israel.
“First of all the study of the Bible. We must make a major effort, this is the basis for why we are here, why we have returned here, why we stay here,” he stated. “


To the Moral Men Who Understand what Israel Means for the U.S. and Vice Versa, and live by the notion that all men are truly created equal under their Maker, and choose to treat the most hated and misunderstood group of peoples with integrity and respect…In fact — only in America and in Israel does a free society with a judiciary system protect the rights of Man from birth to live in freedom for all his years on Earth. The loud yet small groups who claim to counter hate, yet cannot stand the fact that Jews and minorities are OK with being themselves and experiencing the beauty in the differences which bridge the gaps between us all curiously infuriates these KKK descendants. However, Here’s to you, the noble steeds of the 21st century; Chivalry– better yet— WE, the Jewish People of US, Israel, the world, salute You.]

….And we sincerely thank you for standing united with Israel and for expressing this special union for the public to understand and thus cherish. Unfortunately, a lot of supporters of the state of Israel will never come out and say it, simply because of the overly hateful wrath of the critics of Israel, AGAIN, also known as anti-semites– even tend to spend all day trolling Israel pages that gather truth instead of fiction news in gathering enough support for Israel– almost immediately blow up the comments section with the most bizarre, racist, anti American/ANTI PEACE statements one should have to witness on their social media pages. I thought that’d be a handy tip next time you watch an Israeli or Pro-Israel announcement anywhere online– beware of the Hamas supporting low lifes in the comments section.

Furthermore, or in light of recent events, I thought I’d mention I am always here to guide or assist you with personal questions on the subject or any subject surrounding Israel and U.S. REAL policies or even debunk the fake news you heard in your last debate with–yes– you guessed it– an ANTI SEMITE. It seems much more important these days, especially since the Halls of Congress loudly and proudly block the thinking that being anti Israel is the same as being anti semitic, or that anti semitism does not and cannot exist because of… “some dumb lie that came out of my pathetic and sorry ***. Since I do get many messages to my email and inboxes on this one topic, especially as of late. PLEASE KNOW: I am always happy to discuss your questions and concerns. Just DM me on Karen Ben-Moyal social media pages, or you can definitely email me at, anytime of course.

Honestly, if you stay silent about this particular issue, people will forget where truth starts and lies begin — specifically because of the intense hate people have and have always had for Jews since the dawn of mankind. And from my experiences, not many individuals really know what they’re talking about when it comes to such a controversial and HEAVILY opinionated, distorted reality of a very consistent and important issue. Taking advantage of protruding your hate for Israel unto other is made much easier if the country you are stabbing in the back for your own ego– is on the opposite side of the planet. Makes it easier for the BULLIES to stomp on… Think about it, if you dont stand UP for Israel here in America, who will?  Thanks y’all. Appreciate you keeping yourselves informed and standing your ground!Paragraph

AND OF course: Israel stands with you and cherishes its U.S. allies and closest friendship in the history of the world– waaay more than anyone could ever imagine!

So, again, I was asked via messenger today, :Why I support Israel?” Well, as if I don’t have to defend this argument on a daily basis, let me just leave you with this: If you hate freedom and the promoting thereof— if your hatred for yourself and your whole world isn’t enough SELF HATE for you.. please take me to your Utopia next time you’re headed over. Because nothing can ever be perfect, so why would one ever expect any nation to be? Beyond unreasonable standards produce unreasonable, uneducated, and therefore, un-American results. That’s all, for meow. Although, I am sure there will be a sequel to this in the future…


Take good care.’

Very Respectfully,

Karen Ben-Moyal. Apr. 2019.

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